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ReLink, A Link To The Past Level & Logic Modification

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Feb 17th, 2019
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  1. Project ReLink: A Link To The Past, Layout & Logic Modification Hack.
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  3. ReLink is an expansive Romhack for ALTTP which modifies both Overworld areas and Dungeons to change the required items needed for progression through the game. All of these changes and edits to the game are meant to be used alongside the randomizer. The Purpose of this hack is to dramatically expand the pool of available routing options as players find important unique items. ReLink is not about adding new challenges, devious puzzles, nor is it about long, stressful gauntlet encounters. ReLink is not a ground-up overhaul project either, Vanilla progression through the game in the intended order is still maintained. I Specifically want the game to still feel like it's ALTTP when you play.
  5. This Project started in late 2018 as I myself was playing quite a bit of the randomizer, and was starting to think about how different the game would play out if X or Y were swapped around. It was also on my mind how little some of these items were used or required (Boomerang says hello!). Great and amazing work has been done by various devs for the ALTTPR project, such as Enemizer and Entrance Shuffles, but these additions was never the flavor of change that I personally wanted. So I began the process of developing ReLink.
  7. Currently, the world edits are coming along nicely and are nearly complete, step 2 is to convert the patched rom to be fully compatible with ALTTPR. This step will take time and lots of testing, but in the end it will be worth it.
  9. (note, I chose ReLink because MASTER QUEST is an official title, and this is not a master quest style hack)
  11. It is good to think of ReLink as a new distribution of value for unique items. Most items had their usefullness buffed, a few nerfed. Standard ALTTP, ALTTPR especially has a few items that sort of fall into a "well i can actually play the game now" category and it is a goal of ReLink to expand that pool of high-value checks. On the flipside, it also means that people playing the game will have harder choices and pricier gambles for which routes they choose to go down.
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  14. Some Details
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  16. 1) Every Dungeon has had tweaks, some of these tweaks may make used of "unused" rooms.
  17. 2) Upper & Middle Turtle Rock are the only Full-Scale pathing-routing rework.
  18. 3) New obstacles have been added everywhere to add secondary paths.
  19. 4) Some obstacles have been removed completely. PoD does not require hammer to complete, for example.
  20. 5) The Flue landing on Death Mountain has been moved to be east of Hera. The bridge has been removed. The lower bridge is fixed.
  21. 6) Ice Palace is reachable without Flippers, Mire now requires them.
  22. 7) The Mire also got a brand new on-foot connection which requires hammer to gain entry.
  23. 8) All bosses require a Big Key.
  24. 9) Escape, Sewers, Castle Tower & Ganon's Tower are unchanged.
  26. ---------------------------------
  28. Developing ReLink was been a lot of fun, and I hope people will have a chance to enjoy it along with me when it is completed. Its been a journey to get it this far, and there is still a decent way yet to go, but I'll get there in time.
  30. Thank you.
  31. Ken Fleming
  32. @Nimerra
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