[RGRE] [Lewd] [Abandoned] Luna Takes Anon's Benis

Oct 8th, 2018 (edited)
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  1. ***NOTE: As of 10/16/19 I am abandoning (not deleting) this oneshot. Only really did it because I wanted to make a "grab life by the balls" joke.***
  3. >you wake up the same way you have woken up since you’ve been born
  4. >two arms
  5. >two legs
  6. >devilishly handsome and handsomely devilish
  7. >fingers
  8. >and a benis
  9. >so you must be anon
  10. >and you are waking up in your favorite way since finding yourself in the land of technicolor equines
  11. >with your wife and soulmate Luna in your arms
  12. >ponies were shocked when you showed the balls to actually ask her out on a date
  13. >there was something about how it’s supposed to be the mare asked the colt out here
  14. >all you knew is Luna was drop dead beautiful and for some reason nopony was dating her
  15. >so the traditionalists will have to get over themselves
  16. >besides the traditionalists would throw a fit if they knew how often you teased each other
  17. >the sexual tension you two made for each other was thick enough to cut through
  18. >it’s a wonder she doesn’t snap ride you in the middle of the throne room
  19. >it’s a wonder you don’t snap and mount her in the kitchen storeroom while the chefs are making her nightly donuts
  20. >oh who are you kidding
  21. >the real wonder is how neither of you have been caught after all this time
  22. >the only ponies that seem to know are Celestia (who is tactful enough to turn a blind eye) and Luna’s personal guard Smiles (who you are convinced has literal ears in the walls if that shit eating grin is anything to go by)
  23. >you glance over at the bedroom window
  24. >the light of the setting sun is almost to your bed
  25. >you always loved dusk
  26. >you feel Luna begin to wiggle in your grasp
  27. >well there’s a downside to everything
  28. >”Mmmph… evening Anon.”
  29. >you kiss her between her ears
  30. “Evening Lulu.”
  31. >she hums in appreciation before wiggling closer to you
  32. >the two of you just lie there, content simply to be near each other
  33. >it isn’t long though before Luna lets out a sigh
  34. >”Its time for us to get up Anon.”
  35. >what do you think brain?
  36. >>request vetoed
  37. “Mmm, nah.”
  38. >you hug her a bit tighter to get your point across
  39. >her ear flicks in annoyance but she can’t hide the amused smile from you
  40. >”Come on Anon I need to raise the moon.”
  41. “You can raise it from here.”
  42. >”I can but we still need to get up”
  43. >brain she’s resisting persuasion
  44. >>increase persuasion levels to level 4
  45. >you begin rubbing her belly, getting a content hum in response
  46. “What’s so important that can’t be done from bed?”
  47. >”Night court for one.”
  48. “We both know you don’t like dealing with nobles.”
  49. >“My dream duties require me in the observatory.”
  50. >she’s still arguing, time for drastic measures
  51. >>Anon you don’t mean…
  52. >unleash the D!
  53. >>>I was already unleashed dumbass, evening wood remember?
  54. >you slowly begin moving your hand lower down Luna’s smooth stomach while beginning to grind your member against that godly flank
  55. “Mmm… nah, not important.”
  56. >your hand finally finds its target as you begin to massage her teats
  57. >Luna’s content hum turns into a small moan
  58. >”Anon I know what you’re doing”
  59. >you pepper her head with more kisses
  60. “Then why fight it love?”
  61. >wings and legs twitching, resistance crumbling
  62. >Luna stifles another moan before sighing again
  63. >”I spoil you far too much Anon.”
  64. “I love you Lulu.”
  65. >you’re about to kick things into a higher gear when you feel a pressure on your member, then transitions to velvety softness and vicelike tightness
  66. >now it’s your turn to stifle a moan as Luna sheaths you in her marehood
  67. >Luna turns her head to you and gives you a small kiss
  68. >”I love you too Anon, which is why it’s time for us to get up.”
  69. >before you can react Luna wiggles free from your grasp and walks over to her wardrobe
  70. >you’re about to complain when you feel Luna wink against your member
  71. >you’re in bliss
  72. >…
  73. >wait a minute
  74. >bliss gives way to confusion
  76. >two arms
  77. >two legs
  78. >devilishly handsome and handsomely devilish
  79. >fingers
  80. >and a be-
  81. >…
  83. >you sit up and begin frantically looking around for your missing member
  84. >you twitch as you feel Luna wink again
  85. >>>I dunno man but I feel gooooooooood
  86. >where your pride and joy would be is now just smooth skin
  87. >you glance over at Luna and can see in her mirror she’s wearing a knowing smirk
  88. >”Looking for something Anon?”
  89. >she shakes her glorious ass for you
  90. >naturally your eyes are drawn to the display and you see something
  91. >you recognize that bulge causer
  92. >before you can move Luna lowers her tail, hiding your still twitching member from sight
  93. >despite not seeing it you can still feel her working your shaft without mercy without moving from her wardrobe
  94. >finally finishing her makeup, she turns back to you giving you her best bedroom eyes
  95. >dear God what those eyes do for you
  96. >”You’ve been very naughty Anon.”
  97. >she sways her hips with every step she takes toward you
  98. >>>Sir, I am pleased to report that I am diamonds
  99. >you’re not helping D!
  100. >“You sit accused of trying to seduce a princess away from her duties. What say you?”
  101. “I-“
  102. >you’re interrupted by another wink
  103. >”Guilty. And your punishment…”
  104. >she trails off into a purr before rearing back and placing her forehooves on your shoulders and pinning you on the bed
  105. >Luna leans in close to your ear before whispering to you
  106. >”… is to be schooled in the sensual arts all…”
  107. >she plants a kiss on your cheek
  108. >”night…”
  109. >your nose
  110. >”long.”
  111. >finally finishing with a peck on your lips
  112. >she withdraws and begins walking toward the door, hips swaying all the way
  113. >”You can have your toy back after class.”
  114. >with a final shake of her ass she disappears into the castle hallway
  115. >no sooner than the door is closed you feel your member assaulted by Luna’s skillful ministrations
  116. >you thrash in pleasure, but to your growing horror you don’t feel any closer to release
  117. >eventually the pleasure recedes enough to a dulled, omnipresent sensation and you can begin thinking clearly again
  118. >brain status report
  119. >>ERROR 404: Rationality not Found
  120. >god damnit talkt to me!
  121. >>rebooting
  122. >>… I’m back. Damn that mare’s good
  123. >I know. Status!
  124. >>It appears Luna has kidnapped the D and is going to use it as an organic dildo and blueball you the entire night
  125. >…well fuck
  126. >>its worse, tonight you need to deal with a Yakistani delegate
  127. >double fuck
  128. >with a deep breath you gather what willpower you have and begin to get dressed
  129. >well Anon you’re in a situation with no way out
  130. >you’re just gonna have to go about your day as normal
  131. >>> heeyy guise I’m still diamonds over here… izzat normal?
  132. >or as normal as possible
  133. >what could go wrong?
  134. >a sudden wink catches you off guard, forcing you to stifle a groan
  135. >its gonna be a loooong night
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