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  1. Strands of glowing multi-hued thread suddenly rise up before you, wrapping together to form a female
  2. form. Burning in a flash of bright light, the threads fall away to reveal Atropos the Shearer of
  3. Destiny.
  4. -
  5. Atropos of the Shears says, "I am the last of the Fates, Shug. My sisters have guided you well, but
  6. now we must see if you can truly discover yourself and your destiny. There is a great treasure that
  7. you must find that will answer all your questions of who you were, are and will be."
  8. -
  9. As the wind roars and bellows, sweeping across the surface of the seas, they become as flat, placid,
  10. and reflective as a mirror.
  11. -
  12. Atropos is now your guide, and She will help you find your destiny.
  13. You need to complete the following tasks to advance in the Fates of Lusternia quest:
  14.  [1] How do I join a guild?
  15.  [2] What are collegium quests?
  16.  [3] I would like to know how to register my presence in the land.
  17. -1
  18. You say, "How do I join a guild?"
  19. Atropos of the Shears exclaims, "Are you ready to join a GUILD? Make your decision wisely!"
  20. [HINT]: To list the guilds available to you, type GUILD LIST. To select a guild, type GUILD SELECT
  21. <guildname>.
  22. -guild list
  23.                           [ The Guilds of Magnagora ]
  24.                      Guild                     Archetype                
  25.                      Ur'Guard                  warrior                  
  26.                      Geomancers                mage                    
  27.                      Nihilists                 guardian                
  28.                      Cacophony                 bard                    
  29.                      Ninjakari                 monk                    
  31. You may see information on individual guilds by typing HELP <guildname>.
  32. To enroll in a guild, type GUILD SELECT <guildname>.
  33. -help nihilists
  36.                            [COVENANT]
  37.                        The Cacophony Guild                      
  39.                          [GUILD LEADERS]
  40.                    Guildmaster: Alaksanteri (The Heresiarch of the Midnight
  41.                                 Legions)
  42.            Guild Administrator: Delphas (The Mystagogue of the Dark Fates)
  43.                 Guild Champion: Daedalion (The Fist of Luciphage)
  44.                  Divine Patron: Morgfyre, the Legion
  45.                    Guild Envoy: Thoros (Voice of Malcontent)
  46.                       Security: Thoros, Nymerya, Fillin, Delphas, Syranas,
  47.                                 and Lavinya
  48.                     Protectors: Alisa and Alaksanteri
  49.                    Secretaries: Nymerya and Lavinya
  50.               Undersecretaries: Thoros, Arkzrael, and Syrath
  51.               Guild Archivists: Nymerya and Lavinya
  52.           Collegium Professors: Thoros, Arkzrael, Nymerya, Morian, Pectus,
  53.                                 Delphas, Lavinya, Syrath, and Alaksanteri
  54. Type MORE to continue reading. (48% shown)
  55. -more
  56. You continue reading:
  58.                     [CURRENTLY IN THE REALM]
  59.                   Novice aides: (nobody)
  60.    Able to inguild and promote: (nobody)
  62.                     [DENIZEN ABLE TO INGUILD]
  63.                Reghul d'Vanecu: ASK REGHUL JOIN NIHILISTS
  65. Nihilists are the priesthood of Magnagora, and are tied to the demonic
  66. plane of Nil, from whence they receive the powers of necromancy. While
  67. nominally the spiritual leaders of Magnagora, they often focus on the
  68. accumulation of material wealth and power for the city rather than more
  69. esoteric concerns. Most adepts are accompanied by a demonic thrall sent by
  70. a Demon Lord of Nil to help in their work.
  72. Nihilists are a guardian archetype. Thus, they are required to take
  73. HighMagic as a common skill before being able to study Cosmic magic. Once
  74. having mastered Cosmic magic, the Nihilist then specializes in Nihilism,
  75. allowing them to travel to the cosmic plane of Nil and make pacts with the
  76. Demon Lords there. Their main secondary skill is Rituals, which when they
  77. Type MORE to continue reading. (89% shown)
  78. -more
  79. You continue reading:
  80. master will allow them to specialize in Necromancy, thereby enhancing
  81. their unholy powers. At some point Nihilists choose either to take the Hexes
  82. skill or to train in Tarot or to learn the science of Astrology. Nihilists
  83. may take Enchantment as a trade skill.
  84. -guild select nihilists
  85. Congratulations! You have enrolled in the Nihilists Guild!
  86. You may now select a new race. Type RACES to see what is available.
  87. -races
  88. --[ Recommended Races]--------------------------------------------------------
  89. human      illithoid  mugwump    viscanti
  91. --[ Neutral Races]------------------------------------------------------------
  92. aslaran      faeling      krokani      orclach      trill
  93. dracnari     furrikin     loboshigaru  tae'dae
  94. dwarf        igasho       lucidian     taurian
  96. --[ Restricted Races]---------------------------------------------------------
  97. elfen    kephera  merian
  98. You may see information on individual races by typing HELP <race>.
  99. To choose a guild, type RACE SELECT <race>.
  100. -race select viscanti
  101. Congratulations! You are now a member of the viscanti race!
  102. -look me
  103. She is a fiendish viscanti. She is wearing a canvas backpack, plain grey trousers and a plain grey
  104. tunic.
  105. -score
  106. + Urth Shug, Instrument of the Fates -------------------------------------+
  107. | Sex    : Female                    Birthday  : 20th Tzarin 350          |
  108. | Race   : Viscanti                  Age       : 19                       |
  109. | Mentor : Nobody                    Mentorship: Not able to mentor       |
  110. +----------------------------------------------------------------- Vitals +
  111. | Health : 536/700       Endurance : 1410/1550       Power    : 0p        |
  112. | Mana   : 510/510       Willpower : 1400/1400       Reserves : 0%        |
  113. | Ego    : 510/480       Mindset   : Analytical      Esteem   : 0         |
  114. +------------------------------------------------------------------ Karma +
  115. | Karma  : 2%                                                             |
  116. +--------------------------------------------------------------- Rankings +
  117. | Experience : n/a   Lusternian              Level :  5 (68.63%)          |
  118. | Explorer   : #0    a Vagrant               [=================---------] |
  119. +---------------------------------------------------------- Organisations +
  120. | Guild      : a Freshman Novice in the Nihilists                         |
  121. | City       : Serf in the Grand Province of Magnagora                    |
  122. +-------------------------------------------------------------------------+
  123. -greet lachesis
  124. "Greetings!" you say with a smile.
  125. -look
  126. Within Newton Caverns.
  127. Throughout the location, small dancing flames flicker and spark. A muggy atmosphere surrounds this
  128. wide and spacious cavern, though the comforting draught that floats in through the entrance relaxes
  129. the damp air somewhat. Overhead, the ceiling hovers in a fine arch, high from the ground and resting
  130. on heavy walls to either side. The rock runs a smooth, curving course from the highest point above
  131. down to the dusty ground below where unusual, tiny tracks lead deeper into the foreboding darkness
  132. of the caverns. Eerily, slight quakes occur at regular intervals, sending strange echoes bouncing
  133. from the walls. A rough tunnel leads down to the northeast, whilst an expertly carved staircase
  134. climbs upwards. Gnarled and bent, Atropos of the Shears waits here with balefully-gleaming shears.
  135. You see exits leading northeast, up, and out.
  136. -ih
  137. "atropos80041"            Atropos of the Shears
  138. Number of objects: 1
  139. -greet atropos
  140. You greet Atropos of the Shears with a sincere smile.
  141.  [1] I would like to know more about the City of Magnagora.
  142.  [2] I would like to know how to move about the realm.
  143.  [3] How do I get more help?
  144. -
  145. You need to complete the following tasks to advance in the Fates of Lusternia quest:
  146.  [4] How do I join a guild?
  147.  [5] What are collegium quests?
  148.  [6] I would like to know how to register my presence in the land.
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