Bugged up #2

Mar 25th, 2016
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  1. >A couple hours later, you're done with breakfast.
  2. >More accurately, Twilight is done with spilling her guts out.
  3. >You've got two choices today. Either start making money, meaning a boring business meeting, or see the Space station Hefaistos.
  4. >You, Twilight and Spike stand in the library. Twilight is sorting books, and you are flipping through one, titled Equestrian History.
  5. >Spike walks past you, carrying a stack of books.
  6. >"Verita, why do you keep that disguise up? Nopony will see you like this. No one really comes here, nowadays." He says, handing a stack of books to Twilight standing on a stepladder.
  7. "I guess I could. I doubt you'd be any more comfortable with a bug running about here. Say, how long does a trip to the orbit take?"
  8. >"Depends on the shuttle we catch. Either a couple minutes or half an hour." Twilight says, sorting through the books, levitating the ones Spike holds using her horn.
  9. "And how long would that business meeting take, Spike?"
  10. >"If things would go smooth, we'd be done in some two to three hours."
  11. "And, Twilight, would we be able to take tour of the station?"
  12. >"Two to three hours, we'd probably catch the shuttle at ten, and return at four. Or later."
  13. "So we have a course of plan! Me and Spike have a program. Then, we'll return, and go to the station! If you don't have an issue with that."
  14. >"Nope. No problem. Have fun you two."
  15. >You smile and nod.
  16. "Okay Twilight. Can you handle things out here?"
  17. >"Yeah, no problem."
  18. >You smile at Spike and trot towards the door.
  19. >A boring and halfsilent walk through the town later, you stand in the city center. As it turned out, Twilight's library is on the outskirts, and the city center is a trot away, populated by skyscrapers and pegasi flying about.
  20. >For that reason, a pegasus trotting on the streets is odd and makes heads turn.
  21. >And a couple annoying stares later, you stand before a clean white entrance to a high-rise building, with walls of the same snow white colour, long black panels of glass breaking the illusion of a white surface.
  22. >Spike turns to you before you walk in, stopping you on the doorstep of the building.
  23. >"Not to scare you or anything, but creatures that work here aren't exactly from Equestria. They don't have coats, they clothe themselves and walk on two feet and have fingers much like me. But five, and with soft skin and nails."
  24. >People?
  25. >There are legit people here? Wouldn't that throw Discord's theory right out the window? About universe acceptance and everything?
  26. >"Well, most of them do. All have some pony traits. Mostly hooves and coat on the legs. Sort of a pony from the waist down. We call them Satyrs, just thought I'd give you a heads up."
  27. >Satyrs...Where did you see that?
  28. >Ofcourse. The catalogue. The satyr general.
  29. >Is this a /mlp/fest?
  30. >Did everyone who ever browse /mlp/ end up in this twisted version of your headcanon Equestria?
  31. >Well, let's hope they found themselves similarly like you did, maybe they know something you don't.
  32. >Because if they did end up here like you did, you'll see a lot more mares than stallions.
  33. >Or boys and girls.
  34. >Jesus, you completely forgot about it back there.
  35. >The fact that you miss Anon Jr.
  36. >You shake your head and open the door to the building, trotting inside with Spike, the wings by your side ready to flare up at each second, from all the vibes and scents in the air.
  37. >You try to suppress it as hard as you can.
  38. >"What is it, Verita? You look like someone is sliding hooves against your flanks."
  39. "I just scent something in the air. Something odd, made of a lot. I could scent it outside, but here, it feels like it's about to break my muzzle."
  40. >"What if it's the way you identify emotions ponies feel? How about you try decoding it."
  41. >You smile and nod at Spike, half mindedly trotting behind him to the receptionist.
  42. >And even with less of a mind impulse, you follow him to a seat in the lobby, around a pond with orange koi carps, instead of paying attention to hooves, you're instead focusing on the scent of the air.
  43. >There's certainly a lot of "rush" in the atmosphere.
  44. >Along with a load of happiness, sadness and accomplishment.
  45. >It's overwhelming, and the more you scent, the more you want to go in, the more you're interested in the numerous sources.
  46. >More you focus, the more you feel detached from your body, until, with a snap, you're outside of it.
  47. >Feeling both your body and a this ethereal body, seeing this fog around you, you're fascinated, and confused. Completely confused. Completely fascinated.
  48. >You begin to float through numerous walls and doors.
  49. >It's the strangest sight. You see the shadows, which are probably the living beings in the building, trails of multiple colours connecting them to one another. There are rainbows between some, between others a simple red line.
  50. >You fly through walls, seeing many laboratories, many ponies, satyrs, some janitors whining about porn pictures on the notice board, saying this is a SFW workspace.
  51. >Wait, you can hear their muffled speech!
  52. >You catch sight of a strong line.
  53. >A pink strong line, connecting a mare and a stallion.
  54. >Aha! Those lines must be relationships! And pink must be love. Then red and black must be hate. The other ones, though.. You're completely confused about those.
  55. >You lean in closer, half of you floating through the floor.
  56. >You're dragged out towards the pink line, almost like a moth is dragged to a strong light.
  57. >You open your mouth, and somehow, you bite the pink thing before you.
  58. >And then suddenly, you snap out of the trance.
  59. >What the hell was this?
  60. >You look around. You're sitting in the lobby, waiting for something.
  61. >And soon, you see it.
  62. >Well, her, more accurately.
  63. >It's a tall Satyr, standing at some six feet and an inch.
  64. >Or two meters for the more cultured and normal ones.
  65. >A long orange mane is stretching down her back with two blue coated hooves hardly even covered with a longer suit jacket with a with a white shirt under it.
  66. >And a similarly long orange tail stretching down and swishing with each step.
  67. >So, upper body covered and no pants?
  68. >Where's the logic in that?
  69. >The hooves make characteristic clop noises on the floor, as the creature nears you and Spike.
  70. >"Good morning. Welcome to the John Doe's Invention and Planning Office." The satyr says and extends her hand in a welcome.
  71. >You offer your hoof, and smile.
  72. >The creature before you is slightly surprised.
  73. >Probably because this is more of an earth thing.
  74. >But nonetheless, you shake hooves with her.
  75. >Hooves? Hands? A hoof and a hand. Yes, that's the most accurate.
  76. >She gestures you to follow her, and so you and Spike stand up and follow her to the elevator.
  77. >Taking a long boring ride up, to the highest floor of the building.
  79. >You're sitting in the office, watching the outside from a nearby window.
  80. >The skies are clear, and some pegasi fly between the buildings, towing all sorts of packages.
  81. >"Let's get down to business." The satyr behind the table says.
  82. "I agree. But, first, Spike, could you please leave us for a minute?"
  83. >Spike looks at you in slight confusion.
  84. "Please. Just wait behind the door for a minute."
  85. >Spike looks at you, then at the Satyr, and promptly nods, leaving the room.
  86. >Once he leaves, you tap your chin.
  87. "Alright, so, how long are you in Equestria?"
  88. >The satyr looks at you, tilting her head. "What do you mean?"
  89. "A satyr isn't an usual occurrence. Neither are changelings, for that matter. And I doubt that if I were to run through books, I wouldn't find a single mention about your kind, almost as if one day, you appeared out of thin air. So how long are you in Equestria?"
  90. >And then you realize. Orange mane, blue coat and a mare.
  91. >Jesus, Christ, you're stupid.
  92. >That looks exactly like Liam's character.
  93. "If I'm not terribly mistaken, you must've been Liam before. Cambridgeshire, UK."
  94. >The satyr stares at you, before nodding.
  95. >"We've been here for some year. And who are /you/?"
  96. "I'm here for some three days. It's me, Non Anonymous!"
  97. >"Non? Jesus Christ! How have you been? Tell me everything!"
  98. "You've been silent for the last year! I thought you died! Skype, Twitter, nothing! And you're sitting here, doing...actually, what does your company do?"
  99. >"Equestria doesn't have a patenting office. We're sort of a private patenting office, so inventors flock to us in hopes of cashing in on their success. We have engineers and scientists of our own, and we make our own products too. Tell me, why did you end up as a pony?"
  100. "I'm not really a pony, to be accurate." You say and drop disguise with a green flame.
  101. >"You're a bug!"
  102. "And you're half assed!"
  103. >"Fuck you!"
  104. >You both burst out in laughter.
  105. "Damn, I missed this so much. How many of you ended up here?"
  106. >"The entire supplement of the Students of the Cambridgeshire School of Engineering. Sort of just...Appeared here. Some with swapped genders, like yours truly."
  107. "An entire school? Why?"
  108. >"We suspect some sort of multidimensional linking mismatch."
  109. "Simple speech, please."
  110. >"We suspect something, be it an object or a bundle of...basically anything! Has ties to this universe and it pulled us here. And since there's an universal acceptance index, and that one was lower than the pulling power of the object, we've been pulled here and the magical radiation between the world's has 'corrupted' our data in transfer. So I ended up with two hooves and a tail. But you, you've went through properly. Why's that? How did you get here?"
  111. "Black slime and tentacle rape. I'd rather not talk about it. Why do you have such an extensive knowledge on magic?"
  112. >"I've been here for a year. And a year without computers, phones or Internet, you either start going out, or you start reading. And being the massive nerds that we are, we read everything. So yeah, everyone knows magic, even though we can't cast for shit."
  113. "Do you have any leads on the object responsible for the linking?"
  114. >"We have one lead, though I doubt you'll like it."
  115. "What is it, tell me!"
  116. >"It's your work, Non. The greentexts."
  118. "My green? How?"
  119. >"It has to be the cause. Technology/g/ical Equestria, remember? It's the only thing which theoretically has an acceptance index big enough, and can transfer it's universe transport abilities on other matter. Contamination, sort of.
  120. "The green where I wrote about the various Equestrian tech and magic uses to amplify it?"
  121. >"Yup, that one. The theory of everything in particular."
  122. "How the universe is a giant onion?"
  123. >"And how you should get out of my swamp."
  124. "Shut up. I didn't intend that. But how is it possible? Why even there is a universe obeying the laws I made in my head whilst completely blazed out of my mind?"
  125. >"Ever heard of the multiverse theory?"
  126. "Ofcourse I did. Intriguing subject, but how does it correlate to our problem? "
  127. >"What if I told you, it's impossible from what we know. The space time is unchangeable, and stays hard on point. You've somehow made this universe, and every time you add something new, it keeps on building and completing! Every time an action happens, thaumic radiation, or magical energy manifests as a byproduct. Small, but it's still radiation, which, for some reason this universe sucks up. Naturally, through osmosis. But now, something is making unnatural tears in spacetime! And the interspacial thaumic radiation is rendering the parts around the tears unvisitable!"
  128. "Interspacial thaumic radiation? Like radiation between this and the earth universe?"
  129. >"Yes! A wall to prevent travel between the universes!"
  130. "It's not a problem, radiation degrades over distance, it's particles and they lose energy, until they're inert."
  131. >"That's normal radioactivity. Thaumic is different."
  132. "How different?"
  133. >"If doesn't degrade over distance. Well, it does, but it isn't affected by matter, only by strong planetary gravitational fields."
  134. "So we're still cool. The sun is a giant gravitational bubble!"
  135. >"Yes, that's true. But how long can we stay stuck here? And we don't know how much the field can dampen! We need a solution! And you know how the world works! You can help us! You can save everyone!"
  136. "And how do you expect that, smartass?"
  137. >"You know how this place runs! You made it!"
  138. "I don't even fucking know anything about this bullshit!"
  139. >"Non! You have to fix it, or we're all doomed! And so is earth, if my calculations are correct!"
  140. "What do you mean, earth is doomed?"
  141. >"Since we've been pulled between spaces, a natural tear created itself in point of exit. And it's leaking thaums. Our original universe is somewhat resistant to magic, but nothing is infinite! Do you know what sort of corruption can high thank exposure cause?"
  142. "Half assed pony ripoffs?"
  143. >"No, I have went through the spaces for a billionth of a second! Do you know what a prolonged exposure to such a thing could create? Years, months, weeks, probably even minutes of exposure would turn anything into gloop!"
  144. "So we have a situation in our hands."
  145. >"Hooves, you means hooves."
  146. >This'll be a wild ride.
  148. >God knows when later you're sitting in the library.
  149. >"So what happened, Verita?" Spike says, sitting down at a coffee table in what you think is a living room.
  150. "I owe you the truth." You say and put your hooves on the table, undisguising in the process.
  151. >"What do you mean?" Twilight says and leans forwards.
  152. "So, this is what happened..."
  156. >"Wow. So you aren't from here? Nor from anywhere around." Twilight says.
  157. >"And same goes for those Satyrs, and the universe is in grave danger. Sounds like a prewar adventure. How about we get the gang together again? Spike says and looks at Twilight.
  158. >"What gang? Rainbow is the commanding officer of the Hefaistos. Fluttershy is in a mental asylum, Pinkie is working with a bakery chain in Canterlot, Rarity is working permanently on new fashion collections." Twilight says, tapping her hoof against the table.
  159. >"What about AJ?" Spike says, and you watch with curiosity.
  160. >Main six is in shreds? Wow.
  161. >And apparently, this seems to be the best idea you have.
  162. >Collect them all, and unite against the problem at hand.
  163. >There has to be a better way.
  164. "And are we sure that your old friends will be able to help us out?"
  165. >Twilight looks at you and shrugs.
  166. >"We've saved Equestria numerous times before. This can't be that different. We just have to pluck a leak!"
  167. "We don't have the slightest clue of the leak's magnitude! This can't be as simple as getting a cork and plucking the hole in the universal fabric."
  168. >"Any other suggestions?" Twilight says, and peers at you. "More heads will figure more out!"
  169. "We should first find out the magnitude of the damage! There has to be some sort of measurable damage, or similar things. To fix the damage, we have to know how much there is. We can't get a cork that's too small."
  170. >"I'll go get miss White. She'll know more of the problem. The company has certainly the funds to make a covert operation to the tears."
  171. "Covert? Why even?"
  172. >"Think, Verita. A threat to the life of universe as we know it, and you wouldn't keep it down?" Twilight says, looking at you, peering slightly.
  173. "Yeah, you're right. Spike, put everything to work, we need to organize an expedition, we need a very fast ship with enough scientific equipment and personnel. If it could achieve five C, we'd be extremely happy."
  174. >"Roger that, I'll be back soon!"
  175. >Spike runs out of the tree library.
  176. >Twilight and you are sitting at the table, staring at you, silently.
  177. >"Are you hungry, Verita? You sure seem like you do"
  178. "What do you mean?" You say and look to the pony sitting on the other end of the couch you've taken seat on.
  179. >Is she hinting at something?
  180. >"You didn't eat anything from the last three days, from what you've said. You must be famished and weak."
  181. >You probably did eat yesterday. You're not sure though, you feel like you could always eat something.
  182. >Always a little empty.
  183. >Yes, that's an accurate explanation.
  184. "What're you hinting accurately towards? "
  185. >"I'm sure you wouldn't mind some food."
  186. >Is she really offering you what you think she is?
  187. >Without a word, Twilight edges towards you, leaning against your side, her mane rubbing against your shoulder, happily smiling.
  188. >The slightly sweet scent fills the air, and you instinctively begin hyperventilating.
  189. >You force yourself to stop.
  190. "Twilight, shouldn't we work on getting the crew together for the voyage?" You say and edge away slightly.
  191. >Twilight doesn't take that as a no.
  192. >She climbs on your lap, directly facing you, nuzzling you slightly.
  193. >"They can wait, Verita. They can wait. Now, it's just you and me."
  194. >Her tail is swishing against your hind hooves.
  195. >Fuck. What'll you do?!
  196. >One part of you says to stick a dick in it.
  197. >But you ain't interested.
  198. >Huff....
  199. >Your breathing hard again, that scent is in the air, so intoxicating, pulsing, within you, within your head, your heart jumping.
  200. >You almost want to kiss her and pull her beside you.
  201. >Crapcrapcrap...
  202. >Resist, Non!
  203. >But how can you resist those two eyes, staring at you, winking slightly, that purple mane sliding down, the tail swishing against yours, sending tickles against your hard chitin shell.
  204. >With slight hesitation you pull her in closer, planting a kiss on her lips, she smiling and the air in the room getting much sweeter.
  205. >She's brushing against you, the both of you locked in a long kiss, slowly falling onto the couch, Twilight ending up atop.
  206. >She breaks the kiss and kneels above you.
  207. >"Hm, what should I do with you?"
  208. >When you're about to answer, with the lewdest subtone the universe can accept...
  209. >You hear the door open and Spike with another voice coming through.
  210. >Twilight instantly springs back to the position beforehand.
  211. >What the fuck did just happen?
  212. >Did bookhorse try to seduce you in the most idiotic way possible?
  213. >And did you honestly fall for it?
  214. >You didn't stop breathing hard yet, taking more of the sweet air.
  215. >So sweet, you swear it's coloured pink.
  216. >The better part of that is, that you certainly feel more full than before.
  217. >You sit properly, and thank Christ you can't blush.
  219. >Your wings are buzzing a little.
  220. >Spike and the CEO of the company, Zainey White, enter the room and both take seats on the armchairs
  221. >"Spike already told me the basic idea behind the mission. You honesty would take an expedition through uncharted subspace at five C?" The satyr says, tapping her chin.
  222. "Five C at most. Where is the tear located anyway?"
  223. >"Some fifty light-years away. At five C, with some math and at Delta compression, it'd take four light months."
  224. "Four months of travel?!"
  225. >"That's without using the Dragon's Jumpnode."
  226. "Jumpnode? What's that? I never wrote about that."
  227. >"But your work implied their existence. Sort of like with wormholes in our world."
  228. "What're they about then?"
  229. >"A Jumpnode is a point in space, infinitely small, connecting two points in spacetime. When we use our subspace drive at the right resonation frequency, we'll open the Jumpnode and travel instantaneously to the point B."
  230. "That sounds too convenient to be true, where's the catch?"
  231. >"The conditions inside the tunnel near thaumic radiation levels of meganovae, supermassive star explosions."
  232. "And let me guess, the shielding currently avalible is no way near as powerful as needed."
  233. >"Correctemundo! Living matter cannot indeed pass. But anorganic materials pass unharmed."
  234. "And let me guess again, you have another idea how to shield the spacecraft."
  235. >"Correct once again, Verita. Remember how I told you about the ability of gravitational fields being able to shield off large amounts of thaumic radiation and other harmful energies?"
  236. >You nod and the Satyr enthusiastically continues to speak.
  237. >"If we were to reconfigure multiple gravitational generators to project strong fields to the outside, we'd be able to create a shield strong enough. Heck, the system would probably even survive the strong tidal forces of the subspace Delta layer allowing us to break the magical ten C barrier! It'd kill all gravity in the craft, but that's another issue."
  238. "So instead of measly five C, we could go twice as fast? What does the math say?"
  239. >"Distance is twenty five light-years, divided by the compression layer, which is five, with the output being divided by ten, we come out at some half a light month, which is two point five weeks, clocking at some six light days. Much more manageable, don't you think?"
  240. "That doesn't hold up. Six days isn't half a month."
  241. >"Subspace mathematics are a lot different and more complex than you think. So, you're down?"
  242. "I'm always down, what about you Twilight and Spike?"
  243. >Twilight nods, and Spike salutes.
  244. >"Aye aye, Captain!"
  245. "How experimental is the tech we're talking about?"
  246. >The satyr unhappily smiles.
  247. >"It's highly experimental. Mathematically proven. And that's about it."
  248. "Highly experimental technology, and our lives depend on it. What could go wrong?"
  250. >Weeks pass, and you are currently sitting in orbit.
  251. >The extra modifications are almost done and you're just waiting for the space station workers to load food and supplies.
  252. >Apparently, feeding a hundred for a week isn't as easy as one would think.
  253. >Oh, right, and those scientific supplies and instruments are also in a high number and volume.
  254. >The weapons have been removed except for some nine millimeter point defense, hangars filled to brim with supplies, and the shuttles have been locked in launch tubes instead of the hangar. The entire rustbucket, as the engineers call it, has been filled to the brim.
  255. >Rustbucket. That name fills you with determination about the quality of this vehicle.
  256. >Oh right, probably because this is a vehicle from the resource crisis, retrofitted at least twenty times. It's not supposed to get shot, just high-speed travel.
  257. >High speed experimental travel proven only by mathematics.
  258. >Wondrous, your and everyone else's life depends on a bunch of numbers.
  259. >You sigh and trot over to the window on the bridge.
  260. >You stare into the void, the left corner of your peripheral vision occupied by the planet below.
  261. >Not too different from earth.
  262. >Home. Damn, you miss it so much.
  263. >But you ventured somewhere you never hoped to go.
  264. >If you want to do something, you have to burn a couple houses down.
  265. >Going over the corpses of your old life to achieve new heights.
  266. >Shedding the old and heavy to be light and go far, to burn as bright as a star.
  267. >Is it what you really hope to achieve?
  269. >One day, it happened.
  270. >The operation is a go, and the craft is leaving orbit.
  271. >Full speed ahead. And once you've left Equestria's sphere of influence, it's time for subspace.
  272. >Basic tests, not too fast. And when you find the jumpnode, there'll be no going back.
  273. >Fun times ahead.
  275. >Days go by. Sleep, talk with the crew and Twilight, reading books or smoking with the engineers.
  276. >And one day, the ship arrives at the location of the jumpnode.
  277. >You're standing on the bridge.
  278. >There's nothing but blank white dotted space around the craft.
  279. >The captain is an old fella. A rugged mare, with a prosthetic hoof and an eye patch.
  280. >She's shouting commands, hooves flailing about, everyone busy in the chaos before you.
  281. >"All crew! Prepare for gravitational environment shutdown!"
  282. >With a click and a low hum, you feel yourself floating upwards.
  283. >Mane flowing in the gravitational void.
  284. >You buzz your wings, and float down.
  285. >You've been acting as the extra communications officer.
  286. >Two operators usually take care of it.
  287. >Schooled operators.
  288. >But you've insisted on being useful, to the ship, so the captain assigned you to the assistant position.
  289. >"Hyperdrive resonator, active. Activate gravitational shielding."
  290. >With another hum, you feel yourself being tugged slightly in all directions, before the sensation completely disappears.
  291. >The front of the craft lights up, and a white whirlwind opens from nothingness that is the Dragon Jumpnode.
  292. >"Helm, take us in."
  293. >The airship tugs forwards.
  294. >In one infinite small point in time, the spaceship stretches for twenty five light-years. Between the entry node and the exit point.
  295. >And in the other, it exists solely in the quadrant of uncharted space, twenty five light-years away.
  296. >Not even in the slightest bit of measurable time.
  297. >Instant travel.
  298. >And you and everyone else, is sitting right where they were.
  299. >"Transfer successful, captain! We're halfway to the tear! Do we proceed in Delta at the maximal speed we dare to do?" The helmsmare smirks, turning around to the captain.
  300. >"Permission given. Delta layer, maximal speed. Miss Verita, you're dismissed for the time being."
  301. "Yes sir!" You salute and smile.
  302. >You untie the seatbelts.
  303. >And immediately begin floating away.
  304. >Getting used to this will be annoying.
  306. >You're floating through the hallways of the craft, carried by inertia.
  307. >What should you do now?
  308. >You could go see Twilight.
  309. >Yeah, that seems a good idea, since you have nothing better to do.
  310. >You propel yourself to the crew quarters.
  311. >And with a couple bounces and near misses with the rest of the crew, you're holder up against Twilight's door.
  312. >Knock, float away, knock again.
  313. >Twilight opens the door, her room in a mess of flying books and other objects.
  314. >"Verita! Are we in hyperspace again?"
  315. "Yes, we are well on our way. We might even arrive sooner."
  316. >"Sooner?"
  317. "Pedal to the metal. I think the helmsmare will try to set the speed record for this distance."
  318. >"Pedal to the metal?" Twilight says with a slight tilt of her head, which sends her slowly spinning through the air.
  319. "It's a saying. To go as hard as one can."
  320. >"I see. Well, one more thing to write on the list."
  321. >Twilight has been keeping a list of oddities you brought with yourself into Equestria.
  322. >The entire document currently stretches pretty far.
  323. >Some words completely alien to the pony dictionary, measurements, or the concept of a non magical world, where technology does everything, Latin and other languages, and the list stretches on and on.
  324. >"Verita, how about we go to the cantina? I'm pretty famished."
  325. "Seems fine with me." You say, and float aside, whilst the purple unicorn floats out of the book cloud present in the room.
  328. >To say wings are the most useful thing one could wish for in zero G, would be an understatement.
  329. >With little effort you can propel yourself through the hallways, flown by the wings of inertia.
  330. >On the other hand, Twilight is flailing and bouncing off the walls.
  331. >You buzz to your wings and catch Twilight, canceling your momentum with a small flap of wings on your back, and a smile on your companion.
  332. >Twilight stopped flailing and you carry her on your wings through the hallways.
  333. >A couple buzzes later, you fly to the cantina.
  334. >Twilight, carried below you, swears loudly.
  335. "What is it, Purplesmart?" You jokingly say and look down.
  336. >"The cantina is closed! They can't operate in gravitational lack!"
  337. "So what now?"
  338. >"I dunno. We could stare out of the window."
  339. "I think that would work."
  340. >Just when you're about to buzz out to the crew quarters, you hear the internal ship comlink chirping to life with a couple seconds of static involved.
  341. >"Verita and Twilight Sparkle, please go to the Captain's quarters. Over and out."
  342. >You look over to your payload, and the unicorn looks back.
  343. "Any idea what does the cap'n need?"
  344. >"I don't have an idea. What do you think?"
  345. "How about we find out?"
  346. >You take a couple turns and fly up to the bridge deck.
  347. >The captain's quarters are on the deck, and acts both as a brief room, and a dining room for the special occasions.
  348. >You knock on the door and buzz back to the door.
  349. >"Enter."
  350. >You push the door aside and buzz into the room.
  351. >The captain is seated behind a thick table, holding onto the chair, make flowing though the air, whilst trying to hold a bit of gravity.
  352. >Heh, gravity.
  353. >It looks almost comical.
  354. >"Thank you for arriving so quickly."
  355. "So what's up?"
  356. >"Since this is the first flight to achieve such a feat and a speed, the eggheads over home want to get as much data as they can have. That means that we need to launch a probe from the fore hangar."
  357. "Where's the catch, then?"
  358. >"Since only propulsion system that's working outside of the gravitational shielding are nuclear turbojets, the probe cannot move. We need you to give it...a nudge, said bluntly. We'll set up a push team and give you all spacesuits and RCS packs. Sounds simple enough?"
  359. "Yes, it does. You can set us up. When do we begin?"
  360. >"You'll start immediately. Meet the engineers in the fore hangar tube. They'll brief you there."
  361. "Aye aye, sir!"
  362. >"Dismissed.."
  363. >You pick up Twilight and buzz out through the ship. The main hangar is below everything, on the bottom most deck.
  364. >Some flying and an occasional bump later, you're in the main hangar.
  365. >It's filled to the brim with boxes, crates and a load of other hardware, kept in place with ropes and bolted to the floor.
  366. >You navigate above the mess, and head to a clump of ponies in spacesuits, suspended in air by a few puffs of their control packs.
  367. "Hey! We're here! Where are the space suits?" You shout and chuckle, the ponies in suits waving to a box floating midair.
  368. >Some tryouts later, and even more fiddling, you're standing with the engineers in the launch tube, with the probe.
  369. >And even later, after a ridiculously long checklist, you're in the main launch tube, strapped to the wall of the pipe, with the probe floating in the middle.
  370. >Alarms, red lights and...silence.
  371. >No air, no sound.
  372. >And then, the expanse opens.
  373. >The doors slide apart.
  374. >The void, the empty nothingness that is the Delta layer, occasionally lit up by dark purple swishes of condensed thaumic energies hitting the invisible shield around the craft, shattering into sparks upon impact onto the unyielding invisible gravitational bubble.
  375. >Your helmet radio crackles to life.
  376. >"This is Twilight, we are to take positions around the probe and prepare for the thrust. Over."
  377. "Copy that, Twiggypiggy! Taking position. Over." You say and chuckle.
  378. >The only reply you get is frustrated groaning.
  379. >Alright. How hard can this be?
  380. >Puff, puff, move, cancel velocity.
  381. >Alright. Three, two, one..
  382. >Forward!
  383. >You boost forwards with the small thruster pack on your back, and feel the probe moving out, gaining velocity.
  384. >There, done.
  385. >You cancel out all sorts of lateral movement you may posses and touch down on the metal ground of the launch tube.
  386. >You look around.
  387. >Where is Twilight?
  388. >A quick glance to the rope that held her to the ship as a safety mechanism, reveals a horrifying sight.
  389. >The entire rope is torn, and Twilight isn't on the other end.
  390. >Fuck, where is she?
  391. >You look around.
  392. >On the distinctively dark hull of the probe, there's a white dot.
  393. >It's Twilight's spacesuit!
  394. >Crap!
  395. >Against your better judgment, you unhook the rope holding you to the ship, and boost forwards. And you continue to boost until you begin to catch up with the quickly disappearing object.
  396. >How far does the shield stretch?
  397. >A kilometer?
  398. >Fuck, that's almost how far the probe is.
  399. >You speed up more.
  400. >There she is.
  401. >Twilight is held to the probe by a strand of rope, right by her back.
  402. >You untie the rope with the magical usage of your horn, and just then you almost flinch in shock.
  403. >The poor unicorn's lower body must've been out of the shield.
  404. >Just when you're about to pull her back to the craft, a purple blast of magical energy hitting the exposed parts.
  405. >You feel her tense up.
  406. >You can't see anything beyond the golden vizard of the helmet.
  407. >Come on!
  408. >You quickly pounce off the back of the probe, Twilight in grasp, and full speed to the spaceship.
  409. >The radio is crackling with static.
  410. >The poor unicorn is silent.
  411. "Twilight, can you hear me?"
  412. >You shout.
  413. >No response..
  414. >You repeat yourself.
  415. >Silence.
  416. >Then, a second later, broken by a voice in distress.
  417. >"Verita! I-I can't feel anything from the waist down, a-and it's spreading!"
  418. "Talk to me Twi, we're almost back at the boat! We'll patch you right up!"
  419. >"Veri-"
  420. >You can't make out the rest of the word.
  421. >The entire radio channel is filled with bubbling.
  422. >Soon there's nothing but an eerie silence.
  423. >Silence of space.
  424. >The sonata of nothingness.
  425. >You speed up more.
  426. >Pedal. To. The. Metal.
  427. >You almost crush into the launch tube.
  428. >The door closes, pressurizes and you can her the outside again.
  429. >Twilight's suit limply floating beside you.
  430. >And a team of medics is in as soon as the lights turn green.
  431. "Quick! She's hurt, probably in shock."
  432. >The rescuers slide the helmet visor upk
  433. >It's all pink inside the suit.
  434. >A semi transparent liquid filled the suit, full of bubbles, some of it floating about in the empty spaces in the helmet.
  435. >But no Twilight anywhere.
  436. >When you may sight in the god knows what remains of the unicorn, your stomach spins.
  437. >Crap. This is so not good.
  439. >One of the medics brings back a big glass jar.
  440. >A scientist in a protective suit has been running around with a scanner.
  441. >"She's safe to handle."
  442. >Whatever remained of your friend has been put in a glass jar and closed by a metal lid
  443. >Urhr.
  444. >"Throw it out the airlock." One of the engineers say.
  445. "No..She deserves a burial back home. I'll take it to the storage."
  446. >You grab the..jar and fly to the storage room, carrying it below you.
  447. >A bunch of tables and boxes line the sides of the storage room.
  448. >When you're about to fly to one of them, a sudden turbulence throws you off course, and the jar slips out of your hooves.
  449. >Glass breaking, your swearing and scent of sugar and acetone fills the air.
  450. >Crap.
  451. >You need to clean up.
  452. >And pronto.
  453. >When you're looking for another jar to contain your friend, you hear an odd low tone.
  454. >Almost like out of an old midi keyboard, when you hold down the key.
  455. >A low G?
  456. >When you turn around, the mass of slime is vibrating.
  457. >And soon, you can see a head and a muzzle emerging.
  458. >Eyes, tongue, everything, but with purple tone.
  459. >A really odd purple tone.
  460. "Twilight, is that you?"
  461. >The mouth moves.
  462. >But you can't hear anything.
  463. "I can't hear you!"
  464. >The mass of purple goo flails with two...hooves? splitting up a little, before dragging back into the main mass.
  465. "Nod twice if yes. Can you hear me?"
  466. >And the head, seemingly without a body, nods twice.
  468. >Holy shitbucket.
  470. >You need to get someone to see this. A scientist.
  471. >You remember one has a lab near here.
  472. "I'll go get some scientific expertise! I'll be back soon, hold in there, Twigi!"
  473. >Loud wing buzz, high speed later, and you're knocking on doors.
  474. >A scientist later, you're back into the storage room.
  475. >"Holy moly, you weren't kidding. It's really Twilight."
  476. "Yes, see? I told you. How about we figure out what happened to her?"
  477. >"We need her to get into my lab then."
  478. "I'll get a bucket."
  480. >Minutes later, you're in the scientist's lab.
  481. "What happened anyway?"
  482. >"You tell me."
  483. "I don't know, everything happened so fast! I didn't even get the chance to realize that she died and now, she's alive again! I didn't even get chance to shed a tear, let alone notice what happened."
  484. >"Jeez, I get it, calm down."
  485. "So do you have anything?"
  486. >"Beside the situation being as enigmatic as it can get? Not much. The entire body seems to be one homogeneous mix. Simple sugars and a lot of alcohol, along with other unidentified chemicals. There's also a small thaumic field, nothing dangerous, though."
  487. "That's a lot of info. What's the problem?"
  488. >"The problem is that I don't know what keeps her ticking, how much is there of her in there, what she can do, if she can even speak, well all things considered, I'm not sure she's able to talk."
  489. "Why?"
  490. >"Do you see a voice box, or anything reminiscent of vocal cords?"
  491. "How can you be certain? Twilight, try something!"
  492. >Humming...
  493. >More humming, changing tone..
  494. >Short hums, they gain in on intensity, frequency...
  495. >Until you can hear a distinct "F-Faggot."
  496. "What? Try again!"
  497. >"Y-You are both a bunch of f-faggots!"
  498. >You burst out into laughter, buzzing up to Twilight, trying to squeeze a hug.
  499. >And she floats through the holes in your hooves, before reforming shortly after.
  500. "Thank God you're alive! A little melty, but alive! What happened?"
  501. >Before Twilight can reply, the scientist speaks up.
  502. >"From the data we've got from the probe, at the time of the incident, she was subjected to Delta layer power radiation. A couple hundred thousand thaums in lowest, billions at most. For perspective, the average unicorn is able to pull a hundred thaums."
  503. "And all the magic radiation fucked everything up."
  504. >"Somehow. Such short exposure to so high values, is..undocumented before."
  505. >"C-Can you reeverse it?"
  506. >"Short answer? No."
  507. "Why? What's preventing you? Can't you science it?"
  508. >"Well, everything. The tissue damage is irreversible, because there's nothing to reverse to. The tissue is literally nonexistent! Bound by thaumic fields, liquified and destroyed. Magical burns are child's play, but this, is impossible."
  509. >"I-I'm stuck like this? This gak thing?"
  510. >"I'm afraid so, miss. If you'd give me time to examine you, run some tests, to see how much damage has been done."
  511. >The ship intercom system chirps to life, with the usual static noise.
  512. >"Miss Verita, please come to the Captain's quarters immediately. Over and out."
  514. >Come to the Captain's quarters?
  515. >What does she want now?
  516. "Do you two mind if I leave you for a couple minutes."
  517. >"Nope. If the captain wants to see you, it's probably more important."
  518. "I'll be right back, Twi."
  519. >You take flight and buzz out of the lab.
  520. >Minutes later, you're in the Captain's quarters.
  521. >The room is filled with officers, sitting at an unfolded table that went out of the wall, seated in chairs, strapped up with seatbelts to prevent them from floating away.
  522. >"Miss Verita! You're here. We can begin."
  523. >You're shown to a seat at the table.
  524. >With a couple buzzes, you sit down.
  525. >"Sir Maxwell, you can begin." The captain says, and waves her hoof towards a stallion sitting in engineer fatigues, with an oil stain in his coat.
  526. >"We've successfully deployed the probe to scan the environment of the Delta layer, and the data has already came in. The results are disturbing, to say the least. Can you lower down the screen?"
  527. >A hum and a wall panel rolls down.
  528. >The screen flashes to existence, showing a green triangle on a grid, with a red line next to it.
  529. >"Two hours ago, we've collected the gravimetric data from the probe. The results shown a strong gravitational line, along with multiple particle emissions, completely unlike anything that'd show up in the subspace. This means two things. Either there's a supermassive black hole, and it's stretched because it's radiating through alpha, beta and gamma layers, or a spacecraft outfitted with the same tech as ours had traveled through these regions recently."
  530. "And we're the only craft within range of twenty light years."
  531. >"The only Equestrian Kingdom spacecraft in range, mind you."
  532. "And that means either an unlikely anomaly, or an unlikely encounter. What're the odds?"
  533. >"Quite frankly, it's almost fifty fifty. So either we're witnessing an unseen anomaly, or we see alien life."
  534. >The room fills with silence.
  535. "If it's a vehicle, it's heading somewhere. Where?"
  536. >"Towards the tear. It's heading towards the spacial tear we want to pluck. It's some recent four light days away. We weren't able to see it sooner, but the gravishield makes outside observations difficult."
  537. "Wew. So we have a course, then?"
  538. >The captain nods.
  539. >"And what's the size of the thing?" The captain asks.
  540. >"It's around half a kilometer tall, around four long."
  541. >As the engineer says, the room is filled with concerned mumbling, a mix of fear and surprise flooding your nostrils.
  542. >"Everyone! Silence." The captain says, and taps her hoof against the table.
  543. >"We'll prepare for a possible hostile encounter. I want shuttles armed, pilots awake and ready for launch. The point defense systems will be up and operational, battle simulations, everyone armed and ready, on the edge. Do you all copy?"
  544. >"Yes, Ma'am!" The crew salutes.
  545. >"You're all dismissed. I want reports on my table within an hour. Miss Verita, would you wait a minute?"
  547. >You raise your eyebrows and look at the captain sitting in one of the chairs around the table, as the rest of the officers and staff float off from their places and fly out.
  548. >"Miss Verita, since you're such an...odd occasion and insist working in my staff, can we talk a bit, get to know each other? I'm probably disobeying half the company rules about top secret files, but I'm really interested in your endeavors."
  549. "About me? I'm not that interesting. Besides, it's difficult opening oneself to ponies that you don't know."
  550. >"Well, my name is Judith White, countess of the Northern Lands. Descendant of Sulphur White, a war hero from the resource crisis."
  551. >Sulphur White? As if from that short greentext of yours with plushies?
  552. >So everything you've made somehow ties into this fictional clusterfuck of a world?
  553. >Rad.
  554. "I've heard about this. A war between ponies and everything else which ended in unison of the entire world for a better tomorrow."
  555. >"Correct. Just like out of the propaganda. My grandma was a commander of the twenty first Airship battle fleet, codenamed Sever. She was the greatest strategist to fight for Equestria. I sort of try to continue to keep the work in the family, just like my parents did."
  556. "But this is a company craft. Not full time military. So you're not really serving the crown, right?"
  557. >The Captain sighs, and shakes her head.
  558. >"As much as I'd like to join the Equestrian Royal Space Navy, the entry exams are too tight, and a lot of the more promising of the bunch tends to go to the corporate sector, in search of a better pay and life, that they can't reach mopping flight decks on the Hefaistos, where the army put them because they scored too low, or their muzzle wasn't looking good enough."
  559. "And did you find a good pay and life?"
  560. >The mare bursts out laughing.
  561. >"Oh, how I wish! But look at me. I'm old and rugged. My eye is covered by an eye patch because it's not even there, I don't have a hoof. I'm just not the one to fit onto pinups or recruitment material. Even if I were to, what would be the headword? With the company? Work for us and you'll risk life and limb for pocket change? Bonus points to the one who can survive a combat action?"
  562. >You tilt your head.
  563. "Why are you still doing it, then?"
  564. >"I don't know. It's a job, something I know I have to do, regardless of the odds and death pressed against my throat. Nah, that isn't it, that sounds too heroic. For good or because being valiant still has a value today? No, that isn't either, too valiantistic. No, I don't know why, why do I jump into the unknown. But I swear it's fun."
  565. "Madness for madness's sake?"
  566. >"Sort of. But enough of me, you're the center of this line of questions. "
  567. "Well, I'm not sure how much of the file has been available to you. But I'm an oddity."
  568. >"I know that. I really don't care what you are or what you look like, since that's hardly an issue your species. But I want to see how you work, what sort of a personality you are."
  569. >You tap your chin and begin talking.
  571. >Minutes, maybe a couple hours later, you finally leave the office.
  572. >And more time later, you're back in the laboratory.
  573. >Do your eyes deceive you?
  574. >Twilight is fine and alive, and even more, completely normal.
  575. >Not goopy or anything.
  576. >The scientist is smiling and beaming, greeting you with a wave of happy emotions the moment you enter the room.
  577. >"Miss Verita! Miss Verita! I've stabilized her!"
  578. >Before the scientist can finish his sentence, you hug Twilight.
  579. >And she's pulling back out through the holes in your hooves again.
  580. "What?"
  581. >"I've used a modified version of your magical abilities, incised in a piece of runic stone, placed at the center of her ambient thaumic field."
  582. "What?"
  583. >"Urh. Magic can be used in two ways. Through focused energies, or through runes in materials with latent magical power. The spell made that way can be triggered or canceled out by various things. Even unintended ones. In this example I've used some basic rune stone and the spell seems to work! Twilight is a pony, both by consistency and shape, but the spell tends to tone down when she's exposed to more intense feelings."
  584. "So she turns into gloop if she gets scared?"
  585. >"I can hear you two, and yes, not only when scared."
  586. >You chuckle.
  587. "Sorry, Twi. So if I gave you chocolate, you would literally melt in happiness?"
  588. >Twilight rolls her eyes. "Yes, I would."
  589. "Adorable!"
  590. >You laugh and pat Twilight's back, sending her floating off.
  591. "On a more serious note, are there any special limits related to the spell?"
  592. >"Besides the ones I said? No."
  593. "Boy, am I hungry, how about we pick up our rations?"
  594. >"Sounds good to me." Twilight says.
  595. >"Totally."
  596. "Let's go, then."
  598. >You, Twilight and the scientist make way through the halls.
  599. "You know, I never caught your name." You say and turn to the pony in the lab coat.
  600. >"I'm Maximilian, a doctor in science and a resident thaumic energy expert."
  601. "Pleasure to meet you, I'm Verita. The resident...Changeling Queen."
  602. >Your science friend chuckles as the three of you float into the hangar bay, looking for the supply private.
  603. >There he is. Floating asleep next to a similarly sized cloud of paperwork.
  604. >Cough, Cough.
  605. >No response.
  606. >Well, he deserves the hard way.
  607. >You silently move next to the private.
  608. >With the spare time you've had, you learnt to mimic voices even without the need to change form completely.
  609. >You smirk, cough a couple times until your voice completely mimics the Captain's.
  610. >Here we go!
  612. >Just as you finish shouting at the sleeping floating unicorn, he springs up into existence, flailing hooves in surprise, gaining some chaotic momentum, just like the papers around him.
  613. >"Sorry sir! Ma'am! I must've dozed off!"
  614. >You change your voice back.
  615. "Private?"
  616. >The pony, with a couple trained swings cancels out their rotation, and throws a surprised look at you.
  617. "Rations."
  618. >"What?"
  619. "My friends have come to pick up their rations."
  620. >"Ah, yes. Just give me a second."
  621. >The private has the most confused look on his face you've ever seen.
  622. >And a couple minutes later, you're in the other corner of the hangar, watching as Twilight and your smart friend munch on their protein bars, drowning the absolutely terrible taste in water.
  623. >You silently chuckle.
  624. >Twilight and Maximilian look at you with the oddest stare.
  625. >"Verita, why did you do that? That wasn't too kind to the private." Twilight asks, and tilts her head.
  626. "Just a harmless joke. You ponies don't do these? Just friendly harmless pranks?"
  627. >"Nope. Why would friends do these? It's not healthy for the friendship."
  628. "Well, now you have another thing to add to that list of yours."
  629. >"I suppose so. What did the captain want anyway?" Twilight asks, with curiosity basically leaking from her every word.
  630. >"Yeah, all of the officers sort of stopped doing what they were doing when they got the message."
  631. "You mean that you have a private comlink that isn't the ship intercom system?"
  632. >"Aye."
  633. "Then why did I not get one?"
  634. >"Ask Captain. Her word outweighs God's. But what did the captain say?"
  635. "How much is alien life theorized, on Equestria?"
  636. >"With how much we travel out to the stars? It's only a matter of time before we bump into a bipedal creature with fingers."
  637. "Bipedal creature with fingers?"
  638. >"Yeah, I know. Sounds mad, No wings, magic, only tech doing the work." Maximilian says with the most enthusiastic voice you've heard.
  639. >You look at Twilight and she at you, before your attention promptly shifts back to your scientist friend.
  640. "How do you know of these?"
  641. >"Oh! There are multiple reports of sighting these creatures, way back before the unification war. Why do you ask?"
  642. >Jesus Christ. Humanity in Equestria? Is it legit?
  643. "Well, the data that was collected from the probe, suggests a ship had passed through the sector some time ago. Probably missed us for the same reason as we did. And it's headed for the tear as well. The other option is, that a black hole is radiating through the layers below."
  644. >"And both are very likely since we're so far from charted space." Maximilian says and taps his chin.
  645. "Yeah, that's the problem. We're keeping course, the Cap has everyone prepared for a firefight, when in truth we may have only seen a natural phenomena."
  646. >"That's probably the best course of action, armed. Better safe than sorry, I'd say. We're almost at the tear, if my math holds up. If it's a ship, and if it's truly heading for the tear, it might be able to help us close it, and save everything in the universe."
  647. "Or it might blast us into spacedust."
  648. >"That's an alternative option, but what can you do?"
  649. "Charging head first into unknown, armed with sticks. What can go wrong?"
  651. >A couple days later, you're leaving hyperspace.
  652. >With a loud hum, the ship exits the rigors of the hyperspacial layers.
  653. >The gravity turns back on, and you're standing on the bridge.
  654. >The swirling purple lights of the Delta layer are replaced with the black image of space, dotted by infinite number of stars.
  655. >You're torn out of your thoughts by the RADAR operator shouting at the captain.
  656. >"Ma'am! RADAR has detected an object roughly two kilometers from the tear! Magical radiation is interfering with our scanner, preventing us from getting a clear reading!"
  657. >"Move into LIDAR range, get me a visual, where's the unidentified spacecraft?" The captain spits out commands.
  658. >"It has kept a steady course towards the object! We are still yet to get a clear picture of the both objects!"
  659. "I suggest we go full speed ahead."
  660. >"Seems like the best course of action. Helm, full speed ahead, towards the object. Stop at maximal LIDAR range."
  661. >"Copy that, ma'am!"
  662. >The craft shakes and shrieks loudly, beginning to be set into motion, the forward breaking thrusters lightly humming on standby into the symphony of the ship moving.
  663. >"ETA is five minutes."
  664. >Five minutes.
  665. >The longest five minutes in your entire life.
  666. >Longer than the five final minutes of a class, longer than any time you've had to wait.
  667. >Those five minutes feel like an eternity.
  668. >Just like for everyone.
  669. >The air on the bridge is filled with tension only you can scent, the emotion so thick you swear you can see it if you squint your eyes a little harder.
  670. >Twilight is beside you, half melted, her hooves in a puddle of slime.
  671. >The fore viewport shows a large circular structure, surrounded at places with Cloud's of debris.
  672. >"Ma'am! The object is a space station surrounding the tear!" The scanner operator shouts.
  673. >What tear? You don't see a tear.
  674. "Where's the tear?"
  675. >"The tear is almost like a Jumpnode, but a lot less stable."
  676. "So an infinitely small point in space leaking radiation. How do we pluck it?"
  677. >Before anyone from the crew can reply, the proximity alarm for the aft side screams into existence.
  678. >"Evasive maneuver! Full RCS thrust!"
  679. >The ship jerks forwards, knocking you to the side, falling into the puddle of Twilight.
  680. "Sorry Twi!" You pick yourself up, and your purple friend reforms."
  681. >"Get me a camera for the backside!"
  682. >The fore viewport's look at the station surrounding the tear, shows the giant spacecraft passing by.
  683. >The camera tracks the vehicle.
  684. >Your jaw almost falls off your face.
  685. >A scratched and damaged Hasbro logo is imprinted on the side of the craft.
  686. >Rugged damaged and full of micrometeorite holes, but it's unmistakeable.
  687. >The Hasbro logo.
  688. >"Verita! What is it? What's the problem! What are you staring at?"
  689. "Twi, things have just got way more complicated."
  691. "It can't be. How would they get here?"
  692. >"Verita! Explain!" Twilight exclaims, shaking your shoulders, making a couple splats on the wall.
  693. "Those assholes. They must be responsible for this mess. The show has ended last month. Of course they have their fingers in the mess."
  694. >"What mess, explain!"
  695. >You shake your head.
  696. >Alright. Think!
  697. "Hasbro is a toy company. Broadcasted a show that's a lot similar to this universe. Everything matches to a tick. And now a spaceship that's marked with their insignia almost bumps into us. Thus the station must be their too, and they've been broadcasting camera feed from the lives of ponies. And now, that the race has advanced too much to be useful to a toy line, they're wrapping the op up, regardless of the damage they've done." You think out loud.
  698. >"So something from your universe has been peeping on us. And by pulling through the universe to our, it has made a tear that destroys our universe. But why?"
  699. "For profit! Somehow this must've been cheaper than animating a series. Or, they've had their hands in research. Either way, we could find something on that station."
  700. >In the stroke of concentrated thinking, you miss the fact that the bridge has gone to complete silence.
  701. >They've heard everything.
  702. >"Miss Verita. How do you suggest we proceed further? " The Captain asks, her eyes fixed on you and your response, just like everyone else's.
  703. "We will launch two shuttles, both with a deployment force. One will go for the spacecraft, the other for the station. Point defense system will provide cover. I volunteer for the station group."
  704. >The captain nods.
  705. >"You've heard her! Prepare for launch! Pair up both squadrons on the radio, I want to hear everything both of them say to each other, and so do they. Verita, you leave in five minutes. Gear up, and strap in, you'll be a hero."
  706. "Aye aye!"
  707. >You salute and gallop out, Twilight following closely behind.
  708. >You're galloping through the hallways.
  709. >"Verita! Verita!" Twilight shouts at you.
  710. >You come to a screeching halt.
  711. "What is it, Twi? You know you can't go with me."
  712. >"Verita, be careful. No one knows what will be there."
  713. "I know Twili, I will be."
  714. >Before you can start galloping towards the hangar again, Twilight holds your hoof.
  715. >"For good luck." Before your brain can process what's happening, she plants a kiss on your forehead.
  716. "Thanks. Good luck to you as well."
  717. >You continue your unstopped gallop.
  718. >The armory is where you're headed.
  719. >Spacesuits, high caliber carbines and all sorts of other nonsense.
  720. >Minutes later you're geared up, and strapped in one of the shuttles.
  721. >The shuttle intercom beeps, before the pilot shouts out a message.
  722. >"Alright ladies! Make sure you have everything with you, once we get the go signal, we go!"
  723. >You breath in and out, the visor of your helmet letting through maximal info.
  724. >These models of spacesuits were different.
  725. >A HUD, containing velocity and heading, where is the mission objective, and a lot of other info.
  726. >You patch into the ship radio chanel.
  727. >"Kirov reporting."
  728. >"Shuttle Kirov, you're clear for liftoff, full speed ahead to the station. We've marked two more potential entry points. If none are accessible, you have the permission to break out the torch. Best of luck, and good hunting!"
  729. >Just as the message finishes, you're pushed to the side by the might of the launch spring sending the craft into space from the launch tube.
  730. >Your stomach spins and you're lightly disoriented, but the quick breath in of the emotions leaking from your colleagues in the shuttle cargo space sends you back to normal.
  731. >The amount of courage, and strength dropped by their own presence almost springs you up to full attention.
  732. >If this is where your story will end, it's where it would be honourable, fighting for the saving of the universe.
  733. >You take in another deep breath.
  734. >"We're moving to entry point one. Raising ramp. Tests wether we can breach!" The pilot shouts, your intercom buzzing with background static afterwards.
  735. >Seems the Kirov Two, the ship that went to the spaceship has already breached and they're inside.
  736. >Now it's your turn.
  737. >The door seems to be a hangar bay entry point. It's too small for the shuttle to fit in, though.
  738. >One of the crew ponies get out of their seat, floating over to the door on a couple puffs of reaction propellant, prying the door open.
  739. >And it's open.
  740. >"This is Kirov one, we've gained entry. Breaching the station. Shuttle will take defensive position and cover the vicinity."
  741. >"Copy that, Kirov. Proceed with caution."
  742. >You breath in, and float into the station, following the first pony, your back being covered by four more.
  743. >Soon you disperse equally, utilizing the ability to travel one way and look elsewhere as an effective tactic to cover each other's backs.
  744. >The entire place is damaged. The tooth of time taken its toll. Holes splatter some hallways, others have been destroyed completely, and you're just floating through the empty space, before stumbling upon the other part of the hallway.
  745. >The entire station is silent.
  746. >However your intercom is not.
  747. >Seems like Kirov Two has found numerous satellites docked to the ship, and hexabytes of data onboard. Some of the videos matching description of the last season of generation 4. The one before he show was canceled with a half assed ending like out of a shitty fanfiction. Except here, it shows the full size of the unification war.
  748. >They're currently prying out the hard drives, thousands of them.
  749. >You're not so lucky, you've still found nothing.
  750. >Well, until you've found yourself inside a large spherical multi platform room.
  751. >A command center of sorts?
  752. "Jackpot everyone. We've found something. Permission to access system?"
  753. >"Verita, you have full permission. "
  754. >You eagerly float to one of the less damaged consoles.
  755. >There's a pen floating nearby.
  756. >You grab ahold of it, using magic, and use it to tap the keyboard.
  757. >Tap.
  758. >No response.
  759. >You tap again.
  760. >Come on!
  761. >You kick the machine, and a green display comes on.
  762. >Monochromatic display? Jesus, how old is this place?
  763. >You find navigation logs, research papers, plans, everything.
  764. >And a communication protocol.
  765. >A communication protocol to connect to the landlines of the normal universe and transfer data using a subspace transmitter or something.
  766. "It is just like Christmas morning. We need the drives! Supposedly, they're located near the reactor. Three hundred meters below."
  767. >"Copy that! We'll retrieve the drives. Shut down the system."
  768. >Alright. How hard can this be?
  769. >Uh.
  770. >Command prompt.
  771. >Shutdown 10
  772. >Shutdown in ten seconds.
  773. >9
  774. >8
  775. >The screen counts down, going completely blank and black, just like all the other functioning screens.
  776. "System is down. I'll join you for retrieval."
  777. >Silence.
  778. "Retrieve team? Report!"
  779. >Static.
  780. >You grumble your teeth, flying down the maintenance tubes.
  781. >And then, once flying past the reactor, you see it.
  782. >The entire mass of the reactor room is covered by some sort of a black substance, the core itself dim blue, covered the lightest.
  783. >The tentacles?
  784. >Fuck.
  785. >You fly down to the hard drive chamber.
  786. >Why are those things in the reactor room?
  787. >From the quick look you've had at the plans, you've seen that the data storage pod, in which the hard drives are, can be decoupled and thrown a safe distance out in case of a self destruct sequence, regardless of wether the upper systems are online or not.
  788. >Just when you're about to float to the terminal, to punch in the proper commands, you hear a voice.
  789. >Not from the intercom or the radio.
  790. >Almost like from your head.
  791. >"You've come so far, since we've blessed this world with you."
  792. >Confused, you turn your head.
  793. >"Listen to us."
  794. >Jesus. Have you finally went mad?
  795. >"Rest assured, we shall explain us to you. Your mental health is good. Listen. Listen."
  796. "Speak. Make it quick though. I have my hoof over the detonate button."
  797. >"There's no need to be hostile to us. We mean no harm."
  798. "Then explain. Are you the ones who did this to me?"
  799. >"We're the guardian. We cherish balance between universes. Ever since Terra had breached the thick veil between worlds, the two universes have been collapsing into each other and away form themselves."
  800. "That makes no sense."
  801. >"We live in between the worlds, cherish balance. You're the creator. You can restore. We can't restore directly. We live in infinitely many dimensions. You live in three. We cannot change balance. Bring balance. Restore. Destroy the station."
  802. "You want me to destroy the station? Won't that end you?"
  803. >"Irrelevant. We are infinite. We are root holding the light balance of the universes together. Black tentacle only manifest of power. You must restore."
  804. "Why I? Why did you tear me out of my life and world, my family?"
  805. >"Others are irrelevant. You must bring balance back. You are able to listen. Restore. Close the point. Your change was necessary to allow your entry here without destroying balance completely. Cherish the memories of your past. Bring future. Restore balance. Destroy station."
  806. "And what after I destroy this station? Will everything be saved?"
  807. >"Yes. We will send you home. You will live. Everyone will survive. Universes saved. Other variables irrelevant. Restore balance. Destroy station."
  808. "Where is home?"
  809. >"Our gift is permanent. Cannot be removed. Return to Terra impossible. Return to given home upon restoring balance. Destroy station. Bring balance."
  810. "What about the data pod? Will that come with me? Will the data come with me?"
  811. >"Confirmation. Data files massless. No thaum properties. Data storage device cannot change balance. All information will be saved. Bring balance. Destroy station."
  812. "Where is rest of the crew?"
  813. >"Unworthy. Disposed of for hurting tentacle. You are pure. Relevant."
  814. "This better work. I hope you don't bluff."
  815. >You hit enter with your pen.
  817. >Initiating self destruct. Data pod decoupled. Escape thruster active.
  819. >The entire pod spins, and blasts forwards, you thrown against the wall.
  820. >"We have final gift for service. You will find out once balance restored."
  821. >A white flash blinds you.
  822. >The last two months flash before your eyes. How you met Discord, Twilight and everyone else.
  823. >How you're ultimately saving the universe.
  824. >How you won't be seeing your parents again.
  825. >You tear up slightly, and everything ends for a minute.
  826. >Did you pass out?
  827. >Regardless, when you get to a half awake state again, the top of the data pod is being cut off by plasma cutters.
  828. >The sealed door on top is going away.
  829. >And you see Equestria.
  830. >Your heart springs up with joy.
  831. >You're back home.
  832. >Well, home. But home is where the heart is. And now, your friends are here. Heck, probably love, considering what Twilight has been doing.
  833. >You blink a couple times, and pass out again.
  834. >When you awake, you're in a bed, awoken by a familiar sound.
  835. >Beep.
  837. >Beep.
  839. >Beep.
  840. >A heart monitor.
  841. >Just like way back in school.
  842. >You're covered by a blanket.
  843. >You turn your head.
  844. >In front of you a window, showing off Equestria.
  845. >A large familiar ring stretching from left to right in the outside view.
  846. >Hefaistos.
  847. >And you're in the medical wing.
  848. >Twilight is snoring on a chair, lying beside you.
  849. >You smile and slide your hoof gently against her muzzle.
  850. >It has all worked. Just as promised.
  851. >She blinks and murmurs, before blinking.
  852. >She smiles, and happiness floods your nostrils.
  853. >And Twilight instantly melts.
  854. >You chuckle, and your gloopy unicorn reforms back.
  855. "How long was I out for?"
  856. >"Around a week. I made sure you were fed properly. " Twilight says and squeaks.
  857. >The door opens and you hear two sets of hooves clopping on the metal floor.
  858. >You turn your head and quickly disguise.
  859. >Better safe than sorry.
  860. >Two tall alicorns enter the room.
  861. >Both floating a cushion.
  862. >One with a large golden medal.
  863. >The second with a large parchment.
  864. >The blue one, floating the medal, and the white coated one with the rainbow mane is floating the one with the parchment.
  865. >"Verita, The Changeling. Please. Shed your disguise." The white one says.
  866. >Twilight leans toward you. "That's Princess Celestia and Luna! The two regal sisters! Celestia takes care of the sun and Luna of the Moon! You should listen. If they come with something, it's serious."
  867. >You nod and undisguise, feeling a little vulnerable lying in front of two demigod beings.
  868. >Luna speaks up.
  869. >"Verita the Changeling. For your honourable and fearless service and support to the crown, you are hereby awarded the Medal of Harmony. The award comes with a cash prize. Use if as you see fit."
  870. >The medal is levitated from the cushion, and pinned into the blanket that's covering you.
  871. >A tree shaped platinum medal, with five branches, each with a different colour gem inside it.
  872. >Luna steps backwards, and Celestia speaks up.
  873. "Verita the Changeling. For your perpetuation of the Equestrian Kingdom, and the entire universe, by closing the sealion tear, You are hereby awarded the title of duchess of the eastern plains. You are given ruling over the land, and it's resources, both the ponies and the villages scattered in the territory. Your personal belongings have been moved to fort Milia."
  874. >You're given the parchment.
  875. >You think for a second, and bow down your head.
  876. "It's a great honour and a privilege. But shouldn't Twilight get a medal as well?"
  877. >"Your friend has already been given her appraisement. One more thing. It's an old tradition that the plunder gained in any way, to the kingdom, is sold and after taxes and everything, the remaining sum is split between the interested parties."
  878. "And how much?"
  879. >"Currently, a rough estimate is a million bits. For you and Twilight. I doubt you will be parting ways. No sense in splitting it between you two."
  880. >You bow your head.
  881. "Thank you."
  882. >"Now with the formalities out of the way, I must congratulate you for restoring an entire species!"
  883. >You confusedly stare at the princess of the sun.
  884. "What do you mean?"
  885. >"Oh, you don't know? You're fertile! Thousand eggs, roughly estimated. "
  886. >You swear your jaw unhinges.
  887. >If the Guardian meant this as the last present, you swear it has a more twisted sense of humor than the average 4chan browser.
  888. >"We will leave you now, Duchess Verita. Once you manage to get out of hospital, I suggest getting straight to work." The princesses begin to trot out, the Sun one winking her eye at you, with a lightly mischievous smile.
  889. >You're left speechless.
  890. "Twilight, how much is million bits?"
  891. >"Well, you can buy a space program for that much. Verita! These are the greatest news!"
  892. "Duchess, remember, dear." You say and chuckle.
  893. >Twilight laughs.
  894. >"We're heroes! Though...How did you manage to close the tear and get us home?"
  895. "It wasn't I. It was the Guardian."
  896. >"The Guardian?"
  897. "I'll explain later. But for now, let's enjoy our clam time while we have it."
  898. >You smile and move lightly to the side, as Twilight skips up to your side, sliding under the blanket.
  899. >She nuzzles up to you with a smile, and soon falls asleep, lightly melted and keeping your entire side warm.
  900. >Before you fall asleep as well, you stare outside the window, to the Equestrian Surface.
  901. >You try to think of something deep.
  902. >But all that comes on your mind is that much needed sleep.
  904. >Fast forward a year.
  905. >You've taken your place as the owner of the territory that was so kindly given for your saving of the universe.
  906. >And a thousand eggs later, you've built up a functioning law enforcement force.
  907. >The fortress on the hill, the only one, now serves as a hive and home to you and your changelings.
  908. >Life is good.
  909. >Almost perfect.
  910. >Harmony, resonating through everywhere, your drones and ponies helping each other out in a mutual supporting relationship.
  911. >You still miss home, though.
  912. >You occasionally see Liam, and the other students of the Cambridgeshire school.
  913. >The forever floating silhouette of the Hefaistos, hanging overhead, as the fields of green thick grass wave in the strong wind, hardly weakened by anything.
  914. >The fortress sticks in like a sore thumb.
  915. >And atop the sore thumb, on a balcony, you're standing, mane flowing in the gentle breeze, watching the grass stretching from one side of the horizon to the other.
  916. >The weather stays always this wondrous.
  917. >It reminds you of him, your earth home, especially the view from the cottage.
  918. >You have everything.
  919. >The little drones prove as a nice family, every day you can talk to a different one, a different child.
  920. >Yeah, that happened.
  921. >Yet, it's not the same.
  922. >You certainly have friends, started a family, be it on the opposite side than you thought, but still.
  923. >Yet, you're missing something.
  924. >And you can't put your finger on it.
  925. >Finger?
  926. >You don't have those for almost a year, now.
  927. >Maybe more, you've lost count. Days go by.
  928. >You'd almost say you're lonely, yet...
  929. >Yet you've been as much of a loner as you could get when you were a human
  930. >God, that was so long ago.
  931. >Yet, just twelve months.
  932. >How you met Discord, the Satyr and Twilight.
  933. >How you saved the universe.
  934. >It's such a distant memory, more distant than the sun, more distant than anything.
  935. >It wasn't that long ago at all.
  936. >The door to the balcony creaks open, and a small drone steps in.
  937. >"M-Mother, I know you said you didn't want to be disturbed, but there is a group of ponies and a couple satyrs, which wish to speak with you."
  938. >Recently, there have been groups of newcomers coming to Equestria, after reading one of your greens.
  939. >Celestia has been sending them to your territory.
  940. >Helpful, but you have to divert drones from other more important tasks.
  941. >But you don't have the heart to say no to those confused newcomers.
  942. >Some are even coming in as Changeling drones.
  943. >Those get integrated into the hive, and are briefed over everything over the hive mind.
  944. >The normal ponies and other creatures require briefing and teaching to integrate successfully.
  945. >A young little drone, just doing her job. Just like taught.
  946. “You're the one that came in last week?”
  947. >You smile as kindly as you can at the drone.
  948. >”Y-Yes, Queen.”
  949. “You're doing well. Keep it up!”
  950. >You turn around and trot for the door.
  951. >A stronger breeze of wind against your back catches you off guard, sending a shiver down your chitin shell.
  952. >Right, because you don't have a spine.
  953. >Not to mention that twitch back there in reaction to the wind.
  954. >Yeah, that's back there too.
  955. >You don't have much time to think about that.
  956. >You should get to those ponies waiting.
  957. >You trot through the fort Milia, and then soon walk into the main hall.
  958. >You immediately cheer up.
  959. >It's Twilight, Discord and Zainey.
  960. >Twilight sees you first, smiles and instantly melts, flailing her hooves a little.
  961. >God, you haven't seen them in ages.
  962. >You trot up to them, smiling.
  963. “Friends! What're you doing, showing up so suddenly?”
  964. >”Well, it's your birthday!” Twilight says.
  965. >You tilt your head.
  966. “I'm pretty sure it's in May.”
  967. >Your Satyr friend speaks up.
  968. >”Today, you've arrived in Equestria, according to Discord.”
  969. “So you're taking that as a birthday. Because that was the first day I appeared here?”
  970. >”Yes, I thought you need a little distraction.” Discord smiles, flying behind your two friends.
  971. “That souds wonderful. I need a break from all the work.”
  972. >”About that, we sort of got something in. Just wanted to wish you a happy birthday in person. But Twilight is going to stay for some time.”
  973. >You shrug.
  974. “Perhaps some other time then. Thanks for the congratulations.”
  975. >”T’was nice seeing you.”
  976. >Discord and Zainey disappear in a snap of the Chaos talon.
  977. >Twilight walks up to you and nuzzles your side.
  978. >”So how's the birthday mare doing?”
  979. “Better, a good friend of mine is here. Let me show you my quarters. The view is amazing.” You say and chuckle, buzzing up a couple stairs.
  980. >Twilight is following.
  981. >”Verita, this place is nice, you've put effort into this. Making house a home?”
  982. “Made a house a home.” You smile, proudly trotting upwards, to the top.”
  983. >Minutes later, you're in your quarters, standing on the balcony.
  984. >Twilight beside you, you both staring out into the sunset.
  985. “What do we do now?”
  987. “A diner, maybe hugs? A bottle of wine, get nostalgic and such?”
  988. >”That sounds wonderful. Lead the way, Veri!”
  989. >You smile and trot off, to the meeting room on the same floor as your quarters are.
  990. >The meeting room is dominated with a large table in the middle, and a couple smaller ones around a few large windows, which are adorned with clean white curtains.
  991. >You take seat, and buzz your wings, making a low hum noise.
  992. >A visibly tired drone stumbles outside of the small kitchen next to the room, probably still half asleep.
  993. >Upon laying their eyes on who dared to manage disturb their slumber, the drone jumps and perks up into full attention.
  994. >”M-My Queen! I have not been expecting you to come today! Please apologize my sloppiness. What will it be today for you and your guest?”
  995. “I'd like a good cup of love, and a bottle of red wine?” You ask and look at Twilight.
  996. >Twilight nods and smiles.
  997. >The chef drone bows their head and gallops off to the kitchen.
  998. >Around a ten minutes later, a bottle of a nice red wine and two glasses filled to the brim with it, with a large cup of a greenish pink thick liquid with many bubbles just for you. It has a nice pleasant glow to it, scenting sweet and wonderful, just as the original love has.
  999. >What's even in this?
  1000. >It's like love.
  1001. >This one, though has been made with a blend of chemicals, including sulphuric acid, the same stuff that runs in your veins, along with God knows what magic is within the creation of the solution.
  1002. >The end result is that the thing is indigestible and even probably deadly poisonous to anything but a Changeling, but gives the Changeling all the complex sugars they need for building cellular membranes, blood creation, chitin reinforcements everything important to normal body function.
  1003. >Well, to you, you're a Changeling of course.
  1004. >It tastes sweet, sour and bitter at the same time.
  1005. >The symphony of flavours, the bomb of the taste, so new every time you taste it.
  1006. >That's some metaphorical stuff right there.
  1007. >You sip the thick liquid from the cup, leaving the wine for once you're done with your meal.
  1008. >”Remember last year, how you came into Ponyville, and I took you sightseeing?”
  1009. “I'm surprised you remember anything. You were so hammered after we returned from that restaurant, you couldn't stand straight.”
  1010. >”Oh shut it! Do Changeling have an everlasting memory?”
  1011. “Probably. Well, I'll be forever immortalized in the history books as the first Queen of the new Changeling.”
  1012. >”A simple kiss of your presence in history? I never thought you were the sentimental one.” Twilight says and chuckles.
  1013. >You stick your tongue out at her.
  1014. “It's nice knowing that the future generations will look back at your accomplishments and bow down at seeing you success and being relevant to their day.”
  1015. >”Jesus, did ruling boil your brain, Verita? Where's that hotshot bug that pulled me from thaumic fields?”
  1016. “She probably got a year older.” You say and sigh.
  1017. >”I had a friend, she was this pastry chef. Really cheerful by nature and she could tell if you were sad! I don't need her or your emotion scenting abilities to know something's up. What is it?”
  1018. “Nothing probably. But I think I've been missing home. I have a new home here, everything I'd ever wish for or want, I have. I even have children, even though from a bit less expected way, but still. Yet, there's this empty spot.”
  1019. >”Maybe about your family back home?”
  1020. “No, that's not it, I sort of got reconciled with the fact that I won't be seeing them to the end of my days, and I'm probably dead to them as well. Don't get me wrong, it still clenches my heart, and I still wake up at nights from the dreams of me and family lunching, or watching movies together, only to be awoken in this shell of complex sugars, exoskeleton and everything else that separates me forever from my home. But I reconciled.”
  1021. >”Aw.”
  1022. >Before you can reply, Twilight melts and slithers her way down below the table, leaping into your lap.
  1023. >”You need a hug! You've been closed within the walls of this damned fort for too long! I sincerely doubt any of your drones give out hugs.”
  1024. “Yeah, sad.” You say and Twi grabs you in a gloopy hug. A hug would be an understatement. She envelopes you like a warm blanket ad squeezes.
  1025. “T-Too tight!”
  1026. >Twilight chuckles and lets go of you.
  1027. >”Heh, sorry! It still takes practice even after all this time.”
  1028. “Pft, please, I /enjoyed/ that hug, silly!”
  1029. >You finish your chemical love and down it with a glass of wine.
  1030. >Jesus, it kicks harder than usually.
  1031. >Way harder, probably because of your drink.
  1032. >You finish your glass.
  1033. >The wine tastes good, albeit with a stronger kick.
  1034. >Chemistry is truly magical.
  1035. >You blink a couple times.
  1036. >The alcohol takes it's toll.
  1037. >Absorption through the stomach directly, and increased blood flow and pressure.
  1038. >Even though your blood is acidic as hell.
  1039. >How does alcohol even work?
  1040. >How does the blood oxygenate your tissue, do you take oxygen or nitrogen?
  1041. >In the undisrupted line of thought, you missed the fact that you've been literally staring into the wall.
  1042. >”Verita? You’re okay?”
  1043. “J-Just tipsy.”
  1044. >”One glass? Wew, you are really lightweight! You won't be getting another glass! God knows what a drunk Changeling is capable of.”
  1045. >Before you can object, Twilight reaches out, her hoof climbing on the table, drowning itself in the bottle.
  1046. >Within ten seconds flat, the two liter bottle which was almost full, fucking disappears.
  1047. >Twilight melts a little, her cheeks flush with red and she occasionally hiccups.
  1048. >Apparently, that's even more of an instantaneous delivery.
  1049. >Probably because she's an amorphous blob.
  1050. >You chuckle as Twilight struggles to keep a somewhat sober look.
  1051. >”See? I'm completely sober.” Twilight's voice slides all around the place, low and high pitches switching each other.
  1052. “No you're not!” You object, and stammer slightly.
  1053. >”I am completely and absolutely sober, you bug!”
  1054. “Can you tell the time, then?”
  1055. >Twilight turns her head at an clock on the wall, and flings her hooves at it a couple times.
  1056. >”Clock, tell Verita, I'm not drunk.”
  1057. >As much you find this hilarious, Twilight is completely hammered.
  1058. >She needs to sleep it out.
  1059. “Come on, Sober Twilight. I'll get you to bed, you need to sleep. Tell good night to the clock.”
  1060. >”Gwood night, Mister clock!” Another hiccup.
  1061. >There is no word in any language to describe the number of issues you see.
  1062. >You scoop her up with your magic, and go towards your quarters, stumbling a little on the way.
  1063. >When you finally get into your room, you let go of her.
  1064. “To bed, Twilight, now.” You say, and point to the bed you sleep on.
  1065. >For today, you'll be satisfied with one of the armchairs.
  1066. >You help Twilight get to the bed, and when you're about to turn around, something firmly grabs your hoof, and throws you on the bed.
  1067. >It takes literally three seconds for Twilight to be on your belly.
  1068. “Twi, what the bloody fucking hell are you doing?”
  1069. >”Your birthday present, stupid.”
  1070. >Another hicc.
  1071. “You're too hammered! Can't we talk this out?”
  1072. >You try to move, but you're pinned down.
  1073. >”Oh, we'll talk, but you'll be moaning rather than talking.”
  1074. >Crapcrapcrap.
  1075. >Twilight, hammered beyond belief, has pinned you to your own bed, and tries to do god knows what with you.
  1076. >”Aw, what is it? Is the Queen affraid?”
  1077. >Something slippery slides around your flank, shivers down your back, as the more sensitive area of your chitin shell gets tapped.
  1078. >And then your marehood screams into existence, reminding you of its existence with a burning feeling and a slight clench.
  1079. >”Or are you that excited?”
  1080. >All of the alcohol had disappeared from Twilight's voice.
  1081. >Was she playing fools with you, was she-
  1082. >Before you can finish your sentence, you feel something slide around the outer folds of your marehood.
  1083. >God, damn, it's so sensitive.
  1084. >The burning feeling in your nethers intensifies, a silent moan escaping your lips.
  1085. >”Oh, you must be very excited.”
  1086. >Twilight smirks, and jams God knows she's been prodding you between the nether lips between your hind hooves.
  1087. >You cry out in a mix of built up pressure and surprise, your inner clenching around whatever is inside.
  1088. >You don't care in the slightest bit, your mind temporarily melted under the pent up pleasure releasing in such a short time span.
  1089. >Twilight smirks, and begins thrusting into your low parts, starting slowly and gently at first, but soon ramming you so hard you can't even think straight.
  1090. >With one final thrust, she hits something between your folds, sending you over the edge and line.
  1091. >Everything inside you tenses up, clenching whatever Twilight has been using, shortly after everything stops, darkens and sends you into almost a screaming moan, in a blissful long release of your muscles.
  1092. >You're lying on the bed, panting.
  1093. >Twilight is still above you, smirking.
  1094. >You raise your head.
  1095. “Y-You have been playing drunk?”
  1096. >”Yes, but it was worth it wasn't, it?”
  1097. “I-I hate you.” You mange to say, before chuckling and falling on your back again.
  1098. >”You'll see it different tomorrow, silly.”
  1099. >You lie down, and on your side, before Twilight gets off you, and cuddling up to you, as the world slips off, and you fall clean into the bliss of sleep.
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