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  1. (Mon, 06:19:51P) @Tiy: all weapons configured!
  2. (Mon, 06:19:51P) @Tiy: woo
  3. (Mon, 06:20:01P) @Tiy: the most powerful weapon you can craft now does 4000 damage
  4. (Mon, 06:20:08P) @Tiy: now to configure all armors
  5. (Mon, 06:20:53P) @Tiy: tier 10 monsters have around 10,000 health
  6. (Mon, 06:21:11P) @Tiy: release when its done :P
  7. (Mon, 06:21:52P) @Tiy: I'm not really aiming for any time zone
  8. (Mon, 06:22:28P) @Tiy: capturing monsters is so ridiculously fun
  9. (Mon, 06:22:37P) @Tiy: its not finished by a long shot, but the version we push in the update is still really fun
  10. (Mon, 06:22:53P) @Tiy: yeah pets
  11. (Mon, 06:23:06P) @Tiy: currently it works like this
  12. (Mon, 06:23:13P) @Tiy: you craft a creature capture station
  13. (Mon, 06:23:17P) @Tiy: and use that to craft capture pods
  14. (Mon, 06:23:24P) @Tiy: you lower certain monsters to lower than 50% health
  15. (Mon, 06:23:27P) @Tiy: throw a capture pod at them
  16. (Mon, 06:23:29P) @Tiy: if it hits
  17. (Mon, 06:23:33P) @Tiy: they go inside and it drops on the floor
  18. (Mon, 06:23:35P) @Tiy: you pick it up
  19. (Mon, 06:23:37P) @Tiy: and next time you throw it
  20. (Mon, 06:23:39P) @Tiy: they pop out
  21. (Mon, 06:23:40P) @Tiy: follow you around
  22. (Mon, 06:23:42P) @Tiy: fight for you
  23. (Mon, 06:23:46P) @Tiy: if they die, they pop back in
  24. (Mon, 06:23:50P) @Tiy: and you have to pick it up again
  25. (Mon, 06:23:57P) @Tiy: some stuff NOT in this version
  26. (Mon, 06:24:05P) @Tiy: theres no way to call them back
  27. (Mon, 06:24:05P) @Tiy: yet
  28. (Mon, 06:24:06P) @Tiy: so
  29. (Mon, 06:24:10P) @Tiy: they have to die to get them back in the pod
  30. (Mon, 06:24:13P) @Tiy: otherwise they'll just follow you
  31. (Mon, 06:24:22P) @Tiy: if you teleport off world and they arent back in their pod
  32. (Mon, 06:24:26P) @Tiy: they wont follow
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