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  1. 00:00:01.264 VDInit finished
  2. 00:00:01.267 iSCSI: login to target iqn.1992-08.com.netapp:sn.151708535 successful
  3. 00:00:01.269 iSCSI: logout to target iqn.1992-08.com.netapp:sn.151708535
  4. 00:00:01.269 PDM: Failed to construct 'piix3ide'/0! VERR_VD_IMAGE_READ_ONLY (-3205) - Image is read-only.
  5. 00:00:01.272 ERROR [COM]: aRC=NS_ERROR_FAILURE (0x80004005) aIID={0a51994b-cbc6-4686-94eb-d4e4023280e2} aComponent={Console} aText={VD: error opening image file 'ob3160a|iqn.1992-08.com.netapp:sn.151708535|1' (VERR_VD_IMAGE_READ_ONLY).
  6. 00:00:01.273 Failed to open image 'ob3160a|iqn.1992-08.com.netapp:sn.151708535|1' in read-write mode rc=VERR_VD_IMAGE_READ_ONLY (VERR_VD_IMAGE_READ_ONLY).
  7. 00:00:01.273 Failed to attach driver below us! Image is read-only. (VERR_VD_IMAGE_READ_ONLY).
  8. 00:00:01.273 PIIX3 cannot attach drive to the Primary Master (VERR_VD_IMAGE_READ_ONLY).
  9. 00:00:01.273 Unknown error creating VM (VERR_VD_IMAGE_READ_ONLY)} aWarning=false, preserve=false
  10. 00:00:01.280 Power up failed (vrc=VERR_VD_IMAGE_READ_ONLY, rc=NS_ERROR_FAILURE (0X80004005))
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