Misery Enjoys Company Day 3 (Anon)

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  1. >For a while after you woke up,  you just stared at the ceiling.
  2. >You ended up finding yourself on a rather comfortable cot in a jail cell.
  3. >So you were content to lie there as there was nothing for you to do.
  4. >It was out of your hands.
  5. >Life has fucked you again and you just had to wade through the bullshit.
  6. >You are Anonymous.
  7. >You were arrested yesterday for murder.
  8. >The day before you lost everything to a house fire.
  9. >Arson.
  10. >You still had no idea who did it.
  11. >You still couldn’t care any less about it.
  12. >Or the fact you were arrested really.
  13. >As much as you knew in your head that you should have been losing it right about now, you still didn’t care.
  14. >You hadn’t really a reason anymore to give a shit.
  15. >It’s just...
  16. >You-
  17. >You were tired.
  18. >As hard as you tried, life has beaten you down for the last time.
  19. >Whatever happens...
  20. >Happens.
  21. >Whenever they come to question you you’d just tell them the truth.
  22. >The way you saw it you had no reason to lie.
  23. >If it got you locked up...
  24. >So be it.
  25. >At least you could be satisfied with yourself.
  26. >You’d done well.
  27. >Earned yourself a bit of good karma in wiping those fuckers of the face of the planet.
  28. >You hoped they were extra crispy in pony hell for what they did to Eri.
  29. >There wasn’t a doubt in your head that it would have been worse if you hadn’t have been there.
  30. >They might have killed her.
  31. >You smiled at the ceiling.
  32. >You’d done well.
  33. >You saved Miss Eri at the cost of your freedom.
  34. >And you were ok with it.
  35. >Speaking of Miss Eri, you really hoped she was ok.
  36. >The mare was in no shape to be out like that in the first place.
  37. >You trusted Heart Mender to bring her back just fine.
  38. >But still.
  39. >You wished for her to be back ok.
  40. >The poor girl has been through enough.
  41. >Your stomach grumble a bit to let you know you were hungry.
  42. >Well, there wasn’t much you could really do about that.
  43. >You could wait for the nice police ponies to bring you food.
  44. >That was all you could do.
  45. >But you wondered if they would.
  46. >After all, you were a pony killing alien now.
  47. >Would they even bring you food after that?
  48. >They were really bad with anything against the norm and murder was well...
  49. >Yeah...
  50. >Your mind briefly started to wonder whether or not the death penalty was a thing or not in Equestria before a tray slid through the hatch on the bottom of the iron door.
  51. >”Foods here.”said a scratchy voice from the other side.
  52. >There weren’t any windows on the door so you couldn’t see the pony.
  53. >You were about to thank him but then you saw what was on the tray.
  54. >Hay, flowers, and dry oats.
  55. >Pony food.
  56. >No horse food.
  57. >You banged a fist on the door to get the guys attention.
  58. “Hey buddy I can’t eat this.”
  59. >When you didn’t get a reply you put an ear to the door to see if he was still there.
  60. >You could hear him trotting away.
  61. >”Not my problem.”
  62. >You looked back to the food.
  63. >Christ, what a dick.
  64. >You pushed the tray to the door with your foot and returned to the cot.
  65. >Fucking ponies.
  66. >You had nothing else to do but sit and think.
  67. >What if things had been different?
  68. >You’d be no better off honestly.
  69. >And Eri would have probably been killed by those fucksticks.
  70. >So it made no difference.
  71. >You lazed around for an untold amount of time after that doing prisoner things.
  72. >Fun stuff.
  73. >So fun.
  74. >After a while the door opens up and the same two Royal Guard from earlier stand in the corridor just outside your cell.
  75. >They are both flanked by a few police officers.
  76. >Fucking ponies man.
  77. >You looked at them.
  78. >They looked at you.
  79. >They didn’t say anything.
  80. >The two golden armored bastards were doing the whole stoic guard thing while the officers held varying expressions.
  81. >Some of which were fearful and it surprised you although you didn’t let it show.
  82. >You broke the silence.
  83. “Can I help you all with something or are you just window shopping?”
  85.  >”This way Anonymous.”
  86. >K then.
  87. >Like you had something better to do anyways.
  88. >As if you had choice.
  89. >So there you were walking with about half a dozen ponies.
  90. >What the hell did they think you were going to do?
  91. >Go on a rampage and kill the lot of the-
  92. >Oh right.
  93. >You stuffed your hands into your suit pockets and just strode along to wherever it was you were being led to.
  94. >You ended up being guided through the lobby of the police station.
  95. >You had assumed you would have been kept elsewhere because of what you had done or something stupid like that but were pleasantly surprised to discover you weren’t.
  96. >The only reason you were even able to tell where you were (at least if the big police crest thingy on the wall behind the secretary’s desk wasn’t any indication) was because you could see familiar buildings out of the windows.
  97. >You’ve never been inside of here before but knew the area.
  98. >You hadn’t had a reason to be in here.
  99. >>Well, not until...
  100. >This.
  101. >Anyways, you ended up being led to a another room with an iron door.
  102. >It opened up to a white room with a table in its center.
  103. >You were led into the room and the door was shut behind you.
  104. >The only other thing in the room was a large mirror built into the back wall of the room.
  105. >Obviously a one way mirror.
  106. >With nothing else to do you just pulled out one of the chairs and took a seat.
  107. >You were left by yourself for quite a while.
  108. >Boredom hit pretty quickly and you just started whistling some crap from back home that you knew.
  109. >Nothing in particular.
  110. >You eventually had enough of doing that and settled on just sitting with your thoughts.
  111. >There wasn’t much on your mind at the moment so your mind was able to wander about many things.
  112. >Home.
  113. >Old friends.
  114. >New friends.
  115. >New old friends.
  116. >Memorable moments.
  117. >Your favorite places.
  118. >Home again.
  119. >Great food.
  120. >Jesus you would fucking kill for a fucking hamburger.
  121. >Or coffee.
  122. >There was no coffee in Equestria.
  123. >There are some foods you could find in other places outside of horsecountry.
  124. >You could probably get a burger somewhere in the Gryphon Iles now that you thought about it.
  125. >That and you could sate the sizeable amount of wanderlust you’ve developed since coming here.
  126. >A lot of this world was uncharted surprisingly.
  127. >You knew of a few of its wonders but it was the unknown that really appealed to you.
  128. >You decided that if you actually got out of this crap you were going to work and save up enough bits to eventually get yourself some gear.
  129. >You weren’t going to pretend to be some hardass adventurer so you wouldn’t be going into dangerous places like the Everfree.
  130. >That place was a fuckbasket of nope.
  131. >But still.
  132. >Leaving served you the dual purpose of getting out the hell out of here.
  133. >You didn’t have much left holding you down anymore.
  134. >Maybe you could find a place to settle down outside of Equestria.
  135. >It sucked being a human in a pony’s world.
  136. >It was at that moment that a rather gruff looking earthpony opened the door and trotted into the room.
  137. >The grey stallion lacked a mane and had a what looked like a five o’clock shadow on his muzzle.
  138. >The logical part of your mind wondered how that even worked with ponies already having fur.
  139. >But that wasn’t really important enough to worry about right now.
  140. >You smiled at him as he sat thick file on the table and took a seat just opposite of you.
  141. >A Royal Guard took up a position at the door and closed it with his magic.
  142. >The first minute was just him looking at you in silence before you decided to break it.
  143. >You leaned back in your chair and let your head fall backwards to give you a view of the ceiling.
  144. “I figured you would have got a good enough look at me through the window, officer. I guess I was wrong.”
  145. >You didn’t bother looking back towards him but you could sort of feel the his surprise.
  146. >”What window are you referring to, Anonymous?” he asks slowly.
  147. >Your grin widens as you casually point towards the mirror.
  148. >You can hear him shift in his seat which makes you chuckle.
  149. >Wasn’t this supposed to be the other way around?
  150. >He was supposed to be making you uncomfortable.
  151. >This was an interrogation after all.
  152. >The stallion cleared his throat and you could hear him shuffling papers around.
  153. >You look back at him and he’s going through the papers and skims just about all of them before looking back at you and looking slightly impressed.
  154. >”Your file doesn’t say anything about magic.”
  155. “That’s right.”
  156. >”So how’d you know about mirror?”
  157. “We have these things back in my world. Not really a big secret.”
  158. >”Hmm. I see. I’m Detective Lock, nice to see you aren’t as bad as some ponies are saying.”
  159. >That...
  160. >...wasn’t what you were expecting at all.
  161. >You don’t know what you were expecting but it wasn’t that for sure.
  162. >What was his angle?
  163. >He was either really good at his job or had no clue how to do it.
  164. >But then again, you really didn’t have anything to hide so it mattered little in the long run.
  165. >You held out a hand.
  166. “Anonymous Unknown, but you already knew that.”
  167. >He looked at your hand confused for a moment before offering his hoof to your grasp.
  168. >Lock shuts the file and loses the smile and easygoing posture.
  169. >”So I’ll be frank with you because you strike me as somepony who likes to get straight to the point. We’ve got evidence placing you on the scene of the crime that we don’t need a confession. That and considering the motive... well, there are a few ways this can and there aren’t many that lead to a happy ending.”
  170. >You sink a little in your chair but aren’t really too surprised.
  171. >You’d expected as much.
  172. >Your hand finds itself running through your hair.
  173. “So...”
  174. >”...why are you here? Well that's the just it."
  175. >He opens up the folder and digs around in it before tossing three photographs of a pony.
  176. >A very injured pegasus.
  177. >The pony had thick white bandages wrapped around his head where a large red stain almost showed through completely.
  178. >There was breathing tube stuffed down his neck and an IV in the foreleg that wasn’t in a cast.
  179. >One of the bastards survived.
  180. >The detective smiled when your expression darkened.
  181. >”We do not condone vigilante justice, Mr. Unknown.”
  183. >He collected the photos before you finished looking at them.
  184. >”And as I’ve said before. We have ample evidence putting you there but unfortunately I’m required to at least give you a chance to give your side of all this. Hay, if it were up to me you would already be on your way to the gallows.”
  185. >Your eyes widened in surprise.
  186. “G-gallows?” you asked shakily.
  187. >Detective Lock’s smile turned wry.
  188. >”You seemed like you knew the stakes but I guess I was wrong. While the murder is being kept quiet, the jury for a crime of this nature was naturally forwarded to Canterlot. I imagine something like this is different where you're from.”
  189. >He let out a dry chuckle at your discomfort and tapped on your file as if it were for some sort of clarity.
  190. >”Let me put this in perspective for you, Mr. Unknown. Murder rarely happens in these parts. Its funny, in all honesty. For any crime there are usually one or two nobles who throw around the word ‘execution’ but they usually aren’t taken seriously. We normally don’t do that in Equestria. The last execution was about a hundred and fifty years ago. Now you’ve got almost all of them calling for your head. Some of them are wanting you banished to tartarus for your crimes. I’m impressed by that actually.”
  191. >This...
  192. >This wasn’t...
  193. >You hadn’t expected this.
  194. >At all.
  195. >Your hand moved to loosen your collar.
  196. >It was like you could already feel the noose around it.
  197. >”Now Anonymous, your story if you would. And the truth would do you better.”
  198. >Shit...
  199. >You eyed the door and the Royal Guard standing next to it.
  200. >You weren’t getting out of this.
  201. >Unicorns and their cheater magic.
  202. >You were prepared to tell the truth but it was only because you didn’t think so much was at stake.
  203. >Execution?
  204. >Really?!
  205. >You were trying your best to keep your inner panic from showing on your face.
  206. >It couldn’t end like this.
  207. >This isn’t how you wanted to go out.
  208. >The truth would do you well he had said.
  209. >You knew you were going to regret this decision but it was your only option right now.
  210. >If you lied, the unicorn at the door could very well be doing some kind of lie detection magic spell or some shit like that.
  211. >You had no alibi.
  212. >You couldn’t come up with a decent enough story to save your life anyways if your were going to lie anyways which was funny because that's exactly what you needed to be doing.
  213. >You couldn’t escape.
  214. >You couldn't lie.
  215. >You couldn’t very well stay silent.
  216. >That would fuck you far more than it would help you.
  217. >So you went down the path of least resistance.
  218. >Your only option.
  219. >You told him the truth.
  220. >This would actually be the second time you told this tale.
  221. >First at Heartmender’s.
  222. >Then here.
  223. >But as you retold your story for the second time, you still couldn’t help but feel you did nothing wrong.
  224. >Yes, you killed them.
  225. >Well, except for the one that lived and would undoubtedly be crippled for some time if not the rest of his life.
  226. >But the fuckers deserved it.
  227. >You didn’t actually say that to the detective.
  228. >That would make you look bad but that was how you felt.
  229. >As you we’re wrapping up your story the door opened up and another pony trotted in and quickly whispered something in the detective’s ear.
  230. >There was a look on his face that you didn't have enough time to decipher as it disappeared as quickly as it came.
  231. >You didn’t comment as you finished up.
  232. “And now here I am. Stuck talking to you.”
  233. >Other than asking a few questions Lock wasn’t all that impressed with it.
  234. >Figures.
  235. >That would just be your luck if the last two days were anything to go by.
  236. >Anyways, the good detective just sat there eyeing you for a bit before breaking that bit of uncomfortable silence.
  237. >”Well thank you for sharing that wonderful...” he pauses, “tale with us, Anonymous.”
  238. >Prick.
  239. >”Regardless, I’ve got a bit of news for you.”
  240. >Oh?
  241. “Go on then. Shoot.”
  242. >”This train wreck is being moved all the way to Canterlot so I’ll be getting out of your mane. And I guess you probably want to know what this means for you.”
  243. >You nod as you were just about to ask that.
  244. >”Well absolutely nothing aside from you being moved to Canterlot and repeating what you’ve done here. The powers that be decided that our department was too small to head head investigation.”
  245. >You know...
  246. >A thought just occurred to you.
  247. >He had no reason to tell you any of this.
  248. >At least you thought.
  249. >He could very well be obligated to tell you and you may have just been reading too much into it.
  250. >You decided to stay quiet and let him continue.
  251. >”You’ll be escorted out and back to your cell for the next hour until the train arrives and that sums up the just of it. Now if you’ll follow these fine gentlecolts I can be on my way.’
  252. >Thats when the two Royal Guards make their presence known just behind your chair.
  253. >Fuck they scared the shit out of you
  254. >They’re in friggin armor.
  255. >How the hell can you sneak up on someone in a suit of armor?
  256. >Regardless, you don't see much of a choice there and follow the two apparent stealth masters back to your cell.
  257. >All in all that hour didn’t last long at all and before you knew it you were being led out of the police station by an entourage of police ponies and a few Royal Guards.
  258. >You got a looks from ponies who were out and about.
  259. >It mattered little anyways.
  260. >You were whisked aboard the a train that was waiting at the station.
  261. >You got an entire car to yourself, guards just outside either door.
  262. >Since you had an entire fucking passenger car to yourself you had no shortages of places to sit.
  263. >You decided on one, sat and sighed just as the train lurched into motion.
  264. >A window seat.
  265. >The countryside passed by and you couldn’t help but to find it a bit relaxing.
  266. >But it wouldn’t matter.
  267. >Soon enough you were on your way to Canterlot.
  269. >You continued to look out the window despite your circumstances.
  270. >You know you should still be feeling some sort of panic about the situation because, after all, you had a very good chance of being executed.
  271. >But hell.
  272. >You’re just too tired.
  273. >Just too worn out with everything to really care that much.
  274. >That and the fact that you’d be wiped all over the floor by the unicorn guards with you shity nonexsistant magic resistance.
  275. >Fucking cheater magic.
  276. >You'd be outta here if it weren’t for that.
  277. >Jesus...
  278. >It’s almost too hard to believe.
  279. >Everything was happening so fast.
  280. >First your house.
  281. >Then Eri, that poor girl.
  282. >And now this.
  283. >Fuck this gay horse world.
  284. >You never asked to be here.
  285. >You’ve done enough lamenting about being stuck here to really continue that train of thought and you resigned yourself to just stare out the window at the setting sun.
  286. >Because just fuck everything.
  287. >It painted the sky a nice purplish-orange and you couldn’t see any structure in the countryside aside from the occasional farmhouse.
  288. >You felt a sigh escape your lips.
  289. >You even felt the ghost of a smile.
  290. >With nopony around you could at least pretend that you were somehow back on earth enjoying a train ride across the country.
  291. >...
  292. >Somewhat.
  293. >Okay maybe a little bit but you would take any taste of home you could get.
  294. >Even a small moment like this.
  295. >Jesus, you haven’t missed home this much since you first got here.
  296. >...
  297. >You haven’t felt this alone since you first got here...
  298. >...all those years ago.
  299. >Damn time has flown by.
  300. >You hear a door at the back of the car open up and you half expect to see a Royal Guard coming to tell you were actually brought aboard to be quietly disposed of but you were pleasantly surprised to find out that it wasn’t.
  301. “Miss Eri?”
  302. >In all her bruised and battered glory, there she stood in the doorway...
  303. >As soon you made eye contact with her she just froze up like a deer caught in headlights.
  304. >At the same time you could tell by looking that she was trying her damnedest to suppress whatever it was that she was feeling.
  305. >The only problem was that it just wasn’t working for her.
  306. >You made a move towards her with the intent of trying to comfort her.
  307. >It must have been a bad move on your part.
  308. >Eri scampered away into the next train car before you even got the chance to call her name.
  309. >Fuck!
  310. >You found yourself in motion and were moving after her but you halted by the sight at the door.
  311. >This Royal Guard was either knocked out or feel asleep on the job.
  312. >Huh.
  313. >Wait.
  314. >Why the fuck was there only one here?
  315. >You really didn’t know but it hardly mattered.
  316. >This was your chance!
  317. >You didn’t have a plan.
  318. >You didn’t have backup.
  319. >It was just you, your passable wits, and your shitty luck versus this gay horse world.
  320. >You just needed to escape.
  321. >Maybe you could find work and get enough bits to leave the country.
  322. >That is assuming they didn't plaster wanted posters with your handsome face on it all over Equestria.
  323. >But you hadn’t really got that far yet.
  324. >First you had to escape.
  325. >You silently crept your way down the empty train car and opened the door at the other end.
  326. >Pony trains being primitive as fuck didn’t have the guard thing between cars like modern trains did so wind came rushing in immediately.
  327. >You flinched as the sound but the guard didn’t stir from his seat.
  328. >You looked back and also made note of the gap between them.
  329. >You shut the door and watched the countryside pass by for a few seconds before getting back on track.
  330. >Crossing it was easy enough since you were careful.
  331. >You’d meet a very bad end if you fell through the gap.
  332. >You opened up the next door and closed it behind you as you entered the train car.
  333. >This car was nearly full up on passengers.
  334. >A few ponies gave you stares but most of everypony else was absorbed in whatever the hell it was that they were doing and they paid you no mind.
  335. >There were ponies on the platform as you were carted in by the Guard.
  336. >Nopony has called you out on the fact that you were supposed to be in custody yet.
  337. >Maybe they didn’t know.
  338. >Maybe they didn’t care.
  339. >You just weren’t going to push your luck.
  340. >Eri comes back to your mind for a brief moment but it’s not really a tough decision.
  341. >If it were different circumstances you would go after her but you can’t help her if you can’t help yourself.
  342. >Frankly, you are kinda allergic to death.
  343. >Just a little bit.
  344. >You had the means to do something right now and you were going to take advantage of it.
  345. >The Guard weren’t aware to kick your shit in.
  346. >You wanted to keep it that way for as long as possible so you quickly made yourself scarce from that cart.
  347. >Moving through the next few cars went without a hitch and you found yourself in a freight car of some sort.
  348. >There were various wooden crates tied down to the floor, bags of mail, bags bits, a few chests a-
  349. >Bags of bits?
  350. >They had the cash symbol on them.
  351. >No seriously.
  352. >You swear this world rips of little bits and pieces of your own.
  353. >The bit symbol was literally a friggin “$.”
  354. >Ignoring that annoying tidbit you checked the bags.
  355. >There were addressed to some bank in canterlot but held plenty of bits.
  356. >You took a few handfuls and stuffed them in your pockets only to take all of them out again.
  357. >You realized that they’d just weigh you down if you needed to run.
  358. >You instead tossed them all back in the bag and hefted the heavy fucker over your shoulder.
  359. >At least you could drop it if you needed too.
  360. >You emptied out the one of the other bags of its bits and tied it around your arm so you wouldn’t need to carry it.
  361. >Now you needed to get the fuck off this train.
  362. >You would be better off finding some food but you just didn’t trust your luck to stay here any longer.
  363. >You exited the car and stopped when you saw Eri standing at the end of this car’s platform.
  364. >”NO!! I WON’T DO IT!”
  365. >There wasn’t even a few feet between you.
  366. >”Every single time I feel good or I get a chance to gain a little happiness you always come back to ruin it!”
  367. >However, between the wind and the train moving over the tracks she didn’t seem to hear the door or you about to come through it.
  368. >”And I’m SICK and TIRED of it!”
  369. >What the hell was she doing?
  370. >”How many ponies have to get hurt by your bullshit?!”
  371. >Her mane whipped as the air flowed past.
  372. >”Where does it fucking stop?!”
  373. >She was...
  374. >”Huh?!”
  375. >Holy shit!
  377. >Eri was eyeing the gap.
  379. >The mare just stood there breathing heavily for a few moments while you were trying your hardest to figure out what the fuck you were watching.
  380. >”Why won’t you just let me...” she trails off.
  381. >Tears streamed down her face and she brushed some of her mane away from her eyes as a calm seemed to settle over her.
  382. >The tears didn’t stop though.
  383. >Eri looked up and smiled.
  384. >If you hadn’t been such a dumb ass and grabbed hold of her earlier then maybe you could have prevented this.
  385. >She whispered something that you just couldn’t make out and put both her hooves past the threshold of the gap.
  386. >You, once again, moved before you were even aware of it.
  387. >If you were right behind her in the first place you could have just pulled her back.
  388. >But considering the the slight distance put you about two arm’s lengths away from her you had to jump for it.
  389. >Tossing the bag of bits aside you did just that.
  390. >You ended up tackling the mare off the side of the train and everything turned into a violent tumble.
  391. >All the while, an errant thought decided to make its way to the forefront of your mind.
  392. >Man, this damsel in distress thing is getting annoying.
  393. >You two really have to stop meeting like that.
  395. >So you didn’t get knocked out.
  396. >There’s that, you guess.
  397. >But you kinda wish you had because sweet jesus you scrapped pretty much everything that could get scrapped.
  398. >Back, knees, elbows; you name it.
  399. >Fuck...
  400. >You slowly picked yourself up off the ground.
  401. >Everything had a tint of orange on it from the light of the setting sun.
  402. >It still hadn’t quite dipped below the horizon yet making your shadow long.
  403. >You checked yourself over.
  404. >Nothing was broken but your suit was in tatters.
  405. >gg, suit.
  406. >You eyes move from the suit to the still form lying on the ground in front of you.
  407. “Shit. Eri, you alright?”
  408. >You can see her breathing so there’s that.
  409. >You moved to her and knelt down trying to shake her awake.
  410. >A low, pained groan escaped from her body and you let out a sigh of relief.
  411. >Thank fuck.
  412. >You fell back on your ass and ran your hands through your hair.
  413. >Just thank fuck.
  414. >You didn’t know what you’d do if you went through all that just to find out she broke her neck in the tumble off the train.
  415. >Speaking of, you could barely see it now.
  416. >The locomotive uncaringly chugged on into the distance and was soon to disappear over the horizon.
  417. >Shit.
  418. >You never were really one to think things  through.
  419. >And now look at you.
  420. >You got of the train, sure.
  421. >But you had no food, no water, and were stranded in the middle of nowhere plus one pony.
  422. >At least you were lucky in that sense.
  423. >She was probably the only pony you would want to be stranded out here with now.
  424. >You get back into a kneeling position and start checking over Eri since she hadn’t moved.
  425. >She curls up on herself making it slightly more difficult.
  426. >”Go away...”
  427. >God dammit.
  428. “Miss Eri, I need to make sure you’re okay.”
  429. >She didn’t say anything after that nor did she stop you from checking her over.
  430. >She was fine relatively speaking around her body.
  431. >There was an oddity however.
  432. >It looked like someone had taken an electric shaver to her chest... wait...
  433. >Barrel?
  434. >Whatever.
  435. >It didn’t really matter.
  436. >Because then you came to her legs.
  437. >Her hindlegs were ok but...
  438. >Jesus fuck.
  439. >Coming over her forelegs you saw... well... maybe you should have guessed.
  440. >Were there warning signs?
  441. >Yes.
  442. >There were plenty.
  443. >But holy shit.
  444. >Some of them were fresh.
  445. >Fresh enough to be opened back up in the tumble.
  446. >You tore off a piece of your ruined shirt and wrapped what wounds you could.
  447. >The thought of somepony like her here was almost alien.
  448. >Here in this land of colored horses and the “magic of friendship” bullshit they spout off about.
  449. >Magic of friendship your ass.
  450. >But still, somepony like her in this land...
  451. >You never would have guessed.
  452. >The train finally disappeared over the horizon, its whistle sounding and echoing faintly one more time before you are left with only the sounds of crickets, birds and windblown plants.
  453. >You fell on your ass with a sigh.
  454. >And then you started to chuckle.
  455. >At first it started out quietly but soon it turned into a full blown laugh.
  456. >This prompted Eri to look over towards you.
  457. >Well, not so much look towards you as rotate her head slightly from where she is on the ground.
  458. >”Please don’t laugh at me...”
  459. >You almost didn’t catch that but when you did it pretty much killed the moment.”
  460. >Did she...?
  461. “You thought I was laughing at you?”
  462. >You waited for a response but after a few moments of not receiving one you continued.
  463. “Well I wasn’t. I just had a funny thought is all.”
  464. >Well now you kinda felt like a dick.
  465. >You were gonna try to clarify but you really didn’t see a point and stayed silent.
  466. >Your eyes turned towards the setting sun and you just let them soak in the wonderful scene.
  467. >Your body had so many little aches and pains but for the moment you could ignore them as you watched the sunset with your unintended company.
  468. >It wasn’t until about two minutes after the top of the sun had completely dipped below the horizon before the silence was broken.
  469. >In the intervening time Eri had apparently picked herself and sat at your side to watch the sun go down with you.
  470. >Eri’s voice came naught louder but a whisper.
  471. >”What was so funny?”
  472. >You let your hands drop which let your body fall back on the surprisingly comfortable ground.
  473. >It sure beat the hell out of a jail cell.
  474. >You vision was filled with the skys purple-o range and the first few stars that could pierce what was left of the sun’s light.
  475. >To answer question, well... the more you thought about it the less funny it seemed to you.
  476. >Shit.
  477. >Fleeting moments and all that.
  478. “It wasn’t much. It was funnier in my head that’s for sure.”
  479. >You moved your hands under your head and moved one of your legs in more comfortable position.
  480. “I just thought is was a little funny about how neither of us fit in or something like that.”
  481. >That’s not what your thought was but it was close enough.
  482. >It was one of those things that go through your head that can’t really be put into words.
  483. >Now it just sounded stupid.
  484. >And cheesy.
  485. >But still.
  486. >It was interesting to you that two misfits that were the both of you kept on meeting up in some way.
  487. >You just let that thought linger a bit as you continued to tare upwards.
  488. >Not that you were a believer in fate or some shit tier stuff like that but it was a nice coincidence.
  489. >A nice thought that well, wouldn’t do you any real good right now.
  490. >Reality always picked the best moments to find a place to settle in.
  491. >There was no doubt that the guards would notice your absence eventually.
  492. >You didn’t think they’d bring the train back with the few guards that you thought were aboard somewhere.
  493. >However there wasn’t a question in your mind about them sending a search party after you.
  494. >You smiled sourly.
  495. >Equestria’s first MANhunt.
  496. >You turned your head to where Miss Eri was and frowned.
  497. >She threw a wrench into the plans.
  498. >Idealy if you were alone you would have made away from the tracks kept close enough that you could at least see the train at a distance so you could navigate to some sort of civilization.
  499. >Your face would likely be plastered all over Ponyville so you couldn’t safely go back but lets face it: you weren’t an outdoorsman and even worse you wouldn’t do well without food or supplies.
  500. >So you wouldn’t go back.
  501. >You just needed to get back to some of the farm houses you saw outside of the train and it sucked but you’d need to swipe what you needed from whom ever lived there.
  502. >After that you didn’t really know.
  503. >Travel those roads maybe?
  504. >You didn’t see roads but there had to be roads leading to those places right?
  505. >You’d figure something out.
  506. >If you were lucky you might find one of these were abandoned and it’d be a place you could crash out for a while.
  507. >But then there was Eri.
  508. >You weren’t about to have her get arrested for aiding an accused murderer.
  509. >There was no telling what kind of penalty she’d face for that but you weren’t going to have that on your conscience.
  510. >So that begged the question of what the hell you were going to do with her.
  512. >You sat back up and let your arms kinda rest on your knees.
  513. >Eri gave a sidelong yet distracted glance at the movement but otherwise didn’t do anything else.
  514. >You, like her were enjoying the natural beauty and each others company.
  515. >You knew on some level you were just trying to distract yourself from reality.
  516. >Maybe she was doing them same.
  517. >The poor girl only just tried to kill herself.
  518. >You wondered what she had to distract herself from.
  519. >You wondered what monsters she was running from.
  520. >You could have sat here and wondered for a while longer if you really wanted too but you needed to be moving.
  521. >It was already getting dark as hell and it would only get darker still.
  522. >You needed to be away from the tracks but again... Eri needed to get back to civilization.
  523. >Well... theoretically all Eri needed to do was wait along the tracks for the next train and flag them down.
  524. >But you didn’t want to leave her alone cause she, well... tried to kill herself.
  525. >Fuck why can’t things be simple?
  526. >You weren’t really considering this were you?
  527. >What happened to looking out for number one?
  528. >You should do the smart thing.
  529. >You should tell her to stay here and wait for the next train and not come back.
  530. >But...
  531. >Fucking shit.
  532. ”We’ll wait here for the next train.”
  533. >Eri was almost startled by the break in the silence but didn’t reply for the next minute or two.
  534. >However, when she did you were surprised.
  535. >”That might not be such a good idea.” she said with a pensive look on her face.
  536. >You made a face but you were curious.
  537. “How so?”
  538. >She sighed and you saw the ghost of a smile on her face for just a moment.
  539. >It went away quickly, seemingly forced down.
  540. >”Well it’s like you said... it looks like we’re on the same boat.”
  541. >You said wh- oh right.
  542. >Two nights ago.
  543. >But that created more questions than answers.
  544. >Your mind was already making conclusions and you didn’t like anything it was telling you right now.
  545. “What do you mean by that?” you asked with a cautious tone.
  546. >Instead of answering your question, Eri stood up and stretched.
  547. >She turned around and spoke, eyes downcast.
  548. >”We should probably get away from the tracks before the next train goes by…”
  549. >She seemed like she wanted to say more but she didn’t.
  550. >Silence reigned for a bit while you attempted to put this all together.
  551. >She couldn’t possibly have the same trouble you had right now.
  552. >There was no way you’d be in the same boat with this pony, was there?
  553. >You logical mind gave up as it put your survival at the top of the hierarchy.
  554. >You needed to get away from the tracks before you were spotted.
  555. >So you stood up and stretched out yourself and let out a sigh as you weighed your options.
  556. >Seeing only one, you started walking with both the damnable silence and a broken little pony to keep you company.
  557. >You lamented in your head about how complicated your life has become.
  558. >Things used to be simpler.
  559. >Now you were a criminal.
  560. >But fuck, you just needed to roll with the punches.
  561. >It was all you could do.
  562. >You sighed tiredly.
  563. >Fuck this horse planet.
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