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  1. <planetbeing> I wrote my own implementation that was a lot neater which basically completely replaced the existing implementation. So basically all the code on is written by me.
  2. <planetbeing> And my name got tacked on the end of the very long credits list.
  3. <cmw> so why does drudge get all the donations?
  4. <cmw> eh slash credit (mirc doesnt like / )
  5. <planetbeing> He divides it between the dev team. I got my cut.
  6. <cmw> hah funny because i donated $75 to the dev team
  7. <cmw> and all the guys i talked to never got a cent
  8. <planetbeing> It was awhile ago.
  9. <planetbeing> I never got a dime since.
  10. <planetbeing> I don't even know where donations to the devteam goes, to be honest.
  11. <wat0> sounds like a lot of backstabbing.
  12. <planetbeing> I don't really think anyone knows.
  13. <cmw> well all the dev team members i worked with on pwn
  14. <cmw> don't accept donations
  15. <cmw> which i think is pretty cool
  16. <cmw> i wouldn't do it but it actually helps me so it's hard to say no ;\
  17. <planetbeing> cmw, you should've gotten at least some credit, but in terms of the actual code contribution, doesn't really have any of your code. So I would contend it doesn't really "steal" anything.
  18. <cmw> i'm not governed by it tho.. if some one doesn't want to donate they don't have to
  19. <cmw> planetbeing: wrong :)
  20. <cmw> i checked
  21. <planetbeing> Where?
  22. <planetbeing> In the tiff?
  23. <cmw> yes
  24. <cmw> i don't think you credited tavis either
  25. <cmw> but could be wrong
  26. <planetbeing> Really? I thought metasplot wrote the entire payload.
  27. <cmw> planetbeing: no
  28. <cmw> they used some code from my tiff
  29. <planetbeing> Hmm.
  30. <cmw> and i mean that aside... it's just something that a normal non dick person would do
  31. <planetbeing> Well, then you should be credited.
  32. <cmw> credit the person who did all the hard work
  33. <cmw> metasploit didn't do that much work
  34. <cmw> they had all the offsets / instructions that i used
  35. <cmw> plus i sent the guy the source
  36. <cmw> i *should* of been credited from the start
  37. <cmw> i sent a email requesting that i be added to the credits
  38. <planetbeing> Well, I didn't know that. My impression from reading metasploit's work was that he did most of the hard work, just knowing where the buffer overflow was.
  39. <cmw> drudge sent me an email back that went something along the lines of
  40. <cmw> "suck my dick"
  41. <wat0> =(
  42. <cmw> planetbeing: arr no :) read it again
  43. <wat0> thas really low
  44. <cmw> he uses the libc instructions i found
  45. <gray> hi
  46. <cmw> now you want to talk to a really nice guy... say hello to gray
  47. <wat0> hiy gray!
  48. <nightcrow> im also nice :)
  49. <cmw> now if you want to say hi to a dick... say hi to netkas
  50. <nightcrow> < nice guy
  51. <liraz> lol nightcrow :D
  52. <cmw> o :( i was just kidding
  53. <cmw> come back netkas
  54. <nightcrow> hey liraz
  55. <liraz> sup ?
  56. <nightcrow> sababa
  57. <nightcrow> all good mate
  58. <nightcrow> tired as always
  59. <nightcrow> trying to work
  60. <nightcrow> how about u?
  61. <planetbeing> Hmm.
  62. <liraz> cmw : is the tool going to be preppered for translating to other langs then english or it is not build that way ?
  63. <liraz> nightcrow working on what ?
  64. <nightcrow> just my masters
  65. <nightcrow> i have exams in 2 weeks
  66. <liraz> really :D
  67. <cmw> planetbeing: p
  68. <cmw> planetbeing: pm
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