Agent from the Monster Graveyard 1

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  1. Gallibon the Destroyer
  2. *Elsewhere....*
  3. *Back in the farthest reaches of space, past the planet Jenjora, the evil space tyrant Emperor Goro views the Earth from afar at his palace, plotting his next move...*
  4. (Emperor Goro) <(The Nocturne persists....if their is a battle to be done on this planet Earth, then so be it. However, I will need to step up my game. Three of some of my monsters have already been slain during the Blood Harvest....for this, I shall deploy someone who can control my monsters and send them out whenever, instead of sending them all out independently. For this....I shall deploy my best agent out to Earth to kill FlamingoMask once and for all.)
  5. *Emperor Goro then calls forth one his agent from the stars. Out in space, a gem glows out in space, before then bursting into sapphire flames and then forming into a figure. The alien figure appeared to be pale white in color, with some purple and black thrown in there. Her eyes were jet black as the night sky and she appeared somewhat fish-like and oddly humanoid at the same time. However, a cold prescence could be felt around her. She then flew down to Emperor Goro's palace, landing before him*
  6. (Celestina) *poses, introduces herself* <(I am here, Emperor Goro.)
  7. (Emperor Goro) <(Agent Celestina, so nice of you to drop in.)
  8. (Agent Celestina) <(Why have you summoned me? Do you need me to slay another one of your more "treacherous" members again?"
  9. (Emperor Goro) <(Not quite.)
  10. (Emperor Goro) <(You see, I have a very important assignment for you. I want you to go down to Earth and take charge of operations while I am busy up here. I want you to summon my monsters and kill FlamingoMask, and destroy his allies so that humanity is vulnerable to us!)
  11. (Agent Celestina) <(Sounds like a lot to do....but I accept.)
  12. (Agent Celestina) <(Although I must ask....who is FlamingoMask?)
  13. (Emperor Goro) <(He is our greatest threat at the moment. He is a Nocturne who had fled from his homeworlds's destruction that I caused. So far, he has killed three of my monsters. I do not want this to go on.)
  14. (Agent Celestina) <(So I see....)
  15. (Emperor Goro) <(We must not let him get in the way of our plans.)
  16. (Emperor Goro) <(What does this mean for you? Well, as current champion of my agents, it is your duty to make sure he does not succeed.)
  17. (Agent Celestina) <(I see, Emperor Goro. Very well then, I shall take care of the Nocturne....with pleasure.) *she then sheathes out her arm blades, sharpening them*
  18. (Agent Celestina) *then flies off, heading to Earth*
  19. (Emperor Goro) <(Go forth, Celestina! Defeat FlamingoMask!)
  20. *Back on Earth....*
  21. *Meanwhile in the city of Hokkaido, a bank robbery has been going on. A shiny black car speeds by fast, being chased by a HAM mongoose. Inside the HAM Mongoose itself is none other than Heinrich Myer and Allan Kane*
  22. (Heinrich Myer) <(We've almost got 'em now!)
  23. *The two robbers inside of the black car see that there being chased still, and their nearing a dead end.*
  24. ("Robber 1") <(Ah shit, what do we do now?)
  25. ("Robber 2") <(We can still outspeed them! Now is our chance, let's take it while we can!) *puts on the gas, speeds by even faster*
  26. *The black car then makes a turn, trying to speed back aways from the HAM Mongoose*
  27. (Heinrich Myer) *sees this* <(Oh no you don't!) *rams his HAM Mongoose against the black car*
  28. *The black car then crashes into the HAM Mongoose, proceeding to go spinning and then crash against some fence, stopping the robbers in their tracks. Heinrich and Allan then drive their HAM Mongoose towards the black car and get out. Allan Kane inspects the car however for a bit*
  29. (Allan Kane) *checks the HAM Mongoose* <(You know there were simpler ways of stopping those two.) *keeps checking for any signs of damage*
  30. (Heinrich Myer) <(Well come on, it's not like we had much options there. Besides it's my Mongoose.)
  31. (Allan Kane) <(Ugh, lucky for you there's no damage here. Now let's go check on those bandits.)
  32. *Allan and Heinrich then rush up to the robber's car. Heinrich takes out his Stun Nightstick, while Allan Kane takes out some laser pistol*
  33. (Allan Kane) *poses* <(Alright, come out with your hands up!)
  34. *The two robbers then come out of the car from their sides, raising their hands up in the air as told*
  35. (Allan Kane) <(Drop the disguises!)
  36. *The robbers then both gulp, and then shed their human disguises, revealing their true forms*
  37. (Cicada Man 1) and (Cicada Man 2) *glare at Allan and Heinrich*
  38. (Allan Kane) <(Just as suspected----Cicada Humans.)
  39. (Allan Kane) <(Or Cicada People. Whatever.)
  40. (Allan Kane) *aims his gun at the two in case*
  41. (Heinrich Myer) *walks over to the car, searches the contents of the car*
  42. (Heinrich Myer) *raises head up as he's done searching, yells to Allan* <(YEP! There's a lot of stolen cash in here.)
  43. (Allan Kane) <(Alright, I'll take it from here.) *then contacts back to HAM* <(Hello, Constantin Kalmar? I got the two. Turns out their Cicada Men bank robbers. They've stolen about....*turns to Heinrich* How much?)
  44. (Heinrich Myer) <($40,000!)
  45. (Allan Kane) <(About $40,000 equivalent in yen.)
  46. (Allan Kane) <(We stopped the two in their tracks fortunately.)
  47. (Constantin Kalmar) <(That is good. Now detain the two and bring them to HAM immeadiately.)
  48. (Allan Kane) <(Sir yes sir!)
  49. (Constantin Kalmar) <(Good. Now see you later.) *signs off*
  50. (Allan Kane) <(Alright now time to cuf---
  51. *Just as Allan Kane finishes talking to Constantin, then the two Cicada Men pull out their Electro-Brass Knuckles and charge at both Allan and Heinrich*
  52. (Allan Kane) <(Stop in the name of th---*then gets shocked by the Cicada Man's electro brass knuckles* <(AAAAAGH!) *staggers back, repositions himself*
  53. *Heinrich and the second Cicada Man duke each other out, with the second Cicada Man swinging his fists armed with the electro-brass knuckles, electrical energy crackling from the knuckles. Heinrich swings his stun nightstick around like a bat, before then he finally manages to land a hit against the second Cicada Man's head, shocking him first*
  54. (Cicada Man 2) <(AaAaAaAaAaAaAAAAAAAAAGH!) *falls over, knocked out cold*
  55. (Heinrich Myer) <(WOO!)
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