The very best thing

Dec 30th, 2018
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  1. >The very best thing, you had come to realise, was something so much simpler than all those grand fantasies you had spent weeks planning
  3. >From the moment that pink crazy horse crashed through your window, until you finally embraced your match, you had spent every waking moment fretting over ways of showing your love and devotion
  4. >It was all you could think about, during your weeks of acclimation in the Crystal Empire
  5. >You were about to have a mare
  6. >A lifelong partner, a romantic relationship, a future wife
  7. >You needed to show her exactly how important she was to you
  8. >She needed to understand just how deep your commitment really was
  9. >There could be no doubt in her mind that you would truly love her forever
  11. >So you planned, each idea grander and more intricate than the last
  12. >You wrote poems
  13. >Practiced speeches
  14. >Researched the very best picnic spots in her little town
  15. >You got Cadence to make reservation to a high-class restaurant, to celebrate your first week together
  16. >You even tried composing a love song (bit of a failure)
  17. >You planned for the first time you’d carry her to bed in the home you two shared, to make love for the first time
  18. >You almost went so far in your frenzy to make everything perfect that you started planning your wedding
  20. >And then the day finally came, and you two met
  21. >And you realised that all your worries and all your doubts were hollow from the start
  22. >You clicked, instantly, and life with her just swept you away
  25. >And now you’re here, and now it’s now
  26. >Five months you’ve been together
  27. >It’s a lazy saturday afternoon, and you’re resting on the couch
  28. >Your mare is lying on top of you, half-snoozing
  29. >She’s using your shoulder as a pillow
  30. >And you realise that this, right here, is the very best thing
  32. >You did indeed do most of the stuff you planned, and your mare was thrilled
  33. >The fancy restaurants where great, and so were the picnics
  34. >The other activities had been fun to
  35. >But you understand something now, that you didn’t before
  37. >All that other stuff didn’t really matter
  38. >You had thought that your love, and your life together, would be formed and remembered through those grand events that you had so carefully planned
  39. >But you understand now that the greatest moments are seldom created in the greatest of settings
  40. >Those times that really matter, the times you and your mare will look back at over the years, are more simpler
  42. >Like right now
  43. >Your mare dozing off ontop of you, in the home you share together
  44. >Her warmth on your chest
  45. >Her soft breath
  46. >Her steady heartbeat, echoing your own
  47. >These are the times you live for
  49. >This, you realise, is the very best thing
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