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  1. Stranger:  once upon a time
  2. You: there was a man
  3. You: He was a private detective
  4. Stranger: and he was on a case!
  5. Stranger: for the missing textbook!
  6. You: This book was a key piece of evidence
  7. You: for a woman who walked into his office late one night
  8. Stranger: who slipped him a napkin with a four digit code on it
  9. Stranger: the proceeded to tell him that it was in this textbook on page
  10. You: 19, he would find the pass-phrase to get into the secret base
  11. You: where her boyfriend was being held against his will
  12. Stranger: the detective was on the case!
  13. Stranger: he ran out of his office down the stairs and through the library, grabbed a candlestick, and ran out the door
  14. You: He searched for three days to find the book, every library, bookstore, and school
  15. You: Until he took a wrong turn, and ended up at an old Chinese man's rare book store
  16. Stranger: so he decided. eh what the heck. and went through the aisles of books
  17. Stranger: tired, worn out, sore from walking up and down each aisle, the detective was about to give up, until. he saw
  18. You: at the very end of the aisle, a battered and worn tome, Just the book he was looking for
  19. You: The phrase on page 19, 5th sentence from the top was
  20. Stranger: the pass-phrase! stating that the lake outside the capitol building of their city had a secret entrance. and only through the sprinkler system control box were you able to open it up
  21. Stranger: without another thought, the detective ripped out the page and ran as fast as he could to the capitol building only to be stopped by
  22. You: The old Chinese man. His name was Wong, and like the sign outside the store said, 'you cant go wrong when you pick up a book from Wong's!' he had been watching the detective ever since he showed up at the door, and wasn't pleased with him just tearing out a page of the book
  23. You: "you gonna pay for that bub?" he said in a decidedly not Chinese voice
  24. Stranger: fearing for the strange lady's boyfriend's life, the detective hurriedly searched through his pockets for spare change. while pulling out paperclips, string, and a penny, he quickly asked how much it would cost
  25. Stranger: "dawg. if you cant pay with money. you can pay with your life." he said, as he crept up. closer. preparing to fight.
  26. You: The old Chinese man reached into the sleeve of his ancient Chinese attire and pulled out a switch blade, he rushed forward and the Detective faked left, dodged right, and tripped the old Chinese man
  27. You: The man whirled around ready to attack again, but found himself at the end of a large caliber hand gun
  28. Stranger: not having any time to think about the Chinese man on the ground, stood tall facing a man in a black ski mask
  29. Stranger: quick as a flash, the detective thought of each possibility and ending with each action he took. he waited for a honking car to make the man in the ski mask flinch, only to seize the opportunity to do a roundhouse kick to the temple, leaving both the Chinese man and the man in the ski mask unconscious in the rubble of the street
  30. You: The detective quickly made his way to the main street, and hailed a taxi
  31. You: He got into a cab and the man in the front seat said strangely, "I'm sorry about this" as he said that, he pressed a small switch and gas filled the back seat, the detective tried to hold his breath and grabbed at the plastic divider as the world grew dark around him and he passed out
  32. Stranger: as the detective lay unconscious in the back seat, the man in the front seat drove all around the city and finally pulled into an alley next to an old abandoned factory
  33. Stranger: waking up in a daze, the detective tried to shake off the grogginess of the past few hours, and looked around.
  34. You: The world for some reason had turned upside down, or more likely, he had been strung up by his legs, as he looked around his eyes met he eyes of his client the beautiful woman who had hired him to find the page in the book
  35. You: "you!" he would have said, but the gag in his mouth and the look on his face told the dangerous dame everything she needed to know, "yes, me! I used you to get this piece of paper, and now that I have it, the secret technology in the government base will be mine!"
  36. Stranger: she cackled evilly and with the snap of her fingers, the man in the ski mask came stumbling out of a back room, an ice pack on his head. he stared at the detective with fire in his eyes, and mouthed the words "you are going down"
  37. Stranger: with no pun intended. the man in the ski mask flipped a switch, and the detective started to be slowly lowered onto the belt below, only now noticing that it led to a grinder.
  38. You: The woman and the man in the ski mask left the detective to his fate and left the detective to his fate, slowly he was being lowered towards the ominous machine, all seemed lost for the detective.
  39. You: suddenly the door the two baddies left was flung open, the light got in the detective's eyes, a figure walked in and flipped a switch, the chain stopped lowering just inches before is head was inside the grinder. the person walked over to the detective and pulled him away from the grinder.
  40. Stranger: the detective tried to blink away the blinding light in order to make out a face. the person carefully untied the detectives legs from the chain and helped bring the detective to his feet.
  41. Stranger: the amount of blood that had gone to his head from hanging upside down so long caused the detective to fall over and pass out. the last thing he remembered was the person picking him up and carrying him out into a van....
  42. You: The van rode along on a bumpy road, which shook the detective awake. He awoke on the floor of a van that had been converted into a sort of makeshift house with beads over the windows and separating the front seat from the back of the van. He looked out the window and the first thing he noticed was the stars, they definitely weren't in the city anymore. then he noticed the cacti. Desert.
  43. You: He made his way to the beads slowly, the voice coming from the front was female, asking him something, "wow, You're finally awake, There should be a fridge back there, I can hear your stomach grumbling"
  44. Stranger: the detective glanced behind him and saw the fridge. thinking nothing of it he was about to ask the woman who she was. and what was going on. but just as he opened his mouth, his stomach grumbled louder than he'd ever know it to be. so he stumbled back to the fridge and took out a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. he carefully made his way back to the front, pb and j in hand, and climbed into the seat next to the driver.
  45. Stranger: in between mouthfuls of the sandwich, he pestered the woman with questions. listening carefully to each response. by the end of the conversation he gathered that the woman was working for the fbi, and that the detective had just landed himself in
  46. You: the middle of a top secret investigation. there was a movement going on in the government, a schism caused by one singular event. the creation of a new, deadly weapon whose effects were unknown. It was only fired once, and when it was the entire team that had worked on it vanished. The pages of that book detailed where the secret lab was and the only person that knew where it was, at least now, was the woman who they were trailing
  47. You: "she seems to have stopped" the agent said as the van slowed to a stop in the middle of nowhere. The detective got out and said, "there's nothing here!" he looked over to the agent and she took a step forward and vanished. Flabbergasted the detective reached forward and his hand disappeared, something started to pull on his hand, as he was yanked into the area.
  48. Stranger: hurling through what seemed to be a vacuum, his face, felt as though it were being pulled at by his great aunt when she came to visit, pinching his cheeks. his head felt a million miles away from his feet. thinking he could stand it no longer, he let out a scream. just as he closed his eyes to wish it were all over, he was dropped onto a cold cement floor.
  49. Stranger: next to him was a huddled mass, and with a second glance he realized it was the agent. before he could find out if she was alive or dead, the detective was grabbed by his feet, and drug into another room
  50. You: Puled past other rooms with strange names like, 'transmogratifier' and 'Sizeultorior', he wondered what other strange experiments they were doing in this sinister government funded lab the man carried him into their destination. The room was filled with ancient native american things, at least they had native american markings on them.
  51. You: The man with the ski mask sat the detective down in a metal wheelchair and tied him up to it. He wheeled him over to the female mastermind of this entire scheme, "so, you escaped, but you still followed me here, not entirely the smartest thing in the world, but at least I will have another witness to the great new world I will create!" she looked at him slyly and cackled. The detective looked at her, or rather the large machine behind her all covered in native American markings meaning time, "What is your plan exactly, now that you have me incapacitated?"
  52. Stranger: "as I'm sure the hag agent filled you in. I. have been on the search for the new deadly weapon. i have studied the effects of this. and need the final piece of data to prove my theory! With this location now in place, i was able to conduct my last experiment using this machine behind me. tell me. detective. was there ever a place. that you've always wanted to revisit?"
  53. Stranger: the detective looked at her. suddenly it clicked. the markings meaning time. revisiting. yes. so its true. she was in fact. the agent. from the future! not skipping a beat. the detective shot back. "why yes. there was that time when
  54. You: I was on a case to get a textbook for a girl looking for her boyfriend" He said as he lurched forward and made the chair fall over, and hit a button that was on the table near her.
  55. you: as it turns out, the scientists didn't vanish, they had simply been put into a time loop just as the detective, and everyone else involved in the story just have. the detective thought as the time swirled around him, It would be great if this is how I get to live my life, obliviously living this same fantastic adventure over and over again. as time snapped back to the way it was before, he reached for his candle and went out into the night to find the book he was commissioned to retrieve.
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