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  1. (TO DO: Glossary)
  2. Hunters: Refers to a broad sect of secretive warriors dedicated to hunting Beasts, though during wartime they serve as protectors of their country's leader. Formed by Father Gascoigne in the city of Cainhurst, back when Novoselic was part of the Holy Roman Empire. Sects of the Hunters exist all over Europe and some parts of Asia, usually under different names like Le Garde (France), the Shinsengumi (Japan), or the Aval Organisation (England). Leadership differs greatly between sects. For example, the Aval Organisation has a council of 12, while the Holy Hunters of Novoselic have many subdivisions with their own heads. Le Garde answer directly to the French President, while the Shinsengumi are small enough to not have leadership.
  4. Hunter Sects (though not all of them):
  6. Holy Hunters of Novoselic: The original hunter sect, founded by Father Gascoigne in the 16th Century. The Holy Hunters have multiple subsects, such as the Royal Engineers; each subsect has its own division head, though the Lord-Commander of the Holy Hunters is usually seen as an overseer position of sorts. Their Headquarters used to be in Cainhurst, but is now in the Novosel capital of Grohl.
  7. They specialise in 'Trick Weapons' such as the Threaded Cane, Stake Driver and other transforming weapons.
  9. Le Garde: A hunter sect based in France, they answer directly to the French President, though they serve the people more than the government. In fact, Le Garde participated in multiple revolutions in France. They are more akin to a knightly order than a real hunter sect, but they do provide vital correspondence with the other sects.
  10. Knights of Le Garde specialise in the art of fencing, using weighted rapiers and modified duelling pistols, though the occasional greatsword user has been noted.
  12. The Shinsengumi: Another hunter sect based in Japan, originally made up of members of the organisation of the same name during the Edo period, with membership usually inherited. As they have very few members (double digits), there is no organised leadership, each member of the Shinsengumi has the same authority over people as any other member.
  13. The Shinsengumi specialise in bayonets, though many also choose to keep a wakizashi at hand.
  15. The Aval Organisation: A hunter sect based in England, though estranged from the other sects. They answer to the Royal Family, though a Council of Twelve makes all of the decisions. While they do not keep up correspondence with the other sects, they will provide aid when needed. While they follow Gascoigne's teachings, their culture is based more in Arthurian myth.
  16. Members of the Aval Organisation specialise in the Twinblade, a two-sword set that attaches at the pommel to form a singular weapon.
  18. Beasts: Creatures of unknown origin, found in extremely small numbers in the far wilderness and often mistaken for more conventional wild animals. Theories abound as to their origin, but ancient cults and mad scientists are often part of the leading conspiracy theories (at least, among those who know of the beasts' existence). The Novosel city of Cainhurst became a hotspot for beasts after an unexplained incident, and the Holy Hunters have tried to contain them there ever since, going on expeditions into the city to salvage things and reclaim land.
  20. Cainhurst: The city in Novoselic where the Holy Hunters were founded, hundreds of years ago. The city was once a historical site and headquarters of Novoselic's hunter sect, an incident about a decade ago turned the city into a hotspot for beasts, though frequent expeditions into the city have lessened the beasts' presence somewhat.
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