Harvest Moon Jump

Sep 4th, 2014
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  1. Harvest Moon JumpChain CYOA
  2. Very much a work in Progress
  4. Something Something welcome to Harvest Moon... heres a 1000 CP
  6. Free things:
  7. A run down farm on an acre of land which includes:
  8. A small single room house with a bookshelf, a bed, a small TV, and a bed. Thats it.
  9. A small barn with 4 stalls
  10. A small chicken coop
  11. A well
  12. Very simple tools for farming.
  15. Starting areas
  16. 1d8
  17. 1. Neighbor Town - A simple farming village
  18. 2. Mineral Town - A town sitting next to the coast.
  19. 3. Forget-Me-Not Valley - A town sitting in a beautiful valley
  20. 4. Waffle Island - A once Glorious Island, maybe you can help get it back on its feet.
  21. 5. Leaf valley, a simple town. Rumor has it that someone is interested in turning it into a theme park.
  22. 6. Bluebell - A European Style town that specializes in animals, it has a strong rivalry with its neighbor town, Konohana
  23. 7. Konohana - An asian styled town that specializes in farming, it has a strong rivarly with its neighbor town, Bluebell
  24. 8. Pick where you want to go!
  26. Or pay 100 CP and choose yourself
  28. Age and Gender
  29. You start off as your chosen Gender, roll 1d8 + 16 for your starting age.
  30. Pay 100 CP to choose your own age
  32. Backgrounds:
  33. Drop in - Drop in as you are.
  35. City Boy - You received the farm from a long lost relative after they died. You know very little about farming or taking care of animals but you excel at meeting new people and selling your goods for the best price. 100 CP
  37. Farmer - You were raised on a farm and your grandparents left you their farm when they died. You know a lot about farming and taking care of the land, you didn't spend much time in school however and can be a little slow. 100 CP
  39. Rancher- You were practically raised in a barn. You have skill in dealing with animals of all kinds. You are lacking in the social skills department and find yourself anxious to get away from people. 100 CP
  41. Perks
  43. Greenthumb - When it comes to plants, you know just how to take care of them and what they need to grow properly. -100CP Free Farmer Discount Drop in
  45. Rancher - When it comes to animals, you know how to take care of them and what they need to grow grow properly - 100CP Free Rancher Discount Drop in
  47. Friendship - You have a knack for being able to get people to like you, you know how to quickly gain friends and their trust. You also have a general sense of the type of gifts people like to receive. -100CP Free City Boy Discount Drop in
  49. Master cook - You could make boiled water taste good. Your cooking is top of the line. You are capable of making excellent dishes with less then excellent equipment or materials. Winning the cooking contests in your town should be no trouble at all once you get decent ingredients. -100 CP
  51. Expert Trader - You are always able to get a fair price at any local trader, they'll never try to rip you off and might even give you a discount if they like you enough. -200CP Discount City Boy
  53. Charge it up - Til your field with a single swipe! You can charge up your energy allowing you to do more work in less time, lower quality tools can only do a few extra tiles, higher quality tools can do an entire field. Doing this more than a couple times a day will cause extreme fatigue. -200CP Discount Farmer
  55. Farmer Dolittle - You have the ability to talk to animals. They can understand you, and you can understand them. They don't always have much to say though and can be quite dim witted. -200CP Discount Rancher
  57. Breeding Expert - The animals you breed are always top of the line and at the peak condition for their species. -200CP
  59. Weatherman - You can perfectly predict the weather up to 2 days away, down to the minute it will rain. Predictions are more difficult farther then 2 days out, however you are more reliable then most forecasts. -200 CP
  61. Gaia speaks to me - You can feel, and even talk to, the land around you. You gain a general sense of the land up to mile around you and know if there is something wrong with nature. You have greater insight into the best places to plant crops, dig for materials, or look for water. -300 CP
  63. Who needs water? - You can grow plants in some of the worst of conditions and environments. Plants you grow require a fraction of the water and materials to properly grow and to prosper. When the conditions are decent, you can get double or triple the amount of product from a single plant. -300 CP
  65. Blessing of the Goddess: You have been blessed by the Goddess of the Harvest. Harvest Sprites will come by and help you with various tasks that revolve around nature, such as watering your plants, planting seeds, or taking care of animals. They will never do anything to harm nature or another person. -300 CP
  67. Items
  69. Bigger Barn - Your barn has been increased to have 12 stalls, with a loft to store hay and extra equipment. - 100 CP
  71. Superior Tools - You gain a superior set of tools needed for farming. They are top of the line and only a few special types of materials can make better tools. They are far easier to use and won't wear you out as much. -100CP
  73. Seeds Galore - You gain a magical bag that generates 10 mundane seeds every day of whatever you want. -100 CP
  75. Fishing Pole - This is no mere fishing pole. Its completely unbreakable and will be able to magically lure fish closer, even if you have no bait - 100CP
  77. Overnight NPC Delivery - Want an NPC from another town in yours? Any NPC will up and move to your starting town and live there instead.
  78. -100CP
  80. Man's Best Friend - A absolutely loyal dog comes with the farm. He is intelligent as far as dogs go and is extremely loyal to you. -200 CP
  82. Kitchen - Your house gains a kitchen with all the accessories and appliances you'll ever need for cooking. When you leave, you can take it with you and add it in to your warehouse. -200 CP
  84. Power Berry - Once a month a power berry will be delivered to you. When used it instantly restores all stamina and energy. - 200 CP
  86. Blue Feather - This is no ordinary blue feather. Not only is it used to propose to a certain special someone in your life, if they say yes they also become a companion of yours, allowing them to travel with you after the 10 years are up. -200CP
  88. Farmers Almanac - A guide book that offers advice when and where to plant various plant types, will automatically update to contain any plants you come across. Also contains other uses for various plants such as medicinal or even poison.-200 CP
  90. Companion guidebook - A magical book that will allow any of your companions to gain the Green thumb and Rancher Perks so they can help you on the farm! Does not work on you. - 300 CP
  92. House Expansion - Need more than one room? This expansion will include a second room, a dining room, and a bathroom. 200 CP
  94. Drawbacks:
  96. Hard Work - You lose all the powers you gave gained from your previous jumps for the extent of your stay in Harvest Moon. +100CP
  98. Graded - Your ten years in Harvest moon will be graded by the mayor of your town. using out of world Powers, technology, magic, not being friendly etc... will all cost you points. If you don't intend to spend the next 10 years working HARD the old fashioned way, expect to fail. Failing this is will end your journey. +100 CP
  100. Sickly - You are very frail and sick, you can do about half as much work as a normal person can do before getting tired, over exerting yourself will knock your ass out. You'll be sick in bed a couple of times a month and pass out in the street a couple more. +200 CP
  102. You suck - The town people hate you, your animals hate you, and the harvest goddess hates you. All of the people in your life will find one thing to dislike about you, with hard work and a lot of gifts you might be able to change a few peoples mind but good luck. +300 CP
  104. A storm is coming - Storms always seem to effect you in the worst way possible. Even the smallest storms will destroy your crops, hurt your animals, and damage your property. At least a couple times per month the storms will be so bad that you won't even be able to leave your house. Preparing for the weather will help, but Mother Nature will always find a way.
  106. Notes
  107. 1. The blue feather can be used outside of this jump. However its purpose remains the same, they only way it works is if the person given the flower agrees to marry you.
  109. 2. Any buildings you bought using CP can be taken with you at the end of the jump. They take up a minimum of 2000 Sqft per structure within the Cosmic Warehouse.
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