Anon - Rarity, What Are You Doing?

Jun 1st, 2015
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  1. >"R-rarity! what are you doing?!" Twilight exclaimed as the fashionista cupped her breasts.
  2. "Just taking your measurements, darling." replied Rarity, her breath coming in more heavily.
  3. >"O-oh... it feels... strange..." remarked Twilight, feeling her pulse begin to race at the touch.
  4. >Rarity's hands continued to caress and squeeze her, making Twilight to pant softly.
  5. "I'm nearly done with your chest, but I think you'll like where I 'measure' next."
  7. >Twilight shivered as Rarity's hands drifted down slowly; making sure to leave a delicate trail of touch as she glided to Twilight's inseam.
  8. >"Rarity..."
  9. >The more experienced partner of intimacy hushed Twilight with some seductive shushes and rested her chin on Twilight's shoulder.
  10. >She nibbled on the flustered eggheads ear lobe, gently moving the squishy lobe back and forth between her teeth.
  11. >"Darling I give my word as a lady that you will every moment of this."
  12. >Twilight's lip quivered, but she was also moaning as Rarity started rubbing the top of Twilight's thigh.
  13. >Then when Twilight was so entranced by Rarity's soft touch, so lost in her fantasy, so invited by her friends warm breath on her neck.
  14. >That's when Rarity - in one swift motion - pulled down Twilight's skirt and panties.
  15. >And Twilight's erect member bounced out of the fabric; up and down like a diving board, and wet at the tip.
  16. >"Did you really think that none of the girls in school had noticed that gargantuan bulge of yours?"
  17. >Rarity trailed off Twilight's shoulder and got on her knees before the egghead.
  18. >"I simply had to measure it."
  19. >She pulled out a strand of measuring tape and a bit of drool escaped the side of her mouth.
  20. >"I had to know just exactly what you had down there."
  21. >Rarity gasps cause it's over thirteen inches.
  22. >Then day fug.
  23. end
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