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Apr 25th, 2020
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  1. items_commodities_Astatine=Astatine
  2. items_commodities_CK13GIDSeeds=CK13-GID Seed Blend
  3. items_commodities_CK13GIDSeeds_desc=These genetically-modified barley seeds were banned because of their aggressive growth and high-levels of cross-pollination that has frequently ravaged any neighboring plant life. However, the plant's high yield and ease of growth have continued to make it a sought-after commodity.
  4. items_commodities_Coal=Coal
  5. items_commodities_ConsumerGoods=Consumer Goods
  6. items_commodities_GaspingWeevilEggs=Gasping Weevil Eggs
  7. items_commodities_GaspingWeevilEggs_desc=The eggs of this small beetle are commonly held to be an aphrodisiac, but when allowed to hatch the weevils themselves will eat through sealants used in space station construction. Transport of the insect or its eggs is banned in the UEE.
  8. items_commodities_HLX99Hyperprocessors=HLX99 Hyperprocessors
  9. items_commodities_HLX99Hyperprocessors_desc=Commonly known as "Helixes" these Banu manufactured processing chips were designed for fullcore crypto-cracking and are used in the manufacture of computer system infiltration devices.
  10. items_commodities_HumanFoodBars=Human Food Bars
  11. items_commodities_HumanFoodBars_desc=Despite what the label on the packaging declares, the Banu manufactured "Human Food Bars" have been shown to contain multiple additives deemed unsafe for Human consumption.
  12. items_commodities_LifeCureMedSticks=LifeCure Medsticks
  13. items_commodities_LifeCureMedSticks_desc=The use of these imitation CureLife Medpens has resulted in numerous deaths.
  14. items_commodities_OsoianHides=Osoian Hides
  15. items_commodities_RS1OdyseySpacesuits=RS1 Odysey Spacesuits
  16. items_commodities_RS1OdyseySpacesuits_desc=These imitation RSI Odyssey flightsuits are cheaply made counterfeits that are hazardous to use.
  17. items_commodities_RedfinEnergyModulator=Redfin Energy Modulator
  18. items_commodities_RedfinEnergyModulator_desc=Made by various Banu manufacturers, this energy modulator is distinct for its red-hued heatsinks. Though it can be installed into most Human component subsystems to reduce power draw, its extremely dangerous fail rate has caused it to be banned for import into the UEE.
  19. items_commodities_Stims_desc=Composed of various combinations of tobacco, caffeine, and mood-enhancer, stims are smoked as a cigarette.
  20. items_commodities_agricium=Agricium
  21. items_commodities_agricium_desc=A rare and valuable silvery metal with a blue-green sheen. Malleable, ductile, and largely non-reactive.
  22. items_commodities_agriculturalGoods=Agricultural Goods
  23. items_commodities_agriculturalGoods_desc=Unprocessed crop and animal products used in the production of foodstuffs, textiles and bio-organic fuels.
  24. items_commodities_agriculturalSupplies=Agricultural Supplies
  25. items_commodities_agriculturalSupplies_desc=Items required for agricultural production. Includes fertilizers, feed, and pesticides.
  26. items_commodities_altruciatoxin=Altruciatoxin
  27. items_commodities_altruciatoxin_desc=Created by chemically processing the pollen of Revenant Tree (altrucia lacus), common effects of ingesting or smoking altruciatoxin include relaxing of the muscles, sensory enhancement, and lethargy. Heavy usage can cause staining of the tongue.
  28. items_commodities_altruciatoxin_unprocessed=Revenant Tree Pollen
  29. items_commodities_altruciatoxin_unprocessed_desc=The pollen of Revenant Tree (altrucia lacus).
  30. items_commodities_aluminum=Aluminum
  31. items_commodities_aluminum_desc=A chemically reactive, gray metal that is malleable, lightweight, ductile, strong, and resistant to corrosion. Capable of superconductivity.
  32. items_commodities_amioshiplague=Amioshi Plague
  33. items_commodities_amioshiplague_desc=Not nearly as ominous as its name, the Amioshi Plague is an invasive lichen that grows in the cracks of rocks. While the core of the lichen burrows out of sight to try and absorb as much moisture as it can find, the part near the surface sprouts hooded scales that eject spores to spread to other rocks. It's relatively short maturation period is the origin of its name.\n
  34. items_commodities_ammonia=Ammonia
  35. items_commodities_ammonia_desc=[PH] Ammonia description.
  36. items_commodities_antiHydrogen=Anti-Hydrogen
  37. items_commodities_antiHydrogen_desc=The antimatter counterpart of hydrogen. Contains one positron and one antiproton. 
  38. items_commodities_aphorite=Aphorite
  39. items_commodities_aphorite_desc=Decorative jewel crystal prized for its multi-hued tones.
  40. items_commodities_argon=Argon
  41. items_commodities_argon_desc=Chemically inert under most conditions, argon is an odorless, colorless gas that is as soluble in water as oxygen. Appears lilac in a discharge tube.
  42. items_commodities_arsenic=Arsenic
  43. items_commodities_arsenic_desc=A brittle, dense semimetal that is poisonous in large quantities.
  44. items_commodities_astatine_desc=A dangerously radioactive, highly unstable halogen. Some of its isotopes have half-lives of one second or less.
  45. items_commodities_atlasium=Atlasium
  46. items_commodities_atlasium_desc=This very strong metal alloy is often one of the few materials salvageable from severe wreck sites.
  47. items_commodities_beryl=Beryl
  48. items_commodities_beryl_desc=A mineral that creates natural hexagonal crystals. Colorless in its pure form, its impure forms include the gems emerald and aquamarine.
  49. items_commodities_bexalite=Bexalite
  50. items_commodities_bexalite_desc=This mineral harvested from worlds with no natural magnetic core, has found widespread use in electrical systems.
  51. items_commodities_bioplastic=Bioplastic
  52. items_commodities_bioplastic_desc=A plastic replacement material created when fossil fuels began running low in Sol. It is derived from renewable biomass sources, often from vat grown bacteria but can be derived from industrial byproducts as well.
  53. items_commodities_bluebilva=Blue Bilva
  54. items_commodities_bluebilva_desc=NDR: 23\nHEI: 10\nEffects: Hydrating, Energizing\n\nThe Blue Bilva is known for its distinctive rich flavor; which is highly astringent, aromatic and very high in fructose. The fruit can also be identified by its slightly pointed, ovoid shape, and dark blue to indigo skin. The fibrous flesh of the bilva clings firmly to its large stone which is so hard that it can only be cracked through mechanical means. It takes about 11 months to ripen on the tree. It is commonly eaten dried or turned into brandy.
  55. items_commodities_borase=Borase
  56. items_commodities_borase_desc=This highly thermally conductive material is often formed from cosmic ray spallation and is most typically found in younger star systems.
  57. items_commodities_boron=Boron
  58. items_commodities_boron_desc=A metalloid element produced by supernovae and cosmic ray spallation. A semiconductor in its pure crystalline form.
  59. items_commodities_cadmiumallinide=Cadmium Allinide
  60. items_commodities_cadmiumallinide_desc=This refined form of cadmium has great energy potential and is used frequently in reactors and batteries.
  61. items_commodities_carbon=Carbon
  62. items_commodities_carbon_desc=[PH] Carbon description.
  63. items_commodities_carbonsilk=Carbon-Silk
  64. items_commodities_carbonsilk_desc=This light, flexible and incredibly strong material is woven from carbon strands collected from the secretions of specially bioengineered worms.
  65. items_commodities_chlorine=Chlorine
  66. items_commodities_chlorine_desc=A light gas with a high electron affinity and a yellow-green tone at room temperature. One of the halogens.
  67. items_commodities_coal_desc=A combustible sedimentary rock primarily composed of carbon. Thought to originate from ancient peat.
  68. items_commodities_cobalt=Cobalt
  69. items_commodities_cobalt_desc=[PH] Cobalt description.
  70. items_commodities_compboard=Compboard
  71. items_commodities_compboard_desc=A main processing unit used inside various computers and electronics.
  72. items_commodities_consumerGoods_desc=Commodities that are purchased by an individual to satisfy their wants or needs.
  73. items_commodities_copper=Copper
  74. items_commodities_copper_desc=A soft red-orange colored metal with high conductivity. Prone to oxidation unless properly treated.
  75. items_commodities_corundum=Corundum
  76. items_commodities_corundum_desc=The crystalline form of aluminum oxide. Used as a gem. Varieties include ruby, sapphire, and padparadscha.
  77. items_commodities_crudeOil=Crude Oil
  78. items_commodities_crudeOil_desc=A compound composed of hydrocarbons and other organic molecules. Also referred to as unprocessed petroleum.
  79. items_commodities_diamond=Diamond
  80. items_commodities_diamond_desc=An allotrope of the element carbon, diamonds form over billions of years under high heat and pressure. Extremely hard and thermally conductive.
  81. items_commodities_diamondlaminate=Diamond Laminate
  82. items_commodities_diamondlaminate_desc=One of the hardest manufactured materials today, this glass-like substance is frequently used in the construction of cockpit windows.
  83. items_commodities_distilledSpirits=Distilled Spirits
  84. items_commodities_distilledSpirits_desc=A purified beverage produced through the distillation of fermented substances. Possesses at least 20 percent of alcohol by volume.
  85. items_commodities_dolivine=Dolivine
  86. items_commodities_dolivine_desc=A dull green gemstone that is used decoratively but also can be used for industrial purposes thanks to its resistance to weathering and high density.
  87. items_commodities_dopple=Dopple
  88. items_commodities_dopple_desc=A dissociative drug that creates a strong feeling of separation. People, places, and objects familiar to the user take on a distorted and unreal quality. Some users report a detachment from emotions. Doplencyethorphine is used in small dosages medically to help with extreme emotion issues and rage management problems. Recreational users take it for the effect of resetting the mundane and everyday into something new and different. Side effects include memory loss, panic attacks, paranoia, and psychotic episodes.
  89. items_commodities_dymantium=Dymantium
  90. items_commodities_dymantium_desc=One of the toughest known metal alloys that can be forged. It is extremely difficult to manufacture and must be used with care in order to avoid accidentally weakening the material during application.
  91. items_commodities_dynaflex=DynaFlex
  92. items_commodities_dynaflex_desc=Developed for use by the military, this absorptive material can withstand severe stress owing to its flexibility.
  93. items_commodities_elespo=Elespo
  94. items_commodities_elespo_desc=A brand name of a light sponge-like material that has exceptional electrical absorption properties.
  95. items_commodities_eriesium=Eriesium
  96. items_commodities_eriesium_desc=An actinide element that is extremely rare in the UEE, eriesium is theorized to be an incredible power source if harnessed properly, but can also be deadly in its refined state.
  97. items_commodities_etam=E'tam
  98. items_commodities_etam_desc=Created from the leaves of indigenous plants, E'tam is an organic hallucinogenic drug used by the Xi'an to slow body function and focus in order to achieve a deeper meditative state. For Humans, the effects are much more severe. E'tam causes hyper awareness, cognitive enhancement and improved focus. Users can be so engrossed in tasks that they neglect to eat, sleep or take care of other body functions.
  99. items_commodities_europium=Europium
  100. items_commodities_europium_desc=The most reactive of the rare earth metals. Europium compounds are often phosphorescent.
  101. items_commodities_fluorine=Fluorine
  102. items_commodities_fluorine_desc=A toxic and highly reactive gas that appears pale yellow in its natural state. Very easily forms compounds with almost all other elements.
  103. items_commodities_freeze=Freeze
  104. items_commodities_freeze_desc=A synthetic tranquilizer used for muscle therapy that causes very heavy sedation in the user while also activating the nerve endings in their muscles. Originally created as a way to rebuild damaged/rebuilt muscle tissue, it found another use as a sedative weight-loss supplement, and when in a concentrated form, as a party drug.
  105. items_commodities_freshFood=Fresh Food
  106. items_commodities_freshFood_desc=Various meats, grains and produce that have not yet been cooked, dried, salted, frozen, pickled, or otherwise preserved.
  107. items_commodities_glow=Glow
  108. items_commodities_glow_desc=A variant of the street drug known as "Neon," Glow is formulated to create more euphoric feelings and less hallucinations than are normally associated with other members of its chemical family. The telltale sign of a user is that swallowing the capsule often leaves glowing residue on the tongue. Some people microdose Glow to help them maintain a more positive attitude (being careful to drip the dose directly onto the back of their throat). The main risk is that once the effect wears off people can become suicidally depressed for a short while before their brain chemistry normalizes.
  109. items_commodities_gold=Gold
  110. items_commodities_gold_desc=A commonly found ductile metal favored for its conductivity. Though it falls in and out of fashion, it is often used for decorative purposes as well.\n
  111. items_commodities_goldenmedmon=Golden Medmon
  112. items_commodities_goldenmedmon_desc=NDR: 39\nHEI: 19\nEffects: Energizing, Hydrating\n\nGrown in temperate climates on the Maru Ebony Tree, Golden Medmons are left to fall off the tree when ripe and collected. The fruit at that stage is extremely firm and astringent. They only become edible after being 'bletted' or softened through ethylene ripening.
  113. items_commodities_hadanite=Hadanite
  114. items_commodities_hadanite_desc=A crystal oscillator sought out for it's extremely high frequency of vibration which makes it useful in various applications.
  115. items_commodities_heartofthewoods=Heart of the Woods
  116. items_commodities_heartofthewoods_desc=NDR: 31\nEffects: Toxic\n\nThis fungus produces fleshy deep-red caps that grow in a pattern resembling a internal structure of a heart. Found in cold climates, it typically grows on trees and decaying logs. Not yet successfully cultivated commercially, this deep flavored mushroom is prized by epicureans across the 'verse and can fetch a high price in the right markets. It does contain a mild toxin that is destroyed when cooked, so consuming raw should be avoided.
  117. items_commodities_helium=Helium
  118. items_commodities_helium_desc=An inert noble gas that is colorless, tasteless, and non-toxic. The second most abundant element in the universe. Produced within stars during the nuclear fusion of hydrogen.
  119. items_commodities_hephaestanite=Hephaestanite
  120. items_commodities_hephaestanite_desc=Found often near volcanic outcroppings, this mineral is commonly used for a thermal insulator.
  121. items_commodities_hydrogen=Hydrogen
  122. items_commodities_hydrogen_desc=The most abundant element in the universe. The building block of stars. Highly flammable in its pure form.
  123. items_commodities_inert_materials=Inert Materials
  124. items_commodities_inert_materials_desc=Non-valuable materials collected during the mining process.
  125. items_commodities_iodine=Iodine
  126. items_commodities_iodine_desc=The heaviest stable halogen. Sublimes from a purple-black metallic solid into a violet gas.
  127. items_commodities_jahlium=Jahlium
  128. items_commodities_jahlium_desc=This naturally occurring metal has found use in several industrial applications and in the production of steel alloys that were favored during 28th century space station construction.
  129. items_commodities_jumpinglimes=Jumping Limes
  130. items_commodities_jumpinglimes_desc=NDR: 09\nHEI: 06\nEffects: Dehydrating\n\nGrows on a cactus in the deserts of Yar (Centauri II). A local variant that developed naturally after terraformation was complete, the spiny fruit start off purple and turn green when they are ripe.\n\nThey acquired their name because of the ease in which they fall off the cactus and attach themselves to clothing and skin, as if they "jumped" there.\n\nThe leathery, barbed skin must be peeled back to reveal the juicy flesh of the interior. The taste is sweet, extremely tart and astringent.\n\nLocals warn that if you become lost in the dessert you should be careful using jumping limes for hydration as they can make you feel even more thirsty.
  131. items_commodities_krypton=Krypton
  132. items_commodities_krypton_desc=A colorless, tasteless noble gas that appears white in a discharge tube. One of the products of uranium fission. 
  133. items_commodities_laranite=Laranite
  134. items_commodities_laranite_desc=A somewhat radioactive, crystalline gemstone. Black with streaks of dark red, it can only be used as jewelry if shielded.
  135. items_commodities_lastaprene=Lastaprene
  136. items_commodities_lastaprene_desc=An advanced synthetic polymer designed with optimal properties for several commercial applications. It has greater viscoelasticity than most commonly produced rubbers.
  137. items_commodities_lithium=Lithium
  138. items_commodities_lithium_desc=A soft metal with a silvery-white hue. In its natural state, it is highly reactive. Tarnishes quickly when exposed to air.
  139. items_commodities_lycara=Lycara
  140. items_commodities_lycara_desc=A extremely light and strong carbon composite material first developed for racing ship rudders.
  141. items_commodities_magnesium=Magnesium
  142. items_commodities_magnesium_desc=An alkaline earth metal with a low melting point. Produced within giant, aging stars, it is ninth most abundant element in the universe.
  143. items_commodities_mala=Mala
  144. items_commodities_mala_desc=Digestion of the unique toxins found in the Mala fly causes confusion of the congnitive pathways of the brain and results in synesthesia where different sensory experiences cross and mix. Effects described by users range widely; from being able to see music to tasting colors. Since pain does not register the same way while under the influence of the toxin, many people of have been severely injured while "sense swapping." For example, one user lost their arm after perceiving the heat from a thruster engine as pleasurable.
  145. items_commodities_maze=Maze
  146. items_commodities_maze_desc=Street name for a tranquilizer and knock-out hallucinogen that's Tevarin in origin. Dosing up is like taking a massive journey into your own mind. To the outside world, you’re nearly comatose, but to you, it’s a wild trip. A handful of religions have been started after a user took a trip into the maze. Aside from the toxic element, there’s a chance you won’t come down from the high. They call this ‘getting disconnected.’ Users stay locked in their own head until their brain decays. Maze was originally used as a near religious experience for Tevarin warriors to find their path in life. Since the fall of the Tevarin empire, it's become corrupted into a purely recreational drug. The Tevarin who once treated this drug with reverence and ritual, now make boatloads of credits selling it to anyone who wants to risk a potentially dangerous trip.
  147. items_commodities_medicalSupplies=Medical Supplies
  148. items_commodities_medicalSupplies_desc=A variety of items produced primarily to treat injury or illness.
  149. items_commodities_mercury=Mercury
  150. items_commodities_mercury_desc=[PH] Mercury description.
  151. items_commodities_methane=Methane
  152. items_commodities_methane_desc=A highly flammable gas composed of carbon and hydrogen. It is colorless and odorless in its natural state.
  153. items_commodities_mixedMining=Mixed Mining
  154. items_commodities_mixedMining_desc=A mixed collection of commodities obtained by mining
  155. items_commodities_mobyGlass=mobyGlass Personal Computers
  156. items_commodities_mobyGlass_desc=These knock-off mobiGlas use pirated software and are often infected with spyware and malicious programming.
  157. items_commodities_neodymium=Neodymium
  158. items_commodities_neodymium_desc=A reactive lanthanide that quickly oxidizes in air, forming layers of tarnish that can be readily peeled.
  159. items_commodities_neograph=Neograph
  160. items_commodities_neograph_desc=A recently discovered form of graphene, this complicated lattice structure of carbon molecules produces an extremely light and strong material.
  161. items_commodities_neon=Neon
  162. items_commodities_neon_desc=A psychoactive designer drug known for increased energy, euphoria, and mild hallucinations (particularly how the body processes light). Due to its chemical complexity, it's much more expensive than other street drugs, but is very popular in club culture.
  163. items_commodities_nitrogen=Nitrogen
  164. items_commodities_nitrogen_desc=A low-density, diatomic gas with no color or odor in its natural state. A necessary element in human respiration.
  165. items_commodities_omnapoxy=Omnapoxy
  166. items_commodities_omnapoxy_desc=Durable and resistant, this resin quickly sets when applied to form a hardened polymer.
  167. items_commodities_osionHides_desc=The tanned skins from Osoians, a Fair Chance protected species from Oso II.
  168. items_commodities_oxygen=Oxygen
  169. items_commodities_oxygen_desc=The third most abundant element in the universe, oxygen is a highly reactive chalcogen gas that readily forms oxides with other materials.
  170. items_commodities_oza=Oza
  171. items_commodities_oza_desc=NDR: 09\nHEI: 07\nEffects: Hydrating\n\nA hybrid citrus first grown in Croshaw, it's hardiness, ease of transport, and juice yield has seen it rapidly spread across the Empire. It features thick, bumpy dark green skin, bright orange flesh ribbed with heavy pithing, and no seeds. \n\nTart, sweet and bitter, the taste of Oza often described as being a combination of all the other citrus types rolled into one fruit. Difficult to peel and fibrous, its pulp is not often eaten. Typically it is split open and sucked on, its flesh being discarded. It is also popularly used in many cocktail recipes.
  172. items_commodities_partillium=Partillium
  173. items_commodities_partillium_desc=[PH] Partillium description.
  174. items_commodities_phosphorus=Phosphorus
  175. items_commodities_phosphorus_desc=Elemental phosphorous is highly flammable and volatile. It readily forms compounds with other materials.
  176. items_commodities_pitambu=Pitambu
  177. items_commodities_pitambu_desc=NDR: 25\nHEI: 10\nEffects: Hydrating, Hypo-Metabolic, Immune Boosting\n\nThe skin of the pitambu is thin and waxy and easily peeled away using its green leaf-like growths. Inside is a is crisp and watery, bright red flesh which is filled with tiny white seeds that have a mild, nutty taste. The flesh and seeds are traditionally consumed together.
  178. items_commodities_polonium=Polonium
  179. items_commodities_polonium_desc=A volatile, highly radioactive metal with no stable isotopes. It has a half-life of around 138 days.
  180. items_commodities_potassium=Potassium
  181. items_commodities_potassium_desc=[PH] Potassium description.
  182. items_commodities_praseodymium=Praseodymium
  183. items_commodities_praseodymium_desc=A malleable and ductile rare earth metal. Highly reactive. Pure praseodymium develops a green coat upon oxidizing.
  184. items_commodities_processedFood=Processed Food
  185. items_commodities_processedFood_desc=A nutritional substance that has been transformed trough physical or chemical means into food.
  186. items_commodities_prota=Prota
  187. items_commodities_prota_desc=A resilient slime mold that can form in extremely corrosive environments and pressure, Prota secretes a strong adhesive that can be distilled into a commercial-grade glue.
  188. items_commodities_quantanium=Quantainium
  189. items_commodities_quantanium_desc=A highly unstable mineral used in the production of quantum fuel.
  190. items_commodities_quartz=Quartz
  191. items_commodities_quartz_desc=A chiral crystal composed of silicon and oxygen that can be found in a wide variety of forms and colors.
  192. items_commodities_rantadung=Ranta Dung
  193. items_commodities_rantadung_desc=A dry cube-shaped dung that comes from a large isopod-like crustacean known as a Ranta. It has recently been discovered that the dung contains a unique bacterial biome that helps the Ranta process and digest minerals and some researches are hopeful will lead to industrial or medical innovations.
  194. items_commodities_revenantpod=Revenant Pod
  195. items_commodities_revenantpod_desc=Contrary to its ominous name, the Revenant is actually a variety of the Altrucia Tree, an indigenous plant of Terra known for its thick and colorful leaves. Geoengineers introduced fields of Altrucias to Hyperion in an effort to break up the dust storms. Although the project failed, the Altrucia trees adapted to the perpetual wind patterns, shedding its leaves and thickening the wood in the trunk. Botanists initially believed that the Altrucias had died, but on closer inspection, discovered that they were quite alive and thus, the name was born.The pods are collected because the pollen is processed and turned into Altruciatoxin.
  196. items_commodities_rubidium=Rubidium
  197. items_commodities_rubidium_desc=A slightly radioactive metal containing an isotope with a half-life of 49 billion years. Ductile and soft.
  198. items_commodities_sarilus=Sarilus
  199. items_commodities_sarilus_desc=A material first introduced into Human manufacturing after trade with the Banu. It is extremely distortion resistant. Though Human made Sarilus does a good job, many hold that the Banu manufactured product is superior.
  200. items_commodities_scr=SCR
  201. items_commodities_scr_desc=After centuries of production, this common form of rubber emerged as the the industry standard. Standard Commercial Rubber (SCR) can be produced rapidly and cost effectively.
  202. items_commodities_scrap=Scrap
  203. items_commodities_scrap_desc=Waste that is ready to be converted into new materials for reuse.
  204. items_commodities_selenium=Selenium
  205. items_commodities_selenium_desc=A chalcogen often found in combination with heavy metals. In its refined form, it increases in electrical conductivity when exposed to light.
  206. items_commodities_silicon=Silicon
  207. items_commodities_silicon_desc=A strong and brittle element with good thermal conductivity. Crystalizes in a diamond form.
  208. items_commodities_silnex=Silnex
  209. items_commodities_silnex_desc=An advanced silica ceramic developed by early RSI researchers to allow ships to better withstand atmospheric reentry.
  210. items_commodities_slam=SLAM
  211. items_commodities_slam_desc=Most commonly ingested as a gas. Vials of SLAM are cracked and inhaled. Initially developed as a performance enhancer for athletes, SLAM targets the user's nervous system acting as a fear-inhibitor and painkiller. Once the severe physical side effects were discovered, the drug went underground and found popularity among mercs and outlaws who relied on it to provide that slight edge in combat. Unfortunately, SLAM is also heavily addictive, so many of these mercs ended up getting burned out on the drug. Heavy-duty SLAM junkies are easily identifiable in public; they have ‘the shakes’ -- involuntary muscle twitches. Important to note that this is not a sign of withdrawal, simply a side effect.
  212. items_commodities_sodium=Sodium
  213. items_commodities_sodium_desc=Soft, shiny and silvery-white, the highly reactive sodium cannot be found as a native metal. It must be extracted from compounds.
  214. items_commodities_special_holidaybox=Luminalia Gift
  215. items_commodities_special_holidaybox_desc=A small, wrapped package meant to get you in the Luminalia spirit. Banu merchants celebrating the holiday used to hide small gifts aboard their ship to encourage revelers to explore all their wares. As the holiday grew in popularity within the UEE, Human merchants modified this tradition by hiding empty gift-wrapped packages around a space station or landing zone that could be exchanged for credits if returned unopened. The increased foot traffic into their stores spurned holiday sales and became a tradition in its own right. \n\nStow this gift for sentimental value, or sell it at a commodities terminal and spend the credits on a holiday gift for yourself.
  216. items_commodities_special_lunarEnvelope=Red Festival Envelope
  217. items_commodities_special_lunarEnvelope_desc=Exchanging gilded red envelopes is one of the most popular ways of celebrating Red Festival. Often the envelope may include a small amount of credits inside to help those you care about have a strong start in the upcoming cycle. Growing in popularity is the newer tradition of hiding the envelopes as a way of spreading good fortune and prosperity to those that fate has deemed in need. \n\nStow the envelope as a token of luck, share it with a friend or loved one to spread good fortune, or exchange it at a commodities terminal and use the credits for a prosperous beginning to a new cycle.
  218. items_commodities_spiral=Lunes (Spiral Fruit)
  219. items_commodities_spiral_desc=NDR: 23\nHEI: 10\nEffects: Hydrating\n\nThe Lunes is a deciduous tree native to the warmer areas of Osha in Kilian system. It bears an edible fruit known as a Lunes fruit or a Spiral Fruit based on the circular ridges that can form once the fruit begins to ripen. The fruit’s skin is covered with a short fuzz that is generally removed before consumption. When ripe, the Lunes is a very sweet and juicy flavor and have become a very popular summer delicacy, commonly found in ice cream and other desserts.
  220. items_commodities_steel=Steel
  221. items_commodities_steel_desc=An alloy of iron and carbon, this ancient material is still in uses thanks to its affordable price and high tensile strength.
  222. items_commodities_stims=Stims
  223. items_commodities_sunsetberry=Sunset Berries
  224. items_commodities_sunsetberry_desc=NDR: 08\nHEI: 06\nEffect: Toxic\n\nThese sunset-hued berries grow best in cold climates. They are toxic and not suitable for Human consumption. Eating them can result in symptoms such as vomiting and extreme cramping. Higher dosages have been known to be fatal. While the raw unprocessed berries are very bitter and tannic, once fermented, the resulting poisonous brew has a very sweet taste and is more commonly known as "Death Wine." Recently, medical researchers are investigating if the toxin in sunset berries could be used to help treat nerve damage or neurological diseases.
  225. items_commodities_taranite=Taranite
  226. items_commodities_taranite_desc=Extremely conductive, this mineral was first discovered when a researcher noticed a breed of electrosensitive hermit crab using pieces of it to form its shell.
  227. items_commodities_tellurim=Tellurium
  228. items_commodities_tellurium_desc=Tellurium is a brittle, mildly toxic metalloid that is sometimes found in a chemical compound with gold. Has the highest melting and boiling points of the chalcogens.
  229. items_commodities_thermalfoam=ThermalFoam
  230. items_commodities_thermalfoam_desc=A light and flexible heat insulating foam. Must be stored under very high pressure to avoid it setting before application.
  231. items_commodities_thorium=Thorium
  232. items_commodities_thorium_desc=A naturally occurring, weakly radioactive metal. Easily forms alloys with other metals. When exposed to oxygen, its silvery surface turns black.
  233. items_commodities_thrust=Thrust
  234. items_commodities_thrust_desc=This cocktail of chemicals provides the user with a massive boost of energy, increased sociability, euphoria, and heightened tactile sensitivity. Rumored to have been developed as an energy drink base, this drug has proven popular among those wishing for extra energy or to "party longer." However, owing to the risk of heart attack, deadly dehydration, and seizures, the mix has been banned in most areas. Users can be identified by their stuttering, rambling speech, flushed skin, and sweating.
  235. items_commodities_titanium=Titanium
  236. items_commodities_titanium_desc=This silver-colored chemical element is excellent at producing strong, lightweight alloys.
  237. items_commodities_tritium=Tritium
  238. items_commodities_tritium_desc=[PH] Tritium description.
  239. items_commodities_tungsten=Tungsten
  240. items_commodities_tungsten_desc=Used in many different alloys, tungsten in its pure form becomes malleable while maintaining its hardness. \n
  241. items_commodities_type_HPMC=HexaPolyMesh Coating
  242. items_commodities_type_HPMC_desc=[PH] HexaPolyMesh Coating description
  243. items_commodities_type_Mineral=Mineral
  244. items_commodities_type_Mineral_desc=Naturally occurring abiogenic compounds that are typically crystalline in nature with an ordered atomic arrangement.
  245. items_commodities_type_agriculturalSupply=Agricultural Supply
  246. items_commodities_type_agriculturalSupply_desc=Items required for agricultural production. Includes fertilizers, feed, and pesticides.
  247. items_commodities_type_alloy=Alloy
  248. items_commodities_type_alloy_desc=[PH] Alloy description.
  249. items_commodities_type_consumerGoods=Consumer Goods
  250. items_commodities_type_consumerGoods_desc=Commodities that are purchased by an individual to satisfy their wants or needs.
  251. items_commodities_type_drink=[PH] Drink
  252. items_commodities_type_food=Food
  253. items_commodities_type_food_desc=Any substance that can be safely consumed by a living organism for the purpose of nutritional support.
  254. items_commodities_type_gas=Gas
  255. items_commodities_type_gas_desc=A substance that when under standard pressure has vast distance between particles with weaker intermolecular bonds than other phases of matter.
  256. items_commodities_type_manmade=Man-made
  257. items_commodities_type_manmade_desc=[PH] Man-made description
  258. items_commodities_type_medicalSupply=Medical Supply
  259. items_commodities_type_medicalSupply_desc=A variety of items produced primarily to treat injury or illness.
  260. items_commodities_type_metal=Metal
  261. items_commodities_type_metal_desc=A solid material that typically shiny and opaque and possesses good electrical and thermal conductivity.
  262. items_commodities_type_natural=Natural
  263. items_commodities_type_natural_desc=[PH] Natural description.
  264. items_commodities_type_nonmetals=NonMetals
  265. items_commodities_type_nonmetals_desc=[PH] Nonmetals description
  266. items_commodities_type_plasmaFuel=Plasma Fuel
  267. items_commodities_type_plasmaFuel_desc=[PH] Plasma Fuel description
  268. items_commodities_type_processedGoods=Processed Goods
  269. items_commodities_type_processedGoods_desc=[PH] Processed Goods
  270. items_commodities_type_quantumFuel=Quantum Fuel
  271. items_commodities_type_quantumFuel_desc=[PH] Quantum Fuel description.
  272. items_commodities_type_scrap=Scrap
  273. items_commodities_type_scrap_desc=Waste that is ready to be converted into new materials for reuse.
  274. items_commodities_type_vice=Vice
  275. items_commodities_type_vice_desc=Items that are regarded as immoral or harmful by society.
  276. items_commodities_type_waste=Waste
  277. items_commodities_type_waste_desc=Unwanted and unusable materials that are designated to be discarded.
  278. items_commodities_uranium=Uranium
  279. items_commodities_uranium_desc=Once enriched, radioactive uranium is commonly used in energy production. Though once depleted, its hardness lends itself to structural uses like plating.\n
  280. items_commodities_waste=Waste
  281. items_commodities_waste_desc=Unwanted and unusable materials that are designated to be discarded.
  282. items_commodities_waste_rock=Rock
  283. items_commodities_waste_rock_desc=Excess rock which is a by-product of the mining process.
  284. items_commodities_widow=WiDoW
  285. items_commodities_widow_desc=Thick, ink-black synthetic opioid commonly used as a recreational drug. WiDoW has spread like wildfire throughout the Empire thanks to the fact that it's relatively easy to produce. This also creates a wide variety of quality between batches of the drug. Designed to be injected as a liquid directly into the bloodstream, the name derived from one of the main side effects from extensive use, the drug stains the veins black, creating web-like subcutaneous patterns through the body. Illegal inside the UEE.
  286. items_commodities_xapyen=Xa'Pyen
  287. items_commodities_xapyen_desc=Only recently used in Human manufacturing, this complex alloy of Xi'an origin is a jack of all trades that is extremely useful in numerous applications.
  288. items_commodities_xenon=Xenon
  289. items_commodities_xenon_desc=A dense, odorless, colorless noble gas that is generally unreactive. Exhibits a bluish glow when excited by electrical discharge.
  290. items_commodities_zip=Zip
  291. items_commodities_zip_desc=Zip is a hyper-accelerant that when added directly to the bloodstream, "supercharges" the user's nervous system causing sensory hallucinations such as colors become more vivid and hearing sounds that aren't there. These effects tend to make users seem to be in constant motion and easily distracted.
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