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  2. KorgeUnboundToday at 3:41 PM
  3. Howdy. Where do you hail from master chef?
  5. KorgeUnboundToday at 3:52 PM
  6. Are you the gatekeeper of the BPL? I have heard Gozer and Zuul are friends with Zorg and his gatekeepers. Unfortunately, I have lost the key master. BUT I do pay tribute to a Priest of Zorg known as TEXICUS under the altar of Patreon. I am known as Gnirk aka War Crimes.
  8. TheOnlyMasterChefToday at 5:39 PM
  9. I am of the BPL, it is true. We mostly manage to avoid the drama and cancer that goes along with the internet by being selective about the people and personalities we let in. The way we do that is a short 30-35 question interview via text which takes about half a hour, feel free to message me whenever we are both on to begin the process.
  11. KorgeUnboundToday at 5:40 PM
  12. Sounds good. I mean, I'm good right to start now if that's alright.
  14. TheOnlyMasterChefToday at 5:41 PM
  15. First off please post a link to your steam profile so we can see what kind of games you play.
  17. KorgeUnboundToday at 5:43 PM
  19. Steam Community :: TheNirkGaardian
  20. No information given.
  23. TheOnlyMasterChefToday at 5:44 PM
  24. What name do you normally use on ss13, if you play?
  26. KorgeUnboundToday at 5:45 PM
  27. Never played. Just watched Tex play. Only thing similar I have some experience with is Dwarf Fortress.
  29. TheOnlyMasterChefToday at 5:48 PM
  30. When were you Born?
  32. KorgeUnboundToday at 5:48 PM
  33. '93
  35. TheOnlyMasterChefToday at 5:49 PM
  36. Why do you want to join the legion?
  38. KorgeUnboundToday at 5:52 PM
  39. Battletech and tabletop nerd. Plus none of my friends really play games that I want to. You guys seem to be good place to learn how to play too. Mostly to enjoy the company. I mainly just lurk though.
  40. Plus I like old school references and wild turkey.
  42. TheOnlyMasterChefToday at 5:53 PM
  43. Tell me about yourself, profession or hobbies, what games you play, Things we might want to know?
  45. KorgeUnboundToday at 5:58 PM
  46. Well I was an Egress and ECS mechanic on  F/A-18 for the Marine corps for 5 years. Just got off of active. Currently going to college to get my AS in HVACR. Hobbies I am tabletop wargamer, 40k, AoS, Battletech, and have been a gamemaster for multiple pnp systems, i.e. ADnD, 3.x, PFRPG, SW, CoC, since I was 11. I currently dont play many video games due to time constraints and lack of social motivation. It doesnt have to be a multiplayer game, I just prefer to enjoy game with people of similar test. Main reason I havent touched ss13.
  48. TheOnlyMasterChefToday at 5:58 PM
  49. Are you easily offended?
  51. KorgeUnboundToday at 5:59 PM
  52. I was in the Marine Corps. Lol.
  53. No, I am not. I've got some decent skin.
  55. TheOnlyMasterChefToday at 6:01 PM
  56. Can you cooperate with people of differing nationalities, philosophies, races, politics, or so on? Think Palestine/Israeli or Russian/Ukrainian. We've got a lot of chucklefucks.
  58. KorgeUnboundToday at 6:02 PM
  59. Not a problem. I can boogie
  61. TheOnlyMasterChefToday at 6:02 PM
  62. What timezone are you from?
  64. KorgeUnboundToday at 6:02 PM
  65. Pacific Time. California.
  67. TheOnlyMasterChefToday at 6:03 PM
  68. How did you find the legion?
  70. KorgeUnboundToday at 6:03 PM
  71. YouTube. Tex talks Battletech.
  73. TheOnlyMasterChefToday at 6:03 PM
  74. Do you intend to lurk, or become active in the community?
  76. KorgeUnboundToday at 6:05 PM
  77. Lurk till I get to know you guys. I like to lurk till I can get my head around the social dynamic. I dont what skills I could bring to the legion honestly, but I can give what I can.
  79. TheOnlyMasterChefToday at 6:05 PM
  80. Do you identify with or consider yourself part of any of the following groups? Weebs, furries, trannies, bronies, gypsies, republicans, gays, the french or any other degenerates?
  82. KorgeUnboundToday at 6:07 PM
  83. Not any of those. Unless you count Marines as degenerates. Then I am definitely a degenerate. And a grognard in spirit.
  85. TheOnlyMasterChefToday at 6:07 PM
  86. Favorite role on SS13, if you do not play favorite one to see played?
  88. KorgeUnboundToday at 6:08 PM
  89. CM pvt. One of those poor bloody infantry. I definitely need to learn more about this game.
  91. TheOnlyMasterChefToday at 6:08 PM
  92. Do you like pineapple on your pizza?
  94. KorgeUnboundToday at 6:09 PM
  95. That's a loaded question.
  96. I would eat it if I was a guest at someone's house, but I wouldnt order it on purpose.
  97. I prefer margherita pizza honestly.
  99. TheOnlyMasterChefToday at 6:10 PM
  100. Cats or dogs?
  102. KorgeUnboundToday at 6:11 PM
  103. Dogs. GSDs, malamute, Bulldogs, and corgis.
  105. TheOnlyMasterChefToday at 6:11 PM
  106. Opinions on the grey tide?
  108. KorgeUnboundToday at 6:12 PM
  109. Sounds bleak. No idea what it is.
  110. Just googled. That many assistants sounds luke chaos
  112. TheOnlyMasterChefToday at 6:12 PM
  113. If you made a movie about your life, what would the title be?
  115. KorgeUnboundToday at 6:14 PM
  116. The Shitty GM : the quest to learn life lessons and be less shotty.
  117. *shitty
  119. TheOnlyMasterChefToday at 6:14 PM
  120. Can you keep a secret?
  122. KorgeUnboundToday at 6:15 PM
  123. Yes.
  125. TheOnlyMasterChefToday at 6:15 PM
  126. Why are manhole covers round?
  128. KorgeUnboundToday at 6:16 PM
  129. It's the only shape that has no way of fitting through the manhole.
  131. TheOnlyMasterChefToday at 6:16 PM
  132. What are you known for?
  134. KorgeUnboundToday at 6:17 PM
  135. Leading a small cult of nerds and aviation maintenance.
  137. TheOnlyMasterChefToday at 6:17 PM
  138. What song do you sing most often in the shower?
  140. KorgeUnboundToday at 6:18 PM
  141. The Czar by Mastodon.
  143. TheOnlyMasterChefToday at 6:18 PM
  144. What is the name of the main character in BPL’s space station 13 series?
  146. KorgeUnboundToday at 6:18 PM
  147. Randolph P Checkers Esq.
  149. TheOnlyMasterChefToday at 6:19 PM
  150. What is Tex’s favorite mech?
  152. KorgeUnboundToday at 6:19 PM
  153. Urbanmech
  155. TheOnlyMasterChefToday at 6:19 PM
  156. Who won Tukayyid?
  158. KorgeUnboundToday at 6:19 PM
  159. AT&T
  161. TheOnlyMasterChefToday at 6:20 PM
  162. Please in your own words define z0rg.
  164. KorgeUnboundToday at 6:20 PM
  165. Btw was kidding. It's the Awesome.
  166. 9Q variant.
  167. And z0rg is the god of hate and fire and blood and the probabl father of macho man randy savage.
  168. The creme of the crop
  170. TheOnlyMasterChefToday at 6:21 PM
  171. A microphone is required for all members of the legion. Do you currently have one? We don't like mutes.
  173. KorgeUnboundToday at 6:22 PM
  174. I got one. Wireless headset and one on the laptop for backup
  176. TheOnlyMasterChefToday at 6:22 PM
  177. Has anyone currently in the legion referred you to me/us?
  179. KorgeUnboundToday at 6:23 PM
  180. No, just found the hint in the videos after much searching.
  182. TheOnlyMasterChefToday at 6:23 PM
  183. Tell us about the worst job you ever had, and why?
  185. KorgeUnboundToday at 6:24 PM
  186. Recycling Collection Facility, Sorter and Line lead on Pre-sort.
  187. Literally sorting through garbage for recyclables.
  189. TheOnlyMasterChefToday at 6:25 PM
  190. What's the most interesting thing about yourself?
  192. KorgeUnboundToday at 6:26 PM
  193. I love learning. Anything really. Too many people nowadays view learning as job or a chore. I enjoy the thought and process of learning things.
  194. Nevermind, that's sounds cliche as shit.
  196. TheOnlyMasterChefToday at 6:29 PM
  197. If you had to choose one game to play for a year, what would it be?
  199. KorgeUnboundToday at 6:31 PM
  200. No distractions? I guess it would be Pillars of Eternity. I just didnt have the proper time to get into it because of work.
  202. TheOnlyMasterChefToday at 6:31 PM
  203. Have you ever been kicked, banned or removed from any discord or gaming group for any reason, if so elaborate.
  205. KorgeUnboundToday at 6:31 PM
  206. I've never been banned or kicked from any group. In person or online.
  208. TheOnlyMasterChefToday at 6:32 PM
  209. What gives you a nerdgasm?
  211. KorgeUnboundToday at 6:33 PM
  212. ADnD and maps. Fantasy or real.
  214. TheOnlyMasterChefToday at 6:33 PM
  215. Your grandmother invites you to tea, but you're surprised when she gives you a pistol and orders you to kill another legionnaire. What do you do? \
  217. KorgeUnboundToday at 6:34 PM
  218. Put sleeping pills in the tea and put her in an insane asylum. Grandma has obviously gone mad or is trying to betray the legion.
  220. TheOnlyMasterChefToday at 6:35 PM
  221. What would you do if given 1 million dollars and a clown but had to spend all the money in 24 hours?
  223. KorgeUnboundToday at 6:38 PM
  224. Buy a helicopter ride with the clown. We never come back from the Bermuda triangle. I become a legend.
  226. TheOnlyMasterChefToday at 6:38 PM
  227. What would you do if you figured out every day started to repeat regardless of your actions, like groundhog day?
  229. KorgeUnboundToday at 6:38 PM
  230. Become Bill Murray.
  232. TheOnlyMasterChefToday at 6:39 PM
  233. Which of the BPL video series do you enjoy the most?
  235. KorgeUnboundToday at 6:40 PM
  236. Tex talks battletech. And his battletech and mechwarrioe playthroughs. I've started watching his huge backroad of ss13 though.
  238. TheOnlyMasterChefToday at 6:41 PM
  239. Those are my questions out of the way, before I bring this up with the other moderators is there anything you want to add, or any questions for me?
  241. KorgeUnboundToday at 6:43 PM
  242. What will legion need want from me? What can I expect in the discord? And what are my chances of becoming a Legionnaire?
  244. TheOnlyMasterChefToday at 6:47 PM
  245. The legion seeks out active individuals to become part of a small but tight knit community of oddballs, in the Kelly's Heroes sense of the name. The discord has general discussion on a range of topics, and lots of community gaming going on, some tabletop, more video games. Lots of voice activity, which is why a mic is a big deal. We purge lurkers often and aggressively, as there is limited space. Your chances look fair to my eye, but the decision rests with the moderator team as a whole. I can promise nothing. Cool?
  247. KorgeUnboundToday at 6:50 PM
  248. Totally cool. Looks like I'll need to hit the ground running or be purged.
  249. Thanks for the interview.
  251. TheOnlyMasterChefToday at 6:52 PM
  252. Oh, one last thing. which is worse, hills or sand fleas?
  254. KorgeUnboundToday at 6:53 PM
  255. I went to boot in San Diego but was stationed in Beaufort. Hills. Sand fleas didnt bother me none.
  257. TheOnlyMasterChefToday at 6:54 PM
  258. indeed. I'll be back to you with an answer when I have one, either way. Wait out.
  260. KorgeUnboundToday at 6:54 PM
  261. Yut. No problem.
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