Demonic Armies: Racial Attributes

Nov 20th, 2017
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  1. 1) Winged - Ignores mobility and fortification penalties
  2. 2) Brutal - 30% Strength bonus in offensive battles (Can't be chained)
  3. 3) Chained - Double Strength bonus in defensive battles but will not join offensive battles
  4. 4) Hellspawn - 50% for this unit to revive if it was destroyed in battle
  5. 5) Monstrous - 30% Strength bonus but takes double mobility penalties(can't be winged)
  6. 6) Bloodlust - 30% Strength bonus if most armies in the the enemy military are weaker than this army
  7. 7) Shadowguard - 60% Strength bonus when defending a tile with 30% fortification or more
  8. 8) Beast - 30% Strength bonus when fighting in Hellsprouts, Forest or Cliff tiles
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