Zephyr Part 3

Jul 5th, 2012
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  1. That's it? Just like that he wants to talk? All the begging and screaming in your cell got was sarcasm, but apparently getting eaten out merits a sit-down talk?
  3. Your thoughts derail for a moment on having been "eaten out". You've only been female for a short while now, and most certainly hadn't come to terms with it prior to the strangest sexual experience of your life five minutes ago. It was... incredible. But moreover, it wasn't just Autumn's magical tongue that had done it for you. You can't help but worry that being so helpless had somehow contributed. You'd realized at some point mid-coitus that you were completely at her mercy, and that had been the transition from fear to joy. You'd always been the dominant member of your relationships. How the hell does a plush make you into a trembling, mewling little sub begging for more?
  5. Yes, this is a talk you need to have.
  7. "I... I don't really know where to begin" is all you can sigh out at your expectant abductor. "I'm at quite a disadvantage here. Could we just start very simply?"
  9. He gives the smallest flash of a smile before nodding, and something about his smile makes you knees go weak for a moment. His face turns dour when you speak next, though.
  11. "Why me?"
  13. He ponders for a moment before responding.
  15. "Honestly? Someone requested a white pegasus with green hair, and I already knew all about you."
  17. So he was going to sell you. More over, you're apparently a commission piece. But he knew about your OC? He knew where you lived?
  19. "How did you know who I was? Those were just internet posts. Totally anonymous."
  21. "Sweetheart, I've spent a year doing this, and I've got dozens of files on people like you used to be. All the clues are there if someone wanted you bad enough, and I did."
  23. He's keeping his voice level, but something tells you he's never had to explain himself to anyone before. Well, anyone but Autumn.
  25. "Why turn people into their own characters? Wouldn't you do better selling the mane six?"
  27. This time there's a note of laughter in his voice.
  28. "I get those requests all the time, but turning someone into something completely different is too traumatic. There's no use turning someone into a Pinkie look alike if they're going to act like a lobotomy victim."
  30. "And you DID that to someone?!" You're having a hard time staying calm. The feeling is not just horror at what'd been said, but a small sense of disappointment, as though you'd thought of him as a nice person. He's not nice! He can't be nice!
  32. So why did you want him to?
  35. "No! That's not how it works. The characters you make up are, in some small way, a part of you, and that makes the transition easier.
  37. Zephyr was someone you invented by thinking about her, and whether you realize it or not, that made it easier to become her. If you woke up with a face you had no real psychological connection with you'd go right off the deep end."
  39. Easy? It made it easier? You wanted to die down there, and he's talking about making it easy on you! Tears well up in your eyes and you need a moment to compose yourself. If you start screaming now you might not get all the answers you need. He's clearly noticed your distress, but remains silent.
  41. There's an angry tremor in your voice, and off to the side you can see Autumn becoming uncomfortable with the situation.
  43. "How does anyone do something like this? You made a man into an impossible thing with just a plush toy. I can't think of much to explain it. You're not going to say magic, are you?"
  45. His expression grows darker as he picks up on your rising temper, but he does reply.
  47. "Sufficiently advanced technology, actually. I had been working on nanomachines prior to being let go for... ethics issues, but I still knew everything I needed. I was broke and getting desperate, and at some point during my long bout of unemployed misery I stumbled onto a certain cartoon show, and it's fans."
  49. "Now, I was one of those fans, but I noticed a lot of them seemed to want a p0ny companion, or pet. I knew how to reshape living flesh with nanobots, and I needed the money."
  51. Your hand went numb when you first held the plush. Was that the feeling of being overrun by tiny machines?
  53. "Autumn said that they didn't finish the job. Was I supposed to have been brainwashed by the time you showed up?"
  55. He takes a quick glance at Autumn, whose deer-in-the-headlights expression almost makes you feel bad. You hope she wont get in too much trouble for saying too much. He gives a long sigh, and then looks you right in the eyes.
  57. "No. One of the functions of the machines was to induce certain subconscious responses, but they were just to help you accept your new life, not overwrite the old one. You would still have been you, just without all the screaming when you woke up."
  59. He hasn't broken eye contact the whole time. The back of your mind screams that he's a monster, but as long as you're looking at those eyes you can't help but believe him. You're about to ask a follow up question when he continues without any prodding;
  61. "When I took Autumn, the nanomachines didn't do their mental tasks, and she had the same freak-out you did. I panicked and re-dosed her on the mental modifiers, but that just made it worse. She became unstable. Sometimes she'd be fine, then seconds later she'd be screaming and beating her head into a wall to "get it off me". It's taken nine months of work for her to level off into the p0ny next to you.
  63. She's still not totally fine. Once a customer asked if she was for sale, and she had a major violent episode. For better or worse, she only wants me for a master."
  65. "When I realized you weren't totally affected, I got nervous and put you in the same room I used for Autumn to keep her from hurting herself. I hoped that maybe you just needed more time, and by the look of it you are getting used to that little p0ny body of yours."
  67. There's a knot in your chest that's threatening to burst at any moment. Your mind is locked in battle with itself between primal fear of being changed from within against your will, and a sudden rush of joy that he cares so much to have worried.
  69. You hate him.
  71. You love him.
  73. Completely unable to cope with opposing emotions, tears begin to flow as you reply;
  75. "So what, then? You keep me in a dog crate until I'm worth selling into slavery?"
  77. There is a hint of shame in his voice, but he does you the service of answering truthfully.
  79. "Now you live here with me until I decide you're not a liability. You need to like your new life before I can sell you. I can't have you running away from a buyer or you could get me arrested and Autumn here locked in a bio lab, with you, I might add, for the rest of your lives."
  81. The thought hadn't occurred to you that putting yourself in the hands of the authorities might very well mean being a guinea pig for doctors. Suddenly the world you came from seemed just as frightening as the one you were in.
  83. In a sudden motion he lifts you up and holds you at eye level. There, utterly at his mercy, you hear his pronouncement.
  85. "I am your Master, and you will obey me."
  87. An unwelcome thrill runs up your spine and your mind reels. He wants you to be a pet! He wants you to like it!
  89. "Do you understand me?"
  91. You make eye contact, and the words have left your mouth before you knew you'd said them.
  93. "Yes... Master."
  95. God, you're so fucking wet right now.
  97. As soon as what you've said sinks in, you know you shouldn't have called him Master. Something about feels... permanent. From this moment on, you may very well be irrevocably his pet for life, abandoning any notions of independence or personhood you had left after this ordeal. This is awful.
  99. But it feels sooo good...
  101. Your Master wastes no time in following up on his declaration, and you find yourself seated on his lap in his chair. You open your mouth as if to speak, but he places a finger over your lips and you fall silent.
  103. His hands begin to slowly massage your neck, and you have difficulty remaining upright with this new sensation. He looked strong before, but now he's powerfully rubbing his hands along your muscles and you just want to melt away. You close your eyes as his hands move down to your upper back and shoulders, slowly pushing away days of pent up stress and poor sleeping positions from the cell.
  105. You're completely relaxed by the time he leans in behind your ear and whispers;
  107. "Do you promise to obey me, and serve me faithfully for the rest of your life?"
  109. You know you shouldn't agree, but it's far too late to stop now. Your reply is breathlessly whispered;
  111. "Yes, Master."
  113. His hands dig lower and your forelegs finally give out as your back arches.
  115. "Do you promise to be a faithful and loyal pet, to me or anyone I choose to give you to?"
  117. You understand that you're signing your life away, and it sends shivers up your spine as you give a soft moan and reply;
  119. "Yes, Master."
  121. He's worked his way down to your rump, and as his fingers dive ever closer to your marehood you're forced to admit to yourself that you want him, and you want him bad. One hand rolls you onto your side while the other begins to tease at your most sensitive region.
  123. "Are you going to be a good little p0ny, just like Autumn?"
  125. You're far too horny to consider the implications of that. you'll agree to anything at this point, as long as he'll give you what you need.
  127. "Yes, Master!"
  129. Suddenly his hand stops teasing you, and you open your eyes in time to see him loop a rope around all four legs and draw it taut. He looks you right in eyes;
  131. "I don't believe you. Not yet."
  133. He lifts you up and carries you across the room, as your struggle madly against your bonds. He can't plan on leaving you like this? You begin to beg him for release, but all he does is lay you on the dog bed in the cage and lock you in, still tied. He makes a brisk walk to the door, calling for Autumn to follow him and leave you be.
  135. Autumn spares you a quick glance, eyes full of sympathy, before doing as her Master commands.
  137. Your arousal is maddening, and you're completely incapable of doing anything about it. You try to buck your legs out of the ropes, but no amount of effort on your part seems to dislodge your restraints. Rolling around the cage does you no good, as you can't find anything to grind your sopping wet marehood against to get some satisfaction.
  139. You're horny, helpless, and the man you just submitted to, body and mind, is leaving you to stew in your arousal for as long as he pleases.
  141. There's nothing for you to do now but languish in here until your Master decides you've had enough, and the notion that he has that much power over you does nothing but make the heat in your crotch worse.
  143. He's a monster, and you're beginning to love him for it.
  145. You writhe around your cage for hours, trapped in a deep heat that only relents little by little as time crawls on. Your mind flits back and forth to memories of Autumn's tongue probing you and the Master's warm hands massaging the base of your wings. This is torture and it Hurts. So. Good.
  147. Finally, long after the sun went down, you'd calmed down enough to think about anything other than sex. Still quite hot-and-bothered, but not enough to ignore your hunger pangs. You manage to wiggle yourself over to the food bowl he left earlier, and manage to leverage an apple out of the bowl and onto the floor.
  149. You pause briefly at the notion of eating directly off the floor, still on the fence about surrendering that particular shred of dignity, but no piece of fruit on earth has ever looked as good as that apple does right now. With a small sigh of resignation, you take a small bite.
  151. Oh. My. God. Either the plush rewired your taste buds or this is the greatest apple in the history of it's kind. You have to stop yourself from devouring it as quickly as you can in favor of small bits of it to savor this astonishing taste experience. Based on what he's been feeding you, you have to assume you've become a full herbivore now, but if all greens are going to taste like this you might be able to go without bacon.
  153. Go without, but never forget. Mmmm, bacon.
  155. After picking the apple down to nothing but a skinny core, you're delighted to hear footsteps coming up the stairs, and your Master enters a moment later. You wiggle around enough to present your rump to him in the hopes of getting some attention to soothe the still-present yearning in your nethers, but all he does is chuckle at you.
  157. "Nope. You've got to earn it, honey. And I'll have you know I've given Autumn some incentives not to get frisky with you, either. Be a good p0ny and maybe you'll get what you're after."
  159. You look down dejectedly, only to be taken by utter surprise by a playful slap on your rear end. You were only barely upright to begin with, and his spank sends you toppling over. Blushing and trying to suppress renewed arousal, you turn to see your Master trying not to laugh at you. You go for broke and make one final bid for release.
  161. "Please... Master. I promise to be a good girl, could you at least untie me?"
  163. He's all smiles now. He's wormed his way into your head and he knows it.
  165. "I prefer to gag my pets for their pleasure, but if you're going to whine all night I'll make an exception. I'll untie you and let you come when I decide you're ready. Now then, quiet down and get some rest."
  167. You're silent for a moment, attempting to process his line about gagging you, but realize the situation is hopeless and respond with a quiet "Yes, Master."
  169. While he sits himself down on the bed near your cage, Autumn strolls into the room and right up to your cage. She looks you up and down, and her face droops to a small frown.
  171. "Oh you poor thing! It must be terrible, all tied up and on edge like that. I'm really sorry, but Master says that I need to let this happen so you can come out of the cage. Then we can play together, and not just the raunchy kind, either! I get so lonely when Master isn't home. Please feel better!"
  173. She then leans into the bars and gives you a full-on kiss goodnight. Just when you thought you couldn't possibly feel any more embarrassment tonight, she had to prove you wrong. Jeez...
  175. You really can't get a read on this mare. She must have been a person like you at some point, but the way she talks and acts... You like Autumn, and hope she continues to like you, but you also really hope you're not this bubbly about everything by the time Master's done with you.
  177. Autumn clambers up onto the bed Master is already in, and gives you a cheery "Goodnight, Zephyr!" before curling up beside the Master and telling him the same. You resign yourself to a night of arousal and probably more than a few fucked-up wet dreams, and settle onto your dog bed.
  179. "Goodnight Autumn. Goodnight... Master."
  181. He looks at you approvingly through one eye.
  183. "Good girl. Sleep well."
  185. With that, he hits the lights and rolls over. As far as you can tell the two of them are asleep in no time. You, on the other hand, continue to fitfully roll around in your little bed, eventually managing to get the blanket on top of you rather than under you, and proceed to spend the next few hours wishing you could either touch yourself or fall asleep. You do eventually nod off, wondering what new indignities will come with your next day of p0nydom.
  187. Your night goes about as well as you thought it would, and when sunlight wakes you the next morning you feel downright filthy. It's all a little hazy, but you're pretty sure one of your dreams involved being mounted by a stallion, confirming that you're most assuredly not the same person who opened the box and started all of this.
  189. You lift your head and look around the room, but Autumn and your master are nowhere to be found. You try to wiggle out from under your blanket, but you've managed to tangle yourself completely. With your legs still tied, you're not getting out of bed without help. And as much as you hate it, you really need to use that litterbox.
  191. This is going to be a problem.
  193. At first you try to sit tight and wait for one of them to come by so you can ask for help, but it's not a long-term solution. Much like a long car ride, you've nothing to do but sit there and think about how badly you need a bathroom, and soon enough you find yourself calling out for the Master.
  195. He turns up after a minute or two, looking annoyed with you.
  197. "Yelling at the top of your lungs first thing in the morning is not what I'd call good behavior, Zephyr."
  199. You're astonished to find yourself feeling guilty, but this can't wait.
  201. "I'm sorry Master, but I'm still tied up and stuck in bed and I need to use the bathroom, or litterbox, or something. I don't want to ruin the bed."
  203. Just like that he's back to smiling. "Good girl. I'll let this one slide. In fact, I'll do you one better." He unlocks the cage and separates you from the tangled mess of bedding, but pauses when he takes hold of the knot keeping your legs in place.
  205. "Alright, I'm going to untie you, and then I'm going to take you outside as a reward for good behavior. If Autumn or I see you so much as brush your crotch with a hoof you're going to be in trouble. Real trouble, understand?"
  207. Your enthusiastic nod is a product of exuberance at Master's rewarding you, and of a building physical need.
  208. "Yes! Thank you thank you thank you! I'll be good!"
  210. You're free in an instant, and while you take a moment to stretch your sore legs Master produces a leash and affixes it to the collar you've been wearing since you first woke up.
  212. You have some major issues getting down the stairs, but manage to do it without falling over more than twice. Autumn's all encouragement, but you can see the laughter in the Master's eyes every time you stumble. When the three of you finally step outside, you gasp in shock. You were on the edges of a mid-sized city when he took you, and you'd assumed he operated from a fairly close location.
  214. Given that you saw nothing but tree-covered mountains as far as the eye could see and no sign of other human settlement, it seems you assumed wrong.
  216. "Wha... Where are we?"
  218. "Far enough away that no one's going to come looking for you here, if that's what you're asking. We're in the middle of nowhere for a reason. Come on, now."
  220. With a small tug on your leash he urges you forward, and you find yourself trotting towards the treeline by the clearing that constitutes the Master's yard. You end up getting tugged in one direction or the other more than once, but soon you've figured out how to keep stride with the Master and leave a little slack.
  222. You do take a moment to ponder how ashamed you should be at being proud of that. You wonder if he tells buyers things like that "Takes well to leash training" or "May develop anxiety if left alone for long periods" just like a dog up for adoption. It turns your stomach a little, but you're too tired and preoccupied to worry about that now.
  224. And then soon enough you're at the treeline, and he just looks at you expectantly.
  226. "Well, go on."
  228. "Wait, here? With you watching?"
  230. He seems more annoyed now than he did before.
  232. "You ever see anyone give their dog privacy for this stuff?"
  234. "But I'm NOT a dog."
  236. "But you ARE a pet. Now start acting like one."
  238. You fidget for a moment, but you're relived to see him look over at Autumn as she chases a nearby butterfly.
  240. Finally, business done, you can appreciate being outside for the first time since opening the box. Master's house seems to be in the middle of some very dense and unpopulated woods, no doubt to keep prying eyes away from his business. He takes you on a fairly long walk around his yard, then leads the two of you indoors.
  242. With your walk concluded, you expect to be put straight back in your cage, but the Master's full of surprises today. He produces a pair of strawberries from the kitchen, giving one to each of you for good behavior. Before you realize what you're doing, you've eaten that little bit of heaven directly from the palm of his hand and accepted your pat on the head with glee.
  244. He's too good at this. A few days ago you were terrified by this man, and now you're accepting treats for good behavior... Just like the pet you agreed to be. Considering that you're miles from civilization and still unfamiliar with this body, escape simply isn't a viable option.
  246. Resistance... You can't go back in the basement. You just can't.
  248. While you contemplate what's looking like your inevitable domestication, Master orders the two of you to wait for him in the living room.
  250. He goes downstairs, and Autumn strikes up a conversation while the two of you sit on the rug waiting.
  252. "I'm really sorry about making you cry yesterday. I thought it would help." You can tell by the tone of her voice that she really means it, and you can't help but be touched by her sincerity.
  254. "It's... alright. I know you didn't mean any harm, I'm just not used to those, ah, feelings quite yet. Aaand you came on pretty strong, there."
  256. For the first time in days, you crack a genuine smile. All those tears and all that shame can't stand up to Autumn's good attitude. You do wonder how much of it is the person she was or if it's all the Master's machines. You decide not to ask, though. Today is going too well for you to risk a sensitive topic. You settle for asking her how she handles stairs so well on four legs, which hold the both of you over until Master reappears a few minutes later.
  258. He seems pleased to find the two of you chatting away, and seats himself on the couch.
  260. "No restraints and you sat right down and waited for me. Good girl, Zephyr."
  262. You had thought about your options yes, but you could have at least looked around a little, tried to learn something about your circumstances. It didn't even occur to you. You're still ashamed to admit it, but he's got you right where he wants you.
  264. He gives a quick pat to the cushions on either side of him, and you follow Autumn's lead in clambering up onto the couch and laying down beside him. He begins to stroke you mane with one hand, Autumn's with the other, and soon enough you close your eyes and set your head down on the cushion. You're not asleep, but you're certainly very comfortable.
  266. His hand starts taking longer strokes down your back, and you stretch yourself out on the sofa to enjoy it better. You end up plopping your head down on his thigh as a makeshift pillow. You're loving this. Suddenly your mother's cat constantly trying to get this attention makes sense.
  268. Just as you're on the edge of nodding off he rolls you onto your side, and the whole damned cycle begins anew. He begins to rub more sensitive regions, but you know how this turns out and try to roll away from him.
  270. Sure enough, the rope comes back out, and no amount of wiggling stops him from putting you back in bondage. With you back to helplessness, he begins to rub and tickle you in erogenous zones you didn't know you had. Before long you're moaning for more, and he's happy to deliver. His fingers run along the outer edges of your folds, and begin to lightly probe you. A day of pent-up arousal comes
  271. back in full force, and you're already trembling.
  273. And then he stops. Like it never even happened, he picks up a remote and asks Autumn what she wants to watch. You begin to beg for release while he channel surfs.
  275. Your mewling and whining only earns you a ballgag, strung taut, leaving you silent and squirming as they settle on a black-and-white comedy. Every now and again his hand brushes or probes your marehood, building your arousal without offering any release. He's just going to toy with you. All. Day. Long.
  277. Your Master is cruel, and it feels amazing.
  279. It's been hours. After the movie ended Autumn took over the remote and has been watching cartoons ever since. Master is reclining with one hand curled around a book and another around your snatch, slowly rubbing up and down. Hours of teasing have left you exhausted and sore and your wings have been fully outstretched for long enough that they're beginning to cramp. You can barely think through the
  280. haze of arousal, and all you can think about is getting off.
  282. Right now you'd give anything, absolutely anything, if he'd just pick up the pace and let you come. The ballgag in your mouth keeps you from telling him as such, and in utter desperation you try to earn yourself a reprieve by nuzzling your face into his crotch and hoping he'll accept your offer. You take a deep breath while you're in there, and the scent of his manhood is detectable through his jeans. It's a
  283. dizzying, wonderful smell, and you want more. He seems a little surprised by your gesture, and removes your head from his lap and lifts it to face him.
  285. "You really are that horny, aren't you? Well, I'm not totally without sympathy." He reaches around your head and removes the ballgag.
  287. While you try to work out the kinks in your aching jaw, he makes his demand;
  289. "Tell me what I want to hear, and we'll see if you've earned it."
  291. He wants another token of submission from you, and you're ready to give him all that and more if he'll just let you finish. You put on your best puppy dog eyes and begin to beg shamelessly.
  293. "I'm your pet p0ny! I'll obey every command, no matter what you ask! I'll never run, I'll never resist! You are my master, and I'll be yours for the rest of my life! Please, just let me come! Fffuck me!"
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