Dadonequus Discord Part 204

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  2. >You had to get this out of your mind
  3. >The humiliation
  4. >Applebloom
  5. > You atleast could take solace in the fact that you did indeed have good friends, and that actually being seen as a hero under normal circumstances wasn't that bad. Just not the overhype shit Snips and Snails was pulling. Hopefully, this ended that for good.
  6. >You wearily go into Twilight's room and look over to your makeshift bed.
  7. >noooope
  8. >You climb up Twilight's bed like a small cat. Use your snout to move up her warm blanket. And then lay on your belly under the blanket to get some sleep.
  9. >Time passes, but not the whole day, The sun goes down to the early evening.
  10. >feel a gentle rub, and a soft voice entering your ear.
  11. >"Anon...Anon...wakey wakey, were home"
  12. >...that voice...
  13. >You shift about, and poke your head out of your blanket, and gaze upon the yellowsoft
  14. "Aunt Fluttershy?"
  15. >It was indeed her, she was smiling, laying on her belly in front of you. Giving you a head pat was so gentle.
  16. >"Mhmmm, did you have a nice nap?"
  17. >You felt like you did..did you nap? Huh, you must have conked right out. You sleepily yawn, and smile right back at her.
  18. "mhmmm"
  19. >"I'm glad. Anon, I know you are just getting up. But Twilight and I would like to speak to you downstairs."
  20. >Speak to you?
  21. >Downstairs?
  22. >......Oh shit, that's right. Shit happened today.
  24. >you give her a cute face, as cute as you could muster as you hide back into the blanket just a bit.
  25. "..Am I in trouble?"
  26. >Fluttershy was taken in by your cuteness. And gave you a tiny kiss on the nose to let you know everything would be alright.
  27. >"No, you're not in trouble. Rainbow Dash,Spike, and Pinkie Pie let us know what happened today. I'm proud of you, Anon. You did a good thing helping your friend Scootaloo, and I'm very proud in the fact that you trusted in your friends...and...erm, I'm sorry about what happened...after that. Anon, if it makes you feel any better, I don't think you're a squishy pushover."
  28. >....oh that what they are saying about you now? What happened to "Hero Colt"?
  29. "W-what do you mean, squishy pushover?"
  30. >"Well..umm. When Twilight and I arrived in the town to pick up a few things. We overheard a few foals mention you being a "squishy pushover". That's how we knew something happened. And that's when Spike told us about the fight, then we went and asked Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie. And...erm...yeah. B-but, I'm surprised actually. I didn't think you would have a marefriend. That's good,"
  31. >Oh lord, so she pretty much knew everything. And fucking shit. It seems Diamond Tiara...ruined your to end the fight herself.
  32. >Wow, you actually gave a shit after all. Or at least. You didn't want to be seen as a pussy.
  33. "....great"
  34. >You groan,
  35. "So everypony seems me as a wuss now because a girl talked down to me."
  36. >Fluttershy could now see how hurt you really were from being seen this way. She frowned, and tried to think of a way to cheer you up. "Oh Anon, it's probably not everypony. And besides. It's not important what they think. Really, it's important what YOU think. Oh, I know"
  37. >Fluttershy smiled at you "Why don't you tell me about your marefriend. Have I met her before?"
  39. >Nobody told her, really? christ...You thought Twilight would have atleast. But maybe the whole friendship problem thing took precedence in her mind.
  40. "'s Diamond Tiara, you met her before...mnnn..."
  41. >This wasn't helping.
  42. >Fluttershy was hurting. She didn't like seeing you upset. Especially over something that you never seemed to care about before. She...suddenly became stern. Looking at you with a more serious look. "Anon, I want you out of bed. You don't need to worry about what others think of you, it's not healthy. I want you downstairs so Twilight and I can speak with you." She then sighs, and softens up a little "I promise it'll cheer you up. Ok...?" She gives you another peck on the nose and gets off the bed. As she begins to walk away, she looks at you one last time. With both love and worry. "Anon, you really shouldn't be worried about it. Foals tend to just....sway to what they see and hear. If you're worried about how they might treat you when you go back to school, then don't worry. You have friends, remember? Applebloom, Scootaloo, and Sweetie Belle will be there to make sure you aren't alone. And eventually they'll forget. And things will be fine. You'll see"
  43. >Fluttershy turned, and hid a grimace on her face, a look of despair. She didn't want you being picked on at all. She really really hoped that it wasn't just everyone that thought you were a "Squishy pushover". In fact.
  44. >She looks back once again, this time with a smile. "Anon, I think the ones who do think you're a squishy pushover are probably just dumb meanies anyway. You are the "Hero Colt" after all, they won't forget that. So don't worry ok? We'll...see you downstairs..."
  45. >She felt a little confident now, as she headed out the door, she realized one more thing, and stopped again, turning to you with a smile "Oh, and if you ever want to invite Diamond Tiara to the cottage. You're more than welcome to. I'd love to have a chat with her...and erm..."
  47. >Fluttershy was having trouble come up with words. She really didn't think you cared about your rep.
  48. >"......"
  49. >She sighed
  50. >"Anon, just don't worry about it too much. It'll eventually work itself out. If they can't see in the same way your friends do. Then they are no friends of yours. And I promise you, it's not as bad as you think. And if you ever need support, you know where to look. You have friends and family. We're here for you.....see you downstairs. I promise, you'll feel much better from what we have to tell you"
  51. >Fluttershy had nothing more to say. She just had to hope you'd actually come down stairs.
  52. >You watched from under the blanket as she left the room.
  53. >Maybe you were overthinking it. Maybe she was right? It was probably a few shitters who didn't even believe your exploits from before. And if that wasn't the cast, surely it'd be forgotten over time. Either way, she was right about the friends and family thing. You had them everywhere. And that's what mattered.
  54. >You throw off the blanket as you have Fluttershy is your thoughts. She really was worried that you were worried about that stupid rep.
  55. >Fuck the rep, and fuck any foal that saw you as a pussy. You weren't one of them. You were a goddamn adult. You don't need to deal with that shit. What the fuck do you care what some shit kids think? What the fuck did it matter if you were a hero or not? You got this far, didn't you? You are Anon, you already knew you were better than any fucking shitty foal.
  56. >You hop off the bed and hang your chest up high. That's right, you had to be confident. No way you were going to let that cute yellow horse worry about you. Do it for Fluttershy man, Do it for Fluttershy!
  58. >You step out of the room with newfound confidence. Wondering what Twilight and Fluttershy has to say that could cheer you up. Well, you didn't need cheering up now. You knew that whoever saw you as a pussy was a fucking shit.
  59. >You go down to the cutie map room. Keeping in mind you wanted to show Fluttershy that you were fine.
  60. >When you step into the room, you could already see them sitting on their seats. Talking to one another. Perfect.
  61. >You take in a breath, and let out a boisterous and confident laugh.
  62. "Heya Aunt Fluttershy, Twilight. You both wanted to see me? Because I gotta say....ahhh"
  63. >You stretch and then smirk
  64. "I'm feeling really good right now. So..."
  65. >You walk up to Rarity's seat and take a sit.
  66. "Lay it on me, what's up?"
  67. >Fluttershy and Twilight look at eachother, confused as fuck. Fluttershy then looks at you, puzzled. "Anon..are you alright?"
  68. >You just let out a "psha" and wave your hoof at her
  69. "Course, just needed to get my priorities in order. To think.."
  70. >You put your hoof to your forehead, laugh, and shake your head.
  71. "me, getting all worked up about some foals thinking I'm some sort of a wuss. Never happened before, ain't gonna let myself be affected by that kind of thing now"
  72. >Twilight and Fluttershy didn't know if you were faking it or not. It just seemed sudden. Especially from what Fluttershy told Twilight.
  73. >"Anon? Are you sure you're ok?" Twilight asks. She wasn't going to push it if you said yes, she'd just stay at the ready in case it turned out you weren't.
  74. >You nod. Keeping your confidence.
  75. "Yep, trust me. Like I said, just had to get all my priorities in order. I don't need to worry about what others think of me. What matters to me is what my friends and family think."
  76. >Christ..ok, tone it down. That sounded a little too much.
  78. >Well, you convinced them it seemed. Fluttershy smiled a warming smile. Feeling reassured from your sudden upbeat attitude " I'm so so glad to hear that. I was worried that you were really affected by it. But then" She has a little giggle "I guess I forgot how mature you can be. You really are a little gentlecolt. Especially now that you have a marefriend"
  79. >Yeah, that's the stuff. Always fucking good to see Fluttershy happy. Fucking nailed it.
  80. "Eheh, well. You know."
  81. >Time to find out what they wanted you for
  82. "So uh, what did you wanna talk about?"
  83. >Twilight grinned, feeling confident that you did indeed feel better, "Well Anon, Your Aunt and I stopped by a friend of ours. And set up an entire educational tour of the more interesting...and of the Everfree Forest. It's going to be fun fun fun!" Twilight said excitingly as she clapped her hooves happily. "And the best part is that we'll not only be able to bond closer, but also learn about the more mysterious parts of the forest. All this set up for tomorrow, and as an added plus..."
  84. >Fluttershy spoke up "I'll be there too, to teach you about some of the many animals of the forest. Won't that be wonderful Anon?"
  85. > was just...educational..well.
  86. >Actually, it most likely wouldn't be boring. It was the Everfree after all. there was probably all kinds of cool shit you could see and learn about in there. Hell, if that friend they are talking about is Zecora. Then you were in for a real treat....though that rhyming might get annoying. Still, this could be pretty damn awesome.
  87. "You bet! You already got me curious!"
  88. >"Great! I'm really glad to hear that Anon. Trust me, it's going to both be fun and educational. In fact, if I was Pinkie. Then I would call it Funducation! But..ahrm" Twilight cleared her throat and calmed herself. "There's also something serious we'd like to talk about as well."
  89. >...ahh shit.
  90. "Serious? It's not about what happened while you both were gone..right?"
  92. >Twilight shook her head. "No, it's something that, if you don't want to talk about. Then we can drop out. But Fluttershy and I were talking. And we were wondering about your old family. Is it alright if I ask you a question about them?"
  93. >Old family?...what? No no. As far as you were concerned. You had no family. Or, at least no family member "yet".
  94. "Why do you want to know?"
  95. >"Well Anon, the reason we are asking is that we want to see if you knew or even remembered them. As far as we know. You're mother and father are.....mnn" Fluttershy looked down. It seemed. as far as they actually knew. That they may have been told your parents are dead. Crafty Discord, crafty. As for Fluttershy, she seemed to be waiting for you to say "I don't want to talk about it"
  96. >But instead. You'd just talk about it. Let them know you don't mind their questioning so they can see it didn't bother you. That way they won't worry about it.
  97. "Yeah, I heard they were gone. But I never knew them anyway. And besides, you and dad are my real family anyway."
  98. >And that made Fluttershy smile "Oh Anon....I'm very glad to hear that. I consider you my real nephew too. No, not are my nephew"
  99. >...d'awww
  100. >Twilight was smiling at the moment. And seeing that you seemed comfortable with it. She moved on with her next question. "Anon, do you remember if you had any other family member? A sister? a brother? We ask this because we thought you'd like to be able to meet them. We have very little information on your past. And we care about you. We know it must feel terrible that your past was being stuck in a orphanage. So we want to see if we can find another family member of yours. One who might be able to explain what happened, why you ended up alone."
  101. >Well then. That wasn't needed at all. Because they weren't going to find shit.
  102. "I don't remember, and I don't care. That's not my life anymore. My life now is being my dad's son, my aunt's nephew, my friends friend, and..."
  104. >You chuckle, as to show you were ok.
  105. "The hero colt of course"
  106. >"Well then..." Twilight nods, she saw no more point in the conversation if you were comfortable with the current situation. "That's a good enough answer for me.Now, if you both excuse me. I have to go get an early sleep. I have to go see Zecora early tomorrow so we can plan a path for the afternoon trip. So....Good Night. And Anon, don't stay up too long alright? And if you want to read Daring Do for awhile to help you sleep. The book will be right next to your bed, alright?"
  107. >You nod
  108. "alright, thank you Twilight. You have a good night, ok?"
  109. >She yawns and nods "You too..and remember...don't stay up too long"
  110. >Fluttershy of course, also exchanges a good night.
  111. >With that, Twilight went to her room to catch some sleep. Leaving you and Fluttershy alone.
  112. "So..Aunt Fluttershy, what happened with the whole friendship problem?"
  113. >"oh" Fluttershy smiled, actually happy to see you interested in friendship problem solving "It was a big one Anon, two families feuding with eachother over...well...let me start from the beginning"
  114. >And so Fluttershy goes over the problem they dealt with. Getting the Hoofields and McColts, two families, to be friends and work together. Twilight apparently had a few spergs, and there was a lot of attacking, but apparently a realization was made when the source of the two families fighting was caused by a simple disagreement of valley preservation. The rest was gravy. You wondered if it was also an episode. But you couldn't ask her that.
  116. "Wow, geez. That could have gotten really bad. Gosh, it was really lucky you could communicate with animals, huh?"
  117. >Fluttershy nods "Yes, I would have never known what happened without my talent to talk to animals. Still, they would have never listened if it wasn't for Twilight's magic either. We made a good team. Anon, can I ask you a question now?"
  118. "Sure, what is it?"
  119. >"It's about Diamond Tiara and you. I know you're both coltfriend and marefriend. But I just want you to know that can change at any time. And if it does, Don't worry alright? If it doesn't work out, then it never was meant to be. You're both young, so anything can happen. I just want you to know that IF something does happen. That it's not the end of the world, and you can always come to talk to me if you feel something is wrong"
  120. >You could see what she was doing. She was hastily making sure to tell you not to despair if you and DT broke up. Seems she didn't know how deeply in love DT was with you. But you wouldn't fuss. You knew she meant well and probably did put faith that things would work out.
  121. "I understand, and thank you Aunt Fluttershy"
  122. >with that, there wasn't much else to talk about. Fluttershy knew she also had to get an early rest. And so, with a hug, a kiss, and an excited "see you tomorrow", she vacated the castle. leaving you alone in the room.
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