Dec 29th, 2019
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  1. ---
  2. version: "3.7"
  4. services:
  5.   auto-updater:
  6.     image: pyouroboros/ouroboros:latest
  7.     container_name: ouroboros
  8.     restart: unless-stopped
  9.     environment:
  10.    #For a full list of options for ouroboros, see
  11.       - CLEANUP=true #delete old images after update
  12.       - DOCKER_SOCKETS="unix://var/run/docker.sock" #comment this line out on windows
  13.       #- DOCKER_SOCKETS="npipe:////./pipe/docker_engine tcp://localhost:2375" #uncomment this line on windows
  14.       # Define how often to check for updates, defaults to a minimum of 300 (30 seconds)
  15.       - INTERVAL=300
  16.       - LOG_LEVEL=info
  17.       #make ouroboros self-updating
  18.       - SELF_UPDATE=true
  19.       #get auto-update config from labels and only labels.  If a container is not labeled to auto update, don't autoupdate
  20.       - LABEL_ENABLE=true
  21.       - LABELS_ONLY=true
  22.       - TZ=${TZ}
  23.       #optional alternative way to check interval (overriding INTERVAL)
  24.       #Specify how often to check for updates using a cron string (see
  25.       #this string means every 30 minutes of every hour of every day of every month at every day of the week
  26.       - CRON="*/30 * * * *"
  27.     labels:
  28.      - "traefik.enable=false"
  29.       - "com.ouroboros.enable=true" #Yes, it can watch and update itself
  30.     #Docker images are a base file system with deltas (changes) representing the steps to go from a base to the
  31.     #finished product overlayed on top of it.  As such, changes you make to data in an image is really happening
  32.     #in yet another delta layer on top of the rest.  This layer is considered temporary and really only something
  33.     #you use if you're building your own image from an existing one as a base.  Any data you need to persist
  34.     #should be stored in a Docker volume.  Docker volums can either be named storage locations that can be defined
  35.     #here in the compose file, or bind mounts to directories on the host machine both of which you can use
  36.     #to store data that persists between runs of a container and can be shared between multipe containers.
  37.     #see for more information
  38.     volumes:
  39.      #allows ouroboros to monitor for changes and to read labels
  40.       - /var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock ###Comment this line out in Windows
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