Revised Agreement

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  1. 1) Salaries. The speaker will not advocate for lower salaries unless the salary reaches over 100K. The speaker is still free to pass decrease salary bills and act against increase salary bills introduced by libercons.
  3. 2) Power outline. The Red party will be nominated for speaker for the next 2 elections. Should Gary Bonz win this month, the reds will be given an extra month as compensation. After that the Green party will get their turn, followed by the Liberal party.
  5. 3) 2 leadership positions will be added. They will be given to the 2 parties not being nominated for speaker
  7. 4) Foreign Minister. This position will develop and implement a foreign policy with the Speaker
  9. 5) Floor manager. This position will co-ordinate binaries (as described by rule 6 and 7) and targets which libercons to unelect.
  11. 6) No targeting members on the left or their bills. Agree to neutrality on binaries that a party opposes if they are    introduced by a left party. Do not target members of the left for investigation/skullduggery/killing their bills unless extreme circumstances occur (i.e. because they are aiding the right rather than because they introduce bills you disagree with)
  13. 7) CongSec and Martial Law may be exceptions to rule 6 due to their special nature.
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