Minevictus Rules Draft 3

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  1. In order to keep Minevictus a safe space to relax while also giving players as many freedoms as possible, we enforce the following set of rules:
  3. 1. Be respectful in chat
  5. We pride ourselves on having freedom of speech, as long as you are being respectful. Keep in mind that there is a large variation in the age and identity of players on the server. You might be asked to stop in the interest of protecting the youth and allowing everyone to feel safe and comfortable. IF SOMEBODY ASKS YOU TO STOP, PLEASE STOP.
  7. That being said, joking and swearing is allowed in a fun manner.
  9. Having an opinion is perfectly fine, but keep in mind that there is a fine line between stating your opinion and being blatantly disrespectful. Civil debates are allowed, but all non-civil or heated arguments should be kept in private chat.
  11. Absolutely no hate speech or bullying is allowed. We do not tolerate harassment, sexual harassment, profanity, toxicity, racism, discrimination, or hate towards any players or groups of people. Any “jokes” of the aforementioned nature are considered  a serious offense and will get you muted or banned. See more: Rule #8. “Be Ethical”
  13. Do not abuse your powers. Disrespectful nicknames, home names, etc. will be asked to be changed.
  17. 2. No, spamming, begging, or advertising
  20. To keep chat usable and enjoyable for everyone, spamming and advertising is not allowed and will result in a mute or ban if it is a repeated offense.
  23. Do not ask for a Rank/OP. Ranks are obtainable through donating (/donate) or voting (/vote, its free!)
  25. There is a fine line between advertising and mentioning. Please do not blatantly advertise your youtube channel, server, product, etc. We are a minecraft server, not the Shark Tank.
  28. 3. No griefing
  30. Because we want a place for people to relax and build whatever they want without being harassed, griefing is not allowed. There is a zero tolerance towards griefing, and doing it intentionally will result in a ban. We are not an anarchy server!
  31. We do review each case of griefing, meaning that if it's a minor grief and you genuinely weren't
  32. aware of what was going on, we will take that into consideration.
  34. Griefing is defined as 1.) Deliberately vandalizing, stealing from, modifying, or destroying someone else's property Killing other players, without their permission, or 2.) Killing other players, without their permission.
  37. 4. Rules on Modded Clients
  39. We are actually fairly liberal when it comes to using modded clients, as long as your mods do not give you an advantage over other players. Mods such as optifine and minimap are allowed; However if you get caught while x-raying, autoclicking, fly/jump-hacking, (etc.) and don't admit it, your valuables will be wiped. If you get caught again, you will be banned. That being said, if we find you flying and/or using speed hacks or anything which goes against the norm, you will be warned and eventually punished which can lead up to a ban.
  42. 5. No Cheating/Exploiting
  44. Any form of item or entity duping is not allowed (THIS INCLUDES TNT DUPING). However, 0-tick farms are allowed, but we advise you to follow the guidelines under Rule #6. “Do not create lag”
  46. We kindly ask you to report major bugs within plugins to staff. Although it is unfair to punish players for exploiting bugs, we strongly warn against doing so as they could potentially give a major disadvantage to other players. Extreme cases are considered an offense.
  48. Duplicated items, or items obtained from major exploits, will be removed.
  51. 6. Do not create lag.
  54. When building farms, we ask you to research lag efficient methods in order to keep the server playable for others. If your farm is lag intensive, staff may ask you to disable your farms.
  56. Do not deliberately create lag. Please be ethical.
  59. 7. Listen to Staff
  61. The server needs people to help enforce these rules when things get out of hand... if a staff member asks you to stop, it is probably with good reason, and you should stop
  63. 8. Use Common Sense/Be Ethical
  65. This goes without saying, please use that amazing noggin of yours!
  67. Being ethical means actions such as the following are not allowed:  Deliberately creating lag. Scamming others in or outside the server, harassing people in or outside the server, disrespecting others, extreme lying, convincing or pressuring people into doing dangerous actions inside/outside the server, cyber bullying, harassing others, etc.
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