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  1. How to play BW LC by tcr
  3. Threatening team archetypes:
  5. Sand is by far one of the most threatening team archetypes. Typically sand teams are composed of the weather setter (hippopotas), a snover answer (pawniard, Wynaut, Tentacool), one or both of Sandshrew / Drilbur (classically called Double Rush), a Fighting-type answer (typically Croagunk, Misdreavus), and a Misdreavus answer (often porygon, lileep). Sand teams are bulky offense, utilizing some form of a defensive core in Hippopotas + Lileep or Hippopotas + Porygon + Croagunk. The Snover trapper is often Pawniard, Houndour, or Wynaut, as all three can take out Misdreavus with relative ease. Houndour and Pawniard can run Scarf sets that help to outspeed and kill Ghost-types like Drifloon and Misdreavus. Wynaut takes care of some other threats, like Snover, Bronzor, and Timburr.
  7. Some of the best counters to Sand include, obviously, Snover. The end goal is to have your weather up. As such Snover teams typically need to answer the pressure that double rush offers as well as ways to get around Pawniard and Wynaut. Pokemon that can hard stop Drilbur and Sandshrew are valuable as well and are typically Grass-types, like Foongus, Shroomish, Cacnea(iffy). Additionally, there are some niche answers to Sand teams that include Scarf Trace Porygon (since you can trace sand rush and Ice Beam for an OHKO on half the team). Bulky mons like Slowpoke or Reflect Mienfoo can help with Double Rush as well. Snow often pairs well with Pokemon like Carvanha, and due to the weather setters weakness to hazards often needs to rely on offensive answers to Pokemon. Magnemite, Mienfoo, Misdreavus, and Carvanha are all common partners to Snover. Similarly Staryu and Mold Breaker Drilbur are common partners as well.
  9. The second most threatening archetype imo is Hyper Offense Spike-stacking. Dwebble and Ferroseed help to set up layers of hazards for Carvanha to break through late game (see my game vs Fran for a way to properly use it). Proper hazard control is useful for players who play like this, such as Fran17 for example or Melon. Hazard control can range from anything as simple as Staryu or Drilbur and range to something like Taunt Misdreavus or Taunt Mienfoo. Carvanha is answered by Timburr, Mienfoo, and Croagunk, but can also be answered by Ferroseed, Lileep, Porygon.
  11. Lastly the main archtype to be familiar with is regencore offense, as now that Scraggy is gone it is harder to break. Foongus / Mienfoo / Slowpoke offer enough utility and survivability to answer Carvanha teams, typically, and can be strong against a ton of other stuff. They have trouble breaking Pokemon like Misdreavus, who often runs a Nasty Plot set, so pair well with answers to it like Carvanha, Croagunk, Porygon.
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