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  1. Rebonds has joined the chat
  2. CandriedCandried : hey love
  3. Candried: when did u chnage this?
  4. Rebonds: ?
  5. Candried: this room
  6. Rebonds: loading
  7. Candried: oh tyt
  8. Rebonds: wat
  9. Candried: to this dj room?
  10. Rebonds: long time ago
  11. Candried: oh wow
  12. Rebonds: almost 1 month i think
  13. Candried: really
  14. Rebonds: u never come here right
  15. Rebonds: thts why never notif
  16. Rebonds: *notic
  17. Rebonds: *notice
  18. Candried: not alot. but im sure i have been here before month
  19. Candried: i always click this one by accindent
  20. Candried: lol
  21. Rebonds: pff
  22. Candried: accident
  23. Rebonds: cs1
  24. Candried: love
  25. RebondsRebonds : mhm
  26. Candried: i honestly dont want you getting disabled
  27. Candried: buying reself credits will get you disabled
  28. Candried: resell
  29. Rebonds: @kloudust1218
  30. Rebonds: lolx
  31. Candried: huh?
  32. Rebonds: lol
  33. Candried: wat
  34. Rebonds: lol
  35. Rebonds:
  36. Rebonds: lol
  37. Candried: oh wow
  38. Candried: my head didnt load
  39. Rebonds: not tht
  40. Candried: loll
  41. Rebonds: im zoooom in
  42. Rebonds: lol
  43. Rebonds: lolx
  44. Candried: oh the stamp?
  45. Candried: Ohh yes
  46. Rebonds: let me brb ok..
  47. Rebonds: im cooking water
  48. Candried: they started to stamp
  49. Candried: tyt
  50. Candried: ok tyt
  51. Candried: lol dont burn water
  52. Candried: brb
  53. Candried: back
  54. Rebonds: back
  55. Candried: wb love
  56. Rebonds: wb love
  57. Rebonds: tylove
  58. Candried: tylove
  59. Candried: i was looking today through old messges
  60. Candried: more bored then anything
  61. CandriedCandried : so many users are disabled
  62. Rebonds: lol
  63. Candried: but they all buy those damn credits
  64. Rebonds: consequensy
  65. Candried: i just dont understand why u need an alt
  66. Rebonds: if still have this im use this
  67. Candried: but if this gets disabled
  68. Rebonds: sometime guest can be use to spying someone
  69. Rebonds: lol
  70. Candried: so will the other
  71. Candried: i want to send u credits
  72. Candried: because i care about you
  73. Rebonds: its ok if u dont want me send credits.. im ok with it. i can buy it.
  74. Candried: love
  75. Candried: what i dont want is u do make a second account
  76. Rebonds: its already made it.
  77. Rebonds: tht im not use it like i use rebond
  78. Rebonds: wat u affraid ha
  79. Candried: im not
  80. Candried: there is just no reason
  81. Candried: btw
  82. Candried: i went to h20 today
  83. Candried: saw mom
  84. Rebonds: why u make problem ha.. u makeit dificult
  85. Candried: forgot dvl
  86. Candried: changed her name
  87. Candried: anyway mom started talking so negative
  88. Candried: made me feel so bad
  89. Rebonds: ?
  90. Candried: she was saying how people are fake
  91. Candried: fmaily is fake
  92. Candried: family
  93. Rebonds: she said tht ?
  94. Candried: and then rl mom called me and i had to go for supper
  95. Rebonds: family is fake ?
  96. Candried: yes but she did say that she loved drach and rebonds
  97. Candried: i guess im a fake
  98. Rebonds: she always think bad to sandi to uk.. long ago..
  99. Rebonds: i guess
  100. Rebonds: maybe.
  101. Rebonds: she didnt like drach to listen to her wife.
  102. Candried: she was saying she dont want a big family
  103. Candried: she HATES it
  104. Candried: i wish i could understand her
  105. Rebonds: ah just let her like tht
  106. Candried: she talks english and her language
  107. Candried: she was saying something about hiw people
  108. Rebonds: last time i meet her.. when she was talked about u.
  109. Candried: talk behind her back
  110. Rebonds: since tht.. i never meet her again
  111. Rebonds: hiw?
  112. Candried: how
  113. Candried: i never talk behind her back
  114. Rebonds: ohhh how.. no wonder idk wat is hiw
  115. Rebonds: lolx
  116. Candried: she was saying about mom, dad, gma gpa
  117. Candried: she hate big family
  118. Rebonds: maybe because she feel nerv
  119. Rebonds: around big family
  120. Candried: and i had to go for supper and she said why are you running?
  121. Rebonds: i think she typical women tht wanna get attetion..
  122. Candried: no she thinks they all talk bad about her
  123. Rebonds: the attention just for her.
  124. Candried: typical?
  125. Rebonds: type.
  126. Rebonds: women who just want.. the all attention is just for her
  127. Candried: her own husband talks behind her back
  128. Candried: i stuck up for her
  129. Candried: blah
  130. Rebonds: no need talking her husband to her ..
  131. Candried: i didnt
  132. Candried: and i wont
  133. Rebonds: and to the others
  134. Rebonds: protect ur self
  135. Rebonds: dont talking her husband to the others ppl in here.. even to gma..
  136. Candried: i told her i love to create
  137. Candried: i only told you
  138. Rebonds: save it for urself..
  139. Rebonds: good then.. u just tellme..
  140. Rebonds: dont the others..
  141. Rebonds: just becarefull with already talking about ppl.
  142. Rebonds: because we dont know how the ppl will reaction to tht
  143. Candried: i dont talk about people
  144. Rebonds: good then
  145. Rebonds: gma even saw.. tht ma need more attention.
  146. Candried: actually i agree
  147. Rebonds: agree wat
  148. Candried: and now she has another new friend
  149. Rebonds: who
  150. Candried: she needs more attention
  151. Candried: i forget the name
  152. Candried: luna dont got here anymore i dont think
  153. Candried: there
  154. Rebonds: yes she is.
  155. Rebonds: idk why.
  156. Candried: oh she does?
  157. Rebonds: luna dont go there anymore.
  158. Candried: she said she is going to take a long break
  159. Rebonds: who
  160. Candried: mom
  161. Rebonds: why
  162. Candried: like i told you
  163. Rebonds: oh..
  164. Candried: i dont understand most of what she says
  165. Rebonds: lol
  166. Candried: she thinks nobody cares?
  167. Candried: im not sure
  168. Rebonds: she just need her son drach
  169. Rebonds: lol
  170. Candried: yes true
  171. Candried: i seen him there yesterday
  172. Candried: and i believe today
  173. Rebonds: where.. in mom room /
  174. Candried: yes
  175. Rebonds: good then.
  176. Rebonds: and.
  177. Candried: mhm
  178. Candried: uk after i left
  179. Rebonds: ?
  180. Candried: i couldnt fall asleep lol
  181. Candried: gosh i was still awake at 6 am laying there
  182. Rebonds: lol
  183. Candried: lool
  184. Rebonds: then
  185. Candried: feel asleep and got up at 11
  186. Rebonds: wat u thinked ha.. until cant fall asleep
  187. Candried: nothing really i just couldnt fall asleep
  188. Candried: but i dont want you taking the chance of getting disabled
  189. Rebonds: then i must wat love
  190. Rebonds: u make this difficult uk.
  191. Candried: idk how
  192. Rebonds: u asking me to not this.. but u not send it.. then.. or u wanna me always asking u to send it to me ?
  193. Rebonds: i dont like it uk.
  194. Candried: i just wish u wouldnt send to alt espcially when im not even added
  195. Rebonds: save ur wish love.
  196. Rebonds: lolx
  197. Candried: wish?
  198. Rebonds: yes.. keep ur wish.. because it will not happen.
  199. Rebonds: if u dont wanna me send to tht alt.. then save ur credits to..
  200. Candried: sigh
  201. Rebonds: no need send it to me. im not problem with tht.
  202. Rebonds: lolx
  203. Rebonds: dw1
  204. Rebonds: hah
  205. Candried: your going to get diabled
  206. Rebonds: idc.
  207. Rebonds: dw2
  208. Rebonds: its consequensy because i buy credits
  209. Rebonds: dw3
  210. Candried: how can u say u care about me then?
  211. Rebonds: if not buy.. then from where i will get credits /dw4
  212. Rebonds: dw5
  213. Candried: why do u have to be so stubborn?
  214. Rebonds: dw6
  215. Rebonds: u stuborn to right
  216. Candried: how?
  217. Rebonds: dw7
  218. Rebonds: still want me to not send to other alt
  219. Rebonds: dw8
  220. Rebonds: dw9
  221. Candried: i dont understand why u need to
  222. Rebonds: dw10
  223. Rebonds: i dont have tht answer
  224. Rebonds: dw11
  225. Candried: there is no logical answer
  226. Rebonds: then no need make it like so big problem /dw12
  227. Candried: but your going to get disabled
  228. Rebonds: why u so complicated ha.
  229. Rebonds: dw13
  230. Candried: why are you so stubborn?
  231. Rebonds: dw14
  232. Rebonds: u make it diffucult.
  233. Rebonds: dw15
  234. Candried: omg
  235. Candried: s
  236. Rebonds: dw16
  237. Candried: i will make an alt and spy on your alt
  238. Candried: lol
  239. Rebonds: if u already give ppl credits.. then dont feel that it's still your credit
  240. Candried: its not fair to send them to another account
  241. Candried: im giving them to rebonds
  242. Rebonds: if u still thinking it ur credits.. its mean u not sincere when u give it to ppl
  243. Candried: omg
  244. Candried: s
  245. Rebonds: its right uk.
  246. Candried: no its not
  247. Rebonds: lol.
  248. Rebonds: yes its uk.
  249. Candried: i dont give u a little cvredits
  250. Candried: credits
  251. Rebonds: thats why.. from now. no need send it to rebonds
  252. Rebonds: finish right.
  253. Rebonds: if u not send to rebonds.. then rebonds will not send to the others alth..
  254. Rebonds: right ?
  255. Candried: others?
  256. Candried: hmm
  257. Rebonds: other
  258. Rebonds: pff
  259. Rebonds: so detail.
  260. Rebonds: to alth
  261. Rebonds: to geum
  262. Candried: alt
  263. Rebonds: to g3um
  264. Rebonds: to atl
  265. Rebonds: alt
  266. Rebonds: to other
  267. Rebonds: to ohters
  268. Rebonds: pff
  269. Candried: u said others
  270. Rebonds: soooooo details
  271. Candried: others mean more then one
  272. Rebonds: u think
  273. Rebonds: lol.
  274. Rebonds: uk my language
  275. Candried: possible
  276. Rebonds: like tht make diffucult
  277. Rebonds: up to u wanna it possible or wat love
  278. Rebonds: fix right
  279. Candried: you told me last time
  280. Rebonds: no need send credits
  281. Rebonds: i will buy it
  282. Candried: you wouldnt send to your alt because you leaned
  283. Candried: NO
  284. Rebonds: deal
  285. Rebonds: lolx
  286. Candried: stop
  287. Rebonds: deal
  288. Rebonds: lolx
  289. Rebonds: heha
  290. Rebonds: dw9
  291. Rebonds: dont worriess.. be happy
  292. Rebonds: heha
  293. Candried: pff
  294. Rebonds: dw10
  295. Rebonds: jalani semua dengan apa adanya
  296. Rebonds: biarlah waktu bicara bawa takdirnya untuk disabled
  297. Rebonds: heha
  298. Rebonds: rofl
  299. Rebonds: dw11
  300. Rebonds: yo kita lapangkan dada
  301. Rebonds: dont worries < u yeeee
  302. Rebonds: wuw
  303. Rebonds: eeyo
  304. Rebonds: dw12
  305. Rebonds: buatlah hidup ini semudah mungkin <
  306. Rebonds: tak perlu disesali bikin saja happy
  307. Rebonds: rofl
  308. Rebonds: dw13
  309. Candried: oh wow
  310. Rebonds: mengalir nikmati jangan menyiksa diri
  311. Rebonds: yo kita nyanyi bersama
  312. Rebonds: heha
  313. Candried: you dont care about me
  314. Rebonds: dw14
  315. Rebonds: how can i care about u.. if i cant get credits ha.
  316. Rebonds: u make this difficult uk love
  317. Candried: because u know u will get disabled
  318. Candried: like every other account you had
  319. Rebonds: then if u not wanna me get disabled.. just send tht credits without no condition
  320. Candried: pff
  321. Rebonds: heha
  322. Rebonds: rofl
  323. Rebonds: if u dont wont.. its ok
  324. Rebonds: im ok with it..
  325. Candried: add me then
  326. Rebonds: i can buy self
  327. Rebonds: rofl
  328. Rebonds: simpleeeeeeeeee love
  329. Rebonds: heha
  330. Candried: add me on it
  331. Rebonds: add wat
  332. Candried: that stupid account
  333. Rebonds: lol stupid
  334. Rebonds: s<
  335. Rebonds: hey.. im not say ur clavio stupid account
  336. Rebonds: why u bully my accont
  337. Rebonds: s
  338. Candried: i dont use clavio
  339. Rebonds: pff
  340. Candried: i made clavio to be with you on stones
  341. Rebonds: pff
  342. Rebonds: oh uk.
  343. Rebonds: if tht account is stupid..
  344. Rebonds: u no need add him love
  345. Rebonds: hahahaha
  346. Candried: pff
  347. Rebonds: heha
  348. Rebonds: hahaha
  349. Rebonds: lol
  350. Candried: i dont use my alt
  351. Rebonds: lol
  352. Rebonds: lol
  353. Candried: i log in to keep it active and that is all
  354. Rebonds: a pro creator.. no need add a stupid acc uk
  355. Rebonds: hahahaha
  356. Rebonds: lol
  357. Rebonds: heha
  358. Rebonds: lol
  359. Rebonds: eaa
  360. Rebonds: dangding
  361. Candried: s
  362. Rebonds: pff
  363. Rebonds: lol
  364. Candried: s
  365. Rebonds: heha
  366. Rebonds: heha
  367. Rebonds: rofl
  368. Rebonds: how if suddenly ..
  369. Candried: im sincerely worried about you getting disabled and ur not
  370. Rebonds: u already friend with himm.. sudenly u become stupid to
  371. Candried: i am stupd
  372. Rebonds: noooooooooooo dont until it happen uk
  373. Rebonds: hahahaha
  374. Rebonds: lol
  375. Rebonds: lol
  376. Rebonds: heha
  377. Candried: s
  378. Rebonds: lol
  379. Rebonds: heha
  380. Rebonds: lol
  381. Rebonds: heha
  382. Rebonds: lol
  383. Rebonds: heha
  384. Rebonds: lol
  385. Rebonds: lol in real
  386. Rebonds: lol
  387. Candried: s
  388. Rebonds: funny
  389. Rebonds: heha
  390. Rebonds: lol
  391. Rebonds: heha
  392. Rebonds: lol
  393. Rebonds: heha
  394. Rebonds: feel that it's still your credit
  395. Rebonds: eh
  396. Rebonds: heha
  397. Candried: i never felt that way but i feel its wrong to send to another account
  398. Rebonds: then no need send it
  399. Candried: s
  400. Rebonds: finish ..
  401. Rebonds: heha
  402. Rebonds: hahahaha
  403. Rebonds: why u make it difficult ha
  404. Rebonds: heha
  405. Candried: yea funny
  406. Candried: u dont care about me
  407. Rebonds: pff
  408. Rebonds: if i dont care about me.. or u will divorce me ?
  409. Candried: you will risk gettign disabled becasue im asking you not to send to another?
  410. Rebonds: *if i dont care about u
  411. Candried: you can do that
  412. Candried: if u dont want to be married to me
  413. Candried: i love you
  414. Rebonds: then lets go divorce.. sooo u no need feel quilty if something happen to me
  415. Rebonds: lol
  416. Candried: no my point is
  417. Candried: you dont care about me
  418. Rebonds: how can u said tht ha.
  419. Candried: because ur goign to get disabled
  420. Rebonds: u had tht negative thinking
  421. Candried: and u dont care
  422. Candried: and this is the only way we can be togeher
  423. Rebonds: ofc i will get because i will buy credits
  424. Rebonds: heha
  425. Rebonds: rofl
  426. Rebonds: u make it difficult uk
  427. Candried: and when u do buy u will get disabled eventually
  428. Candried: no i dont
  429. Rebonds: yes u are..
  430. Candried: no
  431. Rebonds: u just send it to me. then finish.
  432. Rebonds: then u make a condition not to send to other..
  433. Rebonds: sooooooooooooo u make it difficult
  434. Rebonds: heha
  435. Candried: how?
  436. Rebonds: rofl
  437. Rebonds: v
  438. Rebonds: heha
  439. Rebonds: s<
  440. Rebonds: <
  441. Rebonds: love
  442. Candried: yes
  443. Rebonds: over this conversation ok.
  444. Candried: no
  445. Rebonds: deal right
  446. Rebonds: deal /<
  447. Candried: no
  448. Rebonds: v
  449. Rebonds: cmon
  450. Rebonds: lol
  451. CandriedCandried : i dont have thta added
  452. Rebonds: u still wanna add stupid acc ?
  453. Rebonds: heha
  454. Rebonds: lol
  455. Rebonds: damn. .raining
  456. Candried: its cold here
  457. Rebonds: wait ok.. need check home
  458. Candried: tytlove
  459. Candried: brb im cold
  460. Candried: back
  461. Rebonds: wblove
  462. Candried: tylove
  463. Candried: wblove
  464. Candried: all ok?
  465. Candried: s
  466. Rebonds: wat
  467. Rebonds: flood
  468. Rebonds: lolx
  469. Candried: is all ok?
  470. Candried: really?
  471. Rebonds: idk how to add u from next
  472. Rebonds: s<
  473. Rebonds: im searching it now
  474. Candried: hmm
  475. Rebonds: s
  476. Rebonds: add g3um
  477. Rebonds: s
  478. Rebonds: s<
  479. Rebonds: s
  480. Candried: that stupid account lol
  481. Candried: s
  482. Rebonds: < stupid to
  483. Rebonds: heha
  484. Rebonds: wanna friend with stupid alt
  485. Candried: now im stupid
  486. Candried: lol
  487. Rebonds: done ?
  488. Rebonds: s
  489. Candried: really?
  490. RebondsRebonds : done
  491. Rebonds: see it ?
  492. Candried: yea now
  493. Rebonds: from web
  494. Rebonds: s
  495. Candried: idk how to add from next
  496. Rebonds: already friend silly
  497. RebondsRebonds : s
  498. Rebonds: u add tht name right
  499. Rebonds: s<
  500. Candried: no im just saying
  501. Candried: yes love
  502. Candried: s
  503. Rebonds: s
  504. Rebonds: s<
  505. Rebonds: deal then riht
  506. Rebonds: right
  507. Rebonds: heha
  508. Rebonds: rofl
  509. Rebonds: heha
  510. Rebonds: shakes hand love
  511. RebondsRebonds : hahaha
  512. Rebonds: deal
  513. Rebonds: heha
  514. Candried: no
  515. Rebonds: lolx
  516. Rebonds: gosh.. need to find someone to fix tht roof
  517. Rebonds: pff
  518. CandriedCandried : aww
  519. Candried: leaking bad?
  520. Rebonds: leak out in ggarage
  521. Candried: oh dang
  522. Rebonds: yesss
  523. Candried: but not the house?
  524. Rebonds: if big rain.. it will leak bad
  525. Rebonds: the house silly
  526. Rebonds: heha
  527. Candried: garage is part of your house?
  528. Candried: living space
  529. Rebonds: yesss
  530. Rebonds: part of my house
  531. Candried: oh ok
  532. RebondsRebonds : lol. not like in ur place..
  533. Rebonds: garase not part of ur house right
  534. Rebonds: lol
  535. Candried: yea i dont know
  536. Rebonds: in here. mostly garage is part of the house
  537. Candried: No here its for the cars
  538. Rebonds: yes.. my garage for the car
  539. CandriedCandried : we have 3 garage
  540. Rebonds: lol
  541. Candried: stupid eh
  542. Rebonds: how car?
  543. Rebonds: lol
  544. Candried: 2
  545. Rebonds: how big ur land of ur house
  546. Rebonds: we just 200 meter uk
  547. Candried: we own alot
  548. Candried: arcres
  549. Candried: fields
  550. Rebonds: in here.. mostly the home.. side by side
  551. Rebonds: not far away from neighboar
  552. Candried: our yard that my dad cuts looks like a golf course its thta big
  553. Candried: yes i wish
  554. Candried: idk why he made it that big
  555. Candried: i like small
  556. Rebonds:
  557. Rebonds: mostly in indonesia.. is like tht..
  558. Rebonds: housing
  559. Candried: where is the garage?
  560. Rebonds: its not my house
  561. Rebonds: lol
  562. Candried: no i mean
  563. Rebonds: most housing have different type
  564. Candried: show me one with a garage
  565. Rebonds: wait..
  566. Rebonds: im searching
  567. Rebonds: heha
  568. Candried: ok
  569. Candried: we call that row houses here
  570. Rebonds:
  571. Rebonds: maybe like tht
  572. Rebonds:
  573. Candried: ohh under the house
  574. Candried: ive seen those
  575. Rebonds:
  576. Rebonds: or this one
  577. Candried: Oh ok
  578. Rebonds: pff
  579. Candried: under
  580. Candried: i see how it is in your house
  581. Rebonds: lol
  582. Rebonds: if in my place.. the top of the garace is roof
  583. Rebonds: dont have building in top of the garage
  584. Candried: oh
  585. Candried: well shit lol
  586. Rebonds: my house is ugly..
  587. Rebonds: not like tht
  588. Rebonds: heha
  589. Rebonds: hahahaha
  590. Rebonds: lol
  591. Candried: nahh
  592. Rebonds: heha
  593. Rebonds: lol
  594. Candried: no house is ugly
  595. Rebonds: i cant find the picture
  596. Rebonds: pff
  597. Candried: lol ugly
  598. Rebonds: heha
  599. Rebonds: lol
  600. Rebonds: soooooo
  601. Rebonds: love
  602. Rebonds: <
  603. Rebonds: deal right
  604. Rebonds: hahahaha
  605. Candried: ours is beside
  606. Rebonds: lol
  607. Rebonds: lol
  608. Rebonds: s<
  609. Candried: s
  610. Rebonds: lol
  611. Rebonds: deal ?
  612. Rebonds: say it deal
  613. Rebonds: <
  614. Rebonds: coy
  615. Rebonds: woi
  616. Rebonds: kikuk
  617. Rebonds: lol
  618. Candried: how much u going to spend on your ALT
  619. Rebonds: idk.
  620. Candried: s
  621. Rebonds: lol
  622. Rebonds: if i want.. i will send.
  623. Rebonds: if not i wil not send
  624. Rebonds: simple love
  625. Rebonds: heha
  626. Rebonds: why u make it difficult ha
  627. Candried: uk
  628. Rebonds: goshhhhhhhhhhhhhh womennn
  629. Rebonds: sigh
  630. Candried: dont send
  631. Rebonds: complicated
  632. Candried: buy it gifts
  633. Candried: that way imvu wont do anything
  634. Rebonds: deal ?
  635. Rebonds: lol
  636. Rebonds: heha
  637. Rebonds: s<
  638. Candried: s
  639. Rebonds: s
  640. Candried: s
  641. Candried: s
  642. Candried: s
  643. Candried: s
  644. Candried: s
  645. Candried: s
  646. Rebonds: s
  647. Rebonds: s
  648. Candried: ss
  649. Rebonds: s
  650. Rebonds: s
  651. Rebonds: s
  652. Rebonds: s
  653. Rebonds: s
  654. Rebonds: s
  655. Rebonds: s
  656. Rebonds: s
  657. Candried: lol
  658. Rebonds: s
  659. Rebonds: s
  660. Rebonds: s
  661. Rebonds: s
  662. Rebonds: s
  663. Rebonds: s
  664. Rebonds: s
  665. Rebonds: s
  666. Rebonds: s
  667. Rebonds: s
  668. Rebonds: ss
  669. Rebonds: s
  670. Rebonds: s
  671. Rebonds: s
  672. Rebonds: s
  673. Candried: s
  674. Rebonds: s
  675. Rebonds: s
  676. Rebonds: s
  677. Rebonds: s
  678. Rebonds: s
  679. Rebonds: oh uk
  680. Rebonds: the women u meet in mom tya room?
  681. Candried: what women?
  682. Rebonds: when im join.. she crashed
  683. Rebonds: i think she brougt ur head
  684. Rebonds: brought
  685. Candried: bought
  686. Candried: tya bought my head
  687. Candried: and skin
  688. Rebonds: loll
  689. Rebonds: the others
  690. Rebonds: not tya
  691. Rebonds: khindra
  692. Rebonds: oh how to spell it
  693. Candried: yes tya
  694. Rebonds: khidra
  695. Candried: i saw in sales
  696. Rebonds: s<
  697. Candried: i thinaked tya
  698. Rebonds: im not talked about tya
  699. Rebonds: s
  700. Candried: thanked
  701. Rebonds: sigh
  702. Candried: ik
  703. Rebonds: uk or not
  704. Rebonds: s
  705. Rebonds: tht women i mean
  706. Rebonds: s
  707. Candried: your taliing about khindra
  708. Rebonds: yess tht
  709. Candried: im not sure
  710. Rebonds: khidra or khindra
  711. Rebonds: its long time it hink she buy from u
  712. Rebonds: *i think
  713. Candried: i wosuld have to see it
  714. Candried: would
  715. Rebonds: but she said.. she had ur head.
  716. Rebonds: idk which head
  717. Rebonds: lol
  718. Candried: gosh i made so many
  719. Candried: lol i am lost even for myself now
  720. Rebonds: no wonde
  721. Rebonds: *no wonder
  722. Rebonds: hahahaha
  723. Candried: hey love
  724. Rebonds: lol
  725. Rebonds: heha
  726. Candried: i let some of my heads deribale
  727. Candried: derivable
  728. RebondsRebonds : love.
  729. Rebonds: dont tell tya about geum ok
  730. Rebonds: she not know about tht.
  731. Candried: and top people are deriving it
  732. Rebonds: hey
  733. Candried: s
  734. Rebonds: hey
  735. CandriedCandried : s
  736. Rebonds: hey
  737. Candried: im talking
  738. Rebonds: hey
  739. Rebonds: ik tht
  740. Candried: i wont
  741. Rebonds: look tht.. sexy women
  742. Rebonds: looooool
  743. Rebonds: dont jelouse
  744. Candried: she is sexy
  745. Rebonds: she beutiful now
  746. Candried: wow
  747. Rebonds: oh shit
  748. Rebonds: wrong said it
  749. Candried: lol
  750. Candried: silly
  751. Rebonds: im take again my word
  752. Candried: muah
  753. Rebonds: shes stupid now
  754. Rebonds: hahahaha
  755. Rebonds: lol
  756. Rebonds: pff
  757. Candried: sexy and stupid
  758. Rebonds: lolpff
  759. Rebonds: pff
  760. Rebonds: no coment
  761. Rebonds: heha
  762. Candried: lol
  763. Rebonds: cs1
  764. Candried: s
  765. Rebonds: heha
  766. Candried: so love
  767. Rebonds: wat
  768. Candried: who were u going to meet?
  769. Rebonds: huh.
  770. Rebonds: wat u mean
  771. Candried: Meet you there
  772. Candried: >>
  773. Rebonds: huh.
  774. Rebonds: wat u mean ha
  775. Rebonds: im lost
  776. Candried: your interests
  777. Rebonds: ?
  778. Candried: i saw it
  779. Rebonds: in where
  780. Candried: i think yesterday
  781. Rebonds: in rebonds ?
  782. Candried: yes
  783. Rebonds: i wrote wat ?
  784. Rebonds: forgot
  785. Rebonds: hahahaha
  786. Candried: meet you there
  787. Rebonds: lolx
  788. Rebonds: wait..
  789. Rebonds: soon it will go to there
  790. Rebonds: u mean like tht ?
  791. Rebonds: go to D
  792. Rebonds: disabled
  793. Rebonds: vvv
  794. Candried: huh?
  795. Rebonds: heha
  796. Rebonds: lol
  797. Candried: what
  798. Rebonds: crazy mind
  799. Candried: you?
  800. Rebonds: soon will go to D
  801. Rebonds: i think like tht
  802. Rebonds: right ?
  803. Candried: if u buy credits
  804. Rebonds: soon right
  805. RebondsRebonds : rofl
  806. Candried: did u buy credits?
  807. Rebonds: :p
  808. Rebonds: not yet.
  809. Candried: if u did there is no sense me sending you any
  810. Rebonds: /
  811. Rebonds: ?
  812. CandriedCandried : your going to get disabled
  813. Rebonds: yey
  814. Rebonds: lol
  815. Rebonds: not yet silly
  816. Rebonds: pff
  817. Candried: promise?
  818. Rebonds: then how i get credits ha
  819. Rebonds: silly
  820. Rebonds: u wanna me asking u to send it ?
  821. Rebonds: no i dont want asking u..
  822. Candried: love i dont mind if u ask me
  823. Rebonds: no i dont want it anymore
  824. Candried: wait. i was telling you about my heads
  825. Candried: i have a persong who is deriving off of me
  826. Rebonds: if u send it by ur own self. then send
  827. Candried: shh
  828. Rebonds: but i will not asking anymore
  829. Candried: listen please
  830. Rebonds: wat
  831. Candried: wat did i say?
  832. Rebonds: wat
  833. Rebonds: lol
  834. Candried: eh?
  835. Candried: read
  836. Rebonds: u dont mind if i ask u
  837. Rebonds: right.
  838. Candried: omg
  839. Candried: s
  840. Rebonds: watttttttttttttt
  841. Candried: lol im talking about my shop and heads
  842. Rebonds:
  843. Rebonds:
  844. Candried:
  845. Candried: 3 time si am telling u
  846. Candried: shh
  847. Rebonds: wat
  848. Rebonds: lol
  849. Candried: this other creator
  850. Candried: is deriving MY heads
  851. Candried: they just started
  852. Rebonds: thts good
  853. Candried: my sales are now up to 30k a day
  854. Rebonds: tht awesome
  855. Candried: yes im so impressed
  856. Rebonds: congrat love
  857. Candried: tylove
  858. Rebonds: ywlove
  859. Candried: oh she is very sexy
  860. Rebonds: who
  861. Rebonds: /yummy
  862. Candried:
  863. Rebonds: rofl
  864. Candried: lol
  865. Rebonds: whos tht
  866. Candried: idk
  867. Candried: those look good
  868. Rebonds: suddenly im forgot everything
  869. Candried: are those eggrolls?
  870. Rebonds: pisang coklat
  871. Rebonds: banana chocolate
  872. Candried: ohhh sounds good
  873. Rebonds:
  874. CandriedCandried : i told mom i would go back
  875. Candried: i forgot
  876. Rebonds: pff
  877. Rebonds: lol
  878. Rebonds: back where
  879. Rebonds: heha
  880. Candried: to talk
  881. Candried: i see her on
  882. Rebonds: wnna go there
  883. Rebonds: /
  884. Rebonds: eh
  885. Rebonds: < deal right
  886. Rebonds: hahahaha
  887. Rebonds: lol
  888. Rebonds: s
  889. Rebonds: xcount
  890. Candried: tbh its not fair
  891. Rebonds: wattttttttt
  892. Candried: but i care to much
  893. RebondsRebonds : if not fair.. then no need send
  894. Rebonds: simple love
  895. Rebonds: heha
  896. Rebonds: lol
  897. Candried: what is simple is you dont care about me
  898. Rebonds: if u asking me to asking credits to u.. i will not do tht anymore
  899. CandriedCandried : i sent some
  900. Rebonds: even if i dont have credits.. i will not say anything
  901. Rebonds: lol
  902. Rebonds: sooo.. from now .. i will not say anything related credits.. if u wanna send.. send it.. if not then no need
  903. Rebonds: :p
  904. CandriedCandried : well if u buy it just means i mean nothing to you
  905. Candried: simple
  906. Rebonds: yee
  907. Rebonds: simple
  908. Rebonds: lib
  909. Rebonds: lol
  910. Rebonds: mwah
  911. Candried: muah
  912. Rebonds: so..
  913. Rebonds: wanna go to mom room ?
  914. Rebonds: tbh..
  915. Rebonds: im lazy
  916. Rebonds: heha
  917. Candried: shit its almost 4
  918. Candried: we will tomorrow if ur on or i will
  919. Rebonds: ok.
  920. Rebonds: no need today.
  921. Candried: listen to her put me down more
  922. Rebonds: i need clean my garage to
  923. Candried: the water
  924. Rebonds: cant my mom do tht.
  925. Candried: ofc not
  926. Rebonds: she to tired and not feel good now
  927. Candried: do it when i leave
  928. Rebonds: okkk
  929. Candried: which will be soon
  930. Rebonds: okkk
  931. Rebonds: okkk
  932. Rebonds: heha
  933. Rebonds: cs1
  934. Candried: how much did u get?
  935. Candried: 25k?
  936. Rebonds: y-
  937. Rebonds: djepy not on.
  938. Candried: she had to go take her hubby his wallet
  939. Candried: she is a nice person
  940. Rebonds: yess she is
  941. Rebonds: lol.
  942. RebondsRebonds : sometime said to me.. show off
  943. RebondsRebonds : rofl
  944. Rebonds: damn
  945. Rebonds: lol
  946. Candried: lool
  947. Candried: she cals u a show off?
  948. CandriedCandried : calls
  949. Candried: lool
  950. Rebonds: when im dj with like for first ime
  951. Rebonds: *time
  952. Rebonds: lol
  953. Rebonds: *with light
  954. Candried: aww lol
  955. Rebonds: lol
  956. Candried: yes she loves to joke
  957. Rebonds: y-
  958. Candried: she is an amazing person
  959. Rebonds: gma to
  960. Candried: yes
  961. Rebonds: y-
  962. Candried: i asked epy if she thought gma would not come on after f33 went there
  963. Candried: she said she is afraid she wont
  964. Candried: not much
  965. Candried: i will miss gma
  966. Candried: i really like her
  967. Rebonds: wat u mean not come on
  968. Candried: f33 is going to go ther ein real
  969. Rebonds: oh.. u mean not online after fee visit her in her country
  970. Candried: there in real
  971. Candried: yes
  972. Rebonds: she will still online i think
  973. Rebonds: lol
  974. Candried: i think he has changed
  975. Candried: to the good
  976. Rebonds: i think fee just difficult in language love
  977. Rebonds: i think he not good in english.
  978. Candried: well before he was after all women
  979. Candried: now he is only like that with gma
  980. Rebonds: hope in rl he will not like tht.
  981. Candried: noo he has changed
  982. Rebonds: good then.
  983. Candried: he isnt like that anymore
  984. Candried: he comes and talks to me sometimes
  985. Rebonds: if already find the right person.. a man will not after another girl uk
  986. Rebonds: heha
  987. Candried: yes true
  988. Rebonds: but mostly women not reliaze it..
  989. Rebonds: rofl
  990. Rebonds: they think the man not love they anymore
  991. Rebonds: pff
  992. Rebonds: lol
  993. Candried: you lol
  994. Rebonds: women to much asking this .. tell thiss.. the man need do this
  995. Rebonds: pff
  996. Rebonds: < /uu
  997. Rebonds: lolx
  998. Rebonds: hyu
  999. Rebonds: uu
  1000. Candried: tbh i dont ask much of you
  1001. Rebonds: mostly women is like tht
  1002. Rebonds: heha
  1003. Candried: im not
  1004. Rebonds: ohyeah ?
  1005. Rebonds: not yet
  1006. Rebonds: hahahaha
  1007. Candried: hmm
  1008. Rebonds: lol
  1009. Rebonds: heha
  1010. Rebonds: lol
  1011. Rebonds: <
  1012. Rebonds: 4 am
  1013. Candried: ask what?
  1014. Rebonds: go sleep
  1015. Candried: yea yea
  1016. Candried: example?
  1017. RebondsRebonds : hmm
  1018. Rebonds: idk
  1019. Rebonds: rofl
  1020. Rebonds: lolx
  1021. Candried: tell me
  1022. Rebonds: pff
  1023. Rebonds: lol
  1024. Candried: because there is nothing
  1025. Rebonds: hmm
  1026. Candried: i let you hide
  1027. Rebonds: hmm
  1028. Rebonds: umm
  1029. Rebonds: umm
  1030. Rebonds: umm
  1031. Rebonds: umm
  1032. Rebonds: umm
  1033. Candried: i let you hang with your ex
  1034. Rebonds: umm
  1035. Rebonds: umm
  1036. Rebonds: umm
  1037. Candried: idc
  1038. Rebonds: hey.. u think im not <
  1039. Rebonds: i let u hangout with ur ex
  1040. Candried: you told me you werent
  1041. Candried: hey
  1042. Rebonds: who
  1043. Candried: i didnt hide mine from you
  1044. Rebonds: she dont wanna know u
  1045. Rebonds: rofl
  1046. Candried: curlz aka kinzee
  1047. Rebonds: not worth u to know her
  1048. Rebonds: lol
  1049. Rebonds: so no need to know her
  1050. Candried: well u seem to hang with her so she is worth something
  1051. Rebonds: we just joke..
  1052. Rebonds: nothing else
  1053. Rebonds: but to u..
  1054. Rebonds: better no need to know her
  1055. Rebonds: not because she was my ex.
  1056. Candried: well if u hang with her i will know her
  1057. Rebonds: but she typical hard person.
  1058. Candried: hard?
  1059. Rebonds: better not hang with her
  1060. Rebonds: lol
  1061. Candried: what does that mean?
  1062. Rebonds: hmm.. idk how to explaine to u
  1063. Rebonds: she nice.. but umm.. how to descripe it..
  1064. Rebonds: confuse
  1065. Candried: say in your language and i will translate
  1066. Rebonds: tipe orang yang susah didekati
  1067. Rebonds: tipe orang yang susah dekat dengan orang
  1068. Rebonds: lol
  1069. Rebonds: and she didnt want to know u. or even talk with u
  1070. Rebonds: dont*
  1071. Candried: idc
  1072. Rebonds: sooooooooo.. no need u find anything about her
  1073. Candried: she hangs with my husband
  1074. Candried: no
  1075. Rebonds: gosh..
  1076. Candried: i want to know her
  1077. Rebonds: look.. u make it difficult
  1078. Rebonds: but she dont wanna know u.
  1079. Candried: hmm
  1080. Rebonds: she dont wanna talk with u
  1081. Candried: so let me hang with anothe rone of my ex
  1082. Rebonds: why u not get it ha.
  1083. Candried: simple
  1084. Candried: i will
  1085. Rebonds: not everyperson will welcome love.
  1086. Rebonds: dont push ppl to follow wat u want
  1087. Candried: if she dont welcome me how can u like her?
  1088. Rebonds: idk.
  1089. Candried: pff
  1090. Rebonds: its long2 time ago
  1091. Candried: because your a guy
  1092. Rebonds: first time.. im noob
  1093. Candried: thaats why
  1094. Rebonds: and join in sex room.
  1095. Rebonds: but uk wat i did in there
  1096. Candried: she goes to alot of them
  1097. Rebonds: im playing guitar in sex room.. and distrubed ppl in there..
  1098. Rebonds: rofl
  1099. Candried: so u go to sex rooms with her
  1100. Rebonds: then.. i got boot.. because i was so annoying.
  1101. Candried: nice
  1102. Rebonds: no..
  1103. Rebonds: first time i go sex room.. i didnt know her
  1104. Rebonds: u listen or not ?
  1105. Candried: if she hangs in sex rooms..
  1106. Rebonds: < u listen or wanna make ur own conclution ?
  1107. Candried: im saying what type of person she is
  1108. Rebonds: if u wanna make ur own conclution..then im stop tell u story
  1109. RebondsRebonds : cut me in the middle.. fine
  1110. Rebonds: lolx
  1111. Rebonds: np
  1112. Rebonds: < go sleep
  1113. Rebonds: i will off
  1114. Candried: no
  1115. Rebonds: no wat
  1116. Rebonds: 4 am silly
  1117. Rebonds: im finish tell a story.
  1118. Candried: go ahead i will only thing it
  1119. Candried: think
  1120. Rebonds: think wat
  1121. Rebonds: lol
  1122. Rebonds: look.. u already negative.
  1123. Candried: a ex of yours dont want to talk to me but will hang with you
  1124. Candried: that is so funny
  1125. Rebonds: lol.
  1126. Rebonds: dont push ppl to do like u want
  1127. Rebonds: < its mean u selfish
  1128. Candried: no im not joking love
  1129. Candried: no this means your selfish
  1130. Rebonds: because.. not everyone is same..
  1131. Candried: you hang with peope that are your ex and dont want me around
  1132. Candried: your EX
  1133. Rebonds: some ppl dont like to talking with the gf of her ex.. its will look weird.. for her.
  1134. Rebonds: sooooooo.. not all ppl will accept tht.
  1135. Candried: then delete her
  1136. Rebonds: why u cant get it ha love
  1137. Candried: simple
  1138. Rebonds: goshhhhhhhhhhhh omg
  1139. Rebonds: sigh.
  1140. Rebonds: now u make it a problem
  1141. CandriedCandried : that is worse that having an alt
  1142. Rebonds: who make new problem in here ha..
  1143. Candried: ok klisten
  1144. Rebonds: i dont get with u.. really
  1145. Candried: listen
  1146. Candried: i will hang with an ex
  1147. Candried: his name is anton
  1148. Candried: he is single
  1149. Rebonds: up to u.
  1150. Candried: and hide location
  1151. Rebonds: okkk
  1152. Candried: always hide location
  1153. Rebonds: ookkk
  1154. Rebonds: okkk
  1155. Candried: but uk
  1156. Rebonds: do wat u wanna do.
  1157. Candried: that just shows me how much i mean to you
  1158. Rebonds: ah..u complicated..
  1159. Rebonds: make me dizzy
  1160. Rebonds: jsut let off
  1161. Candried: no im not complicated
  1162. Rebonds: yes u are.
  1163. Candried: any girl would be upset
  1164. Rebonds: everything u wanna doing it want u want.
  1165. Candried: any girl
  1166. Rebonds: u asking ppl to do wat u want..
  1167. Rebonds: if tht ppl dont want. then wat u wanna do ha.
  1168. Candried: lover you get jealous when i was hanging with surya!!
  1169. Candried: gosh who are you
  1170. Rebonds: then wat for u jely with curlz haaaaaaaaa
  1171. Rebonds: goshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
  1172. Rebonds: u not beliecing in me ha
  1173. Rebonds: damn it love
  1174. Candried: im not jealous she is 50 years old
  1175. Rebonds: wats wrong with u haaaaaaaaaa
  1176. Candried: its the point
  1177. Rebonds: u make it problem now ?
  1178. Candried: no u did
  1179. Rebonds: gosh.. everything is just fine.. wats wrong with u ha
  1180. Candried: when u said all of that
  1181. CandriedCandried : and u met he rin a sex room
  1182. Rebonds: damn it..!!!!!!!!!!!!
  1183. Rebonds: looooooooooooook..!! u even not readed tht carefully wat was i told it
  1184. Candried: i did
  1185. Rebonds: read again..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
  1186. Candried: she dont want to tallk to me
  1187. Rebonds: buslshit u not read it carefully
  1188. Candried: yes i did
  1189. Rebonds: all in ur mind is just wanna know her..
  1190. Rebonds: no u not
  1191. Candried: she isnt like alot of people not all want to meet
  1192. Candried: well shit love
  1193. Rebonds: damn it
  1194. Rebonds: stop it..!!
  1195. Rebonds: im off
  1196. Candried: im your gf/wife. How can u do this?
  1197. RebondsRebonds : tired with ur mind .. !! i dont got it wat u want ha..
  1198. Candried: omg
  1199. Candried: you were jealous over surya!!!
  1200. Rebonds: plop
  1201. Rebonds: go sleep.
  1202. Rebonds: goodnight love..
  1203. Rebonds: sweetdream
  1204. Rebonds: mwah
  1205. Rebonds: love u
  1206. Rebonds: plop
  1207. Candried: muah
  1208. Candried: love ypu
  1209. Rebonds: done ? not talking anymore ?
  1210. Candried: have a good day
  1211. Candried: and im crying
  1212. Rebonds: dont say im leaving u when u talking.
  1213. Candried: ur not fair to me
  1214. Rebonds: u make it ur problem.. not mine.
  1215. Candried: any girl would have a problem with this
  1216. Rebonds: wanna continues ?
  1217. Candried: nah done
  1218. Rebonds: uk this will more worst then this..
  1219. Candried: i will just do the same
  1220. Rebonds: ok.. do wat u wanna do.
  1221. Rebonds: u wanna me not care.. then fine.
  1222. Candried: u dont
  1223. Rebonds: go hang out with a man u wanna hang..
  1224. Rebonds: with surya.. do
  1225. Rebonds: with anton
  1226. Rebonds: go..
  1227. Rebonds: do wat u wanna do.
  1228. Candried: mhm
  1229. Rebonds: ok..
  1230. Rebonds: deal.
  1231. Candried: udc
  1232. Rebonds: i will not say anything about tht.
  1233. Rebonds: u push me to feel tht love.
  1234. Candried: you dont care
  1235. Rebonds: soo.. i follow u want.
  1236. Rebonds: u want me to not care..
  1237. Candried: im crying
  1238. Rebonds: who said u will hang out with ur ex ha..
  1239. Candried: u dont care about how i feel
  1240. Rebonds: i care with u..
  1241. Rebonds: thts why i said.. better not to know her.. because i care with u
  1242. Candried: but you will hurt me and go hang with your ex
  1243. Rebonds: but u not got it right.
  1244. Rebonds: so up to u now.
  1245. Candried: i love you
  1246. Rebonds: i hang out with her.. only once.. not often like u hangout with arch or with anton
  1247. Candried: arch i dont hide
  1248. Candried: everyone likes arch
  1249. Rebonds: i meet her just one in a month.. its when i want..
  1250. Rebonds: if i dont. i will not join.
  1251. Rebonds: then good if everyone love oarch
  1252. Rebonds: her good man right.
  1253. Candried: and he likes yo
  1254. Candried: not like curlz and me
  1255. Candried: jeez
  1256. Rebonds: but curlz is not like u.. thats why i asked u not to know her.. !!!!!!!!!!!!!! OR U NOT GET IT LOVEEEEEEEEEEEE..
  1257. Rebonds: goshhhhhhhhhhh u
  1258. Rebonds: why u so stuborn ha..
  1259. Candried: yea she goes to many sex rooms because i watch her
  1260. Rebonds: omg
  1261. Candried: i know more then u think
  1262. Rebonds: now u wrong put tht mind in thinking
  1264. Rebonds: read again wat i already told u..!!!!!!!!!!!!1
  1265. Rebonds: shit
  1266. Candried: no love i watch her
  1267. Candried: i stalk her
  1268. CandriedCandried : she gopes to sex rooms
  1269. Candried: goes
  1270. Rebonds: then u can judge ppl like tht.. just frrom the cover ? because she in sex room ?
  1271. Rebonds: < u so naif uk love
  1272. Candried: no because she dont want to add your gf when u hang there
  1273. Rebonds: dont like tht.
  1274. RebondsRebonds : damn it loveeeeeeeeeeeeee
  1275. Candried: nah i know people well o here
  1276. Candried: i know so much
  1277. Candried: i learned
  1278. RebondsRebonds : yea yea.. u know so much in here..
  1279. Candried: how people are on here
  1280. Rebonds: ok i got it wat u mean..
  1281. Rebonds: uk everything in here..
  1282. Candried: how they will hurt you the minute you turn your back
  1283. RebondsRebonds : build ur mind then.. if u thinking like tht.
  1284. Candried: i know it
  1285. Rebonds: build it soo hight..
  1286. Candried: ive been there
  1287. RebondsRebonds : ok.. keep it like tht then.
  1288. Candried: hurt by so many people
  1289. Rebonds: ok.. keep ur mind like tht then..
  1290. RebondsRebonds : i will not say anything..
  1291. Candried: its not in my mind
  1292. Candried: ive dealt with it
  1293. Rebonds: do wat u wanna do.. do want ur mind wanna do..
  1294. Rebonds: ok.
  1295. Rebonds: lets off.
  1296. Rebonds: im finish with this
  1297. Candried: u will hurt me for her
  1298. Rebonds: i need to clean my house
  1299. Candried: nah
  1300. Candried: i gtg love
  1301. Rebonds: up to u love.. keep build tht mind in ur head..
  1302. Candried: its there
  1303. Rebonds: ok.. lets go.
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