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  1.         <title>Guest Wireless Services</title>
  2.         <style>
  3.         <!--
  4.                 HTML { margin: 0 }
  5.                 BODY { background: #DDDDDD; color: black; }
  6.                 H2   { font-face: Verdana; font-size: 80px; }
  7.         -->
  8.         </style>
  9. </head>
  11. <table align="center" width="100%" border=0 cellspacing=0 cellpadding=6 style="margin-top: 100px;">
  12. <tr><td colspan="2" valign="top" align="center">
  13.         <h2 id="loading">Welcome</h2>
  14.         <Form action="#">
  16.         <P>See front desk for access code</P>
  17.         <Input Type="text" width="80"></input>
  18.         <input type="submit" value="Get Online!">
  19.         </form><br>
  20. This network is provided as a service to clients. By connecting, you agree to certain monitoring and logging which is enabled in order to enforce acceptable use terms.<P>
  21. This Policy is a guide to the acceptable use of Guest Wireless services (Services). Any individual
  22. connected to the network in order to use it directly, or to connect to any other network(s), must comply
  23. with this policy and the stated purposes and Acceptable Use policies of any other network(s) or host(s) used.
  24. The following guidelines will be applied to determine whether or not a particular use of the Services is
  25. appropriate:</td>
  26. </tr>
  27. <pre>
  28. <br>  1. Users must respect the privacy of others. Users shall not intentionally seek information on, or represent
  29.       themselves as, another user unless explicitly authorized to do so by that user. Nor shall Users obtain
  30.       copies of, or modify files, other data, or passwords belonging to others.
  32. <br>  2. Users must respect the legal protection applied to programs, data, photographs, music, written
  33.       documents and other material as provided by copyright, trademark, patent, licensure and other
  34.       proprietary rights mechanisms.
  35. <br>  3. Users must respect the integrity of other public or private computing and network systems. Users shall
  36.       not intentionally develop or use programs that harass other users or infiltrate any other computer,
  37.       computing system or network and/or damage or alter the software components or file systems of a
  38.       computer, computing system or network.
  39. <br>  4. Use should be consistent with guiding ethical statements and accepted community standards. Use of the
  40.       Services for malicious, fraudulent, or misrepresentative purposes is not acceptable.
  41. <br>  5. The Services may not be used in ways that violate applicable laws or regulations.
  42. <br>  6. The Services may not be used in a manner that precludes or significantly hampers network access by
  43.       others. Nor may the Services be used in a manner that significantly impairs access to other networks
  44.       connected to the network.
  45. <br>  7. Connections which create routing patterns that are inconsistent with the effective and shared use of the
  46.       Services may not be established.
  47. <br>  8. Unsolicited advertising is not acceptable. Advertising is permitted on some Web pages, mailing lists, news
  48.       groups and similar environments if advertising is explicitly allowed in that environment.
  49. <br>  9. Repeated, unsolicited and/or unwanted communication of an intrusive nature is strictly prohibited.
  50.       Continuing to send e-mail messages or other communications to an individual or organization after being
  51.       asked to stop is not acceptable.
  52. <br> 10. By logging on, you agree to hold the network owner harmless for any damages that
  53.       may result from access to the Internet or inappropriate usage.
  55. <P>The intent of this policy is to identify certain types of uses that are not appropriate, but this policy does not
  56. necessarily enumerate all possible inappropriate uses. Using the guidelines given above, we may at any time
  57. make a determination that a particular use is not appropriate.</pre>
  58. <!--                                                                  FOOTER                                                                         --><div style="visibility:hidden">%CONTENT%</div>
  59. </body>
  60. </html>
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