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  1. Okay, now for the actual message, not a mistake pm. If you don't want to read this entire thing (Which I recommend, the shortened version will lose its meaning), skip to the last paragraph.
  3. As you're aware, I sort of left the Binding of Isaac community about.. 7 months ago. However, I'm back now and I've got all of my shit together. I feel like I've sort of 'fixed' myself I guess and just changed (hopefully). I still have the problems I did back then (Depression, Social anxiety and whatnot) *but* I feel as if I've atleast *somewhat* fixed it (by that I mean hide it so no one knows.). I've also fixed my mentality, in the sense that I'm not a self-centered childish moron who's just a general piece of shit no one wants to be around (Which I'm sorry for, by the way.). As you can probably tell, I've stopped oof'ing xd'ing, and whatever other cancer I said, even if it still slips up, y'know. I *have* kept in touch with Derb, even if we don't really talk much at all.
  4. Now, onto the *main* reasons I'm messaging you: To apologise aswell as ask something of you.
  5. I'm obviously sorry for all the stupid shit I did to Teraphobia, and how it impacted the mod. At the time, I didn't realise I had that much of a bad impact on the mod and what it was doing to our team. I'm also sorry for how I acted when all you were *really* doing was helping the mod. I reacted a little bit stupidly, probably because all I wanted was a mod that I could say was my own, y'know? It sort of just crushed me and I reacted pretty badly to the situation. Now onto the *actual* reason I'm messaging you, which will most likely get denied but whatever really. Because I've been keeping in touch somewhat with Derb, I'm aware that you've adopted the C.C. idea like you said you would, with the team you built up before I left. I'm asking if I would be allowed to: Sprite for it, Design some enemies (or whatnot) *OR* Make some concept art. I obviously don't blame you if you deny me, I've done some shitty things and don't really deserve to help you (and you probably have a full team already anyways), but I'll be fairly happy *if* you do, obviously... About that, I won't get angry or anything if you say no, and I'm fine if you don't answer until you think I'm "ready", per sem like I said, I obviously don't deserve a yes, and I'm actually expecting a no, so it won't really effect me.
  7. That's everything I wanted to say and ask and I'm fairly certain we'll be able to forget what happened in Teraphobia and become friends again. (Can you also do me a favour and give this to everyone who witnessed what I did there, just so they can see the apology?)
  8. Anyhow, thanks Em, hope to hear from you soon.
  9. -Gator
  11. ****everything below this is a shortened version****
  12. - I've got all my shit together (depression and whatnot).
  13. - Somewhat fixed my behaviour hopefully.
  14. - I've stopped doing the gay arse xd spam.
  15. - I wanted to apologise for everything I've done to Teraphobia, and everyone involved.
  16. - I wanted to apologise for how I acted before I left.
  17. and
  18. - I wanted to ask if I could help you with that mod you're doing with either spriting for it, designing some enemies (or whatnot) for it, *OR* Make some concept art for it. (This one is a bit of a stretch seeing as you can't really trust me after what I did, so I'm fine if you don't actually say Yes or No to this until you see I've changed how I am, or just say No outright.)
  19. (Can you also do me a favour and give this to everyone who witnessed what I did there, just so they can see the apology?)
  20. Anyhow, thanks Em, hope to hear from you soon.
  21. -Gator
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