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  1. #left_container [href*='ad'] {
  2.    display: none !important;}
  3.    .logo_div {display:none !important;visibility:hidden;}
  4.    .uppermenu {display:none !important;visibility:hidden;}
  5.    .fpix_header {display:none !important;visibility:hidden;}
  6.    .fpix_header td {display:none !important;visibility:hidden;}
  7.    .fpix_header.topad {display:none !important;visibility:hidden;}
  8.    #show_chat_btn {display:none !important;visibility:hidden;}
  9.    .profile_text {display:none !important;visibility:hidden;}
  10.    #flash_close_butt {display:none !important;visibility:hidden;}
  11.    #left_container {display:none !important;visibility:hidden;}
  12.    #asltable {display:none !important;visibility:hidden;}
  13.    #asltable td {display:none !important;visibility:hidden;}
  14.    #asltable.fpix_asl_table {display:none !important;visibility:hidden;}
  15.    #buyers_ad {display:none !important;visibility:hidden;}
  16.    .bottombar {display:none !important;visibility:hidden;}
  17.    </style>
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