Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer FAQ

Oct 1st, 2015
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  2. -Written by Rena-
  3. -Format by Lonk-
  5. ========================
  6. Starting Questions
  7. ========================
  8. What's this game even about?
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  10. This game is a spin-off of the main Animal Crossing series. Unlike the main series, you do not live in a town. In HHD, you work for Nook's Homes, where you work designing homes for villagers (as well as some facilities).
  13. Should I get this game?
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  15. Do you like the home design aspect of the Animal Crossing games? If that's a big yes, this game may be aimed at you. Search for trailers/gameplay vids on Youtube and decide if it's for you. Anons have reported the game being surprisingly addicting.
  17. DO NOT buy this game if you expect it to be like New Leaf or any other main line AC games. This is a spin-off game and is very different from the main games. You do not catch bugs or fish, have events, build a perfect town, etc. This game is purely about designing homes.
  20. Can more than one person have an account in HHD like the previous AC games?
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  22. No, only one person can play per game.
  25. Can this game interact with/carry over to New Leaf?
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  27. No, Happy Home Designer and New Leaf have no connectivity.
  30. Are there plans for updates and DLC?
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  32. At this point in time it is unknown if there will be DLC or content updates.
  33. It has had software updates.
  36. Why is there so little furniture to choose from?
  37. -----------------------------------
  38. If you're asking this, then you've probably only just started playing. As you take on more animals as clients and design more facilities, more furnishings are unlocked. So just keep playing and you'll get more stuff.
  41. How do I redesign a house/facility.
  42. -----------------------------------
  43. You can redesign a villager's house by visiting them during the day (before taking on another client) and talking to them. They will give you the option to work on their house again.
  44. To redesign facilities (school, cafe, etc), you have to complete the school's expansion. After this, you will be able to talk to Digby in Nook's Homes and he will let you redesign facilities.
  47. I started up the game and Lottie has beady eyes and a brown bow. Is my game glitched?
  48. -----------------------------------
  49. No, this is normal. If you talk to Lottie, she explains that she forgot to put on her makeup.
  52. Is there a way to change up the order the villagers show up in your book?
  53. -----------------------------------
  54. No, there is no way to change up the order of your clients in your client book.
  55. However, the list that shows their name next to the picture is ordered alphabetically by name; meanwhile, the list with only pictures seems to be ordered by species.
  59. ========================
  60. Amiibo Questions
  61. ========================
  62. What's with this Amiibo stuff?
  63. -----------------------------------
  64. The Amiibo cards are a new type of Amiibo that come in the form of trading cards. Like Amiibo figures, they can be used to unlock things in the game. While the cards premiered with this particular game, they will also be usable in the other spin-off game coming soon for the Wii U, Animal Crossing Amiibo Festival.
  67. What can I do with an Amiibo card?
  68. -----------------------------------
  69. Using an Amiibo card will allow you to unlock a character immediately, instead of having to wait for the villager to randomly appear. Using the Amiibo Phone (unlocked after playing the game for a few days), you can call up a villager and acquire them as a client.
  70. When at a client's house, you can use an Amiibo card to invite the villager on the card over to the client's house.
  73. Do I have to have these Amiibo cards to fully enjoy the game?
  74. -----------------------------------
  75. No, the cards are not required to fully enjoy the game.
  76. All villagers can be encountered in the game through normal gameplay.
  77. The only exception to this are the "special characters" (Isabelle, Digby, etc). You can only design houses for these characters by using the appropriate Amiibo card. They will also unlock items specific to that character.
  79. If you're considering getting some cards to test them out, it's suggested to only get 2 or 3 packs to start out. Also, Amiibo cards are being bought up by people to resell (just like Amiibo figures), so you'll probably have to buy packs online.
  82. How do I use Amiibo cards?
  83. -----------------------------------
  84. You can use the Amiibo cards to invite villagers and characters over to others' houses as soon as you finish building your first house (after Lottie's house). To call them as clients, you have to wait until Lyle makes the Amiibo phone.
  85. If you have a 3DS/3DSXL, you will need to get the NFC reader/writer accessory to use these cards; they are sold individually or in a bundle that includes the reader and the game.
  86. If you have a New 3DS or New 3DSXL, there is a built-in reader located in the bottom screen.
  89. Okay, so where can I get Amiibo cards?
  90. -----------------------------------
  91. When you purchase the game (new, not used), one Amiibo card should be included with your game. You'll find it inside the game case, with the standard little papers and booklets. Otherwise, you can buy packs of Amiibo cards in stores that carry them. If you're lucky, that is; as of the time of this FAQs' writing, the game has only just been released and collectors and scalpers alike have been buying out the stores around many anons. I had to order my packs online, and they had to be shipped from a Gamestop in a different state. So your best bet might be to order the card packs online.
  92. In the US, the cards are sold in packs of 6 (1 special character and 5 villagers) for $5.99 (~$1.00 per card).
  93. In Canada, the cards are sold in packs of 6 (1 special character and 5 villagers) for 8 CAD (~$6.08 US, ~$1.01 US per card).
  94. In the UK, the cards are sold in packs of 3 (1 special character and 2 villagers) for £4.85 (~$7.36 US, ~$2.45 US per card).
  95. In the rest of the EU, the cards are sold in packs of 3 (1 special character and 2 villagers) for ~€5.00-€6.40 (~$5.60-$7.17 US, ~$1.87-$2.39 US per card).
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