Hagu x Hagu 3 [untypeset]

Oct 18th, 2016
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  1. Hagu × Hagu 3 Translations
  2. from
  4. >TTK: 1...2....
  5. >TTK: ...3!
  6. >Akatsuki: Uwahhhh---!
  7. >Inazuma: Wow, so high!
  8. >Ikazuchi: My turn next!
  9. >Akatsuki: C...could you boost me once more?
  10. >Haguro: Looks like you're all having fun!
  11. >(DesDiv6): Haguro-sensei!
  12. >Ikazuchi: Look, look! When you count to three and jump and get lifted up at the same time...
  13. >Ikazuchi: You can fly reaaaally high!
  14. >Ikazuchi: Does Sensei want to try it out?
  15. >Haguro: Ahh....I...
  17. >Akatsuki: You definitely have to try it!
  18. >Ikazuchi: Try it, tryy ittttt! It's really fun!
  19. >Haguro: I...I understand!
  20. >Haguro: I'll...uh, try it!
  21. >TTK: W...we're going to try it?
  22. >Haguro: Mhm.
  23. >TTK: Tha....that's to say...
  25. >TTK: I'm going to Haguro's....armpits...
  26. >TTK: (Make her) raise...her hands...
  27. >TTK: And then pick her up...something like that.
  28. >TTK: If it's a Destroyer (small text: Elementary schooler) it's not a problem....
  29. >Haguro: what should I do?
  30. >Ikazuchi: SPread your arms like this and stand right there!
  31. >TTK:. ...but I feel this is a little...forbidden...
  32. >Haguro: Like this?
  33. >Ikazuchi: Yep, yep!
  34. >Ikazuchi: And then the commander will pick you up and lift you off like an airplane with a "Vroom"
  35. >Haguro: ...Lift me....?
  37. >Haguro: That's to armpits...
  38. >Haguro: The Admiral's hands...are going to be there?
  39. >Haguro: Ehhh?!
  40. >Ehhhhhhhhhhhh--?!
  41. >Haguro: When you think about it...that's really embarassing!
  42. >TTK: U...uhh....maybe it's better I....
  43. >Ikazuchi: Do it! do it! (chanting)
  44. >TTK: i go! (Literally: Ya-shaaaaaa...! I'll do it like that!)
  45. >Haguro: T...that's right! I'm just overthinking this! | Is just a game! Why you heff to be ashame? (literally: It's just a game! It should be weird that I'm embarassed!)
  46. >Haguro: Y....yes!
  47. >Haguro: Please!!
  49. >TTK: Uwaaahhhh! Haguro's armpits!
  50. >TTK: They're right before my eyes! [S...should I put my hands there...?!]
  51. >TTK: Nonono! I'm taking too long to respond!
  52. >TTK: If I don't hurry up and do it, it'll be awkward like before! Nice and easy, we're just playing!
  53. >TTK: i come! (Literally: Ya....yoshaaaa, here I come!)
  54. >Haguro: Ah, yes!
  55. >Haguro: Really...could it be...taht the Commander...has also noticed?
  56. >Haguro: Ah....that's no's because I'm always thinking of weird stuff like this!
  57. >Haguro: I've infected the Commander and made him confused...!
  59. >Haguro: Anyhow, I...I need to calm down...!
  60. >Haguro: Ahh....I'm sweating...?!
  61. >Haguro: W....what's happening
  62. >Haguro: I....if we don't hurry up, t...they'll notice the s-sweat!
  63. >Haguro: Um....h....hurry.... | Please.... |
  65. >TTK: C...can I?
  66. >Haguro: P....please do.
  67. >TTK: Then...
  68. >Haguro: Iyaaahhhhh!!
  70. >TTK: S...sorry! Is it really itchy?!
  71. >Haguro: No!'s not that!
  72. >Haguro: I made a weird noise--!
  73. >Haguro: I'm such an idiot! The Destroyers (in small text: the children) are watching!
  74. >Haguro: It's....fine....
  75. >Haguro: Hurry....
  76. >Haguro: it....already....!
  77. >TTK: Ah....yeahh....well then...
  79. >TTK: [---- This is bad....!]
  80. >TTK: Holding Haguro like this....
  81. >TTK: It's! (note: Could mean literally hot, hot as in sexy or hot as in he's hot and bothered)
  82. >TTK: No, stop! Banish your worries!
  83. >TTK: A calm mind, an empty heart!
  84. >Haguro: C...Commander?
  85. >Haguro: ...Oh heart's beating like crazy....
  86. >Haguro: The Commander may have sensed my heartbeat already....
  88. >Haguro: R....really, I just want it to be over~~~~~~~!
  89. >TTK: Let's just get this over with!
  90. >TTK: Well then, we'll go on 3!
  91. >Haguro: O...okay...
  92. >Haguro: Count to 3....
  93. >TTK: 1!
  94. >TTK: 2!
  96. >TTK: ....3!!
  97. >Haguro: Uwahh!
  98. >Haguro: F...
  99. >Haguro: I'm flying--!
  101. >(one of them): Ah!
  102. >Haguro; ahhhhhhhhh....
  104. >Ikazuchi: Really~ What are you doing--!
  105. >Akatsuki: You flew really high!
  106. >Ikazuchi: Heh! That was more interesting than I thought!
  107. >Haguro: Y....yeah! I was flying so high that I got surprised too!
  108. >(6thDesDiv): Right---?!
  109. >(6thDesDiv): Then....again? >Haguro:'s fine!
  110. >TTK: Yeah, that's enough for today!
  111. >6thDesDiv: Eh~! [Boring!]
  113. >Haguro: Eh?
  114. >Haguro: Wear this?
  115. >Haguro: G....Go--!
  116. >Haguro: Go go--! ...what is this?
  118. >Haguro: It's too embarassing after all!
  119. >Haguro: I....I'm done!
  120. >Ashigara: Eh~! I think it suits you well.
  121. >Ashigara: The Admiral will definitely be happy if you do it in front of him?
  122. >Haguro: .....
  123. >Haguro: ....I....I'm not going to do it! There's no next time!
  124. >Ashigara: Looks like I need to prod her a little more.
  126. >Fubuki: Hatsuyuki-chan, it's time for exercises!
  127. >Hatsuyuki: Too cold...not going.
  128. >Fubuki: Don't be silly!
  129. >Fubuki: Guh! Not bad! Hatsuyuki-chan, I'm leaving the shelling to you!
  130. >Fubuki: ....Hm?
  131. >Fubuki: Ahhhhh---! Looking closely....those are hot water bottles!
  132. >Hatsuyuki: Because it's cold.
  133. >Fubuki: I thought you equipped your rigging, but they're all hot water bottles!
  134. >Fubuki: But she's still the MVP--!
  136. >Haguro: Mmmm.....!
  137. >Haguro: I should take a break!
  138. >Haguro: ....Ah?! >Haguro: My bra strap.... | I think it's loose....
  139. >Haguro: [Did it get damaged when I got chuuha'd yesterday?]
  140. >Haguro: W....while nobody's here, I'd better fix it...
  142. >TTK: Haguro, I want you to take these LSC records....
  143. >TTK: And our previous resource data...
  144. >TTK: And compare....
  145. >Haguro:
  146. >Haguro: I....I'm terribly sorry! I let you see something lame!!
  147. >TTK: Nonono! It's not lame at all? It's pretty exciting! Arousing even! Full of hopes and dreams!
  149. [Nachi Haguro (1)]
  150. >Haguro: When Commander eats, he eats a lot!
  151. >Haguro: He's not picky at all!
  152. >Nachi: That's a good thing. Good health comes from good eating habits.
  153. >Haguro: [U-mmm....]
  154. >Haguro: He always says
  155. >Haguro: "If Haguro makes it it's always amazing."
  156. >Haguro: And then he doesn't even leave a scrap!
  157. >Nachi: Are you just showing off?!
  158. [Nachi Haguro (2)]
  159. >Haguro: Ah, sorry, nee-san, it's just been me talking.
  160. >Nachi: It's fine...As long as Haguro is doing well, I'm happy....
  161. >Haguro: Hm...
  162. >Haguro: ...Yesterday, I was watching the evening sky, and I was saying how the sunset was so pretty.
  163. >Haguro: And then Commander, who was passing by, sat next to me
  164. >Haguro: And watched the sun set all the way with me.
  165. >Haguro: We didn't say anything, but I kind of feel blessed...
  166. >Nachi: You're definitely showing off!!
  168. >Haguro: Commander, umm--...
  169. >Haguro: Eh? [he's out?]
  170. >Haguro: What should I do...?
  172. >Haguro: It smells like the Commander... [Ehehe]
  174. >Haguro: So this is what he sees everyday.
  175. >Haguro: Haguro! ....I have something important to ask you.
  176. >Haguro: I hope you can hear me out.
  177. >Haguro: ...Please...
  179. >Haguro:
  180. >Ashigara: Ay yo Admiral~~ Wan' sum Katsu?
  181. >Ashigara: ....Hm? Haguro? [what'cha doin?]
  182. >Haguro: Um....uhumm.....this....
  183. >Ashigara: Marriage?
  184. >Haguro: Uwahhhhh! I didn't say anything~~~!!
  186. [Postface]
  187. >This is the third KanColle Haguro doujin! The sections with Haguro have expanded significantly. I eagerly await your comments.
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