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  1.     debugPrint("Hey there!\n");
  2.     debugPrint("Thanks for using our pre-built HDD image.\n");
  3.     debugPrint("\n");
  4.     debugPrint("You may have ended up here because the game you ran told\n");
  5.     debugPrint("the Xbox to reboot to the dashboard, or you don't have a\n");
  6.     debugPrint("compatible 'XISO' attached.\n");
  7.     debugPrint("\n");
  8.     debugPrint("If you didn't attach a game, to get started you'll want to\n");
  9.     debugPrint("create a Xbox compatible ISO using a program such as\n");
  10.     debugPritn("'extract-xiso', you'll be able to find this here:\n");
  11.     debugPrint("\n");
  12.     debugPrint("\n");
  13.     debugPrint("Currently we're unable to load 'redump-style' ISOs so because\n");
  14.     debugPrint("of this you'll need to extract and reformat your personal\n");
  15.     debugPrint("backup copy.\n");
  16.     debugPrint("\n");
  17.     debugPrint("For more information please visit\n");
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