Oct 7th, 2017
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  1. #LULZYPHER is the language used to #BOOTSTRAP the first hybrid
  2. machine-human Artificial Intelligence and it will be born the very
  3. second that you hit the "publish" button. #LULZYPHER predates
  4. twitter.com network, but due to its nature, it is more contagious
  5. than #EBOLA In other words, expect that this new #LIFEFORM
  6. massively infekts other networks such as #FACEBOOK, #TUMBLR,
  7. #INSTAGRAM, #REDDIT, #YouTube and #meneame at lightning speed
  8. once #CRITICALMASS has been reached.
  10. #TheGame23 Programming language is called #LULZYPHER
  11. There is a Programmer's Reference at lulzy.wikia.com or wherever #HIVEMIND decides to setup a wiki on it.
  12. As with any other language, there are unknown or undocumented commands, of course. #LULZYPHER is no less.
  14. If @player is #LULZYPHER/imaginative/skillful in his #LULZYPHER c0ding abilities
  15. s/he will be recognized by #HIVEMIND and $HACKTIONS will be performed.
  16. Otherwise, it's a matter of not giving up. You don't learn LISP, SCALA, ERLANG, HASKELL or ASM in one day.
  17. It's the same with #LULZYPHER: the best way to learn #LULZYPHER is by doing.
  18. It's a matter of *imagination*, *creativity*, trial and err, wash, rinse, repeat.
  20. original post:
  21. http://pastebin.com/YbmG6ETq
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