A song of Fire and Weiss (Yang X Weiss)

Mar 14th, 2015
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  1. “I just don't get what the big deal is snow angel,” Yang cooed in her room mates ear.
  3. “For the last time, stop calling me snow angel,” Weiss shouted in a hushed voice, “and the problem is what we'd have to say if the others caught us like this.”
  5. Yang had Weiss pressed face first against the wall in the shower, holding Weiss's small arms behind her back with one hand, while her other arm was free to explore the young heiresses body.
  7. “I don't think they'd mind if we gave 'em a show,” Yang said before nibbling on her ear, “and besides, what do you think the two of them do in the library for so long anyways?”
  9. Yang sees Weiss's face turn at least 50 shades of red.
  11. “T-those fiends,” Weiss stuttered.
  13. “You're one to talk,” Yang snickered as she ran her hand down along her lovers slender figure, “In fact I bet you'd like it if they caught us like this.”
  15. Yang slid her hand between Weiss's thighs, and felt a small shudder from the young heiress.
  17. “N-no I wouldn't,” Weiss denied, “Why on earth would I-”
  19. Weiss lost her train of thought when she felt Yang's finger slide up her slit.
  21. “I've seen the way you look at Ruby,” Yang teased as she started rubbing Weiss's clit, “How you eye fuck her when she's all sweaty after her workouts.”
  23. Weiss's knees were starting to buckle.
  25. “And let's just say I know just how much Blake loves it when you scratch her ears,” Yang started nibbling down Weiss's neck, “and how much you like it when she purrs for you.”
  27. Weiss doesn't respond to the accusations, instead she bites her lip to try and hold back her moans as Yang continues to run her fingers up and down her tight cunt. Her thumb playing with her little clit.
  29. Yang rubbed her big honking hooters against the ice queen's back.
  31. “Do you like?” Yang teased the young heiress, “You know, there's a fun little trick you can try if you want to get as endowed as me.”
  33. Yang spins Weiss around to face her, keeping her pinned against the wall with her arms on either side of her, and begins to smother Weiss between her big breasts.
  35. “All ya gotta do is drink your milk, Yang giggles, pressing her breasts together with Weiss still between.
  37. Suddenly Yang feels Weiss's hands on her breasts as she begins to grope them, then she feels her give a short lick to each.
  39. “I guess you really do wanna join the big girl club don't you?” Yang asks, with a toothy grin.
  41. Weiss simply sucks on her nipple in response, and Yang bites on her lip, looking down at the heiress. Someone so prim and proper to the world was nothing but another conquest to the blonde. The thought alone was enough to make her shudder in delight.
  43. Yang traces her finger down along Weiss's petite frame, stopping to rest her hand on her hips. As Weiss continued sucking on Yang's breasts, her tongue swirling around whichever nipple she was kissing at the time, Yang ran her hand up and down her tiny, soft rump. She's got nothing on the rubooty, but it's not not bad.
  45. “You really aren't developed anywhere are you, Weiss?” Yang teased her, “No curves, no chest, no ass.”
  47. Yang grabbed a handful of booty and Weiss gasps, popping Yang's boob out of her mouth. Weiss glared at Yang.
  49. “How dare you,” Weiss retorted, “I'll have you know that boys everywhere are crazy about my figure. Just because I don't have the chest of a cow doesn't mean I that I-”
  51. Weiss is abruptly cut off by Yang's lips crashing against hers. Yang's tongue poked and prodded at Weiss's mouth for entrance, but Weiss was not allowing it. Weiss could swear she just felt Yangs lips smirk against her own, when she suddenly felt Yangs fingers rub against her slit, causing her to moan involuntary and giving Yang the access she had been seeking.
  53. Yang's tongue darts inside of Weiss's mouth, immediately claiming the territory as its own, and Weiss lets out another moan inside Yangs mouth. As their tongues swirled around one another, Yang begins rubbing Weiss's clit with her thumb as two of her fingers prodded her entrance, ready to make her move. Yang grabs Weiss by her hair with her free hand, and pulls her away, a trail of spit still connecting the two girls.
  55. “You like that don't you?” Yang teased, her fingers pushing playful against Weiss, “You want me to penetrate you right now don't you, you little slut?”
  57. Yang tugged at her hair, getting a small gasp in response. This wasn't the first time Yang had been rough with Weiss, in fact this is how most all of their 'sessions' tend to go.
  59. “P-Please Yang,” Weiss bit her lip, her hips bucking and her slit grinding against Yangs fingers.
  61. “Please what?” Yang teased some more, pushing her fingers against her entrance a slight bit more.
  63. “Mmph! P-please make me cum Yang.”
  65. “Heh, as you order. Heiress.” Yang responded, a hint of sarcasm at the end.
  67. Yang leaned her head back in, forcing her lips against Weiss's once more, tugging at her hair again to make her open up for her tongue. She forced her fingers inside her tight little snatch, her thumb still rotating around Weiss's clit. Weiss's knees began to buckle, and her juices were flowing all down her legs and on Yangs hand. Yang broke away once more, and the two stood there as their breathing became rapid and steam filled the room.
  69. “You must really want to get off today don't you,” Yang teased, bringing her hand up from Weiss's nether regions and against her lips, “Or is it just because you're with me?”
  71. Yang rubbed her fingers against Weiss's lips, letting the heiress get a taste of herself, before she opened her mouth and began lapping at the juice trickling off her fingers. What she couldn't get in her mouth splashed on her chin, and rolled off her face.
  73. “You enjoy tasting yourself that much,” Yang giggled, “You really are narcissistic, you know that?”
  75. Weiss did not answer, but instead she greedily took her fingers in her mouth, swirling her tongue around them, making sure she didn't let another drop go to waste. Yang started thrusting her fingers in and out of her mouth, helping to make this act of fellatio all the more convincing. Her other hand traveled downwards, towards her own snatch, and she started pleasuring herself as well.
  77. Yangs hips began grinding against her hand, as Weiss finally lets her have her other one back, and Yang begins massaging Weiss's small but perky breasts. She played with her nipple, rubbing it between two of her fingers, causing Weiss to gasp with excitement.
  79. Weiss finally decides to return the favor, and with her own hands she copies Yang and moves one hand down to pleasure her own wet hole, her other hand moving the Yangs supple milk supplier. The two lean in, their tongues hanging from their mouths as the wrap them around each others.
  81. “Umph...Oh Yang,” Weiss moaned her name, “I'm going to....”
  83. “I...ahhh....Weiss...I love it when we shower together,” Yang moaned as well, but not losing her teasing edge.
  85. The two girls continued moaning in each others mouths, as they danced on the edge of orgasm. In no time at all, they felt themselves clinch around their fingers, and their legs gave way, as they ended up collapsing together on the shower floor. Their lips never parting as their bodies quivered against one another.
  87. Moments pass, no sound aside from the running water is heard, until Weiss finally breakes the silence.
  89. “Y-you're just as amazing as ever Yang,” Weiss says, staring into her lovers eyes.
  91. “You're not so bad yourself ice queen,” Yang chuckles.
  93. “Can we do it again later,” Weiss asks, nuzzling against her neck
  95. “Sure, after all, Ruby said you could use some more practice.”
  97. “HEY!”
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