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Feb 15th, 2010
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  1. Never tell your password to anyone.
  2. Witchiebunny: Yes?
  3. GermanShephard: um...
  4. GermanShephard: i got kicked...
  5. Witchiebunny: Yes, you did
  6. GermanShephard: and it doesnt say why...
  7. Witchiebunny: You threatened to hack TFP and it's site via Dragoneer
  8. GermanShephard: ???
  9. GermanShephard: no i didnt...
  10. GermanShephard: O_o
  11. Witchiebunny: From FA/
  12. Witchiebunny: ?
  13. Witchiebunny: You made no such threat to Dragoneer at all?
  14. GermanShephard: i probably wouldnt even be capable of doing that just for the simple fact that i have no clue how HTML works...
  15. GermanShephard: no...
  16. GermanShephard: i only know triscript
  17. Witchiebunny: Randomfur : What about them?
  18. Dragoneer: Some German dork was banned from FA, and has made threats that the group is going to hack us. Been saying that for a while now
  19. Randomfur : Hmmmmm.
  20. Randomfur : Very odd.
  21. Dragoneer: I dunno if they're legit or not.
  22. Randomfur : Well this guy was hacking my friend's three super computers for quite some time now.
  23. Dragoneer: But most hackers don't announce "we will hack you in xxx days"
  24. Dragoneer: Super computers, huh?
  25. GermanShephard: and that would be about as effective against HTML as fire on metal
  26. GermanShephard: ???
  27. Witchiebunny: Randomfur : Hmm... well his name on here is 'Germanshephard', and the only thing i heard from him that he hates FA is that he knows the guy that was apparently Fender?
  28. Dragoneer: Yeah, that's the guy I was thinking of. He's the "hacker" group.
  29. Dragoneer: And Fender isn't a real person.
  30. Randomfur : Ahhh...
  31. Randomfur : He said he knows that guy that had fender as his fursona and i called BS.
  32. Dragoneer: ha
  33. Randomfur : Also, on a tangent, i suck at TF2.
  34. GermanShephard: wtf!
  35. GermanShephard: oh wow
  36. GermanShephard: you have got to be kidding me
  37. GermanShephard: T_T
  38. Witchiebunny: Got a rebuttal?
  39. GermanShephard: re- what??
  40. GermanShephard: O_o
  41. GermanShephard: wow...
  42. GermanShephard: i have no effin' clue whats going on here...
  43. GermanShephard: O_o
  44. GermanShephard: wtf...
  45. GermanShephard: oh, this is new
  46. GermanShephard: T_T
  47. GermanShephard: brb
  48. Witchiebunny: Alright
  49. GermanShephard: i have a question
  50. GermanShephard: in this "threat"
  51. GermanShephard: how many days were specified?
  52. GermanShephard: if it was less than 10, then i know who made the threat
  53. GermanShephard: :/
  54. Witchiebunny: Wasn't specified
  55. GermanShephard: Well, time to change my password for the milionth time in a row...
  56. GermanShephard: T_T
  57. GermanShephard: ok
  58. GermanShephard: so...
  59. GermanShephard: um...
  60. GermanShephard: i have no idea what to say other than [insert random hatespeech about hackers here]
  61. GermanShephard: :/
  62. Witchiebunny: Well if a super hacker really doies have it in for you like this.....
  63. Witchiebunny: then it would be a problem to have you back in.
  64. Witchiebunny: :/
  65. Witchiebunny: Because it compromises TFP
  66. GermanShephard: oh trust me, i have been trying to get rid of him for YEARS ON END
  67. GermanShephard: T_T
  68. Witchiebunny: But the hackers keep taking over yoru systems
  69. GermanShephard: oh
  70. GermanShephard: ok
  71. Witchiebunny: but not doing any real damage
  72. GermanShephard: no
  73. Witchiebunny: just leaving threats and nastygrams?
  74. GermanShephard: he did DAMAGE
  75. GermanShephard: as in
  76. GermanShephard: i lost both GigaTriton AND Novastrike to this guy
  77. GermanShephard: >:(
  78. GermanShephard: and Deamonix back in 2003
  79. GermanShephard: :/
  80. GermanShephard: hey
  81. GermanShephard: i have a question
  82. GermanShephard: do you know anyone who knows how to do HTML so i can learn some so i can figure out how to optimize my security against this wtfhacker guy?
  83. GermanShephard: im getting sick of this because everything i DONT know, he knows, and he uses that against me.
  84. GermanShephard: :/
  85. Witchiebunny: would HTML help?
  86. GermanShephard: i would know how to better make my DL compatible with it so i could better keep my more important files locked up from the vast virus filled world of the internet
  87. GermanShephard: Semantec FAILED
  88. GermanShephard: thats the only reason i lost GT and NS
  89. GermanShephard: Dreamdestroyah had Norton, and it came through perfectly fine without a single so much as a CPU usage spike
  90. GermanShephard: good god...
  91. GermanShephard: you know what i REALLY need?
  92. GermanShephard: HELP
  93. GermanShephard: T_T
  94. GermanShephard: the dude im up against has quite literaly a private effing army and all i have is a couple friends who help me up untill it seems like im screwed, then they GTFO
  95. GermanShephard: :/
  96. Witchiebunny: Hun...I'm really unsure what to say. That's not somthing I'm able to help you with, nor am I really inclined to get myself, or any of TFP embroiled in this. However...I would contact the Police if it's really so terrible. All I can say. Sorry.
  97. GermanShephard: Unfortunatly, Blazar5 already put in a tip to the police saying I started all this and now im under watch so i cant really do anything lethal against him, but he can do whatever he wants and he wont even be so much as GLANCED at
  98. GermanShephard: :/
  99. GermanShephard: im seriously considering sayin F*& this, going over to his house, with C-4, and blowing the living fuck out of his stupid system and seeing how HE likes losing EVERYTHING
  100. GermanShephard: not that i would
  101. Witchiebunny: I wouldn't do that.
  102. GermanShephard: but im beginning to consider it
  103. GermanShephard: :/
  104. Witchiebunny: But honestly, again there's nothing else I can really do.
  105. Witchiebunny: My apologiesa.
  106. GermanShephard: i know
  107. GermanShephard: hey
  108. GermanShephard: can you try to tell Dragoneer to stop banning me?
  109. Witchiebunny: I can try, but it is his decision
  110. GermanShephard: tell him i will do LITERAY anything he wants me too
  111. GermanShephard: i promise
  112. GermanShephard: i have a very close friend of mine on there and i havent talked to her in a long while now
  113. Witchiebunny: FA is his site, I can't tell him anything
  114. GermanShephard: oh
  115. Witchiebunny: I can mention your request
  116. GermanShephard: ok
  117. GermanShephard: thank you
  118. Witchiebunny: but that's the extent of it
  119. GermanShephard: :/
  120. GermanShephard: ouch
  121. GermanShephard: what still amazes me is, I dont even remember why that blazar dude is mad at me
  122. GermanShephard: :S
  123. GermanShephard: oh great, another virus embedded in steam, this is my dream come true...
  124. GermanShephard: :/
  125. Witchiebunny: Again, my apologies.
  126. GermanShephard: its ok
  127. Witchiebunny: I have to go print out stuff for school on another computer
  128. Witchiebunny: Good luck with everything.
  129. GermanShephard: im probablt going ro have to log out in a minute to keep DD frm having a heart attack
  130. GermanShephard: L/
  131. GermanShephard: :/
  132. GermanShephard is now Offline.
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