alice interview (might cont.)

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  1. I had decided to interview alice liddel of the famous alice in wonderland books to get a fic's perspective on the newly created business. We sat across from each other in a booth, her still in her orange and white work uniform, yellow messy hair held back by a hair band and myself in my usual hoodie and button up shirt. I'd gotten a rum and coke for myself, and the girl had ordered another with an added cherry. I put my recorder on the table and began.
  2. >For the record, could you state your name?
  3. Alice. Alice liddel. nice to meet you. (she takes a sip of the drink in front of her)
  4. >Could you state your occupation?
  5. I work as a waitress at the portland raisins.
  6. >And what made you join up with this occupation?
  7. (Alice sighs quietly, rolling her eyes and looking to the ceiling.) Well... Personally, people don't really seem comfortable hiring someone in the body of an 8 year old for any other occupation. I understand it for labor jobs, I'd be crushed under any amount of heavy lifting, and it would be just as much of a disaster if I was put in a construction vehicle. But I'd state that I have an intelligence that could rival that of the people in my field when it comes to banking, transportation or writing.
  8. >So, your brain has been developing in your body?
  9. yes. I find the whole thing quite the flabberdashery.
  10. >Flabberdashery?
  11. Yes. Nonsense, of course.
  12. >So why haven't you say, disguised your voice and applied for a computer job or an internet job?
  13. (her face gets a little red) I'm not under any sort of interrogation. I believe you were going to ask about my current occupation?
  14. >Alright. Tell us alice, how did you come to be employed by raisins?
  15. Well, obviously I put in a resume and hoped for the best. As for the background to that, well, after the collapse with both the fictional and real world taking the same place, there was the...
  16. >...slavery
  17. Yes. I was given to a rather strange collector. not pleasant times. Still have some scars.
  18. >And following the abolition in 2022?
  19. Well, I needed a job. I'd been educated long ago, was going to inherit my father's estate, and business.
  20. >Could you state what business that is?
  21. (alice looks down at her drink and shakes her head)
  22. >So, you decided you needed the money and went into raisins?
  23. Yes. After that, I started to look into refreshing my post college schooling-
  24. >Post college?
  25. ...Yes. It's the school after college where they study impossible and even more advanced things.
  26. >I see, continue
  27. And I'd learned that none of my credits really transferred from my original school. I couldn't find my teacher here and I'm not sure I remember his face well enough to try. Starting over from the first grade wasn't an appealing prospect, and I'd heard stories from the 'adopt a fic' program so, I came here to make an earning a before learning.
  28. >And how do you like the job?
  29. (she looks down at the drink then at the wall to her right)... It's got it's good days and bad, actually.
  30. >Could you dive more into that?
  31. Well... see, since most people here are well above legal status in one way or another, and since the entire day is spent grinding on them in orange shorts, the waitresses tend to delve in a few acts under the table. It's not really encouraged, or allowed, or even really legal and I'm not the sort of waggletongue to say who's doing what, or really care about any of it. The problem is, sometimes the staff's clients come in and get a little loud. Those are the bad days. Or when a customer gets a little too touchy feely. Or one of the bigger assholes decides to trip us and we spill our beer. Er... yes. attempts to humiliate working women are quite prominent.
  32. >And the good days?
  33. ...A bit more complicated... good tips come in sometimes. Some clients are just lonely and it just feels good to be with them. There's almost a little understanding between us. I know some regulars and eat with them all the time, talking about before the collapse and after the collapse and struggles to live. Sometimes fics will come in, all shapes and sizes and colours... I haven't seen anyone from my places though, thank goodness.
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