Pokemon Gold Classic FAQ

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  1. Pokemon Gold Glitchless Classic FAQ
  2. [Updated 24 Apr 2019]
  4. Q: What are you doing?
  6. A: Trying to beat Pokemon Gold as fast as I can without using glitches.
  8. Q: What does "classic" mean?
  10. A: Essentially "manipless".
  12. Q: Why not use manips?
  14. A: Firstly, gen 2 manips have a lot of moving parts, and I don't have the time to devote to learning them right now. Second, I think gen 2 is, in a way, more enjoyable without manips, provided you can keep in a good frame of mind. I also agree with Exarion that classic categories may be a healthy competitive outlet for the community going forward as the standard manip categories get more optimized, so maybe I can encourage competition by getting a good time.
  16. Q: What is different about classic?
  18. A: Can't manip toto, so I reset for random stats (ideally 12/xx/10/11/xx at L5). Can't manip lottery ID number, so you can't get Master Ball, which means you need to buy Poke Doll and catch poli after Morty. Can't manip encounterless, so you have to take what you get. As my time gets better, I will need to reset over bad encounters. According to wsop, average to Falkner is 11-12, which is obviously a huge timeloss.
  20. Q: What is your PB?
  22. A: 3:21:48.
  24. Q: What's WR?
  26. A: 3:18:41 by Gunnermaniac.
  28. Q: What is your goal?
  30. A: At least sub-3:20 for now. Assuming that doesn't take too long (which it shouldn't), then I will see how I am feeling later this summer/fall and possibly grind for better.
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