Dec 6th, 2017
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  1. /feg/ Pastebin for Fire Emblem Heroes
  3. [S1] Beginner’s Guide
  4. [S2] Friend Lists
  5. [S3] Helpful Links
  6. [S4] Tier Lists
  8. [S5] Frequently Asked Questions
  9. - How do I play this??
  10. -- But I don't have a phone?
  11. - How do I reroll for my favorite character?
  12. -- What should I roll for if I don't care about favourites?
  13. - Do I get any 5* units for free?
  14. - How do I get merges for [insert GHB / TT unit]?
  15. - Will anything happen if I switch between the iOS and Android versions of FEH?
  16. - What are assets and flaws? Are they absolutely necessary? Can I fix them?
  17. -- You mentioned that units may be neutral. Do they get anything special when merging them?
  18. - What are Sacred Seals? How do I upgrade them?
  19. - What are Blessings?
  20. - What is Skill Inheritance (SI)?
  21. -- What are some popular skills to inherit for my units?
  22. - Can I make my unit’s weapon better?
  23. - I ran out of space in my barracks! What do I do?
  24. -- I turned a 3* unit into a manual! Am I screwed?
  25. - What are Dragonflowers?
  26. - What is "Aether Raids"?
  27. - What is "Allegiance Battles"?
  28. - What is Hero Merit (HM)?
  29. - How do I SP grind?
  30. - If I merge a fully SI’d unit to another unit, will the other unit retain the SI from the first unit?
  32. - Why should I link a Nintendo account?
  33. - What should I buy on the MyNintendo shop with my points?
  34. - How do I get more Platinum Points?
  36. - [insert month here] schedule WHEN?
  37. - I hate [insert gamemode here], what do I do?
  38. - What do I do while stamina recharges or I get bored of FEH?
  40. [S6] Miscellaneous Media
  41. [S7] Common FEH Abbreviations
  43. ==== [S1] Beginner's Guide ====
  45. If you don't know anything about this game, check the official beginner's guide:
  48. Also, check out "Learning with Sharena" for more detailed information not in the above guide:
  51. ==== [S2] Friend Lists ====
  53. List of /feg/gots
  54. [Add yourself here]
  55. [Full List]
  56. Fill in the form to add yourself to the list, then see if you want to add anyone from the second link.
  58. Alternate /feg/ lists [somewhat outdated]
  62. ==== [S3] Helpful Links ====
  64. Stat Distributions:
  66. Every playable unit's stats at level 40 (neutral IVs).
  68. ---
  70. Unit Builder:
  73. (updated version of feh-stuff, but no custom units at the moment)
  74. (custom units can be made if you wish)
  75. You can plan out what skills you want to inherit (or SI) on your units.
  77. ---
  79. Damage Simulators
  83. Test how your unit builds fare against customizable enemies at level 40.
  85. ---
  87. Arena Score Estimator
  89. [Downloadable]
  90. Determine your arena score range with your desired party.
  92. ---
  94. Grand / Bound Hero Battle Strategies
  96. If you're having trouble with a GHB, BHB or LHB, try to use one of the strategies here.
  98. ---
  100. Datamine Archive
  102. You can go here to find out what's been added to the game on those occasional updates (new assets, units, stats, etc).
  104. ---
  106. FEHKeeper [Requires an account]
  108. Keep track of the units you've obtained and their IVs. You can also find out how lucky/unlucky you are with a certain banner. An account is required.
  110. ---
  112. Summoning Simulator
  113. [All banners since launch]
  114. [Banners starting from Oct 2017, visuals with option to snipe]
  115. If you have the itch to summon, these are decent alternatives if you don't want to waste orbs yet.
  117. ---
  119. Level 40 Confessions - ENG
  121. Find them on the desired character's page and go to the "Quotes" tab.
  123. ==== [S4] Tier Lists ====
  125. Find out how certain player groups rate units based on tiers. Take these ratings with a grain of salt. These ratings should not dictate the way YOU want to play Fire Emblem Heroes. If you’re playing this game to use your favourite units, who cares if your favourite character has a “shitty” rating? They are still usable for the story + various modes on FEH. With a little bit of investment, even “lower-tiered” characters can get the job done.
  127. English
  128. (F2P oriented, 4* SI and below)
  129. (Any SI)
  130. (Any SI)
  132. Japanese
  133. (combination of GameWith, Altema, Game8)
  134. (Tiers)
  135. (Numbered scores)
  137. ==== [S5] Frequently Asked Questions ====
  139. Q. How do I play this??
  141. Two methods:
  142. 1. Install it on your phone via iOS App Store or the Google Play Store.
  143. 2. Download the APK to your phone (Google "Fire Emblem Heroes APK") and install it. You can also install QooApp (Also google it) and install/update it from there.
  145. ----
  147. Q. But I don't have a phone?
  149. The SF thread on this hasn't been updated in a while, so I can't vouch for MEmu / Nox, but LDPlayer works well as of v3.10. Simply follow the instructions under the LDPlayer section and you're good to go.
  150. >
  152. Make sure you're using a 64-bit version of Windows AND have hardware virtualization enabled in BIOS.
  153. Update the game via the Play Store. From my experience with installing the APK, FEH automatically crashes when launching, forcing you to reinstall via the Play Store.
  155. ----
  157. Q. How do I reroll for my favorite character?
  159. [Using a Phone]
  160. If ROOTED, delete deviceaccount.xml located in /data/data/com.nintendo.zaba/sharedprefs
  161. If not rooted, clear all data in android settings and start again. You'll have to redownload additional data each time so I don't recommend using your cellular data to reroll.
  163. [Using MEmu]
  164. Delete deviceaccount.xml located in /data/data/com.nintendo.zaba/sharedprefs and try again.
  166. ----
  168. Q. What should I roll for if I don't care about favourites?
  169. Try to roll for a few of the 5* S+ or S tier characters on the F2P tier list ( They're good for helping you go through the storyline + early arena until you have the resources to invest in other units.
  171. ----
  173. Q. Do I get any 5* units for free?
  174. You can obtain five of them at any time:
  175. 1. Fjorm, Princess of Ice [Obtained by completing Book II, Chapter 1-5: Enchantress of the Mist]
  176. 2. Ike, Vanguard Legend [Obtained by completing Xenologue 3: The People's Hero]
  177. 3. A choice of one of the following: [Free pick - One time CYL2 banner]
  178. a. Hector, Brave Warrior
  179. b. Celica, Warrior Priestess
  180. c. Ephraim, Sacred Twin Lord
  181. d. Veronica, Brave Princess
  182. 4. Eir, Merciful Death [Obtained by completing Book III, Chapter 1-5: Merciful Death]
  183. 5. A choice of one of the following: [Free pick - One time CYL3 banner]
  184. a. Alm, Imperial Ascent
  185. b. Micaiah, Queen of Dawn
  186. c. Eliwood, Marquess Pherae
  187. d. Camilla, Light of Nohr
  188. 6. Reinhardt, Thunder's Fist [Obtained by completing Rank 1 of Heroes' Path]
  189. 7. Ninian, Oracle of Destiny [Obtained by completing Rank 5 of Heroes' Path]
  190. 8. Xander, Paragon Knight [Obtained by leveling an ally to level 40, prereq: Rank 9 of Heroes' Path]
  191. 9. Eirika, Anamnesis Lady [Obtained by completing Rank 10 of Heroes' Path]
  192. 10. Ike, Brave Mercenary [Obtained by completing Rank 15 of Heroes' Path]
  194. You can also obtain a free 5* during every Tempest Trials+ once you reach a score of 15,000 (formerly 30,000 in older TTs).
  196. ----
  198. Q. How do I get merges for [insert GHB / TT unit]?
  200. Other than the few copies you get upon their release event (and in GHB's case, their eventual rerun), you can use Heroic Grails to summon 4* copies of these units for merges. You can summon GHB/TT heroes you have missed as well. You can access this shop via Allies > Use Heroic Grails. If you haven't went to this shop before, you'll get 200 free grails.
  202. The initial cost for a GHB/TT hero starts off at 100 grails, which increases by 50 grails for every similar unit you purchase afterwards (150, 200, 250, etc.). The cost for a GHB/TT unit will never go past 500 grail though.
  203. > If you have two copies of a GHB/TT unit (aka 5* +1), getting to +10 will cost 2700 grails.
  204. > If you have no copies of a GHB/TT unit, getting to +10 will cost 3700 grails.
  206. You can get heroic grails via Aether Raids (20 each season + based on ranking) and by maxing out a unit in Forging Bonds.
  208. ----
  210. Q. Will anything happen if I switch between the iOS and Android versions of FEH?
  212. Orbs are exclusive to the OS you earned them on. You cannot transfer orbs between iOS and Android.
  214. ----
  216. Q. What are assets and flaws? Are they absolutely necessary? Can I fix them?
  218. If you’re familiar with Gen 3+ Pokemon, these are basically natures. Similar summoned units may have two differing stats at level 40, an asset and a flaw. On occasion, a unit may be neutral (no asset or flaw). For a visual indicator, you can turn on the “Asset/Flaw Color Display” option under Settings. You can also check them on a website but what’s the point?
  220. Assets (or boons) are better than normal: +3 usually, occasionally +4 [Blue]
  221. Flaws (or banes) are worse than normal: -3 usually, occasionally -4 [Red]
  223. Optimal asset and flaws aren't necessary for clearing the story. However, they are helpful for the highest tiers in arena or AA where stat differences may be the difference that helps you get that one bonus kill.
  225. You can fix a bad flaw by merging. The first merge adds +3 or +4 to a unit’s flaw, in addition to the old merge bonuses (+1 to the 2 highest stats). For example, a +Spd/-Res Eir’s first merge will give her +1 HP, Spd and +3 Res. With this system, merge projects only require the desired asset stat on one unit. You can still overwrite an asset by merging the unit with an undesired asset into a unit with a better asset. The resulting unit with the desired asset will gain the regular merge bonuses, bonus SP and all learned skills from the undesirable unit.
  227. If you’re not planning on merging a unit, your only option to mitigate a bad flaw is to equip a Sacred Seal.
  229. Q. You mentioned that units may be neutral. Do they get anything special when merging them?
  231. If a neutral unit (GHB, TT, or the occasional unit from the summoning pool) is merged for the first time, they still get a +3 bonus on top of the old merge bonuses. Instead of a +3 focused on a non-existent flaw stat, +1 is added onto their top three stats (stat ties are prioritized as HP > Atk > Spd > Def > Res). For example, a Black Knight's first merge will grant +2 HP, +2 Atk and +1 Def.
  233. ----
  235. Q. What are Sacred Seals? How do I upgrade them?
  237. Sacred Seals are bonus skills. You may recognize some seals like HP+3, Atk+1 which are available as A/B/C skills. However, there are other seals like Quickened Pulse which do not have an A/B/C counterpart. You can equip seals to anyone if they fit the movement or weapon type.
  239. You get seals from Squad Assaults, occasional seal quests and TT rewards. If you’ve missed the seal’s initial run, you can forge them in the Sacred Seal Forge in exchange for coins and badges.
  241. To upgrade seals, you will need access to the Sacred Seal Forge. The forge is story-locked and will not be accessible until you finish Intermission 1: Awakening Ancient Power. You’ll need the following resources to create and upgrade seals:
  243. Small / Great [Colour] Badges: Obtained in the Training Tower (differs by day of the week)
  244. Sacred Coins: Obtained in Arena, Voting Gauntlet, Tempest Trials, Grand Conquests, various quests
  246. ----
  248. Q. What are Blessings?
  250. They are items that grant several bonuses for non-legendary/mythic units.
  252. > Unit’s SP gains are permanently doubled
  253. > Unit gains a stat boost during the blessing’s season if accompanied by a Legendary/Mythic Hero
  254. > Unit gives an extra point if used in Arena Assault during the blessing’s season
  255. > Unit grants a lift bonus OR decreases lift from defense losses in Aether Raids
  257. Water, Wind, Earth and Fire Blessings are primarily for Arena.
  258. > Obtained: Blessed Gardens, Tempest Trials, Legendary Hero Battles, obtaining a Legendary Hero, Allegiance Battles.
  260. Light, Dark, Astra and Anima Blessings are for Aether Raids.
  261. > Obtained: Aether Raids (5 day streak), Mythic Hero Battles, obtaining a Mythic Hero.
  263. Tip: The stat boosts from Legendary/Mythic Heroes stack.
  264. > Deploying Hrid: Icy Blade and Gunnthra: Voice of Dreams will grant a total bonus of +6 HP, +4 Def and +4 Res to a unit with a Wind Blessing during the right season.
  266. Blessings are permanent but can be changed by using another blessing (original blessing will be lost). They are required for access to the Blessed Gardens maps. Choosing blessings for units isn’t a big deal.
  268. ----
  270. Q. What is Skill Inheritance (SI)?
  272. You can sacrifice a unit or a combat manual (known as fodder) to another unit. Sacrificing fodder lets a unit learn 4 skills at an increased SP cost. Keep in mind that some skills can only be learned by certain weapon or movement types.
  274. Tip: The skills must be unlocked on the sacrificed unit for the new unit to inherit those skills.
  275. > Using a 4* Hana will only let you learn Life and Death 1 and 2
  276. > Using a 5* Hana will let you learn up to Life and Death 3.
  278. Tip: One unit can provide SI from multiple skill trees.
  279. Foddering a Brave Ike will let you learn Aether OR Steady Breath if you don’t have the prerequisites. However, you can fodder an extra unit (one with Sol/Luna) so you can gain Steady Breath AND Aether from one Brave Ike.
  281. Normal Chain:
  282. > Brave Ike = Steady Stance 1 > Steady Stance 2 > Steady Breath OR
  283. > Brave Ike = New Moon > Luna > Aether
  285. Optimal SI Chain:
  286. > Frederick = New Moon > Luna (can also SI a unit with Daylight > Sol)
  287. > Brave Ike = Steady Stance 1 > Steady Stance 2 > Steady Breath + Aether
  289. It may take more units, but it can help since certain SI fodder have many good skills to inherit.
  291. ----
  293. Q. What are some popular skills to inherit for my units?
  295. The following lists are some popular skill options for general play. Feel free to experiment though.
  296. You can also check unit builds on sites like Gamepress for general ideas on how to build units.
  298. Weapon: Slaying weapons, Blade tomes (Mages), Lightning Breath+ (Dragons)
  299. Assist: Reposition, Draw Back, Swap, Pivot (Armors), Dual Rallies (arena points)
  300. Special: Moonbow, Draconic Aura, Bonfire, Iceberg, Aether (arena points)
  301. A: Fury, Death Blow, Triangle Adept, Life and Death, Breath skills
  302. B: Quick Riposte, Desperation, Vantage, weaponbreakers, Wrath, Chill skills, Fighter skills (armors)
  303. C: Hone Atk or Spd, Threaten skills, Ploy Skills Cavalry/Flier buffs + spurs, Wave skills
  305. ----
  307. Q. Can I make my unit’s weapon better?
  309. As you may have noticed, some units have embarrassingly pathetic weapons. In some circumstances, you can make their weapons less shit in the Weapon Refinery.
  311. Note: You need to clear Intermission: The Rite of Blades to access this feature.
  313. If a 5* weapon ends with a “+”, you can upgrade them with Refining Stones + Arena Medals. These weapons can be refined to give a unit an HP boost and a boost in either Atk, Spd, Def or Res. Effective weaponry also has a refine to ignore visible/blue stat buffs when attacking.
  314. > Examples: Silver Sword+, Bolganone+, Berkut’s Lance+, etc.
  316. To check your options for these weapons, check:
  318. If the weapon is a PRF, you MAY be able to upgrade them with Divine Dew + Arena Medals. These weapons have the standard Atk, Spd, Def and Res refines, but also have a special upgrade choice that incorporates certain skills into their kit.
  319. > Example: Nino’s Iris’s Tome refine provides her with Even Attack Wave 3.
  321. For a list of these special refines, check:
  323. > Arena Medals = Gained after every Arena Battle, Tap Battle and certain quests
  324. > Refining Stone = Arena reward, VG / TT quests and GC tiers
  325. > Divine Dew = Gained after using Refining Stones, Blessed Gardens or Forging Bonds
  327. ----
  329. Q. I ran out of space in my barracks! What do I do?
  331. Before you waste an orb for 5 storage spaces, consider turning irrelevant shitters (people you don’t plan to use) into Combat Manuals. You can’t use units turned into Combat Manuals, but they can be used as fodder for Skill Inheritance and Merges. If you decide that you don’t want the manual, you can send it home for feathers based on the rarity.
  333. Note: Previously inherited skills on a Combat Manual won’t be transferable.
  335. Q. I turned a 3* unit into a manual! Am I screwed?
  337. No. You can upgrade a manual’s rarity for the same feather + badge cost.
  338. > You can also upgrade multiple manuals at once.
  340. ----
  342. Q. What are Dragonflowers?
  344. Dragonflowers let you increase the stats of a chosen hero. Each movement type has their own type of Dragonflower. Most heroes can be enhanced 5x, for a total bonus of +1 HP/ATK/SPD/DEF/RES (order depends on highest to lowest stat). Infantry units released before 3.2.0 can be enhanced 10x instead, for +2 in each stat.
  346. The cost to fully enhance a unit are as follows:
  347. > Armor, Cavalry, Fliers, Infantry (post V.3.2.0) = 600 to +5
  348. > Infantry units before V3.2.0 = 160 for +5, 860 to +10
  350. You can get all types of Dragonflowers from Heroic Ordeals. At the time of writing, you can also earn Dragonflowers from Aether Raids, and Allegiance Battles.
  352. Note: These stat boosts don’t increase your BST in Arena, similar to Summoner Supports.
  354. ----
  356. Q. What is "Aether Raids"?
  358. It's a "base-building" mode that also requires you to shit on others people's maps for rewards. BST does NOT matter for this mode (unlike Arena and Arena Assault). The only things that affect scoring are bonus units and Mythic heroes/blessings.
  360. If you don't want to suck, read the following guide made by an anon:
  361. >
  363. ----
  365. Q. What is "Allegiance Battles"?
  367. Allegiance Battles is another mode found in the Coliseum. Here, you use a team of 4 to fight against a set of enemies (with reinforcements). However, the last unit in your party gets the ability to "Pair Up" with a friend's unit. Legendary heroes with the "Pair Up" ability are also able to take their partners into Allegiance Battles as well.
  369. Unlike Arena / AA, your total score is affected by several factors:
  370. > Battle Score (how well you do in the actual battle, which has more variables within the battle too)
  371. > Synergy Bonus (increases by 1 every time you do AB each season)
  372. > Friend Bonus (top three friends' scores are each divided by 100 and added to your score, +24 max)
  373. > Quest Bonus (every successful AB attempt by you or a friend adds to this, +25 max)
  375. Similar to Arena / AA, your score is affected by BST and skills (including the [Color] Duel skills) and decreases if your units are defeated in battle. However, there is no score range so you don't need to reroll for a higher score in a range.
  377. In the actual battle, your score increases with the following events:
  378. > Defeating an enemy with the weapon triangle advantage (or colorless v. colorless) gets you +10 points
  379. > Defeating an enemy while being paired up gets you +5 points
  381. These bonuses stack for a possible +15 per enemy (+150 total at the end of the battle). For a maximum score bonus, you will need a legendary hero (not a friend's), which will allow you to account for all colors (red, blue, green, colorless). An example of a team is:
  383. > Roy: Blazing Lion, paired with Beruka: Quiet Assassin
  384. > BST unit 1.
  385. > BST unit 2.
  386. > BST unit 3. Catria: Middle Whitewing for this example, who will be paired with Veronica: Brave Princess
  388. ----
  390. Q. What is Hero Merit (HM)?
  392. After every map, surviving units gain Hero Merit (0-5 based on unit level and difficulty of map). Once a unit's HM value hits a multiple of 500, you can claim that many feathers in the castle lobby. You can gain up to 6,000 HM on a unique character. Using duplicates (not merges) of a character will increase the amount of HM gained at once, but the HM cap will remain unchanged.
  394. To maximize a character’s HM gain, get them to level 40 first .
  396. The following are recommended methods of gaining HM:
  397. 1. GHB rotation Autobattle
  398. 2. Tempest Trials (when available, also Autobattle)
  399. 3. Forging Bonds (grants double HM when it's available)
  400. 4. Chain Challenges (Early Book 1 on Hard)
  401. 5. Illusory Dungeon / Tap Battle
  403. GHBs are recommended since they do not use stamina and can be autobattled. The following link has various autobattle strategies.
  406. [Macro]
  408. If you want to use macros on Memu, use "Operation Record". If you want to use macros on a phone, you can use ADB or Frep.
  409. Although IS hasn't banned people for macros yet, it's always a possibility. Your decision, your responsibility.
  411. ADB guide:
  413. ----
  415. Q. How do I SP grind?
  417. Each condition listed below doubles a unit's SP gain. Everything stacks.
  418. 1. Fighting on Friday / Saturday [EST time]
  419. 2. Using a weapon valor C skill (only found on specific units, but can be SI'd)
  420. 3. Conferring a blessing to a unit OR be a Legendary Hero
  421. 4. Getting a kill with in the Arena OR in Tempest Trials+ [with a bonus unit] or in Forging Bonds
  423. I recommend SP grinding with Lunatic 5 or 7 nodes if a Tempest Trials+ is available (bonus units get a major stat boost too). Other options include the “Special Training” maps or early Chain Challenges (1-2, 3-4) on Hard mode.
  425. Obviously, the Arena SP / Tempest SP / Forging Bond SP bonuses are impossible to stack.
  427. ----
  429. Q. If I merge a fully SI’d unit to another unit, will the other unit retain the SI from the first unit?
  431. Yes. Blessings are also retained.
  433. ----
  435. Q. Why should I link a Nintendo account?
  437. Main reason is to keep your account in case you intend on switching devices. If you do switch phones, you can just relink your Nintendo account after reinstalling FEH. Everything will be restored (outside of orbs if you switch between iOS and Android).
  438. You also get access to a reward shop on MyNintendo ( which gives you additional items like Stamina Potions, Dueling Crests and a one-time reward of 10 orbs (for free).
  440. ----
  442. Q. What should I buy on the MyNintendo shop with my points?
  444. In my personal opinion, get all of the Light’s Blessings/Hero Feathers first. There’s a limited amount so you’re not spending too many points anyway.
  445. After that, redeem your points for Stamina Potions and Dueling Crests.
  447. The crystals / shards are a waste of your points because you obtain enough from modes like Tempest Trials.
  449. ----
  451. Q. How do I get more Platinum Points?
  453. 1. 100 points for every completed story chapter.
  454. 2. 30 points for logging into MyNintendo and clicking the coin next to your Mii. [weekly]
  455. 3. 30 points for visiting Nintendo’s website while logged in. [weekly]
  456. 4. 30 points for visiting the eShop on a Wii U or 3DS [weekly]
  457. 5. You can also keep an eye out for occasional e-mails from Nintendo which award points if you want (birthday gives 300 points, etc).
  459. ----
  461. Q. [insert month here] schedule WHEN?
  463. That’s up to IS to release. Check the bulletin board or twitter (@FE_Heroes_JP) for your answer.
  465. ----
  467. Q. I hate [insert gamemode here], what do I do?
  469. S E N D F E E D B A C K
  471. ----
  473. Q. What do I do while stamina recharges or I get bored of FEH?
  475. Try some of the console FE games or do something productive.
  477. ==== [S6] Miscellaneous Media ====
  479. Official News
  480. (official, use Google Translate if you don't know moonrunes)
  481. (unofficial, translated to english)
  482. Note: You can also use the goddamn bulletin board too.
  484. Official Youtube Channel
  487. Choose your Legends (CYL)
  488. [CYL 1]
  489. [CYL 2]
  491. A Hero Rises!
  494. FE Heroes: A Day in the Life of Heroes (Manga)
  495. [JP]
  496. [ENG, translated]
  498. Smols Compilation
  501. Awakening Icons
  504. List of Fire Emblem Fanartists
  507. ==== [S7] Common FEH Abbreviations ====
  509. AA = Arena Assault
  510. AB = Allegiance Battles
  511. AoE = Area of Effect
  512. AR = Aether Raids
  513. BHB = Bound Hero Battle
  514. BK = Black Knight
  515. BoL = Breath of Life
  516. BST = Base Stat Total
  517. CA = Cancel Affinity
  518. CC = Close Counter or Chain Challenge
  519. CYL = Choose your Legends
  520. DB = usually Death Blow (sometimes Darting Blow)
  521. DC = Distant Counter
  522. DD = Distant Defense
  523. FEH = Fire Emblem Heroes (Feh is also the owl mascot of the game)
  524. F2P = Free to Play
  525. GHB = Grand Hero Battle
  526. GC = Grand Conquests
  527. HB = Heavy Blade
  528. HF = Hero Fest
  529. HM = Hero Merit
  530. LaD / LnD = Life and Death
  531. LB = Lancebreaker
  532. LHB = Legendary Hero Battle
  533. PP = Panic Ploy
  534. QP = Quickened Pulse
  535. QR = Quick Riposte
  536. RD = Rival Domains
  537. SA = Squad Assault
  538. SI = Skill Inheritance
  539. SP = Skill Points
  540. SS = Swift Sparrow or Special Spiral
  541. TA = Triangle Adept
  542. TT = typically Tempest Trials, but can be Training Tower
  543. VG = Voting Gauntlet
  544. WoM = Wings of Mercy
  547. ==== Outdated Stuff ====
  548. Old pastebin:
  549. Old pastebin:
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