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Oct 2nd, 2008
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  1. It was working with the stable version of rockbox. then, that evening (the evening i installed 3.0, I started seeing freezes in the voice record.) All controls would freeze upon entering voice record. Upon inuiry here, at this channel, someone suggested that it might be a corrupt filesystem. I used disk util in my Intel Mac 10.4.11 to verify and repair the disk but the freeze did not stop. I decided to go to the sansa software to format the disk. I ended up getting this menu, as expected, that the mi4 was missing. However, what I did not anticipate was that the sansa firmware would not boot either. It just stuck there prompting me to enter in recovery mode. I entered recovery mode but could not mount the 16 MB partition (to paste in the mi4 file).
  3. Then I started hunting for old discussions, and also for old files. I ran c250repair-mac as per your instructions before. But now, after the repair, it seems that the sansa is stuck in manufacturing mode (nothing on screen, blue ring in controller).
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