Oct 21st, 2013
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  1. [12:08:25] assodicuori: [20 октября 2013 г. 23:15] Kr0n0s HQ:
  3. <<< hey, mate
  4. need your help
  5. seems like we got a problem with koletov
  6. mod on hdbits just gave him a warning
  7. i cannot recall where do we know him from
  8. [12:08:34] assodicuori: I wrote it today in the morning
  9. [12:08:43] assodicuori: yesterday I was out
  10. [12:08:51] assodicuori: what's the problem with koletov?
  11. [12:09:04] assodicuori: he's on hdcity
  12. [12:09:18] assodicuori: spanish tracker
  13. [12:55:34] Anton Smirnov (mft39|Cisco): 1. he was trying to recover one account that was purchased and for that reason was banned. So Snowknight had to give him a warining. For now it's under investigation but 9mm was really upset
  14. [12:56:11] Anton Smirnov (mft39|Cisco): 2. We invited him so he would upload stuff but but he didn't upload even single movie
  15. [12:56:39] Anton Smirnov (mft39|Cisco): 3. I asked 9mm to invite him so it's compromised trust over all
  16. [12:57:20] Anton Smirnov (mft39|Cisco): i passed our conversation with koletov to Nick(one of the mods)
  17. [12:57:53] Anton Smirnov (mft39|Cisco): Nick told that's kinda clear to him re this issue and him it's closed issue
  18. [12:59:09] Anton Smirnov (mft39|Cisco): koletov didn't know that's it's prohibited to sell/trade accounts and was assuming it was ok but i told him that i's prohibited and that he is lucky that he wasn't banned and i didn't get warinig
  19. [12:59:28] Anton Smirnov (mft39|Cisco): so we need really carful about people we vouch for
  20. [12:59:32] Anton Smirnov (mft39|Cisco): ;)
  21. [13:00:14] Anton Smirnov (mft39|Cisco): so the best way for koletov to cover up this it's to start uploading stuff
  22. [13:00:23] Anton Smirnov (mft39|Cisco): and we can be more active
  23. [13:00:45] Anton Smirnov (mft39|Cisco): then after a while i will talk to Snowknight and group leader
  24. [13:02:20] Anton Smirnov (mft39|Cisco): since it was the main reason why we had to shut registartion is was that people start to sell accounts and invites and many good folk cannot get in
  25. [13:02:23] Anton Smirnov (mft39|Cisco): so ...
  26. [13:02:52] Anton Smirnov (mft39|Cisco): let's be very carefull and double even triple check people while we headhunting, mate
  27. [13:02:57] Anton Smirnov (mft39|Cisco): (coffee)
  28. [13:04:42] assodicuori: I'm agree 100% with you
  29. [13:05:09] assodicuori: Today in the afternoon I have to go to the funerale of one of my best firend's mom
  30. [13:05:18] assodicuori: After, when I'll come back
  31. [13:05:50] Anton Smirnov (mft39|Cisco): k
  32. [13:06:00] assodicuori: I'll explain to koletov how to would be a right way in hdbits to non be kicked out
  33. [13:07:07] Anton Smirnov (mft39|Cisco): (y)
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