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  1. Otto_Binder_Ted_Owens_Incredible_Truth_Behind_the_UFOs_Mission_to_Earth_SAGA_September_1970
  3. According to the man who claims to be their one and only "contact" on Earth, the Space Intelligences are now hovering in four huge, invisible craft positioned around our globe and "are trying to put the world in Glance by cancelling out wars, hate, killing, drought, famine, etc." And with their fantastically advanced science, they are determined to make their presence known by unleashing and controlling the       very forces of nature! by unleashing and controlling the very forces of nature! "The Space Intelligences are pure energy and are invisible," says Owens. "Only the top members of the Sis can construct a form with their intelligence and pour themselves into it." Where do they come from? "The Sis are from a different world entirely. They are from another dimension. But they have discovered how to switch from their dimension into oursl" The Big Blackout of the eastern on November 9, 1965... Hurricane Inez in 1966 that turned the "wrong way" ... Three hurricanes simultaneously hitting the U.S. in 1967... The ending of the northeast's drought in 1967... The mysterious "hex" that in 1968 made the Philadelphia Eagles football team lose 12 out of 14 games ... The lightning bolt that struck the Apollo 12 mooncraft in December 1969... These and 200 other headline events (SAGA, August 1970), are claimed as PK (psychokinesis) feats performed by one man - Ted Owens - with the aid of the SI (Space Intelligences). A bold statement, yet Ted Owens has impressive documentation. Signed statements of government officials, lawyers, scientists, radio interviewers, sports writers, and many others all attest that Owens predicted those events. He was able to predict them because, he claims, the SIs had given him enormous PK powers. Whether you believe him or not, it would be difficult to explain all those sworn affidavits. For a man to guess right so many times is equally unbelievable. Keeping a careful account, Ted Owens states that 85 percent of his predictions have been fulfilled. He admits there are misses, for not even the SIs with their uncanny powers can always whip up a hurricane or earthquake on schedule. But the record is remarkable; over 200 fulfilled prophecies in five years, from 1965 to date. The PK Man's predictions have ranged far and wide, covering almost every category of world event  - sneak attacks against U.S. aircraft carriers in Vietnam, the loss of three submarines in one year, the series of earthquakes that jolted California in late 1969, the failure of various Ranger moon probes, the unexplained crashes of military planes, a violent lightning storm in 1966... on and on the list goes. These calamitous events - at least those for which Ted and the SIs are responsible - supposedly have a "good purpose," as will be seen later. But first, let's get further insight into the life and mind of er insight into the life and mind of Ted Owens. In answer to the question, "Why did the SIs contact you and you only?" Owens replies: "As I have gotten it from them rather spottily, they had worked with me since early childhood, attempting to get through to me. As I grew up they kept trying. I worked for Dr. Rhine at Duke (Univ.) in the ESP experimentation there and was found to be loaded with paranormal ability ... But the SIs still hadn't gotten through to me. It seems to have been a combination of the close approach of their UFO to our car in Fort Worth in early 1965 (SAGA, July 1970), and then my work in hypnosis and allied fields ... that finally made it possible for them to get through to me." He goes on to explain the actual method of contact. "Now in 1965, when I discovered it was actually UFOs that I was dealing with, and not 'Nature,' the UFOs gave me a system to use to call upon them, just as if I'd pick up a phone and talk. They showed me, in my mind's eye, a small chamber. Inside the chamber were two small creatures, resembling grasshoppers, standing on two legs. These creatures looked down into a large round oval machine.. In it they could see me. If I talked, they heard the sound, but the machine quickly turned the sound into symbols, and the symbols into very high-frequency sound that they could understand ... For very important communications I was to appear on the screen and ask for 'Control,' and their Higher Intelligence would appear and listen to me." Owens bestowed on the two little creatures his own names -Twitter and Tweeter. But were they the actual physical form of the SIs? "No," says Owens, "the SIs are pure energy and are invisible. Only the top members of the SIs can construct a form with their intelligence and pour themselves into it. Twitter and Tweeter are merely convenient bodies for handling their apparatus." Where do the SIs come from? "The SIs are from a different world entirely. They are from another dimension. But they have discovered how to switch from their dimension into our dimension." Questioned closely, Owens shrugs and confesses he doesn't know anything more about their world. They have revealed very little to him, which is quite different from the all-inclusive knowledge most contactees claim to have. "They don't confide things like that. They just give me assignments and training, all pointing at certain objectives." What are those objectives? Owens's voice turns grim and earnest as he gives this brief, chilling answer: "The SIs will allow Russia and China to destroy us (the U.S.), if we don't cooperate with the SIs. Think of the world as a large field on a farm. If one section of the field won't grow crops, or be productive, then the farmer will just quit planting it and let it go to rot. And that's what will happen to the U.S. if we don't pay attention to the SIs." Owens has reiterated that all the earthquakes, hurricanes, crashing planes, and other events caused by the Owens-SI team via PK, are only spectacular attempts to attract attention to the SIs and prove they exist. And that Owens has been chosen as their sole "emissary" to make formal contact with earth authorities. Their lack of physical form and the handicaps of their alien origin preclude their ever landing and appearing in person on earth. Hence their "training" of Ted Owens and their gift to him of PK poWer to perform "miracles" of nature is in the hope' of getting the U.S. government to accept their presence, and proferred help. So says Ted Owens. When asked why the SIs want to help or "guide" the U.S. in particular, Owens says: "The SIs are trying to put the world in balance by cancelling out wars, hate, killing, upset weather conditions, drought, famine, etc. They can do all these things easily!" And if they can lend Owens the PK powers that created certain hurricanes and earthquakes, caused vast power blackouts, and ended a six-year drought, they can use these powers in reverse without question. What they can unleash, they can also control. "But first," continues Owens, "they want a base to work from, and they chose the United States, perhaps because it is the most influential nation on earth." Another question really stumped Owens: "Just why have the SIs come here to help earth in the first place?" His candid answer: "I don't know. I haven't the foggiest notion of why. I have wondered about that myself." Conversely, a bleak future is painted for the U.S. if it continues to ignore the SIs. "Russia and China will combine to attack America and destroy it with both nuclear and biological weapons. The Asian race will become the main power of the world after the U.S. is destroyed, and the black people (of Africa) will become the second largest power." 'Eventually, Owens finishes, "the whites will practically be nonexistent." Just how the SIs intend to change this course Owens does not know. His only "job" is to keep performing his sensational PK acts, obtain the ear of the government, introduce them to the Space Intelligences by proxy, and then they will tell the U.S. what to do to avoid the above holocaust. This is the "mission" of Ted Owens. The sincerity of his devotion to this cause is beyond question. He has gained no wealth from his "crusade" and in fact, is today in debt with no possessions or home. "Broke at 50," as he puts it. For six years, since 1965, he has wandered with his family to several temporary locations, taking any job he could find. Any confidence man would have given up this poor-paying "racket" long ago, which has netted Owens nothing. One can only assume that Ted Owens, keeping at it doggedly for six years, has no ulterior motives but means exactly what he says. During his life, affluence and Ted Owens never got together. He has two children from a former marriage-Lornie and Rick-but after a divorce, they went with his ex-wife who offered to finance them through college, where they are today. Owens now lives with his second wife and their son, Beau, age 8. His family is one of his strongest supporters. There are signed and notorized statements from his older children on how he drew a map to "guide" a hurricane, or on how he made a prediction on a given date that later hit the headlines when it materialized, One of his most amazing prophecies came in a letter to Pres. Lyndon B. Johnson on May 10, 1966: "The SIs warn that a man is planning to load a small plane with high-explosives, and send the plane, kamikaze style, into the White House or the Johnson Ranch (in Texas). This man has planned this for a long while... put it off once, but now is getting 'worked up' to do it. Of course he'll be killed but he doesn't care. Believe he's an ex-Army flyer... service man, anyway." Signed, Ted Owens. One can imagine the reception this got from Presidential aides. Utterly preposterous! No President-hater, no matter how insane, would pull that ridiculous manner of assassination. It couldn't happen in real life. The New York Times, May 4, 1967: "FLIER DENIED BAIL ON THREAT OF CRASHING INTO THE WHITE HOUSE. A former Air Force pilot... has been jailed pending sentence because of an alleged threat to plunge a plane into the White House..." Somehow, the SIs had read this maniac's innermost mind a year before, and knew that someday he would get up the nerve to commit his spectacular deed. It is doubtful that any other so-called "seer" predicted this unlikely plot, except Ted Owens. Ted Owens still has fascinating revelations about the Space Intelligences: for instance, how they produce earthquakes. Owens reveals that: "There are four great SI craft positioned around our globe. It is these four craft that I signal when I wish to give a demonstration of earthquakes all around the world, as I have done twice for government agencies and scientists." Asking how big those four UFO's are, you get a staggering answer: "These craft are so big, we couldn't even imagine their size. Each one could be bigger than our earth itself." Yet, being from another dimension, they are completely invisible. Owens explains vaguely that the giant UFOs send down much smaller craft, which are the familiar saucers of sighting reports and which have somehow gained visibility. As to just how they create earthquakes: "After I signaled them, they (the four big UFOs) emitted an electromagnetic effect that slightly affected the rate of the earth's spin or movement, causing earthquakes, floods, and unusual weather." Again rather vague, but if true it means the four SI craft must have a colossal storehouse of electromagnetic power, able to grip the whole planet and give it a slight wrench. Ted Owens must feel like a man in a goldfish bowl, or like an insect under a microscope, because for the past six years: "They have used a monitor on me wherever I go. It is like a beam of light which extends from me through metal, rock, or any material, high up into the sky from wherever I happen to be in a deep cave underground or on top of a skyscraper, it would make no difference." The SIs Owens says, have often, told him his life is "very important" for their purposes and that they are thus keeping constant watch on him and lending him special PK powers when there is danger. Owens then states that his life has been endangered at least 15 times, and recites several cases, some of which cannot be documented. As a young man, Owens was in Durham, N.C., with a girl friend when six toughs approached, with knives. They cornered the pair on a side street with assault and rape in mind. Owens had a .25 automatic in his pocket but merely withdrew it and handed it to the girl as a last-ditch defense. "Then," says Owens, "I walked right down the street at the gang coming toward us. I stared them all in the eyes and they froze. I grabbed the ringleader by his coat and told him to take his gang and his coat and told him to take his gang and get away from us. And that is just what they did." On other occasions the same thing happened, Owens staring and some mysterious power making a would-be assaulter "freeze" and lose all desire to inflict harm or death. One of the most dramatic harm or death. One of the most dramatic cases, and this one fully attested to in writing by his daughter, Lornie, occurred when Owens and Lornie were walking along a street in San Antonio, Tex. Suddenly, a man they had never met rushed at them with a long knife, yelling insanely that he was going to kill them. Owens repeats, rather monotonously: "I stared into his eyes. Suddenly he dropped the knife, got down on his knees, and began to pat Lornie on the head, apologizing for threatening us." Since we have his family's sworn statement that this attack was not a figment of Owens's imagination, how do we explain his extraordinary power to render his assailants helpless without laying a hand on them. If it isn't PK power, what is it? If the SIs are keeping watch on him, they are doing a darn good job. Ted Owens also makes the enigmatic statement that he is part SI. Then he adds, "Somehow, as time went by, they changed the right lobe of my brain so that I could get to this point (to two-way ESP) with them, because the ordinary human brain will not pick up or send back messages to the SIs." If his brain has been modified or altered to accept SI communications, then technically he is part SI. Furthermore, says Owens, "The ordinary human brain will break down under SI communications... The other human beings (they attempted to work with) always had a heart attack or brain hemorrhage or broke down completely in some way. That is why I am so rare." In a sense, Owens is then a "tailor-made" human receiver, deliberately fashioned in the mental sense into the most powerful PK mind living today. This brings us to another amazing facet of Ted Owens's powers healing. Though he disclaims being another Edgar Cayce, he has to a limited degree been able to perform certain "miracle cures." In one case, a young girl savagely beaten by a street gang suffered a skull fracture and doctors gave her only hours to live. Informed by a friend, Owens went to the hospital and obtained permission to see the patient. Though he does not know just how he did it, Owens believes he "radiated" PK healing power so that the girl survived. The attendant doctors shook their heads and called it a "miracle" beyond medical science. To spread whatever he could of his healing powers among the people, Owens had red plastic medallions made; on them were stamped his private "emblem" - a circle with 'a line through it and a lightning bolt below. By fingering it before mailing it out, Owens believes he "charges" it with PK power that will work beneficially for the recipient. Owens has sent hundreds of these, without charge to whoever requests them. He says, "This is not a commercial enterprise, but an expression of compassion by the SIs for humans, and of their love and affection for us." Do these "charged" disks have any hidden powers? Some of the letters Owens has received may provide the best answer. Mrs. B. C. of Willowdale, Ontario, Canada, writing of her daughter: "Dr. M. (surgeon) had six or seven doctors with him when he operated on Ruth. Cancer was found in tumors which had spread all through her right (side) up into each lung." The doctor added that if she survived the operation, she might live up to six months, no more. Mrs. B. C.'s letter goes on: "Immediately after she'd been operated on, a disk was sent by you (Owens) and placed on Ruth." Almost a year later doctors reviewed her case and "they can't understand how she can still be alive plus the success they are having with her treat- ments." ments." One item does not prove the case, however. Mrs. E. B. of Lockwood, Mo. "My husband... seems almost entirely free of the terrible neck pains he had had for two years. They were driving him insane." Her husband kept his disk with him day and night. G. B., a woman in Cincinnati, Ohio, who has a PK disk: "My doctor told me today that my back seemed straight. He was a bit puzzled because he did say he could not straighten it." (Italics added.) Mrs. L. W., of Canoga Park, Calif., a lady whose hands were almost completely crippled by painful arthritis: "As you will notice I am able to write this letter with my hands... I am even able to use the sewing machine to make clothes for my family. This is how much I have improved... Most of the time this past month I have been free of pain also..." The PK disk's power is not limited solely to "faith cures." From Kodiak, Alaska, a woman writes about her husband's luck in fishing for queen crabs: "He put his pots out in one spot in Alitak Bay... He only had 13 pots that first time and in seven fishing days he brought in a full load of tanner (queen) crabs, which is real good. Here is the oddest part of it; a whole flock of boats moved in on him, had him surrounded with their buoys and pots. They didn't do any good at all and they picked up their pots and left... But he (her husband) got another boatload of 7,500 crabs. He went back and got his third load of crabs from the same spot, while these other boats got so few they picked up their pots and left..." Her husband had been carrying the PK disk. There is yet another angle to this story that makes it even more fantastic. This same woman had first written to Ted Owens, on October 30, 1967, requesting a PK-disk, with this explanation: "My husband's problem is this: in 1964 we lost two commercial fishing boats... in the Alaskan Good Friday earthquake. We had to get an SBA loan and went $82,000 in debt... With the high cost of living in Alaska, we are very much afraid we are going to have our (new) boat repossessed, as my husband is a crab fisherman and just can't make it unless he catches more crabs." Now reread the woman's first letter and you will see why her husband miraculously caught crabs where nobody else could. Fishing luck, of course, is notoriously quixotic, but the kind of luck that fisherman had is incredible! Unless it was more than luck. One more medical case is startling, according to this note from a woman in Pensacola, Fla.: "Concerning my broth er... being mentally ill and had been for 15 years... Don't know what has happened but his mind is OK now and he is home from the hospital." She had left a PK disk with him a month before. In the stack of letters Ted Owens has received from grateful people to whom he sent his PK disk, these phrases appear over and over - "The doctor was amazed,"... "The doctor couldn't believe it,"... "The doctor acted stunned." However, Ted Owens is not touting himself as a miracle healer nor usurping the province of doctors. Far from it. He states firmly that: "I warn all that I work with, to work closely with their doctors, dentists, etc., the PK methods certainly do not replace our human medicine and surgery... I explain carefully the UFO intelligences cannot pull teeth, or remove an infected appendix... OD (Other Dimensional) methods are to be used, with the doctor's permission, only after all regular medicine and surgery have failed." Owens is also careful not to claim god-like powers for the SIs, although he quickly adds that "the SIs are doing God's work." Owens has pondered the past six astounding years of his life and has come to the conclusion that there are certain parallels between him and Biblical people - notably Moses and Ezekiel, who both performed "miracles." How? With the same PK powers that were bestowed upon Owens. Certainly the ability to conjure up lightning storms, turn hurricanes, and heal the sick - if Owens really has this ability - is comparable to Moses making water pour from a rock, or Ezekiel summoning a strange mechanical "whirlwind" to carry him away - which was undoubtedly a UFO! Hence the strong linkage Ted Owens finds between God, the Space Intelligences, and his own superhuman PK powers. Not that he knows all the answers, which he readily admits. Another reason the SIs may be here as "watchdogs" of earth is because of the OIs - Other Intelligences. Owens cannot elaborate on them, except to say the SIs are "evil" as compared to the SIs. When asked if the SIs and OIs are using earth as a battleground, Owens says, "I think it's more like a game of chess between the several kinds of Space Intelligences, and we are the chess pieces. They (the SIs and (Ms) are too advanced to shoot at each other, as we do. They think in such dimensions, and at such depths, that it would be beyond our tiny, limited minds to even imagine." For this reason Ted Owens tried to obtain $5,000 in 1968 to have a free year in which to contact the SIs more closely and find out all those answers. Owens was thwarted in gaining the backing of the U.S. government. He had planned it this way: "The U.S. would send me to Europe with one Special Forces man, as a bodyguard and witness. I would be guided by the SIs to select an old deserted castle in an isolated location. I would live there for one year. Sometime during that time the SIs would appear to me for a face-to-face meeting, and arrange a way to meet with the President (of the U.S.)." Owens is serious about this being his "mission," however, he has given the government an alternative. He recently wrote President Nixon and offered to spend 30 days in the Bermuda Triangle, if they would furnish him with a comfortable boat plus a submarine nearby to observe. He would also spend 30 days in the Devil's Triangle near Japan. Owens said his mission would be to make contact with the SIs. The PK man would not guarantee results but said the SIs might very well come to him in either or both triangles because he is the only human being who can "call" them. This raises the point that the SIs, as Owens believes, have been training him all along. In a letter to me, Owens states: "Yesterday I awoke, and realized that the SIs had been at work on my brain (during sleep). This time they have given me the key to something that has been puzzling me for years. Namely, what has motivated me to learn 50 professions?... "Each profession demanded that I learn a "language". With Gregg shorthand (my speed was 200 words per minute) I had to learn all the symbols..." He goes on to list how typing forced him to learn the keyboard system... As a steel mill inspector he had to learn calibration and other measurements... In teaching autohypnosis, it was the symbology of the Brain Wave Synchronizer ... and so on. "So," concludes Owens, "when it came to the SIs getting a breakthrough into my mind... teaching me their OD (Other Dimensional) symbols... I had already developed a strong 'muscle,' so to speak, with which to receive their information." This reminds one of the rigorous training astronauts go through in order to "think space," which, with its zero-G and third-law-of-motion characteristics is entirely different from "thinking earth." Without intensive training, no man could ever have mastered the semicomputerized thought processes necessary to fly a ship into space. Similarly, no human mind could possibly grasp the intricate symbology of pure-energy intelligences from another dimension unless it was thoroughly programmed, like the mind of Ted Owens. Logical, understandable, rational, Owens's whole approach to the mystery in which he finds himself is scientific and not mystical as with the contactees. This is clearly seen in Ted Owens' own "SI Glossary" in which he defines various ODEs (Other Dimensional Effects): Nature's Mailbox - A visual-image "mailbox" into which he puts "letters" to be acted upon - as when requesting a storm. Angel Box - ODE container which releases good intelligences which can be assigned to sick or hurt persons (apparently the mechanism by which the PK-disks work). PK Bubble - An ODE force placed around a person, thing, city, or even the U.S., to perform a specific task (which may be one clue to how Owens manipulates his PK powers) White Box, Rainbow Door, Messenger Units, Sound Force PK, Weight PK, Electromagnetic Bubble, Laser PK, (other ODEs based on scientific extrapolations of known forces and energies. Let us conclude with some more sensational PK feats and fulfilled predictions made by Ted Owens in the past six years, which far exceed the accomplishments of such nationally known psychics as Jean Dixon and Peter Hurkos. On June 1, 1966, in a written notice to the CIA and -other agencies, Ted Owens predicted an early hurricane, within days, long before the traditional hurricane season. Loud laughter from the hurricane center must have turned into gasps when on June 7th, Hurricane Alma rose in wrath, the earliest Atlantic hurricane ever to hit the U.S. mainland. to hit the U.S. mainland. One June 18, 1966, Owens' predicted that violent electrical storms would soon strike the Philadelphia area. By the end of June and into July, that city was bombarded by electrical bolts seldom seen before. During this period, with a group of friends, Owens pointed and said a lightning flash would strike over a certain building - this happened within minutes. Owens made it strike there, he claims. It will definitely interest UFOlogists to know that the following "classic" sightings of saucers and occupants were predicted in advance by Ted Owens, and in some cases "ordered" by him. The "Michigan Monster" case of August 1966, in Monroe County, where Christine Van Acker, a 17-year-old girl and her mother came upon a hairy, black, seven-foot monster. The "meteor" of August 19, 1966, which was so bright that it cast shadows as it flashed across the skies over Pennsylvania and Ohio. Puzzled astronomers admitted it was too slow for a genuine meteor. It was, says Owens, a spectacular UFO that he had "promised" would manifest itself over Pennsylvania. The semi-tragic tale of the saucer named "Floyd" - a police code name. In April 1966, State Police officer Dale Spaur and several other troopers pursued a low-flying saucer from the state of Ohio into Pennsylvania, without ever catching up. The sighting came to haunt Dale Spaur to the point where he lost his job and his wife. He became a broken-down hermit because he, or one of the other policemen, had fired at the UFO, which Ted Owens had prophesied would mean the police would be "without one officer." The "Penninsula Monster" at Erie, Pa., on July 31, 1966, where Betty Jean Klem and three other hysterical teen-age friends in a car were accosted by a hulking gorilla-like creature, which later flew off in a saucer. But of course Ted Owens' most recent and significant prediction, as of February 1970 (SAGA, July 1970) was that the summer of 1970 would usher in the greatest UFO wave in history as saucers would appear in "great numbers everywhere on earth." Is that worldwide saucer flap going on right now? We might also ask that if the flap is going on is it being successfully smothered by the news blackout that has been clamped on all UFO reports since the Condon Report of 1969? If so, Ted Owens today is a frustrated prophet indeed. Finally, here are two more predictions by Ted Owens, which, if they haven't already been fulfilled, will be in a short time. Owens is confident they will. Prediction 1) There is a "terrible threat" to our forces in or near Vietnam. Owens says the SIs showed him the symbolical image of a black triangular mass silently converging there, either through the air or the water. He is not clear as to the exact nature of the threat but it's a "blockbuster force" and will be a major headline about Vietnam. Prediction 2) That Nigeria, because of its inhuman treatment of the conquered Biafrans after their war ceased, will suffer greatly unless they change their policy. "The long unlimited hand of the UFO intelligences," wrote Owens in a letter to President Nixon, "will now reach out and strike at the Nigerian government and teach them a lesson they will never forget. From now on, Nigeria is a marked country, until the present government and all the people responsible for the miseries of the Biafran innocents have been struck down with illness and death and misery themselves." Owens seems to imply that something akin to the "seven plagues" that struck Egypt in Biblical times will scourge the Nigerians. It is a matter of record that as of mid-February, a deadly new virus struck Nigeria only, with a frightful fatality rate of 50 percent. Three out of five medical lab technicians sent by the U.S. died promptly of this Lassa Fever, as it is called, and medical authorities called it an emergency. "The greatest mystery," to quote the The New York Times, "is where the disease came from." An SI warning to the U.S. about trouble in Vietnam (not caused by the SIs), and an SI vengeance on Nigerian cruelty. So says Ted Owens, mouthpiece of the SIs.
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