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  1. Hoookey14/01/2019
  2. it could easily end up with 9, and the max teamsize for players is To5
  3. it's a huge difference between OPS v World and OPS v To5s
  4. To4s* with moles
  5. Dancing14/01/2019
  6. Wait its moles?
  7. Hoookey14/01/2019
  8. yep
  9. in any given fight the OPS will out number players by atleast 2
  10. Dancing14/01/2019
  11. I'll remove it since I approved a To5 and moles does make that way less fair, and I'll message Jolly some changes. You think it's fine if we lower the OPs per slots then?
  12. Hoookey14/01/2019
  13. OPS v World is basically Juggernaut give or take a bit
  14. by limiting the players to To5s it really doesn't become that sort of game
  15. with that it's basically an excuse to have his team larger than the teamsize and with more gear
  16. Dancing14/01/2019
  17. OPs vs World is generally a team-based game anyway with allies forming teams. From what I've seen, there hasn't really been that massive of ally groups attacking the OP team regardless. But in this situation, I still feel as if the OP team is a higher target. And as for your second point, yes that's true but it's always been about giving one group of people an advantage over the rest of the game, which is why it's a banned scenario. The gamemode is already a hugely unfair one that IMO is only really fun if you're on the OP team. The way I see it, if players are unhappy with the gamemode, they won't play that game. Still, we should lower the OP amount to make it more fair.
  18. I'll tell Jolly to hold off on reposting until I get more input from you guys
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