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Feb 21st, 2010
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  1. version 2.11.1
  2. --------------
  4. New features and user visible changes:
  6. * Added a video/audio player. Added ability to take a screenshot of
  7. the current video.
  8. * Allow to edit IPTC/XMP fields.
  9. * Added 3D effects to the slideshow transition.
  10. * Use a tree view for the folders.
  11. * Catalogs are listed in the folder tree instead of using a different
  12. pane.
  13. * Allow to create custom file filters. Allow to view any kind of file
  14. not just images, audio and video files.
  15. * Allow to search files in the libraries (catalog collections).
  16. * Added tool to automatically organize files in catalogs, based on
  17. the file creation or modification date.
  18. * Allow to choose the metadata to display in the file list.
  19. * The cut and red-eye removal tools are now integrated in the image
  20. viewer, instead of using a separate dialog.
  21. * Added an "Adjust colors" tool to modify the colors of an image in
  22. single place.
  23. * Group imported files by date, automatically creating a catalog for
  24. each different date, furthermore creates a catalog with all the
  25. imported files.
  26. * Removed the Tools menu, the file list tools are now listed in a
  27. toolbar dropdown button.
  28. * Allow to add files to catalogs using the context submenu, instead of
  29. using a separate dialog.
  30. * Use a context submenu to open a file with an external application
  31. instead of using a separate dialog.
  32. * Allow to set a custom name for the bookmark menu items.
  33. * Added a delete command to permanently delete files without moving them
  34. to the trash.
  35. * Allow to choose the metadata to print, instead of just allowing to
  36. print the comment.
  37. * Moved the system bookmarks in the Bookmarks menu.
  38. * Allow to set the file type specific options in the preferences dialog
  39. instead of always asking them before saving a file.
  40. * The image properties are displayed in a sidebar, no more at the
  41. bottom of the image.
  42. * Removed the Image menu. Image tools are now listed in a sidebar
  43. when the image viewer mode is active.
  44. * Allow to set a title and a date for the catalogs.
  45. * Searches are updated in place, without the use of a separate dialog.
  46. * Removed the script menu, and moved the scripts in a toolbar dropdown
  47. button. Simplified the script editor tough it still requires some
  48. advanced skill to be used.
  49. * Started work to use modern icons. New Tango-ized application icon
  50. by Ulisse Perusin.
  52. Technical changes:
  54. * Rewritten the whole code in order to use an extension (or plug-in)
  55. based architecture that allows to add new features with ease.
  56. * Removed the use of old and deprecated libraries such as gnome-vfs,
  57. libgnome, libgnomeui, libgnomecanvas, libbonobo and many others.
  59. Regressions:
  61. * Some tools, present in the 2.10 series, are missing because of the
  62. complete code rewrite. Some of these tools are considered important,
  63. such as the web album exporter, and will be added during the 2.11
  64. development series, other secondary tools will added in the next
  65. development cycle (2.13).
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