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AEB Present 1.5 Log 67

DNA-zama Feb 19th, 2016 64 Never
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  2. Avara has connected.
  3. Kaorin Sakura has connected.
  4. Eclipse has connected.
  5. Chloe has connected.
  6. DNA:    I'm getting this odd feeling there's something I forgot to do.
  7. Chloe:  Did we level up?
  8. Chloe:  I think we did
  9. Kaorin Sakura:  Iunno.
  10. DNA:    Yeah, that was the session before this one we leveled.
  11. Avara:  ^
  12. Avara:  something like that?
  13. DNA:    Which is why I think I forgot, as my sheet still says 21.1 on it when it's actually 21.3.
  14. Avara:  i levelled up a couple sessions ago
  15. Avara:  'cause using jovvam in the fight
  16. DNA:    Okay, I applied the PXP, just not the TXP.
  17. Kaorin Sakura:  Everyone ready?
  18. Kaorin Sakura:  Does there need be a recap?
  19. Avara:  i think the recap would mostly just be we got in a huge fight? um... also i forgot what i was planning to actually do this round.
  20.     Chloe Blanchett:    Chloe is in so much pain?
  21. DNA:    And we're kinda winning except also kinda not.
  22.     Chloe Blanchett:    Chloe caught an Esper.
  23. Avara:  what does the red aura do again?
  24. Eclipse:    Heal Pulse would be so nice right about now.
  25. Avara:  DNA, can you pass me the log so i can see if i mentioned any tactics last week?
  26. Eclipse:    One moment...
  27. Kaorin Sakura:  Suppression + 1/16th HP loss at the start of your turn.
  28. Eclipse:    Depends on how fast my computer cooperates, but I'm getting it up now.
  29. Kaorin Sakura:  Just let me know when round 11 can begin.
  30. Eclipse:    ...Of course Skype is blue.
  31. Kaorin Sakura:  I'll be eating dinner until all is ready.
  32. Eclipse:    Okay, if you want to check Obsidian Portal, I have links to all of the past logs there. Otherwise, give me a few minutes to reload Skype and send the file directly.
  33. Eclipse:    http://pastebin.com/KiMDhrfS Last log web-link
  34. Eclipse:    http://pastebin.com/KiMDhrfS
  35. Eclipse:    That's better; I didn't know Maptools did that.
  36. Avara:  doesn't look like i've got anything. thought i had a plan in mind
  37. Avara:  alright. let's roll out if everyone's ready?
  38. DNA:    I'm basically ready.
  39. Kaorin Sakura:  Alright.
  40.     Chloe Blanchett:    ready
  41. Eclipse:    I believe the Courage song is what's ongoing at present.
  42. Avara:  thank you
  43. Eclipse:    I say this because apparently I marked it on Saturn's token.
  44. Kaorin Sakura:  Hold on. Gonna make emi a glass of milk frist.
  45. Kaorin Sakura:  first*
  46. Kaorin Sakura:  Back.
  47. Jennifer Attaway has received initiative.
  48.     Chronicler :    Jennifer begins her round in Black-winged creature's Death and thus, loses 6 Hit Points.
  49. Chronicler : (( Death aura ))
  50.     Jennifer Attaway:   Jennifer Attaway loses 6 hit points.
  51. * Jennifer Attaway continues singing, and will roll to be able to escape without an Attack of Opportunity. (acrobatics to tumble?)
  52.     Chloe Blanchett:    12 for half speed, 24 for full speed
  53.     Chronicler :    DC12 for half mo---^
  54. DNA:    DC12 at half-speed, DC24-at-
  55. DNA:    yes.
  56.     Chronicler :    You select which you attempt before you roll, not after.
  57. DNA:    I forgot if you have to declare which option you go for first and then roll, or if you can roll and then g-
  58. DNA:    Please stop pre-empting my brain.
  59.     Chronicler :    I love you too, DNA.
  60. DNA:    Kght.
  61. Avara:  alright. and 4d6 isn't likely to reach DC24, so DC12 half speed
  62. Observer has connected.
  63. Avara:  ... gm'd the roll.
  64. Avara:  hi observer.
  65.     Chronicler :    You succeed the half movement Tumble.
  66. Avara:  and can i sacrifice my standard for a full overland move after?
  67.     Chronicler :    Sprinting is a Standard Action. So you can sprint and Tumble yes, but it only increases your Tumble by 50%.
  68.     Chronicler :    So, considering you performed a half Tumble, whatever that mobility is you have +50%.
  69.     Chronicler :    An example: A Shift of 10 used to DC12 Tumble is reduced to 5 and with a sprint becomes 7.
  70. Avara:  6 overland, so 3 tumble, so 4 sprinting tumble
  71.     Chronicler :    Yes.
  72. Avara:  done. maintaining courage.
  73.     Sphere of Light 1:  Sphere of Light 1 prepares for something.
  74.     Creature of light 2:    Creature of light 2 also prepares for something.
  75. Saturn Rosewell has received initiative.
  76. DNA:    Going to have Natasha move, then Saturn.
  77.     Natasha:    5.9375
  78.     Natasha:    Ha! Take that, remainder!
  79. Natasha has received initiative.
  80.     Natasha:    Natasha lost 5 HP!
  81. Creature of light 2: (( Are you shifting with Natasha? ))
  82. Creature of light 2: (( Excellent. Please hold. ))
  83. Eclipse:    Yes, to over there.
  84.     Creature of light 2:    Creature of light 2's action has been triggered:
  85. Creature of light 2 rushes to Natasha and attempts to perforate her! 16 vs. DEF Eva!
  86. Eclipse:    Proceed.
  87. Observer is disconnected.
  88.     Creature of light 2:    Creature of light 2's perforation rips into Natasha for 85 Glass Physical Slashing Damage!
  89. DNA:    Calculating...
  90.     Chronicler :    Should you survive and wish to continue shifting, you may provoke an Attack of Opportunity. Proceed carefully.
  91. DNA:    Had a feeling.
  93.    Error in body of roll.
  94.       Statement options (if any):
  95.       Statement Body : (85-def)/2
  96.     Natasha:    32.5
  97.     Natasha:    Natasha held on with everything she had!
  98.     Natasha:    Natasha lost 27 HP!
  99.     Natasha:    Seeing movement to now be rather unwise, she mounted her assault now against Sphere of Light 1, attempting to disorient it before it got a chance to do anything more! 10 vs Special
  100.     Saturn Rosewell:    Saturn Rosewell spent 1 AP!
  101.     Chronicler :    This a ranged attack?
  102.     Natasha:    yes
  103.     Chronicler :    Cone?
  104.     Natasha:    Single-target Ranged 6
  105.     Chronicler :    That will provoke an AoO.
  106.     Natasha:    Cones somehow don't?
  107.     Chronicler :    Cones do not.
  108.     Natasha:    Do you want me to just shuffle NW before I do, then?
  109.     Chronicler :    Yep.
  110.     Natasha:    or N, even. ...North makes more sense.
  111.     Natasha:    That's better. Now then, SOL1 takes 45 Special Psychic damage!
  112.     Black-winged creature:  Black-winged creature loses 14 hit points.
  113.     Black-winged creature:  Black-winged creature shudders from the attack and hisses threateningly.
  114. DNA:    I'm going to ask 1 question:
  115. DNA:    Are you aware that I attacked Sphere of Light 1, and not the Black-winged creature?
  116. Black-winged creature: (( Now I am. Whoops ))
  117.     Black-winged creature:  Black-winged creature is healed and gains 14 hit points.
  118.     Sphere of Light 1:  Sphere of Light 1 loses 25 hit points.
  119.     Sphere of Light 1:  Sphere of Light 1 winks out of existence from the sudden strike.
  120. Saturn Rosewell has received initiative.
  121.     Saturn Rosewell:    First thing first, as a Shift Action, recall Natasha because no way am I leaving her out there to die. (Dragging her out of the map, will update her box token shortly.)
  122.     Saturn Rosewell:    Then I'll shuffle 1 backwards, and now for a test.
  123.     Saturn Rosewell:    Clenching her fist, she caused the ground underneath the black creature to erupt with power! 11 vs Special Evasion.
  124. Black-winged creature: (( Earth Power? ))
  125.     Saturn Rosewell:    Yeah. BWC takes 36 Special Ground damage.
  126.     Saturn Rosewell:    3d10 = 9 aw come on...
  127.     Black-winged creature:  Black-winged creature suffers nothing from the assault. Black-winged creature looks completely unphased.
  128.     Saturn Rosewell:    "Mph, thought so...but it wasn't weak to ice, so maybe."
  129. Chloe Blanchett has received initiative.
  130.     Natasha:    (Just a reminder to everyone else, Victory Star has stopped applying. Pass.)
  131. Saturn Rosewell has received initiative.
  132.     Chloe Blanchett:    Chloe tries to fire an arrow at Creature of Light 2! -1 Special Evasion!
  133.     Chloe Blanchett:    Turn complete.
  134.     Black-winged creature:  Black-winged creature floats over to the faint pulse of dying light and reaches out to it.
  135.     Sphere of Light 2:  Sphere of Light 2 is consumed and slain.
  136. DNA:    It looks like it's already fainted, though? Unless it matters if it remains there or not.
  137.     Black-winged creature:  Black-winged creature has had it's Accuracy modified by 1 stages.
  138.     Black-winged creature:  Black-winged creature has had it's Attack modified by 1 stages.
  139.     Black-winged creature:  Black-winged creature has had it's Defense modified by 1 stages.
  140.     Black-winged creature:  Black-winged creature has had it's Sp.Attack modified by 1 stages.
  141.     Black-winged creature:  Black-winged creature has had it's Sp.Defense modified by 1 stages.
  142.     Black-winged creature:  Black-winged creature has had it's Speed modified by 1 stages.
  143.     Black-winged creature:  Black-winged creature draws in all opposing creatures in the field 2-meters toward her.
  144. DNA:    I don't think it applies to Duncan as he's not actually in the field.
  145. Black-winged creature: (( Field, not aura ))
  146. Avara:  does anyone have any stages they want to keep particularly going on? or can we activate Mist on this?
  147. Black-winged creature: (( Mist doesn't prevent opponent's from gaining CS. ))
  148. Avara:  i was thinking neutralize
  149. Avara:  but i might be remembering mist wrong?
  150. Holiday must wait 30.984 seconds before it may move again!
  151. DNA:    You're thinking Haze
  152. Avara:  okay
  153. Black-winged creature: (( I did it Rob ))
  154. Avara:  what is mist again?
  155. Black-winged creature: (( Mist prevents your CS from dropping. ))
  156. Avara:  ah
  157. Avara:  buggery. oh well.
  158.     Black-winged creature:  All creatures in the area lose a number of Hit Points equal to 1/16th of your Maximum Hit Points.
  159. DNA:    Oh, phew, you had me worried there.
  160. DNA:    6.625
  161. Avara:  is it an attack, or just a thing that happens?
  162.     Jennifer Attaway:   Jennifer Attaway loses 6 hit points.
  163.     Black-winged creature:  Black-winged creature throws her arms into the air and a cloud appears above her head, raining down blood red rain in the condensed area.
  164. Black-winged creature: (( It has no Accuracy if that's what you mean. ))
  165. Avara:  no, rancor stacks
  166.     Chloe Blanchett:    Chloe Blanchett loses 7 hit points.
  167. Black-winged creature: (( Yes, it is an attack. ))
  168. Avara:  if it's an attack i get +1 rancor for being hit
  169.     Duncan the Tonberry:    Duncan the Tonberry loses 6 hit points.
  170. DNA:    Does it have a type, or is it just percentile HP loss?
  171. Black-winged creature: (( Its just percentile HP loss ))
  172.     Saturn Rosewell:    Saturn Rosewell lost 6 HP!
  173.     Black-winged creature:  Black-winged creature is healed and gains 25 hit points.
  174.     Saturn Rosewell:    No you don't.
  175.     Saturn Rosewell:    As she is still Reaved, she can't heal HP from anything.
  176. Black-winged creature: (( Ah, right. Reave. Is that turn start or turn end? ))
  177.     Saturn Rosewell:    It counts down and damages at turn end.
  178.     Black-winged creature:  Black-winged creature loses 25 hit points.
  179. Black-winged creature: (( How much again? ))
  180.     Saturn Rosewell:    Also, since this is the last turn of Reave, even though Magic Guard prevents the damage, do I still heal HP equal to what she would have lost?
  181. Avara:  The injury lowered the Attack stat!
  182.     Saturn Rosewell:    If she can take it, 1/10th
  183. * Jennifer Attaway is fainted and loses 1 atk stage to injury
  184.     Black-winged creature:  Black-winged creature loses 14 hit points.
  185. Black-winged creature: (( Oh wow, I forgot you guy striggered that ))
  186.     Black-winged creature:  Black-winged creature is healed and gains 14 hit points.
  187. Avara:  ?
  188. Black-winged creature: (( Nothing ))
  189. Black-winged creature: (( And nah, you don't. ))
  190. Holiday has received initiative.
  191. Avara:  ominous comments of ominom
  192. DNA:    Wishful thinking.
  193.     Chloe Blanchett:    ((Checking something reaaally quick))
  194.     Chronicler :    You have no song of courage or any victory star to aid you. Keep that in mind.
  195.     Holiday:    Holiday uses Heat Wave against Creature of Light 2! 9 vs Special Evasion! Spending AP. Close Blast 3.
  196.     Holiday:    45 Special Fire damage!
  197.     Chronicler :    I'm going to assume that's the close--wait, you can't hit her.
  198.     Chronicler :    You need to move east one.
  199. DNA:    He said Creature of Light
  200.     Holiday:    Creature of Light.
  201. Chronicler : (( FFF ))
  202. DNA:    This is the second time!
  203.     Chronicler :    Shh! >_>
  204. Avara:  this is a h00ge fight.
  205. DNA:    On the plus side, there are now only 2 enemies left.
  206. DNA:    On the minus side, we are running ourselves very thin.
  207. Avara:  yyyyup
  208.     Creature of light 2:    Creature of light 2 loses 24 hit points.
  209.     Holiday:    >_
  210. Duncan the Tonberry has received initiative.
  211.     Chronicler :    Duncan, you are in the aura.
  212.     Duncan the Tonberry:    Duncan the Tonberry loses 6 hit points.
  213. * Duncan the Tonberry Charges at the Black-Winged Creature while trying to Perforate it with his KNIIIIIFE. 2 vs physical
  214. Avara:  rng i will kill you some day
  215.     Duncan the Tonberry:    Duncan the Tonberry loses 12 hit points.
  216. Jennifer Attaway has received initiative.
  217. Avara:  poison damage
  218. DNA:    I was about to say it was Flanked
  219.     Chronicler :    Aura of pain does not harm Jennifer while she is below 1 HP.
  220. DNA:    Then I realized that Duncan is standing next to Jennifer, also Jennifer fainted.
  221. Avara:  hp is exactly 0. any damage from bleedout?
  222.     Chronicler :    Nope.
  223. Avara:  skip
  224.     Chronicler :    Bleeding only occurs at negative HP. Jennifer is in relatively beneficial position.
  225.     Creature of light 2:    Creature of light 2's payload wears off as it fires a shower of shards at Holiday! 4 vs. DEF Eva!
  226.     Holiday:    Hit!
  227.     Creature of light 2:    6
  228.     Creature of light 2:    Creature of light 2 fires a flurry of glass shards at Holiday for 70 Glass Physical Piercing Damage!
  229.     Holiday:    Holiday loses 27 hit points.
  230. Saturn Rosewell has received initiative.
  231.     Holiday:    Injury
  232.     Creature of light 2:    The injury lowered the Speed stat!
  233. DNA:    Are there rules for how/if you can take someone with you as you shift?
  234.     Chronicler :    You only can if you're carrying them or if you're grappling them.
  235. DNA:    Boo; I thought so.
  236. Avara:  might want to remove courage from saturn's token
  237.     Chloe Blanchett:    You can Bull Rush.
  238. DNA:    That's...a Standard Action?
  239.     Chloe Blanchett:    I assume
  240. DNA:    Let me check...
  241.     Chronicler :    Yes it is.
  242. DNA:    ...and is done while moving as part of a Shift Action. Oh dear.
  243. DNA:    What's the radius of the Aura of Pain?
  244. Avara:  seems like 3 squares?
  245.     Chronicler :    Correct.
  246. DNA:    ...I have 2 choices of what I could do right now. I don't know which one is smarter.
  247. DNA:    I also don't care, because my mind has computed that I'm going to do the in-character choice.
  248. Avara:  good choice
  249.     Saturn Rosewell:    0 against Chloe's Physical Evasion
  250.     Saturn Rosewell:    Oh good, just enough.
  251.     Saturn Rosewell:    Okay Chloe, roll Combat. Here's mine: 16
  252.     Chloe Blanchett:    Chloe elects to fail.
  253.     Saturn Rosewell:    Difference in the roll actually matters in this scenario.
  254.     Chronicler :    Don't let Trul know you did this.
  255.     Saturn Rosewell:    No promises.
  256. Avara:  why not?
  257.     Chloe Blanchett:    4 Combat
  258.     Saturn Rosewell:    Nice! That pushes Chloe 3 metres back.
  259.     Saturn Rosewell:    Saturn then teleports over to the other side, spacing out the distance between them.
  260.     Saturn Rosewell:    Oh right, HP loss.
  261.     Saturn Rosewell:    Saturn Rosewell lost 6 HP!
  262.     Chronicler :    Yes that, and how did you teleport?
  263. DNA:    I have Teleporter movement.
  264. Avara:  i think saturn was pushing chloe one way as teleporting another?
  265.     Chronicler :    That was Push wasn't it?
  266.     Chronicler :    Aha, okay.
  267. DNA:    I am using the Push maneuver, yes. Avara is correct.
  268.     Chloe Blanchett:    Bull Rush you follow immediately after the person, if I recall
  269.     Chronicler :    You don't have to.
  270. Chloe Blanchett has received initiative.
  271. DNA:    True, but you'd still be moving in the same direction. Saturn wants to put distance between them, so Chloe doesn't get stomped like Jennifer was just by being near her.
  272.     Chloe Blanchett:    * Chloe coughed, the wind was knocked out of her from Saturn's push. She looked at the Black-Winged creature and tried to judge type. Pokemon Ed
  273. DNA:    ...I imagine Saturn just looking at Chloe with a worried look, then pushing her away as she disappears herself.
  274.     Chloe Blanchett:    Chloe releases Vorpal onto the field!
  275.     Vorpal:     Initiative = 11
  276.     Chloe Blanchett:    "Vorpal, it's all up to you... I believe in you!"
  277. DNA:    Any word on its types, or did Chloe not get enough info?
  278.     Black-winged creature:  Black-winged creature summons forth a large black sword that radiates with a red aura and concentrates deeply.
  279.     Black-winged creature:  Black-winged creature has had it's Sp.Attack modified by 1 stages.
  280.     Black-winged creature:  Black-winged creature has had it's Sp.Defense modified by 1 stages.
  281.     Black-winged creature:  Black-winged creature has had it's Speed modified by 1 stages.
  282.     Black-winged creature:  Initiative = 15
  283. Vorpal has received initiative.
  284.     Vorpal:     Vorpal rushes in and uses Feint Attack! Crit Check! 5
  285.     Black-winged creature:  Black-winged creature is unable to avoid a Feint Attack! D:
  286.     Vorpal:     36 Physical Dark Piercing!
  287.     Black-winged creature:  Black-winged creature loses 4 hit points.
  288.     Chloe Blanchett:    "Th-that creature doesn't have a type...!" Chloe shouted, somewhat delerious. Had they known that before? She's not sure...
  289.     Black-winged creature:  Black-winged creature was struck, her aura shedding off some of the harm.
  290. Holiday has received initiative.
  291.     Saturn Rosewell:    "Then...maybe it just levitates?" Saturn thought.
  292.     Holiday:    Holiday loses 6 hit points.
  293.     Holiday:    Holiday bleeds on the fleshy mound.
  294. Duncan the Tonberry has received initiative.
  295. Avara:  you can attack, then shift, right?
  296.     Chronicler :    Correct.
  297.     Chronicler :    But keep in mind, it now has a weapon.
  298. Avara:  ... probably would be AoO'd though. hm--oh! ... fuck.
  299. Avara:  one moment
  300. Avara:  i used knock off earlier
  301.     Duncan the Tonberry:    Duncan the Tonberry loses 6 hit points.
  302. * Duncan the Tonberry also uses a Feint Attack! 2 crit check.
  303.     Duncan the Tonberry:    41 dark physical.
  304.     Black-winged creature:  Black-winged creature loses 9 hit points.
  305.     Duncan the Tonberry:    Duncan the Tonberry loses 12 hit points.
  306.     Black-winged creature:  Black-winged creature is struck, its aura shedding off some of the harm.
  307.     Duncan the Tonberry:    2 hp remaining
  308. Avara:  and... i guess i'll stand still.
  309. Avara:  end turn
  310. Jennifer Attaway has received initiative.
  311.     Creature of light 2:    Creature of light 2 runs after Vorpal and attempts to perforate it! 6 vs. DEF Eva!
  312.     Vorpal:     Hit!
  313.     Creature of light 2:    Creature of light 2's arms become blades as it slashes Vorpal viciously, dealing 66 Glass Physical Slashing Damage!
  314.     Vorpal:     Vorpal loses 56 hit points.
  315.     Vorpal:     Two injuries
  316. Saturn Rosewell has received initiative.
  317.     Creature of light 2:    The injury lowered the Defense stat!
  318.     Creature of light 2:    The injury lowered the Attack stat!
  319.     Saturn Rosewell:    First off, Saturn mashes the proverbial reset button, causing a black fog to exude over the battlefield, resetting everyone's CS to their defaults.
  320.     Saturn Rosewell:    Saturn Rosewell recovered 10 HP!
  321.     Black-winged creature:  Black-winged creature has had it's Attack modified by -1 stages.
  322.     Black-winged creature:  Black-winged creature has had it's Accuracy modified by -1 stages.
  323.     Black-winged creature:  Black-winged creature has had it's Sp.Defense modified by -2 stages.
  324.     Black-winged creature:  Black-winged creature has had it's Sp.Attack modified by -2 stages.
  325.     Black-winged creature:  Black-winged creature has had it's Defense modified by -1 stages.
  326.     Creature of light 2:    Creature of light 2 has had it's Attack modified by -1 stages.
  327.     Creature of light 2:    Creature of light 2 has had it's Speed modified by -1 stages.
  328.     Creature of light 2:    Initiative = 15
  329.     Chronicler :    Anything else?
  330. DNA:    BWC's init adjusts as well, since it has a Speed Injury.
  331.     Black-winged creature:  Initiative = 15
  332. DNA:    That is weird. I distinctly remember its Init being 12 at one point.
  333.     Vorpal:     ((It's aura does something))
  334. Black-winged creature: (( It gains Speed CS twice. ))
  335.     Vorpal:     ((It jumped up after that point))
  336. Avara:  i think i dropped it?
  337. Black-winged creature: (( It was at -3 SPE CS ))
  338. Avara:  i distinctly remember using Frighten on someone
  339. DNA:    You dropped it? Huh. For some reason I do-
  340. Avara:  which is -2 speed cs
  341. DNA:    Oh, Frighten. That's why.
  342. DNA:    Now as my Shift Action, I'm going to send out a guy.
  343. * Abercronie joins the fray!
  344.     Abercronie:     Initiative = 15
  345. DNA:    That will be all.
  346.     Black-winged creature:  Black-winged creature grips her sword tightly.
  347.     Black-winged creature:  Black-winged creature has had it's Accuracy modified by 2 stages.
  348.     Black-winged creature:  Black-winged creature swipes wildly at Vorpal! 17 vs. SDEF Eva!
  349.     Black-winged creature:  Black-winged creature's blade strikes deep into Vorpal's flesh, the flames of hate ravashing her for 32 Fire Special Slashing Damage!
  350.     Black-winged creature:  Black-winged creature has had it's Accuracy modified by -2 stages.
  351.     Vorpal:     Vorpal loses 17 hit points.
  352.     Black-winged creature:  Black-winged creature's grip on her blade loosens.
  353. Abercronie has received initiative.
  354. * Abercronie burrows in next to the BWC and also flanks that noise.
  355.     Saturn Rosewell:    Saturn Rosewell spent 1 AP!
  356.     Abercronie:     Then it tried to reach out and grab the strange creature! 4 vs Physical Evasion!
  357.     Black-winged creature:  Black-winged creature is grabbed.
  358.     Abercronie:     It takes 26 physical flat damage.
  359.     Vorpal:     ((strange))
  360.     Black-winged creature:  Black-winged creature loses 26 hit points.
  361.     Vorpal:     ((Hm, I'm used to strange creature being something specific.))
  362.     Black-winged creature:  Black-winged creature clutches itself, whimpering.
  363. Chloe Blanchett has received initiative.
  364.     Abercronie:     The raccoon does a quick flex, hoping that Finch-senpai is watching.
  365.     Chloe Blanchett:    Chloe withdraws Holiday and sends out Mimsy!
  366.     Chloe Blanchett:    "If Vorpal falls, you'll have to fight Mimsy."
  367.     Chloe Blanchett:    Done
  368. Vorpal has received initiative.
  369.     Chloe Blanchett:    (how much damage is the aura? this is the first time I've started in it)
  370.     Abercronie:     1/16 max HP
  371.     Black-winged creature:  ^
  372.     Vorpal:     Vorpal loses 5 hit points.
  373.     Vorpal:     Vorpal uses Feint Attack! 5 crit check!
  374. DNA:    I don't think you can
  375. Avara:  AW
  376. DNA:    Suppression
  377. Black-winged creature: (( The aura is real. ))
  378. Avara:  ok
  379.     Vorpal:     Vorpal uses Sucker Punch. 4 Chloe spending AP!
  380. DNA:    I remember Feint Attack is AW; remember my signature in another campaign is a Sneasel
  381.     Vorpal:     Hit physical evasion
  382.     Vorpal:     42 Physical Dark Piercing.
  383.     Chloe Blanchett:    Chloe Blanchett loses 1 ability points. Current Ability Points: 2, Maximum Ability Points: 9
  384.     Chloe Blanchett:    Chloe Blanchett loses 1 ability points. Current Ability Points: 1, Maximum Ability Points: 9
  385.     Black-winged creature:  Black-winged creature loses 15 hit points.
  386.     Black-winged creature:  Black-winged creature's aura sheds off some of the harm, but not quite enough.
  387.     Creature of light 2:    Creature of light 2 becomes raw aura and bolts into the air before winking out of existence.
  388. DNA:    I can't tell if we won or if that's a mercy kill.
  389. Avara:  if it dies i'm happy enough.
  390.     Black-winged creature:  Black-winged creature's face cracks loudly as she nearly doubles over from the pain, her aura flickering off and all her abilities becoming suppressed.
  391.     Black-winged creature:  The injury lowered the Defense stat!
  392.     Black-winged creature:  Black-winged creature falls from the air and into the fleshy mound.
  393.     Fleshy Mound:   Fleshy Mound begins shifting as it swallows the now unconscious Black-winged creature.
  394.     Chloe Blanchett:    "..please be over..." Chloe whimpered, on the verge of tears.
  395.     Tentacle:   Tentacle's rip through the fleshy mound and coils around it tightly and squeezes, slowly dragging it downward and crushing it.
  396.     Chronicler :    The sudden movement is staggering and throws you off balance. This hazard will inflict harm to those unable to endure it. Acrobatics, Athletics or Fortitude checks to endure.
  397.     Chronicler :    You get one chance.
  398.     Chronicler :    Unless you have ways to re-roll.
  399.     Chloe Blanchett:    what about flying individuals?
  400.     Chronicler :    If you are flying you are not touching the ground, you are fine.
  401. DNA:    Oh wait things! Must read to catch up!
  402.     Duncan the Tonberry:    Athletics.
  403.     Chronicler :    Which equates to pretty much Mimsy, Saturn and Vorpal.
  404.     Chloe Blanchett:    Chloe rolls acrobatics!
  405.     Chronicler :    This extends to anyone unconscious.
  406. Avara:  do i roll a save for jen despite faint?
  407.     Chronicler :    Yes.
  408.     Alsine Kolstad:     Alsine rolls fortitude???
  409.     Jennifer Attaway:   acrobatics
  410.     Abercronie:     2d6, doesn't matter of which skills I use.
  411.     Chloe Blanchett:    Chloe has ALL uses of Let Me Help You With That and Skill Expert.
  412.     Abercronie:     Prioritize the players. I have HP to spare.
  413.     Chronicler :    Abercronie, Alsine, Chloe, and Jennifer lose 16 Hit Points.
  414.     Chloe Blanchett:    Skill Expert
  415.     Alsine Kolstad:     Alsine Kolstad loses 16 hit points.
  416.     Jennifer Attaway:   Jennifer Attaway loses 16 hit points.
  417. * Jennifer Attaway is now at negative HP
  418.     Abercronie:     Abercronie lost 16 HP!
  419.     Chronicler :    Chloe still loses 16 HP.
  420.     Chloe Blanchett:    Chloe Blanchett loses 16 hit points.
  421.     Chloe Blanchett:    Injury
  422.     Chronicler :    The injury lowered the Accuracy stat!
  423. * DNA waits for more information as I'm sure it's incoming, and relevant.
  424.     Chronicler :    Chronicler thudding against metal, against walls, each other and then finally the metallic floor when the fleshy mound is crushed through the metal itself you are finally upon non-round solid flooring. It is metal and appears rusted. The single door you could see before, through the mound, is not at your feet. You're able to, when standing upright, stand directly upon the door as it seems to have been built into the floor. Or perhaps gravity isn't right in this room.
  425. Chronicler : (( I'm going to make Kayla something to drink. You guys can figure out how to handle the now two party members bleeding out and how to heal/revive before continuing on with the puzzle. ))
  426. DNA:    Wait, the door on the mound is now a door on this floor? How big is this floor?
  427.     Chronicler :    The mound is gone.
  428.     Chronicler :    20-meter radius.
  429. Avara:  does saturn have any healing items or options?
  430. DNA:    Okay, first I need to calculate what healing ability I have and how many are bleeding out.
  431.     Vorpal:     Vorpal attempts a medicine check to keep Chloe safe. 12 Medicine!
  432. DNA:    Saturn has potions, and Torren can heal people outright with recoil.
  433. DNA:    6.1875
  434. Avara:  jen has 5 potions
  435.     Abercronie:     Abercronie moves to stabilize first Alsine 21, then Jennifer 21, then Duncan 29, before anything else.
  436.     Vorpal:     Chloe has 6. And 5 Super Potions.
  437. Avara:  what's the stabilize DC?
  438.     Abercronie:     12
  439. Avara:  ok
  440. Chloe:  Alsine is at positive HP, she just has Faint status.
  441.     Abercronie:     Only a nat-1 on everything could fail that.
  442. Avara:  duncan was at 2hp. would've fainted on his turn
  443.     Abercronie:     Oh. Right. I thought he fainted.
  444.     Abercronie:     I hereby deduct 1 Antidote from my inventory to heal Duncan.
  445.     Vorpal:     Vorpal identifies a Potion and uses it on Chloe.
  446.     Chloe Blanchett:    Chloe Blanchett is healed and gains 20 hit points.
  447.     Saturn Rosewell:    Saturn applies one of her potions on Jennifer; Jennifer heals 30 HP.
  448.     Jennifer Attaway:   Jennifer Attaway is healed and gains 30 hit points.
  449.     Saturn Rosewell:    Then via a few uses of Winter's Kiss, the raccoon and Saturn can heal to full HP. Now for the less obvious bits.
  450. Avara:  how long does it take someone to wake up from fainted when at positive hp?
  451.     Chloe Blanchett:    15 mintues or so
  452. Avara:  ok
  453. DNA:    If I revive Raijin, it will be possible to get everyone back to full HP (well, with injuries) in a matter of minutes.
  454. DNA:    Torren is Radiant and has Volt Absorb, leading to a weird but convenient loophole.
  455. Avara:  his pokeball's on jen's belt.
  456. * Saturn Rosewell does this, using a Revive to bring Raijin back to =20 HP and non-fainted.
  457. Avara:  hp is -45
  458.     Raijin:     Raijin is healed and gains 65 hit points.
  459.     Saturn Rosewell:    This will cut time drastically.
  460.     Chloe Blanchett:    Lets let Kaorin give the okay stamp on this plan first.
  461. * Raijin is too weak to be angry right now, and will just use electric struggle to comply if the plan works.
  462.     Saturn Rosewell:    ...Fair point.
  463.     Chronicler :    Volt Absorb healing is legit. But what's this recoil healing thing I'm hearing?
  464. DNA:    Using a Radiant move causes the user to lose 1/16 of its max HP.
  465. DNA:    The Radiant creature in question also has Volt Absorb. To mitigate the HP loss, I need something with an Electric-type attack. That is Raijin.
  466. DNA:    If it didn't have Volt Absorb, this would not be a loop.
  467.     Chronicler :    You didn't explain how everyone else heals.
  468. DNA:    Radiant moves causes the attack targets to heal HP instead of take damage
  469. DNA:    (provided they're not Radiant or Shadow themselves - which I don't think anything else in the party is.)
  470.     Chronicler :    And the frequency of the move?
  471. DNA:    At-Will
  472.     Chronicler :    Sounds legit to me.
  473.     Chronicler :    I may patch this later.
  474. Avara:  and raijin's using struggle with zapper
  475. Avara:  to trigger it
  476.     Chronicler :    I wasn't questioning volt absorb,
  477. Avara:  just completing the info
  478. DNA:    Were you talking about patching Radiant or something?
  479. DNA:    But for now, ingenuity is rewarded?
  480.     Chronicler :    For now, yes.
  481. DNA:    \o/
  482. DNA:    Everyone heal to full HP! But injuries still stick around; I don't have ways to get around that yet.
  483.     Jennifer Attaway:   Jennifer Attaway is healed and gains 68 hit points.
  484. Eclipse:    85.5
  485.     Duncan the Tonberry:    Duncan the Tonberry is healed and gains 96 hit points.
  486.     Vorpal:     Vorpal is healed and gains 78 hit points.
  487.     Chloe Blanchett:    Chloe Blanchett loses 10000 hit points.
  488.     Natasha:    Ready~
  489.     Chloe Blanchett:    Chloe Blanchett is healed and gains 10113 hit points.
  490.     Alsine Kolstad:     Alsine Kolstad is healed and gains 62 hit points.
  491.     Raijin:     Raijin is healed and gains 26 hit points.
  492.     Holiday 1:  Holiday 1 is healed and gains 0 hit points.
  493. Chronicler : (( Keep in mind you cannot heal above injured max ))
  494.     Chloe Blanchett:    Chloe Blanchett is healed and gains -37 hit points.
  495. Avara:  that's why i've been measuring my healts, yeah
  496.     Vorpal:     Vorpal is healed and gains -16 hit points.
  497. Vorpal: (( The damage/healing macro under 'campaign' aleady factors in injured max. ))
  498.     Plant-lady 2:   ((forgot injured max
  499.     Holiday 1:  Holiday 1 is healed and gains -13 hit points.
  500. Vorpal: (( So long as you input the number of injuries you have in Injuries. Which the Injury Number macro does for you ))
  501.     Alsine Kolstad:     Alsine Kolstad loses 0 hit points.
  502.     Alsine Kolstad:     Alsine Kolstad is healed and gains 0 hit points.
  503.     Alsine Kolstad:     Alsine Kolstad is healed and gains -22 hit points.
  504. Vorpal: (( Injury Number Rob ))
  505.     Alsine Kolstad:     ((I failed to mark her injuries
  506.     Alsine Kolstad:     Can you roll new ones?
  507. Eclipse:    I think it was 3?
  508.     Alsine Kolstad:     ((it is 3. What stages I don't know))
  509. Vorpal: (( I can get it. Sec. ))
  510. Vorpal: (( How did Duncan remove injuries? ))
  511. Avara:  he never had them
  512. Avara:  poison doesn't injure
  513.     Chronicler :    Where did you get that?
  514. Avara:  and he was at 2hp
  515. Avara:  frrrom you?
  516. Eclipse:    That...isn't accurate. As long as something passes the HP marker, it injures.
  517. Avara:  huh.
  518.     Chronicler :    ^
  519.     Chronicler :    The only thing that doesn't injure is HP setting.
  520. Avara:  well, fuck.
  521. Eclipse:    The only exception I know of is Pain Split, and that is a strange case.
  522.     Duncan the Tonberry:    The injury lowered the Speed stat!
  523.     Chronicler :    Any HP setting.
  524.     Alsine Kolstad:     Belly Drum... Super Fang...
  525.     Chronicler :    And yeah Rob, you just never listed Alsine's injuries ever.
  526.     Chronicler :    The injury lowered the Speed stat!
  527.     Chronicler :    The injury lowered the Defense stat!
  528.     Chronicler :    The injury lowered the Special Attack stat!
  529.     Chronicler :    There you go.
  530. Eclipse:    Belly Drum and Super Fang don't cause HP set, iirc. Super Fang I don't know, but Belly Drum doesn't for sure.
  531.     Duncan the Tonberry:    Duncan the Tonberry loses 10 hit points.
  532.     Alsine Kolstad:     Saved. Alsine should be the first to wake up.
  533.     Saturn Rosewell:    Meanwhile Saturn is eyeing the rat-lizard healing generator with teary panicked eyes going "Please work, please work, please work, please work..."
  534.     Chronicler :    I never did write up Alraune for you, did I Rob? Shit. I'm sorry.
  535.     Alsine Kolstad:     I was about to write that!
  536.     Alsine Kolstad:     Byt skype acted up
  537.     Alsine Kolstad:     She might be who Chloe relies on for the rest of this. : x
  538.     Chronicler :    I'll make sure you have it before next game. But I obviously can't get that to you right now.
  539. Avara:  i've got no choice but to depend on duncan.
  540.     Chronicler :    Don't let me forget! Apparently I can do that really well!
  541.     Alsine Kolstad:     That's fine, as long as we can heal her anyway
  542.     Chronicler :    Yes, she can be healed to injured max.
  543. DNA:    ...how am I still relatively unscathed after all this.
  544. DNA:    HOW.
  545.     Chronicler :    wtf are you talking about?
  546.     Chronicler :    Natasha was KO'd.
  547. DNA:    No she wasn't
  548.     Chronicler :    Oh right. Damn near.
  549. DNA:    Endure is better than KO, forever
  550.     Chronicler :    Endure saved your ass.
  551.     Alsine Kolstad:     "Gnn..." Alsine begins to stir (probably?)
  552. DNA:    The worst I got from this is 1 injury on Natasha. ONE.
  553.     Chronicler :    Because Endure. Don't act like it didn't save your ass.
  554.     Chronicler :    o7
  555. DNA:    I won't even pretend that it didn't, because Endure is the sex.
  556.     Chronicler :    Anyways, back int o it.
  557.     Chronicler :    Alsine is waking...there is a door you're standing on.
  558.     Chronicler :    The mound is gone (in case someone missed it. Somehow.)
  559.     Alsine Kolstad:     "I-is everyone alright!"
  560.     Chronicler :    As is the Black-winged creature.
  561.     Alsine Kolstad:     Alsine shot up in a panic as soon as she had the slightest grip on conciousness.
  562.     Alsine Kolstad:     "CHLOE!"
  563.     Saturn Rosewell:    "Alsine! You're awake!" Saturn ran up and gave her a hug. "Oh, thank goodness!"
  564.     Saturn Rosewell:    But was probably pushed away with Alsine worrying for Chloe.
  565.     Mimsy:  "Yes..." Mimsy said assuringly. She patted Alsine's shoulder.
  566.     Alsine Kolstad:     "I- I'm sorry Saturn." Alsine said, coming to her senses again.
  567.     Alsine Kolstad:     "I just... I failed..."
  568.     Saturn Rosewell:    "No...no, you didn't. You...you did your best."
  569.     Saturn Rosewell:    Her voice wasn't very confident sounding, though. She was still too shaken by the ordeal.
  570.     Vorpal:     Vorpal nodded along with Saturn.
  571.     Vorpal:     "W...we... fought... strong foe." Vorpal struggled to speak.
  572.     Saturn Rosewell:    "I don't know where we are now; the room is gone. I'm so scared I don't know even how we're going to get out of here. ...I don't want to die here, I don't , I don't..."
  573.     Saturn Rosewell:    Almost instinctively, Saturn's many eyes scanned the area. Perception 15 ; Intuition 23.
  574.     Saturn Rosewell:    Upps. Hold on.
  575.     Alsine Kolstad:     Alsine looked at the ground, then pointed at the door. "The flesh parted ways, the door is accessable."
  576.     Saturn Rosewell:    Perception ; Intuition .
  577.     Saturn Rosewell:    There we go.
  578. Chronicler whispers: You're able to perceive the aura of a single creature in the area behind the door. Its of medium size.
  579.     Saturn Rosewell:    "There's...one thing behind this door. About the size of a person. Just...one thing."
  580.     Saturn Rosewell:    "I'm...going to wait until the others wake up." Saturn sat and knelt on the ground. Well, a couple inches above it, anyway.
  581.     Chloe Blanchett:    Chloe begins to stir...
  582.     Chloe Blanchett:    Alsine only had a minute head start, combat seems much longer when you're in the middle of it.
  583.     Chloe Blanchett:    "I-is everyone...." Chloe turned her head and caught Alsine's eyes, cast down at her in concern. Chloe smiled to the succubus, "I'm okay, really. Sore... but okay."
  584.     Saturn Rosewell:    "Ch-Chloe...you're..."
  585.     Saturn Rosewell:    She wanted to move to glomp her, but couldn't bring herself to move. Her eyes clenched shut. "I wanted to protect you and I still couldn't do it."
  586. Avara:  is jen waking?
  587. DNA:    any second now yes
  588.     Chronicler :    Yes, feel free to wake.
  589. Eclipse:    13 rounds of combat, damn. That was painful.
  590. * Jennifer Attaway sits up, groaning. "We're not dead, right? So... I'd say that's pretty successful," she grumbled, working her way up to her feet.
  591.     Chloe Blanchett:    "We all wanted to Saturn." Chloe shifted herself up to a sitting position. "We can't help how strong our enemies are... but... maybe we could have worked better as a team."
  592.     Saturn Rosewell:    "Work better as a team... How do you think we could coordinate? Like maybe battle plans or something? Or ideas on how to start off?"
  593.     Chloe Blanchett:    "When we first started, I liked to use status effects. I was the last one to use damage, and it helped. But recently I've been having my pokemon fight as hard and fast as I can. Sometimes it worked, Vorpal is really good at it. But... I lost what I used to do to help our team. And when our first assault was blocked, we had no poisoned or frozen enemies, or fortifications to fall back on."
  594. Avara:  brb
  595.     Chloe Blanchett:    "I could have coordinated better." Chloe said. She rubbed her bruises, the pain a harsh reminder of what her hasty judgement helped bring.
  596.     Saturn Rosewell:    "I'm just...really good at keeping myself alive, and trying to shut down opponents or healing strategies," Saturn admitted. "Beyond that I can't do much else. Natasha is the heavy hitter, not me. I just...I mean, I stopped her for a while, but after a while I just...stood there."
  597. Avara:  back
  598.     Jennifer Attaway:   "You probably already pieced together my usual strategy. Raijin or Duncan handle damage output, while I use songs to stop our enemies from doing things. I can use my songs to buff allies, but the best songs for that only help one person."
  599.     Chloe Blanchett:    "I've always just stood there Saturn. Don't feel bad."
  600.     Saturn Rosewell:    "You really think so? But you're a great gatherer of information..."
  601.     Chloe Blanchett:    "I could work harder at that. I have skills, I'm not going to say I'm bad at everything." Chloe laughed, only a little bit of levity in her voice, "But when the fights start, there's not much I can do to help. I want to practice that, even if I have to end up hurting others myself. I can't be afraid to do that and expect others to save me all the time."
  602.     Jennifer Attaway:   "Instead of hurting others, you could work on healing if that's more comfortable. Without Valerie here, we'd benefit from something softening the blows."
  603.     Chloe Blanchett:    "Maybe... I did learn a bit of magic, but I never tried to master it. Maybe I should try and become a Magus."
  604.     Saturn Rosewell:    Saturn smiled weakly. "Maybe, yeah."
  605.     Jennifer Attaway:   "If that sounds fun for you, do it."
  606.     Chloe Blanchett:    Chloe was quiet, "Should we continue...? Are we ready to continue?"
  607. Chloe Blanchett has received initiative.
  608.     Jennifer Attaway:   "You'll get the most out of it if it's something you're passionate about. I think we're as ready as we can be."
  609.     Saturn Rosewell:    "Yeah, let's...let's go." Saturn analyzes the door. Is it easy enough to open, does it look like it has any tricks?
  610.     Chronicler :    It's on the floor and seems to open into the floor, if that says anything to you.
  611. DNA:    Does it have a doorknob, is it pushed, is it pulled, is it locked?
  612.     Chronicler :    It has a doorknob and appears to open inward, inward being into the floor. From your vantage point (sp?) opening it allows you to descend into the next room, as awkward as that sounds.
  613.     Chronicler :    If you want to know if its locked, you can try opening the door.
  614.     Chloe Blanchett:    "Let me check that quick..." Chloe checks the door for traps. perception.
  615.     Chloe Blanchett:    "Interesting... This seems to have some teleportation keystone tied to it. Let me see if I can understand this..."
  616.     Saturn Rosewell:    "So wait, opening that door will teleport us somewhere else?"
  617.     Chloe Blanchett:    Chloe looks around the room as she examines things most others would never see.
  618.     Jennifer Attaway:   "That sounds pretty odd..."
  619.     Chloe Blanchett:    "I think... it will teleport us to where we came in. But, we can resist it with concentration."
  620.     Chronicler :    Could you be a bit clearer, Chloe? I fail to understand exactly what that action was meant to do.
  621.     Chloe Blanchett:    (Flavor)
  622.     Chronicler :    (o7)
  623.     Saturn Rosewell:    "Concentration? Like...like mental Focus?"
  624.     Chloe Blanchett:    "Exactly."
  625.     Chloe Blanchett:    "If we want to see what's below this, we might have to disable it. But it might be the only way out. The other path we didn't take also traveled downward, so maybe that is how we get to the room below. I'll see if I can modify this keystone, so we might use it later if we want."
  626.     Saturn Rosewell:    "Modify it? You can do that?"
  627.     Chloe Blanchett:    Using Stealth to disable (but not destroy) the trap.
  628.     Chloe Blanchett:    "No idea."
  629.     Chloe Blanchett:    Reroll 28
  630.     Chloe Blanchett:    Reroll
  631.     Chronicler :    Chloe, with a bit of time, comes to understand the mechanics behind this device and disables it without activating or removing it. Though she could remove it if she wished.
  632.     Chloe Blanchett:    Chloe decides to leave it here, for now. Perhaps salvage later, but she doesn't want to break the travel mechanism, if that is indeed what this keystone is for. "Aaaand there we go. We're safe."
  633.     Saturn Rosewell:    "...I hope where we end up next isn't as strange as the last place. We're trying to figure out where those infiltrators are coming from...and look where we ended up."
  634.     Chloe Blanchett:    "You said there was only one person, right?"
  635.     Saturn Rosewell:    "...only one, yeah..."
  636.     Jennifer Attaway:   "But you can't sense mechanical life, right?"
  637.     Saturn Rosewell:    "..."
  638. * Saturn Rosewell shuddered a bit.
  639.     Saturn Rosewell:    "...don't remind me..."
  640.     Jennifer Attaway:   "We should be ready for anything going in."
  641.     Chloe Blanchett:    "Thank you Jennifer. I- I didn't even think of that." Chloe felt a bit like a fool.
  642. * Jennifer Attaway shrugs. "We all have to watch out for each other, right? I couldn't have done what you just did either."
  643.     Chloe Blanchett:    "I'll go first." Chloe swallowed the nerviousness from her throat, cast Spell Shield in case there were any surprises.
  644.     Chloe Blanchett:    She then climbed down through the door.
  645.     Chloe Blanchett:    Chloe Blanchett is healed and gains 8 ability points. Current Ability Points: 9, Maximum Ability Points: 9
  646.     Saturn Rosewell:    Saturn follows close behind, floating.
  647. * Jennifer Attaway will follow with duncan at her side.
  648.     Mimsy:  Mimsy and Alsine follow last.
  649.     Chronicler:     Going through the door you feel the gravity shift almost immediately. You go from naturally falling down to suddenly falling to the side and hit the floor with an inaudible thump.
  650.     Chloe Blanchett:    Chloe rolls out of the way quickly, hoping no one would land on her.
  651.     Liason Adapted:     Liason Adapted hops off of Chloe and continues to enact its zone of silence.
  652. * Saturn Rosewell spins in the air to avoid the sudden thump.
  653.     Liason Adapted:     Liason Adapted ejects an image briefly.
  654. You whisper to Kaorin Sakura: Is that the "one lifeform" from earlier I sensed?
  655. * Jennifer Attaway and Duncan have the chance to watch the others tumble, and brace for impact before trying to get up.
  656.     Holographic Contact:    Holographic Contact appears and smiles at both Chloe and Saturn before the image fades.
  657.     Liason Adapted:     Liason Adapted follows closely behind Chloe and keeps her presence hidden.
  658. DNA:    her being the Liaison, or her being Chloe?
  659.     Chloe Blanchett:    Chloe tracks the Liason with her eyes. Perception
  660. Chronicler whispers: It is not. You cannot feel the presence of this biomechanical creature. You do know, however, that this is from the contact you had in Cerulean that implanted your psionic amp in your head. The image was of the lady who personally did your surgery.
  661. You whisper to Kaorin Sakura: Wait what. Hold on. Back up. Baaaaaaack up a sec.
  662.     Chronicler:     The Liason does not do anything except follow you and flattens all sound waves.
  663. You whisper to Kaorin Sakura: Okay, questions, one at a time: Is the Liaison at all related to the psionic amp or the holographic image? How did it even get here? How did the projection of that woman even exist?
  664.     Chronicler:     The area you now stand in, however, is full of various large tubes with strange colourful liquid. Some of the tubes are large enough to fit medium sized creatures in them, and most of them do. The creatures are often mishapen, malformed or are odd and strange like the ones you faced in The Mound.
  665. Chronicler whispers: The liason has been there since you first entered Cerulean. It was brought into your party by Rochette. She didn't tell you guys about it though.
  666. Chronicler whispers: The projection of the image, however, was done through the liason.
  667. You whisper to Kaorin Sakura: So there's no way that Saturn could have known about it in-character. But Saturn would recognize the projection in that case. So then...
  668.     Saturn Rosewell:    "...wait, Chloe, did you...did you recognize that woman in the hologram?"
  669.     Chloe Blanchett:    Chloe shivered at the sight. She began to feel sick the creature they had fought was just one of many... driven mad and gruesomely disposed of when it didn't live up to standards.
  670.     Chronicler:     The area lab is not overtly large but instead everything is crowded. You can, however, hear the sounds of conversation coming from the center of the area, even through your zone of silence.
  671.     Chloe Blanchett:    Chloe couldn't hear Saturn (right?)
  672.     Chronicler:     Nope.
  673.     Chronicler:     There is a zone of silence covering your party right now. None of you are capable of making sound.
  674.     Saturn Rosewell:    Saturn will probably notice immediately that Chloe didn't even react.
  675.     Chronicler:     It is a two-way street. You are both protected against audible detection but, however, cannot communicate verbally.
  676.     Chloe Blanchett:    Chloe looked back at the Hologram, to find that it had vanished. Frustrated, Chloe thought about who it might have been. (check to recognize?)
  677.     Saturn Rosewell:    So she'll assume that something about that creature causes her to not be heard, or at least them to not make any noise.
  678.     Chloe Blanchett:    Chloe looked for Jennifer.
  679. * Jennifer Attaway has been following quietly.
  680.     Saturn Rosewell:    As a precaution, Saturn shut down her noise and sensed the area; Perception and Intuition .
  681. Chronicler whispers: You sense a singular form of life near the center of the lab where the conversation seems to be coming from. Oddly enough, the liason does not radiate life despite you knowing, somehow, that it is both biological and mechanical. Even stranger, the lifeforms in the tubes do not radiate life yet you know they are alive and growing.
  682.     Saturn Rosewell:    Saturn became a little worried at this information, but unable to communicate it at this time, she had to store it in her memory. Her face did become a little paler, however.
  683.     Chloe Blanchett:    Chloe looked to Saturn, then tilted her head.
  684.     Saturn Rosewell:    "...You can't hear me, can you?" Saturn said, pointing to her ear.
  685.     Chloe Blanchett:    Chloe shook her head. Then pointed at the Liason.
  686.     Saturn Rosewell:    "...I thought so." Saturn thought. She was trying to figure out two things: how to listen in on the conversation without being caught, and how to get out of here. more so the latter.
  687.     Chloe Blanchett:    Chloe listened to the voices in the distance as carefully as she could. Perception.
  688.     Saturn Rosewell:    Perception to search for a door or exit !
  689.     Chronicler:     As Chloe focused intently on the conversation in the distance everyone seemed to be able to hear it a bit better.
  690. Chronicler whispers: The only door or exit you see immediately is the one you entered through.
  691. You whisper to Kaorin Sakura: And that's behind us, right? Or is it above us?
  692. Infiltrator Man whispers: Behind you. Against a wall.
  693.     Infiltrator Man:    "...ealize what I'm doing here, right? It's not rocket science. Hell, that'd be a lot easier!"
  694.     Saturn Rosewell:    Saturn's going to try to hide behind something if she isn't already. Without making a sound. Potentially motioning the others to do the same.
  695.     Chloe Blanchett:    Chloe hides too. Stealth
  696.     Unknown Persona:    "We do not care about its complexity, rharradin. We only care about its execution. Deliver as promised and you shall join us among the pantheon."
  697.     Liason Adapted:     Liason Adapted's zone of silence increases your stealth checks by +4 versatile.
  698.     Jennifer Attaway:   stealth
  699.     Saturn Rosewell:    Stealth for vision including Liaison's bonus. She is also Dead Silent, but under the noiseless zone that may not matter.
  700.     Duncan the Tonberry:    stealth
  701.     Infiltrator Man:    "I'm close! So close! I can feel it! I just need more time!"
  702. Infiltrator Man: (( Duncan pwns you all ))
  703. Avara:  duncan has a masters in stealth, and a +5 to bodying people
  704. DNA:    GET BODIED
  705. DNA:    ...given Tonberry, this is appropriate.
  706. Avara:  i tried to stat skills as very tonberry-appropriate, yes
  707.     Unknown Persona:    "Time is not a luxury we can afford. It is a law of which we must all obey, even you rharradin."
  708.     Infiltrator Man:    "This is beyond just biological tinkering. It is finding a needle in an evolutionary haystack!"
  709.     Infiltrator Man:    "Plowing through the biology of all things people and pokemon, searching for the ancestral point where humans split evolutionary from pokemon is vital. I can taste how close I am!"
  710. Chloe:  ((Please, Lilea could do it in a weekend))
  711. DNA:    *golf-clap*
  712.     Infiltrator Man:    "And then mastering de-evolution? Reverting all life to that ancestral state and then ensuring humans are the only evolution from that point? That is a feat that is where I'll need help. The pantheon need offer assistance there."
  713. * Jennifer Attaway scowls at this, rather personally offended.
  714.     Unknown Persona:    "We will do our part. But you must do yours, rharradin. Find it. Execute. Succeed. Disappoint us, and our next meeting will be unpleasant."
  715. * Saturn Rosewell 's expression is more one of surprise. She's not ashamed of herself at this point, but the goal in mind is just too unfathomable.
  716.     Infiltrator Man:    Infiltrator Man audibly gulped at that last statement and struggled to find his composure, "Time. I need time. Mining that sort of data requires volunteers and gathering them requires smoke and mirrors. If I'm not careful I'll be found out."
  717. You whisper to Kaorin Sakura: Intuition to sense the feelings/motives of both the Unknown Persona, and of Infiltrator Man, 6d6+2 .
  718.     Unknown Persona:    "Incorrect, rharradin. Your caution has done little to protect you."
  719. Avara:  anyone else thinking ambush round sounds good right now?
  720. DNA:    ...Not really, no
  721. Unknown Persona whispers: You cannot sense anything of the sort from unknown persona. However, Infiltrator Man seems to be interested in impressing unknown persona. Possibly to join this pantheon? He wants something desperately from them.
  722.     Infiltrator Man:    "What do you mean?"
  723. Chloe:  if you jump, chloe will follow. but she literally cannot weigh in.
  724.     Unknown Persona:    "If you are unintelligent enough to see that then you are no use to us. Depending on your future actions we may speak again."
  725. Unknown Persona: (( not-intelligent ))
  726. Avara:  unintelligent is a word, according to google
  727.     Chronicler:     A vvvwifp sound echoes in the zone of silence and a new voice enters.
  728. DNA:    It is a word, but I don't think it works in this context.
  729. Avara:  having or showing a low level of intelligence?
  730. Avara:  yeah, fair
  731.     Merida de Brevin:   "You have been commanded, rharradin. Enact swiftly. Or be overlooked."
  732. DNA:    A new voice enters where? The other conversation, or our party's presence?
  733.     Infiltrator Man:    Infiltrator Man growled and an echo of a slap rings in the zone, "Bitch!"
  734. DNA:    ...Also I meant to also ask where that sound is echoing too.
  735. Infiltrator Man: (( Wherever the infiltrator man is ))
  736. DNA:    ah
  737. You whisper to Kaorin Sakura: Also, do I recognize Merida's voice (or anything about her)? Perception .
  738.     Infiltrator Man:    "You could assist me! Gathering the information is the most time consuming part and you come and go as you please, doing arceus knows what!"
  739.     Merida de Brevin:   "The correct saying is 'God knows what'. Your Arceus is a false god for simple-minded peons. Your reluctance to say otherwise, even in anger, shows you remain not worthy."
  740.     Infiltrator Man:    Infiltrator Man scoffed, "Begone, whore. I have literally a million better things to do than speak to trash like you."
  741.     Merida de Brevin:   "If I return, be warned: You do not wish to be overlooked."
  742.     Chronicler:     Footsteps echo and grow louder in your direction. Quickly you realize whoever that female voice was is walking your way. Probably to use the door you entered from.
  743. Avara:  we're already hiding as best we can, i think?
  744.     Mimsy:  Mimsy hides!
  745.     Alsine Kolstad:     Alsine hides!
  746.     Saturn Rosewell:    Saturn remains hiding behind whatever tube she was hiding behind already, making not a sound nor a movement.
  747.     Merida de Brevin:   Merida de Brevin walks up right beside your group and slows as she enters your zone of silence.
  748.     Merida de Brevin:   Merida de Brevin turns and looks about, looking directly at many of you but doesn't stop. Exiting your zone of silence, she resumes her original pace and steps through the door and casually adjusts to the sudden shift in gravity. The loud ker-thud suggests she weighs far more than her bodyshape and height would lead you to believe. The echoing sound of her head steps against the metal floor tells you she moves away from the door as it slowly closes it. Once it does any sounds Merida de Brevin may be making on the other side are completely blocked.
  749. You whisper to Kaorin Sakura: So, she made eye contact with us but did nothing? Also, results from my earlier Perception check on whether or not I recognized anything about her?
  750.     Chloe Blanchett:    Chloe gestures to the others to move forward, beginning to approach the ruffled man.
  751. Merida de Brevin whispers: You do not recognize anything about her and she doesn't seem to have reacted to seeing any of you. And yes, she made eye contact with many of you. But not all.
  752. * Jennifer Attaway and Duncan will follow Chloe, a bit unnerved at... that.
  753. You whisper to Kaorin Sakura: Lemme guess. Duncan, and who else?
  754. * Saturn Rosewell follows, very...quietly. And trying hard not to be noticed, obviously.
  755.     Alsine Kolstad:     Alsine keeps her distance. She's no help in a fight, and had no confidence in her hiding ability.
  756. Merida de Brevin whispers: Chloe, Saturn, and Duncan.
  757. You whisper to Kaorin Sakura: ...Interesting choices to not notice.
  758. Merida de Brevin whispers: Oh, one thing to note I forgot.
  759.     Chloe Blanchett:    Chloe tries to sneak a peek at what the man is surrounding himself with. Whether allies or security measures... Perception.
  760. Merida de Brevin whispers: The life that you detected? It was the woman who just left.
  761. You whisper to Kaorin Sakura: Wait, back up. Out of all the characters involved in this conversation, and in these tubes, and the projector, and everything...
  762. You whisper to Kaorin Sakura: And the "1 lifeform" I sensed was Merida and NOBODY ELSE?
  763. Chronicler whispers: Correct.
  764.     Chronicler:     You can see that Infiltrator Man is standing over a table with what appears to be black cracks all over it.
  765.     Chronicler:     Around him are several mechanical pincirs he's using as arms to tug and poke at the cracks on the table which...was odd to see. Cracks that could be poked and .
  766.     Chronicler:     Around him are several mechanical pincirs he's using as arms to tug and poke at the cracks on the table which...was odd to see. Cracks that could be poked and moved.
  767. Chronicler: (( Sorry ))
  768.     Chloe Blanchett:    Chloe looks back to the others, points at him, punches her palm and then shrugs. She stares as if waiting for the others to respond.
  769. DNA:    Are the pincers his arms, or is he holding them in his hands/controlling them elsewise?
  770. DNA:    ...dammit Chloe now I have to think.
  771. Avara:  are we about to fight doctor octopus?
  772. DNA:    If we decide to jump him, potentially.
  773.     Chronicler:     He appears to be controlling them without touching them. Possibly telekinesis? Technokinesis? Wait, is that even possible?
  774.     Chronicler:     And no, they aren't attached to his body.
  775.     Chloe Blanchett:    ((aaah, Technomancers.))
  776.     Saturn Rosewell:    Saturn is telekinetic. Can she recognize whether or not it's telekinesis by looking at it, or is that 'inconclusive'?
  777. Chronicler whispers: She doesn't sense any psychic or telekinetic ability being used.
  778. DNA:    Hmmmmmmmm...
  779.     Chronicler:     Seems like we're losing steam here. Or maybe information is being digested rapidly. Want to call it?
  780. DNA:    Yes please, actually. I have an exam in the morning.
  781. DNA:    That, and there's a lot of info to ruminate over.
  782.     Chronicler:     Oh, you should've mentioned that sooner!
  783. Avara:  calling it is ideal
  784. DNA:    It's just economics; I'm not actually worried about it or anything. ;P
  785. Avara:  we need to strategize. if we can see him we at least can get that surprise round
  786. Chronicler:     Each Trainer obtains 225 XP to split among Pok√©mon they used in the battle against Black-winged creature.
  787. DNA:    Stupid odd number.
  788. Chronicler:     TXP: 3
  789. DNA:    TL 21.6
  790. Chronicler:     Saving campaign and log~
  791.     Chloe Blanchett:    75 each for me~
  792. DNA:    At least it's divisible by 3. It's just not divisible by 2.
  793. Eclipse is disconnected.
  794. Avara is disconnected.
  795. Chloe is disconnected.
  796. Kaorin Sakura is disconnected.
  797. You have disconnected.
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