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Mar 5th, 2018
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  1. Addons that can be enabled without altering Adventurer gameplay in any way:
  2. (new) Nekarcos's Quality of Life 01: Effect Display
  3. Alternative Combat Sounds
  4. Always center your character
  5. Amiga Music Replacement
  6. Amiga Music Replacement [Pt. 2]
  7. Amiga Music Replacement [Pt. 3]
  8. Auto-Acceptable Acrobatics
  9. Auto-use inscriptions when saturated
  10. Auto-Transmo Gems
  11. Better Item Description
  12. Better Sounds Mod
  13. Crystalist*
  14. Enhanced Object Compare
  15. EquipDoll - Clean Item Names
  16. Go to Landmark
  17. Harbinger*
  18. Improved Auto-explore and Rest
  19. Interracial Masquerade
  20. Inventory Keys
  21. Inventory Sort Order
  22. Juggle Hotkeys on Unwield
  23. Less pinky nightmare curse
  24. Nekarcos's Quality of Life 05: Various (Fatal) Warnings
  25. Nekarcos's Quality of Life 06: Turn Delay
  26. Nekarcos's Quality of Life 07: Visible Size Categories
  27. No Achievement Pop-ups
  28. No move when enemy visible
  29. Notes to Self
  30. Opague Tooltips
  31. Plenum Tooltip: Enhanced actor tooltip display for TOME
  32. Possessor Tweaks
  33. Post Effects fixes
  34. Pragmatic Heroism
  35. Prodigious Progress
  36. Rage Quit
  37. Recognizable Bossess on Minimap
  38. Reflected Golem
  39. Restart Sustains
  40. Ruined Cave Floor Sort
  41. Showing Items Tier in Inventory
  42. Sun Paladin Tweaks
  43. Talent Point Planner
  44. The infamous Wilhelm scream mod
  45. Tinker Tooltips
  47. Everything older than these is older than 1.5 so I'm assuming nobody is using them.
  49. *When not actually playing the Crystalist class or Harbinger class, the only changes made by these addons are that some fixedarts have talent mastery bonuses for Crystalist/Harbinger exclusive trees. These mastery bonuses are useless for other classes and do not affect the cost of the item or anything like that.
  51. I would also argue for allowing Meteor Fix since it's literally just a bugfix and the bugged behaviour usually benefits the player.
  53. Addons that LOOK like they have no gameplay effects but actually do:
  54. Convenient Digging - This was implemented as a sustained talent so it can e.g. tank Entropy (on either players or NPCs).
  55. Improved Player Targeting - Completely breaks various talent speeds.
  56. Mex's Start in Last Hope - Mex is an idiot and this addon breaks Cornac (removing some of their talent points) and probably some other races.
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