[TLH/SinKid] Reduction

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  1. "I'm thinking about getting a breast reduction."
  3. Lyle paused for a long, long time.
  5. Gloom looked down at her feet, or as close as she could get with her physique. She felt herself getting antsy. Lyle was taking too long to respond.
  7. "... Why?" Lyle asked, softly.
  9. "It's... complicated." Gloom sighed. She knew Lyle wouldn't like this. "I mean, I know you like them like this, but..." A slight spike of pain shot through her back, as if to accentuate her next point. "They're really awkward, and heavy. I can't sleep on anything except my side, and my back is always killing me." She curled into herself a little, holding her elbow. "Plus finding clothes that fit me are a nightmare..."
  11. Lyle remained silent, contemplation etched into his face.
  13. Gloom sighed again. "I knew you wouldn't like it, it was a stupid idea to begin with..."
  15. Lyle snapped out of his daze. "What? No, no, Gloom, I'm just... thinking."
  17. "Thinking...?" Gloom raised an eyebrow.
  19. "Yeah, just..." Lyle let out a breath, as he sat on the bed edge. "Why didn't you tell me any of this before?"
  21. Gloom blinked. "I... I thought you wouldn't like me any more if I said I wanted a reduction."
  23. "Okay, first of all, that's utter nonsense, you're still an amazing person and I wouldn't care if you were an A-cup or an H-cup." He offered her a smile. "Second, did you really think I'd object to anything that would stop you from hurting?"
  25. "I... guess I kinda did."
  27. Lyle sighed. "Gloom, I absolutely love you to death and even beyond, but seriously, you gotta tell me these things. I don't like the idea of you suffering in silence."
  29. "Yeah..." Gloom placed her head in her hand. "God damnit, Forrister..."
  31. "But no, I think, if you think a breast reduction would be a good idea, then I'm on board with it." He smirked, reaching out and hefting one of her ample breasts. "I won't lie, though, I'll miss these a little."
  33. Gloom giggled. "Yeah, I know."
  35. "Honestly, my main concern is how we're going to afford it." Lyle stroked his chin, clean-shaven as always. "We're looking at at least five thousand, and between bills and food it's gonna take some time to save up for it."
  37. "We'll work that out later." Gloom sat next to him on the bed, a wave of relief washing the weight off her back, though it did nothing for the literal weight on her chest. "But still, thank you for being okay with this whole thing." She planted a quick kiss on his lips.
  39. "Hah hah, no problem, Gloom." He smiled. "Just, y'know, before you get them shrunk, lemme have at least one more go with them."
  41. "Perv." Gloom gave him a sly smirk.
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