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Aug 27th, 2014
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  1. AJ Hyper Pregged 2: Electric Boogaloo
  3. Contains: Hyper, preg, butts, boobs, anthro, macro?
  6. Applejack's hooves clattered about against the floor of her room. Rough uneven steps as her arms occasionally reached out for support while her back kept lurching forward while something heavy swung about and disturbed her center of gravity. Eventually reaching her nightstand and grasping for the phone, in a panic as her breath was still hot and ragged from the journey upstairs to her room. One hand on her stomach while it still gurgled away at the massive meal she had eaten over the course of an hour. Not even sure anymore how much food was left in her home after what she put away. Trying not to concentrate on the heavy sway of her body amidst the tingling flutters of heat swimming inside her gut while looking for that doctor's number.
  8. A few flicks into dialing on her old family rotary phone left her groaning as she grasped for the bucket she had kept in her room the past few nights after breaking every milking machine her friend's had given her. Digging and clawing at her tightly packed shirt until a head sized tit flopped out and pulled at her obscenely overstretched bra with an ungrateful pop coming from behind as a seam popped trying to hold her titanic mammary back. With her shirt held in her teeth, a hand pulling down her bra, while a rather heavy and distracting problem was being leaned against her mattress she did her best to dial the remaining numbers with her other hand while her free palm rubbed at her sensitive and pained nub that was almost the size of her fist.
  10. While the phone rang in her ear she moaned from her nipple that wrinkled against the pressing and pulling of her fingers, “Come on, come on, come on!” Not sure if she was chanting for the answer to her call or the explosive pain in her breast that was quickly changing into an odd tickle that was pushing toward her swollen aureola.
  12. The click of someone picking up rang in her ear, “ 'ello?” just as she felt her nipple lurch and start to sputter.
  14. Her answer was a long windy moan when the sputter turned into a sudden meaty gush just as her hand found leverage and was able to really pull and yank on her teat. In the span of a few seconds her engorged mammary easily spilling a gallon of warm cream into the bucket. The sound of her moan echoed by metal ringing from something with enough force to rival a hose began spattering cream about its emptiness. Applejack panting a few more times as her mind reeled from the sudden relief while she could feel the backdraft of milk misting her exposed flesh and face.
  16. The pompous voice from the other end of the line spoke up, “ 'e-ello? Dis is Doctoar Frahn, who is-.”
  18. “A-Applejack.” She blurted out as she tried to not think of her tit being pushed and mashed by her own fingers as its weighty presence was a hard thing to remove from her mind.
  20. “Oh, Apples-yack. Yes, how is thing?”
  22. She hated the way he talked, but right now she didn't have time to nitpick. Especially not when she noticed that the bucket was already starting to fill to capacity, a wave of heat washing over her face when she knew that last night it had taken both her tits to do just that. Her hand still pumping away as she felt more then enough milk inside her to overflow it, and then some.
  24. Regaining most her senses she spoke up again in a bit of a hurried panic before anything else happened, “Doc I think something's wrong!”
  26. “Oh dear, what?”
  28. She grunted as she felt that tremble in her gut, like everything inside her was shifting and moving and daring to kick the sensation into her throat and dig it into her loins at a moments notice. The intense burn lasting for a few scant moments as her tail flicked a little higher and she felt her already tightened jeans pop and reveal a few inches of her cutiemark to the world as her pant's waistline yawned open further to slip further down her nearly exposed curves. Every burning itch that raced across her body just like what she felt that morning, and in the apple field, but trouncing them both in intensity; and she had yet to experience what it heralded.
  30. “T-this morning I woke up and... I know you said it would be fast doc because of the magic but I should of called you when I noticed the curve of my gut was pushing the size of a holiday dinner. It was like I had a pair of pies stuffed in me!”
  32. She heard a bit of a thoughtful hum, “Oh that is normal Apples-yack. Very normal.”
  34. A bit of heat flared over her face, crossing her legs much to the chagrin of her pants popping a few more seams while a wet spot began to build up around her uncared for teat. “N-no, Doc maybe but... J-just listen! After that, in the apple field. I just wanted to get a few bushels done before I couldn't buck no more a-and.” She blushed deep at the memory of it, so fresh in her mind. “I ate two whole buckets doc. Heck I think it might-ah been three. T-then I just suddenly began to... to...”
  36. Her face was blushed deep while she remembered it. That concern while looking at her distended girth. Trying to tell herself that it was 'normal' for a mare in her situation like the doctor said. Then that curious wriggling began, her rather gravid looking gut almost visibly trembling while she could feel the heat rising in tune with the rumble quaking inside her core. Her fingers rather curiously playing with her rounded middle while it stood out within the overstuffed inside of her 'maternity' shirt from Rarity quite well. Wondering what was wrong while at the same time enjoying the curious wriggling in her belly that was making her blush.
  38. “-G-grow!”
  40. Her mouth yawning open out in the fields that morning and moaning. Breath shuddering from an easy drag to a hard pant while her swollen belly undulated in kind. Hand's clasping over the melon in her gut while her legs splayed wide against the strange heaviness surging inside her body. Her eyes opening after a fever of heat and butterflies from her girth surged into her body, breaking into a stark surprised stare while she watched the stripes of her shirt being stretched. At that time a throaty shout of pleasure escaping her when she began to feel her womb grow, hearing the stitches creak and pop while her orange girth began to separate the threads one by one. Still panting, panicking, and moaning when she felt like she had twins inside her. Shifting her legs open wider when she nearly fell over, and the maternal obesity of triplets clung to her girth and still pushed on for more. Each life hastening the cascade of breaking seams slowly opening up her shirt as the eggshell of fabric holding her belly split and began to open. Hot sweaty growing womb gently shaking and rippling further, wider, while her tough applebucking legs began to shake and tremble against the incredible weight of quadruplets tickling around inside her body.
  42. Screaming and shuddering as honey trickled down her legs, unable to stop the advance of her bust sputtering cream out of her body to only soak what little remained of her stubborn shirt while the broken tatters dragged slowly across her girth and only made her peak more and more while its mass kept expanding. Her arms no longer able to wrap around it at all when she felt it suddenly lurch. A spurt of growth only matched by the flecks of milk bursting out of her nipples, her pants trembling against her taxed and overbearing flanks as they were pulled over every growing curve and edge of her tingling body moments before her girth's heavy sway slammed the heft of sextuplets into her trembling gams.
  44. Heaving and moaning as it pulled her legs down. Dropping it against the ground in a fit of heat as the pure weight of it reverberated into her groin and through her shaking hips that tingled and pushed at her pants all the while. Lying there, leaning atop a beanbag chair, panting as her mind slowly knit itself back together from the multiple orgasmic peaks she slammed into on the way down.
  46. Eventually the haze lifting so she might be able to grasp the... enormity of her problem while her hands kept poking and grasping at it. Trying to truly understand the mass of life attached to and wriggling inside her body. The resolve to move slowly claiming her as she began trying to move the weight into a manageable position, the shape distorting and squishing while she tilted her weight about and nearly flopped onto her face twice. Trying to ignore the wonderful flutter of the internal pressure kicking things about inside her as the firm shape would still give and swell against her prodding, the warm weight inside getting swirled about with every motion.
  48. Her attempts eventually gained some headway. Hope that nopony saw her squatting against her girth, looking like she was trying to hug a medicine ball far too large and heavy for her, while her legs began to flex and bite at the seams in her pants. Slowly she felt the weight lifting, butterflies kicking up as the weight inside her began floating free inside the enormity of her girth. Panting and grunting when it was finally free of the earth, a few inches of air between her and immobility while she hefted it skyward so her legs could take up more of the weight. Nearly losing it as the sensation of watermelons shifting about internally danced somewhere inside her skin, the heavy weight bouncing against the walls of her thick womb, kicking it hard enough to disturb the obscenely round shape for a scant second as she felt the skin shift from the disturbance and slowly mold back into its motherly shape. The sudden mother of six feeling more honey run down her legs as she gritted her teeth and managed to find a center that let her stand evenly, her hands cupping around what of the bottom they could to keep herself level while she tried to peer around her monstrously oversized girth. Nearly falling over twice from foolishly swinging the mass about and loosing control while she felt the contents swirl and swish abot inside before the sudden stop her legs forced upon the object made them slither and slam against the walls of her womb. She could only guess the weird dance of finding help probably looking like she might be trying to shove her maternity into another pony's face. The thought of what it might feel like to bump another pony with its mass, only to feel the reverberated wiggle from the collision, made her unexpectedly randy moments before she felt her legs wobbling and almost bubklng against the weight they couldn't bear for much longer.
  50. She knew she would of never made it back to the house in that condition, and gave praise to whatever luck she had when she saw the empty wheelbarrow only a few strides away. Legs ready to shatter as she had to heave her girth up a few precious inches to get it into its cradle. Every muscle in her tones body shaking while she set her cargo down within it in a rather gentle and calm manner while she caught her breath and just watched the life within her just... move. Trying to not get enamored with the rather concerning orb she had growing from her as every kick and wiggle inside her registered with a rather powerful jolt of tingles whenever it disturbed her skin or when one particularly strong kick jostled her center and she felt herself tipping over from the wrecking ball of flesh nearly tilting out of the cradle it lie smooshed within. Eventually gathering herself and lifting the wheelbarrow, trying not to wince and let herself moan from the bumpy ride giving her womb a rather titillating shiver as it trembled and shook from every jump and fall on her hurried trot home.
  52. Her mind slowly fell back into the present as she heard the doctor finally answer her, “Ah yes, normal. Nothing to worry for.”
  54. “whut!?” She almost shouted back at him, “How is it normal to have a small family of foals inside you, and then eat almost half your kitchen in one sittin'!”
  56. She didn't want to recount that. After having trotted back home for what felt like hours she meant to grab a phone, but was instead suddenly stricken by just how damn good her house smelled. Seconds later finding herself in the kitchen and jamming every available piece of sustenance into her face while chugging anything that looked remotely satisfying. She was just glad the family was out visiting other family while she shoved whole wedges of leftover pie in her maw. Each piece of food feeling tastier then the last as she could feel the weight of food building in her gut. She had no idea where the strength came from to constantly lift the behemoth that jutted from her body, but every morsel left it quivering and rumbling in digestion as she would burp and slurp after every craving induced mouthful she would force inside her throat that seemed to gulp down impossible wads of food.
  58. The nearly hour long feast ending with a rather heavy slap of food landing in her girth. A loud burp and satisfied pat of her gut following its tumultuous shaking from the cannonball of food landing inside her belly. The thing that was once impossibly large to her was now even more stuffed then before, moments before she felt that tingling rumble from before in the apple field that made her realize she had just given her monster more food. A monster that was rumbling pleasantly inside her as she felt it warming and digesting the fuel it would use to immobilize her for good. Leading up to her needing to climb a few stairs as she tried to not think how not only that the idea was it making her marehood leak, but that she swore she felt a tad lighter then before. trying to ignore the concerning rise of her hips over the lip of her pants, even as her gut got caught in every other doorway. Only able to fit with a bit of tingle inducing squeezing as she felt her hips brush up against the doorway just as she pops through. Barely able to keep the wonderful feeling of her heavenly masses getting smooshed together out of her mind so she didn't need to think that somehow her gut wasn't the only thing getting bigger.
  60. However once she felt the cream overflowing from the bucket and sloshing over onto her bed and belly that stretched the mattress's length she felt that she had to. There was a rather curious grumbling coming from the phone as she panted at the thoughts swirling through her mind while she tried to ignore the scintillating shaking that buzzed inside her gut as she began to feel that familiar heat of her oven warming up again.
  62. “ 'ow many did you think you were having?” The doctor eventually said.
  64. “I don't know a foal, maybe two.”
  66. “N-no,” he said with a rather annoyed grumble, “no names, just number. How many?”
  68. Her brow furrowed as she tried to push the trudging groan of her girth out of her mind. “One or two?”
  70. “Oh dear, now I see problem.”
  72. A micture of hope and fear flew through her mind, “W-well?”
  74. “Um. In my country we count differently the number of libden our mare give birth to.”
  76. She had never really heard a foal called that before, but whatever, “S-so?”
  78. “I thought you said you want to try to have a Foalce. In my country, that is a big many.”
  80. “H-how big.” Applejack said while her eyes widened, watching her gut starting to visibly churn and slosh, the kicking of her young mixing with the mind tingling pinch of her gut mashing and burning through her prior feast.
  82. “You want one, maybe two libden. That is very little number for mares in my country. We usually have them in sixes so we use different name for the 'single pregnancy'. It why almost everything is family business, and why you get recommended me at surrogacy clinic. I am best at multiple pregnancy.”
  84. Applejack groaned into the phone, her breath starting to hasten and match the heat she felt radiating against her face as the whole room began to warm from her presence. “S-so six. Is it six? I t-think I can handle six.”
  86. “No, you not have six.”
  88. “W-what?” She could practically hear her breathing from the other end, heaving as she watched her belly trembling and rocking about, her bed starting to creak like it would on a honeymoon.
  90. “Six is a birden.”
  92. “More then six?” She mumbled.
  94. “Three birden is a quiver.”
  96. “Eighteen...”
  98. “About three quiver is a field.”
  100. “F-Fifty!”
  102. “About Three field in a half-Foalce, so twice zat is.”
  104. “A few hundred!!” The phone dropped as she grunted, panicked and hot as she felt her tail lift and fresh wetness began spitting out of her sex as it trembled in climax. Teeth clenched as her stomach quaked within her and she felt her womb push out over the other side of her mattress, while the frame of the bed began to bend in loud protest.
  106. A voice faintly whispered out from the receiver that was miles away from Applejack’s quickly fogging mind, “But it is okay. Your body will only grow to what it can take. It is absurd for any normal mare to have more then two birden in our country. Even then it only if her family history show they are very fertile. It's not like your family reaches to every corner of world, no? I'm sure you're just having a few early growth spurts from the foreign magic in your system, heheh.”
  108. Her gut that was pushing out in ever direction eventually found its way to the receiver, and grumbled loudly against the surface as Applejack moaned loudly from the weight of more young stretching her heated waterbed of a womb.
  110. “O-oh dear. That does sound like a lot. You are not calling me from inside are you? H-hello?”
  112. Applejack lost her center as her bed frame collapsed, tipping her over as her apple bucking hips smashed into the wall and pulverized the nightstand alongside the phone itself. A grunt and a trembling buttock sent creaks into the floor as she tried to keep upright. Stammering and crying out as a loud bang signaled a chunk of her ass slipping out of her pants, the fraying walls hanging unevenly as she rocked against her womb's jittering motions and kept stressing the seams with the repeated tightening that came from her sudden shifts to keep the titanic kicks of apple-young trying to bump and prod her over onto her girth and leave her helplessly kicking in the air. The sharp contours of her muscles constantly rebuffed and shuddered as they molded perfectly into the elastics of her pants that kept shifting and pushing back harder and wider until tiny shreds began to appear. Hot uneven strips of supple apple butt bleeding through as she grimaced and dug at the hampering fabric biting into her ass. The teeth marks of the fabric's wavering strength leaving only as the once smooth surface of fabric showed signs of weakness as islands of toned orange flesh linked together and began to explode from the tuat surfaces in waves. A shiver rolling out over her thighs and rippled through her ass as a long ripping pop let her trapped flesh taste the air once more. Her meaty thighs bouncing and twitching with muscle and heft until they slapped against the wall next to her. Her lavish hips only made more so by the skin pulled so tight over the rounded meat and sharp muscle that the sweat across the surface gleamed in the light of the sun that poured in from the open window and warmed her hams.
  114. And still, after all of that her torment did not end. Unable to form a coherent thought between every gush of honey down her leg and trembling expanse of womb visibly punching wider and longer with every life she could feel being grown within her. The mattress meant for one beneath her quickly becoming a large pillow to make her gut comfortable as it slowly trembled and rumbled itself larger then that, making her quiver as her Tits began to play catchup.
  116. The earlier milking already meaning nothing as she heard the bucket clatter around on the floor near her. Trying to tug her top off, its latch out of her reach as her shirt was already soaked in sputtery flecks erupting from their tips. Her torso lurching against the pained throbs of her teats trying to do more then just tickle and leak against her cloth as milky tears streamed from the hidden nubs. A rather painful lurch as she felt them swell, almost bigger then her head now as she watched the entire top tremble in fear as they ripped the neck of her shirt wide open. The frilly bra all that was left from the pressure that held the aching cream back.
  118. Applejack couldn't stand fiddling around her back reaching for the latch that kept her tits trapped. The pained need to lactate screamed at her finger to dig at her nipples and make them burst. Without a second thought moaning as the digging of her fingers to get to her out of reach nozzles made the milk only press harder against her blocked exits. Slowly though she could feel the tingle of relief, a crack in the levy that tried to plug her needed mammaries. Her hands began working at her bosom, kneading it in a pained slowness as she felt the milk churn and felt her cream kiss at the exit only to be torn away by the finicky drips bleeding through the top. Shuddering as she felt them swell again, two oversized and far too inflated beach balls began pushing against a dainty top that barely capped the reservoir trying to explode from the crack in the dam.
  120. Her palms began feverishly grasping at titflesh and pushing. Holes threatening to erupt from the bra as she could feel streamers of milk spraying out over her womb, warming it with hot sustenence. Releaseing her bosom only made her feel the rush and swell of cream hurying to replace that which was released, shivering as she watched her tits swell back into the pained fullness in mere moments. Twitching and heaving in time with the bothered pulses of cream constantly hammering out of her tits in shuddering need, again and again until she felt her nipples spray a gallon of misty milk onto her womb. Unable to take anymore of being tickled on the edge of release, grasping at her tits and squeezing them together with every muscle in her arms. Moaning and yelping as the latch biting into the small of her back finally snapped, her nipples thumping with the pounding resonance of gallons suddenly exploding from her teats. Plastering the bra against the far wall as cream gushed in nearly straight stream as her tits slowly released their pent up nutrition into the room. Leaving everything wading in a layer of fresh dairy as her bosom slowly found its place atop her womb and molded into a bosom's maternal shape. The geysers dying down to a steady gush of tickling relief that left her womb in a constant state of warm satisfaction as the rivers rounded out over every thump and kick the life in her womb gave her.
  122. For a moment she was there again, aware of her body amidst the storm rumbling and burning inside her. Her hand reaching and rubbing at her girth, teeth nipping at her lips until a satisfied sigh crossed her mouth. Feeling her tits gush and sputter constantly, nutrition to be devoured by masses and used to help feed her hungering girth while her hips were smooth and widened to the point that she could in no doubt be capable of bearing the brood rumbling in her belly. Yet still she felt something, a strange thought wistfully buzzing about in her head as she thought of this wonderful state she was in. A smile on her face as it finally sang out and she knew what that thought, that need, truly was. A question, which begged an answer to her desires.
  124. Still panting, heaving with delight as she looked at her maternal form, her lips curled into one word. “More...”
  126. A punch of pressure suddenly exploded inside her gut, and she trembled. Moaning and shivering while wetness gushed between her thighs. Feeling the static thump of solid heat quaking inside her womb as every sudden kick and tremble sent her reeling from the pushing her skin could feel trying to stretch her taut flesh even further. Shivering as she felt a smooth nub at the crown of her womb brush against the far wall. The smooth almost hairless flesh hot and sweaty with the internal heat of her womb gurgling ever hotter while her bothered panting reached a fevered rhythm and maintained even as she watched the surface grumbling and shifting about while the intense pressure from moments before the surge that slung her womb across the room with its growth returned.
  128. Yet it didn't stop, she didn't think she could feel any closer to truly exploding yet the throbbing need for room kept growing and growing. The room she was within, roomy by anyone's standards, seemed to be too small. She trembled and groaned as the heat of her womb bathed out into her body. Everything feeling the same tingle and pulse that lie centered in her girth as her head suddenly hit the ceiling. Her arms flying out in a mild panic as she felt her room shrinking around her and nipping at every curve of her body. Slowly realizing that she was growing, expanding. Her ass flexing as she was soon squatting and pushing at beams and walls for more room. Nearing a point of almost twice her original height when she felt the floorboards split. The moment of weightlessness stopped when her ass plugged the hole her hooves carved out. Her legs dangling helplessly above the family room as no nail or splinter existed which could harm her iron toned flanks that were pinched and prodded by every damaged beam.
  130. Slowly Applejack realized what was happening as her legs kept pushing further out from her body, her torso widening while her arms began to fill out and knock over every piece of furniture in her room. The milk from her still bloating tits seeping through the hole below and into every cranny it could find. Her head slowly rising back up to its prior height in her room in hurried spurts as she felt the weight within her girth moving again. Looking forward in slight horror as the womb before her began to lean its weight against her, the breaking floor beneath her creaking as its heft pushing down on her ass and tightened the grip of the room on her hips. Heaving as she still felt it growing, the lives within not only increasing in number but in size as well. Realizing the pressure she felt was every foal getting bigger, each new life growing faster then the last as her overpacked cart slowly began to look like a portable apartment. In that moment as she dangled high above the room below with her ass being pinched and pulled at, her tits gushing and filling her home with her cream while they shuddered and pushed against her face, with the womb above still gurgling and growing. Filling every inch of space her room had to spare. Applejack rubbed at her girth, and felt every life shivering within her. Rattling her senses, making her moan at the tingling satisfaction of feeling her thick skin be pulled taut over every strong kick, able to feel it shift and mold against every hoof and body that prodded at the surface, she couldn't help but whisper again.
  132. “M-more...”
  134. A thunderous roar rumbling inside her as she came hard from the flutter that erupted inside her titanic girth. Shivering goosebumps rippling out into chair sized hams that were her hips, the floor creaking and cracking against her ass as it began to push and explode in size, rippling with fitness and mass as she destroyed her own floor and dropped down. Landing with a meaty slam that shook everything in her home from its place and sent out a wave of cream crashing into the walls as she was driven to her back while anything that stood in the way of her lumbering fall cracked and disintegrated against her heavenly form. Dipped in a layer of creamy goodness and grasping at her womb while she floated in a pool of her own heavenly juices she nearly filled the entire first floor of her home, thrusting the symbol of her motherhood high against the ceiling as the warm supple surface was covered in bumps and gurgling quakes. Panting and screaming as it began to expand, the surges sending out waves of cream from her tits that rocked into the walls and threatened to burst open the doors.
  136. The rise of her belly curving into every crease and pushing into every wall as she could feel it pressing up against her face while her home fought to keep it contained. Broken battered walls flexing and bending as she could hear nail and board creak. Support beams yawning in pain as she twitched and gushed each high into the next while she felt the lives crowding inside her. Each wall that fell, every room that imploded against her girth's ceaseless advance was felt as the barnhouse at the edge of Poneville began to buckle and change. Slowly becoming a great rounded egg pointing high into the sky as orange flesh peaked out from every broken seam of the superstructure. Observers able to watch the wood wobble and shake against the rhythmic pounding of the trapped creature within, while cream gushed out of every window and door while the shape began to buckle and crack. The tiled roof splintering and flaking off an orange curve that pushed and shoved time and again against stubborn line of structure that criss-crossed the surface. Windows blowing out and walls popping into obtuse shapes as every throb of the beast became more noticeable with every shivering advance of its size. The shivering quakes reaching a fevered pounding that could be felt in the ground as the foundation itself buckled against the weight of the titanic thing's birth that was moments away.
  138. A moment of terrible stillness as it shivered, pulsing as wide as it could and not receding. A loud rapturous cry heralding the explosive shower of wood as the top blasted clean off. Unable to stop the womb's ceaseless advance as it swelled without heed into the sky while its pure girth popped out of the strengthless outer walls as its width slowly toppled every structure in the farm. Layering everything in a thick heap of hot appleflesh as the skin pulled taut against every life jittering and wiggling within her. Leaving her to be a living breathing landmark that could be seen for miles around as her climax of honey and milk washed over the hills and into the land all around. Her mind uncaring of anything save her own body as she just let herself be bathed in the sensations of divine motherhood. The heat of the sun bathing over every yard of her impossible maternity as it stood high over her collecting cloud's with its pure mass while her hips dug into the dirt under her and could easily roll her out from under it. However, she truly believed she was planted where she lay, the best she might be able to do for herself to roll herself over. Only to then be trapped atop her womb, with her tits raining milk down upon the gathering ponies below. A massive maternal mountain at the edge of town for all to see.
  140. [][][Later][][]
  143. Luna looked through the telescope angled at what was once sweet apple acres. Now the site of a rather immovable mountain of a mare that was being seen to by what was practically an army of doctors, scholars, farmers, and who knew what else. The hub-bub about the new supposed 'Princess of Fertility' already reaching a fevered pitch.
  145. “Think about it Luna, the Princess of Fertility.”
  147. Luna hissed a bit in apprehension. “I don't know. She is rather remarkable that she had such an adverse effect from that Prancian magic and all but... don't you remember what happened when Sparkle became royalty?”
  149. Celestia was off in her own little world already, “We can make her a castle that looks like a farm. A place where the weary mother can go to be waited on hand and hoof. The servants of only the best breeding stock in Equestria, with all the oil we can spare~.”
  151. Luna had to shout to get her attention over the mental images her sister was conjuring for herself, “Sister! Do you not remember when every pony in the kingdom wanted to learn magic!? Even the earth and the pegasi?” Her sister's attention caught as she continued, “If we do this then every mare in Equestria is going to get caught up in a craze to 'look like the new princess'. We'll have probably a two month period where every mare in Canterlot and beyond looks ready to pop. For all we know they'll make a new spell to make themselves stay gravid for the rest of time. Just letting the foals grow up inside them until they look as big and bloated as their idol. Not to mention the population explosion from all the ones who don't-”
  153. Celestia took her own turn raising her voice in order to break her younger sibling's rant, “Oh its not a new spell, just slightly forgotten.”
  155. Luna's face twitched a bit at the sudden change of tone from her only family, “W-what?” Slowly she noticed the familiar look on her older sibling's face, “S-Sister. Sister no, we talked about this.”
  157. Celestia started giggling a little too happily, “And I think I know a certain mare who likes to fool around with her royal guard.”
  159. “S-sister-”
  161. “And I don't think we've had a red moon in a while.” She said with a flurry of wiggling eyebrows.
  163. “W-what I do In my bed chamber's is my own-”
  165. Their snouts touched as Celestia's horn began to glow, “And you're not the only one who can see day-dreams you know. Oh, 'broodqueen of the night'.”
  167. Luna's face gained a stark pink to it, as she felt her sister's magic stirring around inside her deepest place.
  169. “So, do you want the spa of your dreams where you can get that oversized girth of yours stroked for hours on end, or don't you?”
  171. [The End]
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