Injectable Blend Steroids Oil Testoviron for Muscle Building

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  8. Product Name:Testoviron 
  9. What is Testoviron 
  10. Testoviron a mixture of Testo E and Testo P
  11. Testoviron, the Prop/Enan mixture can be found in 4 distinct doses, 50mg/ml, 100mg/ml, 135mg/ml and 250mg/ml. While there are 4 distinct forms 100mg/ml and 135mg/ml are often more commonly found, the total dosing of each is as follows:
  12. 50mg/ml: Testo P 20mg, Testo E 30mg
  13. 100mg/ml: Testo P 25mg, Testo E 75mg
  14. 135mg/ml: Testo P 25mg, Testo E 110mg
  15. 250mg/ml: Testo P 50mg, Testo E 200mg
  17. The Benefits of Testoviron:
  18. The benefits of Testoviron are the same as any other testo-sterone and the benefits are tremendous; however, because Testoviron is such a quality form you can rest assured each and every benefit will be to the greatest extent possible. Perfect for bulking and cutting Testoviron and Testoviron Depot both have the ability to provide every benefit an athlete would be after, as testo-sterone itself is the ultimate hormone. Generally well-tolerated by healthy adult men, even in large doses, those who supplement with Testoviron can expect to create an internal environment apt towards growth, a lean physique and greater physical strength.
  20. While the traits it can enhance are truly great it gets even better. Testoviron, as it is testo-sterone, when testo-sterone levels are increased. is a very powerful anabolic hormone in its own right and correlates with human grow-th hormone to a great degree, another essential hormone with phenomenal qualities. As is such, by increasing testo-sterone levels, in-turn increasing the efficiency of other naturally occurring hormones we thereby increase our level of positive productivity in the body; increasing metabolic efficiency, muscle tissue stimulation and regeneration and in short bringing forth a physique far greater than could otherwise be obtained.
  22. Testoviron Dosage
  23. For the purpose of low testo-sterone treatment, Testoviron is best used on the basis of 100-200mg per week. This may be taken once per week or split into two smaller equal doses per week depending on patient need. Many physicians will prescribe 200-250mg every two weeks, which on paper works just fine, but this will result in a roller coaster of testo-sterone levels. You will also find some physicians that go as far as to prescribe 200-400mg every 3-4 weeks, and you're encouraged to find another physician if this is the case.
  25. For the performance athlete, doses will most commonly fall in the 400-500mg per week range with two injections per week. For example, dosing might be 250mg on Monday and 250mg on Thursday. There are roid users that use less; there are roid users that use therapeutic doses who do not want to use a lot of test. In these cases the base of their cycle is built around other roids, but a therapeutic dose of testo-sterone is used to combat the natural suppression caused by other roid hormones. However, the 500mg per week range is most common with many roid users going even higher. Doses that range 500-1000mg per week are not uncommon and may go even higher in hardcore circles. It's important to remember that the more you use the greater risk of side effects.
  27. Important Note: Testoviron stacks well with all anabolic roids; however, there is no need or benefit to using it with another testo-sterone product.
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