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novaking148 Jan 17th, 2019 65 Never
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  1. הגשה יפה ינון, חבל מאוד על התרגיל השני.. :(, שים לב להערות שמחדדות דברים בתרגיל הראשון, זה חשוב להבין ולשלוט בבסיס.
  2. - An array for the critical sections and philosophers indexes is way more suited for this.
  3. - Will give you the option of using loops here, something very appropriate for this.
  4. - We need to close every Handle we use. In this case Thread Handle, something you are missing.
  5. - You are trying to access the wrong "sticks", you should have took param -1, and param. not param -1 and param +1 :).
  6. - Also you created a pretty complicated loops for eating, I recommended you give it some more thought and see how you can do that loop better.
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