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  1. [6:14 PM] Chimera: You were reported for being toxic so just to assert the point here, Even if you are losing try to be positive. Everyone sees BB as admins/community reps and it doesn't look good especially as an SL to just say fuck it let them cap yada yada
  2. [6:45 PM] Eddiegoe: Toxic? I told a guy to be quiet and let squad lead lead
  3. [6:45 PM] Eddiegoe: and if he wanted to squad lead to make a squad
  4. [6:46 PM] Chimera: so you have no problem with giving up and just telling the team to do the same?
  5. [6:46 PM] Eddiegoe: there was a guy earlier who was being toxic earlier and i told him off. No, not I
  6. [6:46 PM] Eddiegoe: was tired of his complaining and tol him off is all
  7. [6:46 PM] Eddiegoe: and i wsnt an SL
  8. [6:47 PM] Eddiegoe: so im not sure where this is coming from
  9. [6:51 PM] Chimera:
  10. Player(s) name(s) if applicable: [BB] Eddiegoe
  11. Reason for report: Toxicity
  12. Detailed explanation: Skorpo TC v1, enemy team capping our shield hex, was trying to get people to get on the cap, telling them in local to head for the shield hex to stop it, he says "at this point just let them cap it" basically telling people to just give up. I ask him "if you don't want to play the game why are you even here" his response was  for me to "shut your god damn mouth". I'm just getting really sick of interactions like these.
  13. [6:51 PM] Chimera: the report.
  14. [6:51 PM] Chimera: THAT is where it is coming from
  15. [6:51 PM] Eddiegoe: yeah that was sanier bear or something like that, he was the guy who i was arguing with
  16. [6:52 PM] Eddiegoe: i have never given up on our team before but ok
  17. [6:52 PM] Chimera: alright so let's break this up. can you explain in detail then I want to make sure we got the facts
  18. [6:53 PM] Eddiegoe: Sandier bear kept going on squad comms to speak over our SL on what the plan was. I told hm if he wanted to SL to make a squad and do it or stop comms. He told me fuck myself or something like that and I told him ust to shut his god damn mouth on squad comms
  19. [6:55 PM] Eddiegoe: kid was toxic, and didnt like being told to be quiet, but we couldnt hear what direction was coming out of SL for capping points because of non stop direction from him/ complaining with another member in the squads
  20. [6:55 PM] Eddiegoe: Waffles was SL and i was trying to maintain control of the squad while he fought with a mic issue
  21. [6:56 PM] Eddiegoe: at no point did i tell anyone to give up
  22. [6:57 PM] Eddiegoe: but noted, I will report him instead of arguing
  23. [6:57 PM] Chimera: I'm not attacking you at all idk why you are saying noted  you will report him instead. I am contacting you to get to the bottom of it
  24. [6:58 PM] Chimera: So you never told them to just give the game up it was a loss or anything like that
  25. [6:58 PM] Eddiegoe: im saying noted i will report in the future, not now. I didnt think it was a big deal. I said my piece and that was that. Im not feeling attacked, just trying to give my side
  26. [6:59 PM] Chimera: great
  27. [6:59 PM] Chimera: thanks for the time
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