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  1. =Player: MiwAuturu=
  2. Character: Elizabeth Alana Lacey Goldwyn of Castle Redway (Or just Liz)
  4. A white female British Longhair (cat).  Born a member of the Caignwell Nobility, at 15 she had a bit of a fall from grace.  Her overly ambitious tried to stir up a rebellion to take the throne.  Unfortunately people were content with the king they had, and soon rumour reached the royal guard of the trouble.  Her father was put to death for treason, and she lost any privileges her royal blood gave her.  However, she survived well on her own; she was not one of those “Helpless little girls.”  She had been trained in elemental magics by the greatest teachers money could buy.  She was especially adept at ice magic though, eventually being trained solely as a frost mage.  
  6. Eventually she found she needed money living on her own, so she joined the Fair River adventurer’s guild.  She still claims to be royalty, claiming that her father sent her to the guild as a learning experience, and hoping that no one recognizes her name.
  8. Being born of nobility she was taught to be intelligent and charismatic, although she is a bit of an airhead when it comes to noticing her surroundings.  She had a bit of a sheltered life and isn’t particularly strong of body, although her enchanted robes offer some protection against assault.  Outside of quests she wars various dresses of different colours, but in battle she always wears the brilliant blue robes, with the royal symbol, proving her a royal-blooded frost mage... even though she technically shouldn’t still have then.
  10. =Combat Stats=
  11. HP: 11/12/12 FP:6
  12. ATT:7 DEF:7 VIT:4
  13. ATT 8 DEF 6
  14. =RP-Attributes=
  15. Bod: 4
  16. Agi: 6
  17. IQ: 9
  18. Per: 3
  19. Cha: 8
  21. =Special Moves=
  22. Freeze: Saps the heat out of her opponents, freezing them in place for one turn
  23. Leech: Steals heat from her opponent and uses it as energy to heal herself
  24. Ice Dome: Creates a dome of Ice around an ally, protecting them from all attacks, but skipping their next turn
  26. =Quirks=
  27. Magic defence: +1 DEF against magic based attacks -1 DEF against physical based attacks
  28. Elemental Attack: +1 ATT when ice element is in her favour, -1 ATT when it is not
  29. Cold hearted:  Liz does not feel the cold, indeed she thrives in it. When it’s winter or she is in a cold environment she gets a +1 to ATT, in summer or in hot environments she gets -1 to ATT.
  31. =Quick Info=
  32. Elizabeth Alana Lacey Goldwyn of Castle Redway (Or just Liz) A weak-bodied, strong-minded, British Longhair (ex-)royal in brilliant blue robes.
  33. A:7 D:7 V:4
  34. B:3 A:7 I:9 P:2 C:9
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