World's Best Mom

Aug 3rd, 2015
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  1. >Be Twilight Velvet
  2. >Dude, life is so fucking amazing right now
  3. >Rode the cock carousel in college
  4. >Hell, WAY past college, well into your thirties
  5. >Then, when you needed some stability, that Nightlight guy was there for you
  6. >Even took care of your first kid you'd had with Fancy Pants
  7. >But, the one you popped out with Nightlight had some sort of weird brain condition that made them socially abnormal
  8. >And they were cloying as FUCK
  9. >Always going 'oh, Mom, look, I memorized this chemistry book, and I performed this dumb experiment, aren't you happy?'
  10. >You heard this is what happens when you have kids when you're older
  11. >Luckily, Fancy Pants never stopped loving you
  12. >What a fucking fag
  13. >You were able to divorce Nightlight, and, despite island hopping with your rich boyfriend, he still had to pay crazy alimony to you
  14. >Shit was crazy
  15. >Only bad thing is you sometimes have to spend some sending dumb cards to your literally retarded daughter
  16. >What is she now? Like 15 or something? Whatever
  17. >"Ah, Velvet, there you are! Did you still want to go to the wine tasting with me?"
  18. "Huh? Oh, yeah, sure. Just gotta finish this dumb card up."
  19. >Hallmark cards are getting more expensive
  20. >'Happy 15th Birthday,
  21. >'Love,
  22. >Mom <3'
  23. >Eh, good enough
  25. >You really, really wish Nightlight would stop trying to e-mail you
  26. >Just having his voice play in your mind when you read his words makes you want to wretch
  27. >The guy was a total pussy the whole time you were married, never took charge in anything, and basically LET you leave
  28. >Despite the fact that you've never replied to him, he still e-mails you
  29. >Sometimes, he has the gall to criticize you for not 'doing more' for your kids
  30. >Shining has always done well for himself, and you're quite proud of him
  31. >Twilight, on the other hand... Well, you thought giving her your name would mean she'd be anything like you, but sheesh, you wish you'd gone through with the abortion
  32. >At the very least, her birth meant that, during the divorce, you were able negotiate a higher alimony to 'surrender' custody of Twilight to him
  33. >He literally paid you more money to be the one to have to spend money on that autistic vampire
  34. >Anyways, recently he's been e-mailing you about Twilight doing drugs, and even being raped
  35. >It's like making up crazy shit about his boring life with his boring daughter is how he thinks he can get you back
  36. >'Oh, I just want us to be a family again, where'd it all go wrong?'
  37. >Pah
  38. >He's the one who didn't fight for you when you cheated on him
  39. >'Don't you think your daughter would just want to hear your voice for once after something so traumatic? That she might need her mother at a time like this?'
  40. >This fucker just can't stop it with the lies
  41. >"Ah, Velvet! Still up for that polo match? Or did you want to head over to the museum's new exhibit?"
  42. "I was thinking we could actually go to that new five-star restaurant that opened up."
  43. >"Excellent taste, my dear."
  44. >Just got to finish this up quick
  45. >Your old life just keeps on trying to soak up all your time
  46. >For the first time, you reply to Nightlight
  47. >You send him a file containing lewd photos of you and Fancy Pants
  48. >That'll get him to stop talking to you, you hope
  49. >Now, which dress should you wear...
  51. >Mm, another nice day on the beach
  52. >Recliner
  53. >Margarita
  54. >Sun
  55. >That magnificent ocean air...
  56. >Your phone rings
  57. >Ugh, and you were having such a nice time relaxing in this beautiful sun
  58. "Twilight Velvet speaking."
  59. >"M-Mommy? Mommy, I'm so scared."
  60. >What the hell is this, a prank call?
  61. "Look, I don't know how you got this number, but—"
  62. >"Th-They're all dead... Dad, my friends... I'm so scared..."
  63. "Wait, Twilight?"
  64. >What in the world was Twilight doing calling you?
  65. >How did she even get your number?
  66. >This is probably Nightlight's doing
  67. >Some scheme to get you back, again
  68. "Twilight, did Nightlight put you up to this?"
  69. >There's just whimpering on the other end
  70. >You shrug, lean over, and take your margarita into your hand, sipping on the high quality beverage
  71. >You're not going to let Nightlight ruin your perfectly good tanning time
  72. >"Mommy, please, I'm so sorry for breaking you and Dad up... I'm so scared... D-Discord, he... Dad, my friends, my girlfriend—"
  73. "WHAT?!"
  74. >You end the call
  75. >God, you knew your daughter was off, but THIS off?
  76. >You didn't raise her to be some homosexual freak
  77. >And either this was some Nightlight stunt, or whatever mental world your daughter has cooked up for herself
  78. >There's an overactive imagination, and then there's whatever Twilight has
  79. >"Velvet, you look upset... Who was that?"
  80. "Huh? Oh, it was just my daughter. Even on the other side of the world, it seems I can't get away from my old life..."
  81. >"I always liked Twilight."
  82. >You groan
  83. >He'd barely known her at all
  84. >You're glad you could convince him to take you away with him
  85. >Took a lot of convincing
  86. >'It's just not right, Velvet!'
  87. >You could change his tune
  88. >You lay back down on your recliner, taking in the sun
  89. >A few more minutes, and it'll be time for your backside...
  91. >You're not really one for art museums
  92. >They seem tacky and meaningless
  93. >'Oh, the technique of the old masters, it's almost like looking through a window!'
  94. >You could take a picture with your smart phone and have a 'photo realistic' image
  95. >Some of the post-modernist exhibits catch your eye, though
  96. >Lots of passion and vigor in them, much like yourself
  97. >Sometimes you fancy yourself capable of being in a museum one day
  98. >But today, you're looking at a rather old painting, almost lost in it, which is not like you at all
  99. >Something about it just—
  100. >Your phone rings
  101. >Probably one of Fancy's clients trying to hit on you again
  102. >Wonder if you'll let this one succeed this time
  103. >It's been a while since you've let yourself have a little aside...
  104. "Hello?~"
  105. >"M-Mommy?"
  106. >You groan
  107. >It's been months since Twilight called you last, which means THIS call is months too soon for you
  108. "What do you want?"
  109. >"D-Discord wants to talk to you..."
  110. >Who?
  111. >There's some rustling on the other end as the phone exchanges users
  112. >"Twilight Velvet, correct?"
  113. "Yes. Whatever this is, can you hurry up? I'm perusing art and I hate to be interrupted."
  114. >There's a chuckle on the other end of the line
  115. >"Well, you see, I have your daughter... I hear your friends with a rather fat cat, no? Well—"
  116. "Look, whoever you are, whatever games Nightlight has you playing, it's not funny. You expect me to believe my daughter's been kidnapped? Tell Nightlight: Do not contact me anymore. I'm done. I'm changing my number."
  117. >Can't Nightlight ever leave you alone
  118. >Doesn't he realize you're not PROPERTY
  119. >"I'm a bit of a jokester, but I can assure you, right now I'm not joking. I have your—"
  120. "Goodbye."
  121. >You forcefully end the call
  122. >What a hassle your life has been...
  123. >Fancy Pants walks beside you
  124. >"This is a rather nice one, isn't it, Velvet?"
  125. >Something about this portrait touches you
  126. >A mother and her child
  127. >There's an elegance and nostalgia to it
  128. "It reminds me of my childhood with my mother."
  129. >You smile
  131. >You hadn't expected to actually find anything when you went searching the 'death' of your daughter
  132. >When the invitation to Nightlight's funeral had arrived, you'd taken it as just another one of his many attempts at getting you back into Canterlot
  133. >But...
  134. >It seemed it was all true, what Twilight was telling you
  135. >The funeral is going to be a closed-casket, you assume, seeing as they found her strewn about Canterlot
  136. >Someone had sent the police on a wild goose chase just to find the pieces...
  137. >So morbid...
  138. >You read off the list of names of deaths associated with the crime
  139. >Most don't mean anything to you
  140. >Sunset Shimmer, Treehugger, Fluttershy, Nightlight...
  141. >Well, seems you missed his wake
  142. >To think, you were the last person Twilight ever spoke to
  143. >And you didn't even speak to her, really
  144. >How could you have known what was really going on?
  145. >No sane person would hold you responsible for something like this...
  146. >You notice Fancy Pants leaning over your shoulder, a grimace on his face
  147. >"What's this? Looks rather grim—"
  148. >His jaw drops, and he covers his mouth
  149. >"By God! Velvet, your family... Are you okay?!"
  150. >You nod
  151. "It... Doesn't even seem real to me."
  152. >"Well, we have to go to Canterlot! We—"
  153. "But the date coincides with the arrival of the Arabian prince. We've been looking forward to this ball for months! What happened is terrible, but—"
  154. >Fancy Pants shakes his head
  155. >"Surely you can't be serious?!"
  156. >You shrug
  157. "I just don't think I could bear it..."
  158. >This is all terrible, but...
  159. >Being there would only put more stress on you
  160. >You've just lost your family!
  161. >Do you really need to have it shoved in your face?
  162. >Fancy Pants shakes his head lowly before nodding
  163. >You can always get him to agree with you
  164. >You turn back to your monitor
  165. >Jasmine Star's sob stories won't be anything compared to yours
  166. >Maybe your life will even become a Lifetime movie
  167. >It's all so surreal right now...
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